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Etymo: A New Discovery Engine for AI Research [article]

Weijian Zhang, Jonathan Deakin, Nicholas J. Higham, Shuaiqiang Wang
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We present Etymo (, a discovery engine to facilitate artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.  ...  Etymo constructs and maintains an adaptive similarity-based network of research papers as an all-purpose knowledge graph for ranking, recommendation, and visualisation.  ...  Our Etymo discovery engine provides a way to evaluate new research papers by exploiting the full-text of research papers.  ... 
arXiv:1801.08573v1 fatcat:umjnuguhlvdxri5borwn5rjvjm

General (and Miscellaneous) Section

Paul A. Brown, John G. Allee, G. L. Anderson, Seymour B. Chatman, Martin S. Day, Lawrence V. Ryan, Herbert W. Starr
1958 Publications of the Modern Language Association of America  
A Caxton Discovery at War- wick.” TLS, 18 Jan., p. 40. 1380. Nixon, Howard M. “English Bookbindings, xx: A Mosaic Binding for Lord Kingsale, 1720." BC, v1, 60.  ...  Sebeok, Thomas A., and Frances J. Ingemann. Studies in Cheremis: The Supernatural. (Viking Fund Pubs. in Anthropology No. 22.) New York: Wenner- Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 1956.  ... 
doi:10.1632/s0030812900171688 fatcat:ststqechezb75a75tibm2ojwd4

The Persian Cuneiform Inscription at Behistun, Decyphered and Translated; With a Memoir on Persian Cuneiform Inscriptions in General, and on That of Behistun in Particular

H. C. Rawlinson
1848 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
and ample basis for further research.  ...  c^a>. Iln//a\ " with," Sans. J{^. ZMrayn, "the sea," Zend vIj^ai7aj$ from Sans. ^fl, Persian b .0. L/a, "here/' Sanskrit ^r, Zend Ai(T>J^. A war/a, " there," Zend ai(Cvm?a?  ...  (I) 'Adam Dnr(a)yavush, (2) khshayathiya Avazarka, (.?)  ... 

Fourteenth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization. (To May 1923)

George Sarton
1923 Isis  
Biological Research.  ...  University of Illinois, Engineering Experiment Station, Bull.  ... 
doi:10.1086/358200 fatcat:wnnipvcv7fgkjb6ueltk4vfgwm

Typology with Graphs and Matrices

Steven Moran, Michael Cysouw
Deep Language Engineering Approaches).  ...  The research in this paper was undertaken within Memorata Poetis, an Italian national project and part of the Programma di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale program for 2010/2011.  ...  Previously, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the the ICSI AI group of the UC Berkeley, and a doctoral candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-103786 fatcat:2i4tccbx5zfuzolbxwzddxuk5q

'Interfaces' 6

Shazia Jagot, Julia Verkholantsev, Jan Rüdiger, Andria Andreou, Panagiotis A. Agapitos, Francis Ingledew
Issue No. 6 is the second open issue of Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures.  ...  It contains contributions by Shazia Jagot (Averroes, Islam, and Heterodoxy in the Spanish Chapel 'Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas'), Julia Verkholantsev ('Et nata ex etymo fabula:' Cosmas of Prague, the Medieval  ...  for example, George Akropolites' History) could open up new interpretative perspectives in other areas of Byzantinist and more broadly Medievalist research. of late twentieth-century London in his long  ... 
doi:10.13130/interfaces-06-01 fatcat:7wonvngykjbpbggh654jhjodla

Papers in Australian Linguistics No. 15: Australian Aboriginal lexicography

Austin, P. (Ed.), McConvell, P. (Ed.), Day, R. (Ed.), Black, P. (Ed.), Zorc, R. (Ed.), Schebeck, B. (Ed.), McKay, G. (Ed.), Hale, K. (Ed.), Laughren, M. (Ed.), Nash, D. (Ed.), Wierzbicka, A. (Ed.), Laughren, M. (Ed.) (+4 others)
Only if these additions appear voluminous enough , and research shows that the process of new discoveries has slowed down conSiderably , may a new edition of the dictionary be contemplated.  ...  Ai ds to lexicography It might be proposed that a sort of computer-bank be set up concurrently with the compilation of a dictionary , with ready access to specialists; thus , printouts of, for ex�ple,  ...  Arandic Within Ar andic, e always represents [a] , and in Kaytej , h stands for a weak unrounded back glide, which was probably derived historically from *w . (1) AHE 'fight ' < *hot?  ... 
doi:10.15144/pl-a66 fatcat:vbair66m4rdflbsxu4tnhpob4y


Curtis Beamish
A competent judge has recently described the Old Lore Series as "a veritable gold mine for research."  ...  , like, for instance, the death of Sviatopolk, appear in quite a new light.  ...  In 1902 the Club again changed its name, becoming the "Viking Club, Society for Northern Research," and in 1912 its new title was simplified to " Viking Society for Northern Research," the name now in  ... 

Studies in Micronesian linguistics

Bender, Byron (Ed.), CRCL, CRCL, Pacific Linguistics And/Or The Author(S)
, in order to hasten the discovery of significant patterns .  ...  For instance , all occurrences of ENG. in the etymo logy band could be changed to ENGL. , or all instances of KIND OF in the definition band that lacked a preceding A could have the A added .  ...  This also accounts for the 'new information ' assertive statu s of te tia-moti.  ... 
doi:10.15144/pl-c80 fatcat:stbj3spmh5aehgkunua3xenmp4

Telling the Truth: The Theory and Practice of Documentary Fiction

Barbara Foley
As Harry Levin observes, "Etymo logically, realism is thing-ism ....  ...  of the protagonist's discovery of the redemptive powers of art.  ...  as the positivists had absolutized the abstract time of Newtonian mechanics and-for all his celebration of the subject's newfound freedom-de fined a new determinism.  ... 
doi:10.7298/9m3b-q135 fatcat:rmqchqklvvh2nplnn3ficfvpd4

… und Literatur. Pierre Bühler zum 60. Geburtstag

As is well known, Kierkegaard was, at least for a period, in a polemical relation to German speculative philosophy. This represented the standard paradigm for philosophical research at the time.  ...  New York 4 .  ...  Mon amitié ne m'autorise pas à expliquer comment Pierre a appris à lire la littérature et la théologie, ni comment sa lecture s'est toujours conjuguée avec l'herméneutique.  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-41733 fatcat:ssbehh3s4bffvl3d6ll5mrzgea