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1994 Proceedings of the ASIL Annual Meeting  
Keith Highet presented a eulogy of Eduardo Jimenez de Arlchaga. By Keith Highet My first acquaintance with Eduardo Jim6nez de Ardchaga was during the Tunisia/Libya Continental Shelf case.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s027250370008321x fatcat:navqlhjcy5anpmdyhubtma6daq


J. V. Brummels
1987 Iowa Review : literary quarterly  
Brummels Eulogy What is it they wish me to say of this man I knew only as another face in the cafe?  ... 
doi:10.17077/0021-065x.3446 fatcat:vgw3tdvpenh2ro6whm3g4vmzye

An Eulogy

1848 Scientific American  
An Eulogy. An editor summing up the virtues of a Soap Boiler, lately deceased, concluded his eulogy with the usual phrase of" peace to aig ashes."  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03041848-186j fatcat:fawqv7po55g2ph34cbpxsaoz6u


1896 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
EULOGY ON JENNER. SALINA. KAN.  ...  In my paper I am limited to an "Eulogy on Jenner."  ... 
doi:10.1001/jama.1896.02431000004001a fatcat:ldm3okyszbbe5adisehlr64tla

Eulogy of Judges

Paul Sayre, Piero Calamandrei, John Clarke Adams, C. Abbott Phillips
1943 The University of Chicago Law Review  
BOOK REVIEWS 505 Eulogy of Judges. By Piero Calamandrei.t Trans. by John Clarke Adams and C, Abbott Phillips, Jr. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1942.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1597364 fatcat:dld3ikz7hrgllk4iiu5o6m6rzm

Eulogy: [Nathaniel Bowditch] [article]

John Pickering
1846 Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences  
Pickering's Eulogy on reached America, Dr.  ...  Pickering's Eulogy on After noticing these historical facts in regard to the question, Dr.  ... 

Tony Watson Eulogy

Ravin Thatte
2018 Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery  
doi:10.4103/ijps.ijps_29_19 pmid:30983724 pmcid:PMC6440350 fatcat:sijqkbohuvbonccdxx2edi6tg4

Les Eulogies. II

1891 Revue Bénédictine  
Qualités requises pour participer aux eulogies.  ...  Usages anciens, surtout monastiques, touchant les eulogies.  ... 
doi:10.1484/j.rb.4.04429 fatcat:2iunpt6wbnfwldrbvf7utdodvm

Hugh Popenoe Eulogy

Francille M. Firebaugh
2015 Ceiba  
doi:10.5377/ceiba.v52i2.1745 fatcat:am4hg7xblvcgdhu6y26furbtry

Eulogy for Raymond

Paul Sorba
2016 Nuclear Physics B  
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2016.08.023 fatcat:j25xng3fc5dhblgxnjhduais2e

A Wayward Eulogy

S. Enright
2011 Tikkun  
She is having an extended, literate nervous breakdown, "reciting a eulogy for a family that once was, that will never be again." Her tone can be annoying and excessive but is redeemed by love.  ... 
doi:10.1215/08879982-2011-3015 fatcat:2pql42pe5vdcpmhmpt64bdz74y

Eulogy to an element

Mark Lynas
2008 Nature Reports: Climate Change  
doi:10.1038/climate.2008.85 fatcat:tmouluz5fne7toyadnxdi7bdgq

Eulogy on Thomas Dowse [article]

Edward Everett
1855 Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society  
EVERETT'S EULOGY ON THOMAS DOWSE. # Hon. David Sears.  ...  Everett's eulogy on thomas dowse. 383 academic halls.  ... 

Eulogy: John "Jack" Eddy

Raymond S Bradley
2009 PAGES news  
doi:10.22498/pages.17.3.90 fatcat:fg6l4vbiyvbljagloxbegsag4y

Criticism to objects eulogy

Paulo Cesar Scarim
1999 GEOUSP: Espaço e Tempo  
Em nenhuma outra época a humanidade produziram-se tantos objetos. Sobre esta afirmação é necessário que recaia uma análise. Os reflexos deste fato sobre as noções e conceitos do pensar geográfico é o centro deste artigo
doi:10.11606/issn.2179-0892.geousp.1999.123347 fatcat:syde2ahhi5dsvjnzosl6nsjsfq
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