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DAVID THOMAS, DAVID CARLTON, and ANNE ETIENNE, Theatre Censorship: From Walpole to Wilson

L. Arrington
2009 Notes and Queries  
For Permissions, please email: Davip THoMAS, Davip CARLTON, and ANNE ETIENNE, Theatre Censorship: From Walpole to Wilson.  ... 
doi:10.1093/notesj/gjp062 fatcat:qcwl3xk3sbgznjzryc2luuvzyi

Dante the Philosopher. By Étienne Gilson. Translated by David Moore

Helmut Hatzfeld
1949 Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature  
By Etienne Gilson. Translated by David Moore. London: Sheed and Ward. $4.00. This English version of Gilson’s Dante et la philosophie comes about twelve years after the appearance of the original.  ... 
doi:10.5840/renascence1949/19502188 fatcat:mfongsu3r5h77nuhw32ghtwage

Deux nouvelles parutions sur le Ménexène de Platon par Étienne Helmer et David Sansone

Thomas Bénatouïl
2021 Philosophie Antique  
Catherine Rowett University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK Platon, Ménexène, introduction, nouvelle traduction (texte grec en regard) et commentaire par Étienne Helmer, Paris, Vrin, 2019 (Les dialogues de  ...  Platon, 2), 183 p., ISBN : 978-2-7116-2826-1 Platon, Menexenus, edited by David Sansone, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2020 (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics), x +193 p.  ... 
doi:10.4000/philosant.4258 fatcat:7oyn6j3rwjezddijgfml2wzf4a

Charles-Etienne Ferland. Dévorés

David Vilan
2018 Voix Plurielles  
Charles-Etienne Ferland. Dévorés Compte rendu  ...  David Vilan Dévorés son premier roman, un récit de science-fiction, froidement dystopique, palpitant en raison du suspense adroitement ménagé, sympathique du fait de personnages qu'unit l'amitié, et convaincant  ... 
doi:10.26522/vp.v15i2.2095 fatcat:gtrx3aiq5bhwhakqyh7asz2s6m

La construction des deux Saint-Etienne

David Tournier
2010 Revue d'Alsace  
David TOURNIER La construction des deux Saint-Etienne Un catalyseur des crispations interconfessionnelles à Mulhouse (1830-1866) Le mouvement de rénovation et de reconstruction d'édifices cultuels connaît  ...  Schacre mena la construction de l'église Saint-Etienne jusqu'à son achèvement, après remaniement des plans.  ... 
doi:10.4000/alsace.135 fatcat:mk43czx7drcgfl7ncfvlmoyvdi


David Breton
2006 ADLFI Archéologie de la France - Informations  
Fig. n°1 : n°1 Echantillonnage du mobilier issu de la fosse dépotoir Auteur(s) : Breton, David.  ...  -C., Protohistoire Index géographique : Haute-Normandie, Eure (27), Saint-Étienne-du-Vauvray Saint-Étienne-du-Vauvray -Rue de la Ceriseraie ADLFI.  ... 
doi:10.4000/adlfi.5423 fatcat:f77cum5s4zgb3h6wvnqypsqp5m

Etienne Tassin, Pour quoi agissons-nous ? Questionner la politique en compagnie d'Hannah Arendt

Christophe David
2019 Lectures  
Pour citer cet article Référence électronique Christophe David , « Etienne Tassin, Pour quoi agissons-nous ?  ...  Questionner la politique en compagnie d’Hannah Arendt Christophe David , Lormont, Le Bord de l'eau, coll. « Diagnostics », 2018, 310 p., ISBN : 9782356876065. , Lormont, Le Bord de l'eau, coll. « Diagnostics  ... 
doi:10.4000/lectures.32331 fatcat:gce3aeqxkvdvzkkbtfwkzyit7i

Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf, Bombarder l'Allemagne. L'offensive alliée sur les villes pendant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale

Éric David
2014 Lectures  
Haut de page Pour citer cet article Référence électronique Éric David , « Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf, Bombarder l’Allemagne.  ...  Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf, Bombarder l’Allemagne.  ... 
doi:10.4000/lectures.14445 fatcat:kr4vqa2jvjbshg25xgruklg3iu

Semi-supervised multiple testing [article]

David Mary, Etienne Roquain
2021 arXiv   pre-print
An important limitation of standard multiple testing procedures is that the null distribution should be known. Here, we consider a null distribution-free approach for multiple testing in the following semi-supervised setting: the user does not know the null distribution, but has at hand a sample drawn from this null distribution. In practical situations, this null training sample (NTS) can come from previous experiments, from a part of the data under test, from specific simulations, or from a
more » ... mpling process. In this work, we present theoretical results that handle such a framework, with a focus on the false discovery rate (FDR) control and the Benjamini-Hochberg (BH) procedure. First, we provide upper and lower bounds for the FDR of the BH procedure based on empirical p-values. These bounds match when α (n+1)/m is an integer, where n is the NTS sample size and m is the number of tests. Second, we give a power analysis for that procedure suggesting that the price to pay for ignoring the null distribution is low when n is sufficiently large in front of m; namely n≳ m/(max(1,k)), where k denotes the number of "detectable" alternatives. Third, to complete the picture, we also present a negative result that evidences an intrinsic transition phase to the general semi-supervised multiple testing problem and shows that the empirical BH method is optimal in the sense that its performance boundary follows this transition phase. Our theoretical properties are supported by numerical experiments, which also show that the delineated boundary is of correct order without further tuning any constant. Finally, we demonstrate that our work provides a theoretical ground for standard practice in astronomical data analysis, and in particular for the procedure proposed in for galaxy detection.
arXiv:2106.13501v2 fatcat:tviwgpbm3jdcrlvldygozxybjm

Des APIs Istex et Base pour les bibliothèques d'enseignement supérieur de Saint-Étienne

Caroline Bruley, David Varenne
2016 I2D - Information, données & documents  
L e catalogue des bibliothèques d'enseignement supérieur de Saint-Etienne (Brise ES 1 ) propose depuis mai 2015 une fonctionnalité permettant de l'enrichir de manière significative.  ...  notable de l'opac par l'ajout de webservices permettant d'interroger directement des bases de référence pour la recherche.Des APIs Istex et Basepour les bibliothèques d'enseignement supérieur de Saint-Étienne  ... 
doi:10.3917/i2d.162.0040 fatcat:rxdhm2onhjdh3jnqmihuxjunpu


2018 Law, Ethics and Philosophy  
Pierre-Étienne Vandamme is more positively inclined towards the shift thesis.  ...  Finally, Siba Harb and David V. Axelsen discuss the application of Shields' sufficientarianism to global justice debates.  ... 
doi:10.31009/leap.2017.v5.10 fatcat:g3ai7yuaizhsln6tsqvcgsxbfq

The origin of closed depressions in Northeastern France: A new assessment

David Etienne, Pascale Ruffaldi, Stéphanie Goepp, Frédéric Ritz, Murielle Georges-Leroy, Benoit Pollier, Etienne Dambrine
2011 Geomorphology  
Over 10,000 closed depressions (CDs) are found in the silty plains of Northeastern France. These small wetlands support the growth of rare plant species. Although their origins, which could be anthropogenic or geologic due to salt/gypsum lens dissolution, have been debated for 150 years, they have not yet been the focus of an integrated study. In 39 geological borings along a 15-km² strip, no salt/gypsum lenses and more than 260 CDs were recorded using LiDAR. All of the investigated CDs have a
more » ... athtub form with a flat bottom. Complete excavations clearly showed a cut contact between the sediment and the horizontal marl substratum at the bottom, and a cut at the edges of the upper marl layers. Radiocarbon dating of sediment bottoms showed that sedimentation began between the second Iron Age and the Roman period. The frequencies of pollen and Sporormiella-type depict an open landscape with grassland, pasture and cropland. These convergent findings challenge the hypothesis that CDs formed naturally and suggest that they area instead anthropogenic. Because no soil deposits were found around the CDs, digging may have been intended to marl the surrounding acidic silty soils. The high density and small size of CDs will allow the detailed reconstruction of landscape and biodiversity modifications in the region for the two last millennia.
doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2010.10.036 fatcat:viskbgh5fzh6foxiihdekxnvbi

Microfluidic multipoles: theory and applications [article]

Pierre-Alexandre Goyette, Étienne Boulais, Frédéric Normandeau, Gabriel Laberge, David Juncker, Thomas Gervais
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Microfluidic multipoles (MFMs) have been realized experimentally and hold promise for "open-space" biological and chemical surface processing. Whereas convective flow can readily be predicted using hydraulic-electrical analogies, the design of advanced MFMs is constrained by the lack of simple, accurate models to predict mass transport within them. In this work, we introduce the first exact solutions to mass transport in multipolar microfluidics based on the iterative conformal mapping of 2D
more » ... ection-diffusion around a simple edge into dipoles and multipolar geometries, revealing a rich landscape of transport modes. The models were validated experimentally with a library of 3D printed MFM devices and found in excellent agreement. Following a theory-guided design approach, we further ideated and fabricated two new classes of spatiotemporally reconfigurable MFM devices that are used for processing surfaces with time-varying reagent streams, and to realize a multistep automated immunoassay. Overall, the results set the foundations for exploring, developing, and applying open-space MFMs.
arXiv:1810.01578v1 fatcat:zgd6rkyk75hgjask6u5dboucde

Vita brevis of antibubbles

Stéphane Dorbolo, Nicolas Vandewalle, Etienne Reyssat, David Quéré
2006 EurophysicsNews  
S tarting here in the Latin world, a bubble is originally a bulla, that is, a ball; a metallic ball, first, attached to a seal, and by continuity the papal decree stamped with this seal; or a bulla, blown by children from a soapy water, or observed inside a sparkling liquid. Nowadays, bolla designates in Italian both the bubble inside a liquid and the papal seal -in French, we similarly have bulle for both meanings, as in Spanish with bula (where bubbles in liquids are however most often
more » ... ed by the more modern burbuja). Hence a bubble is first defined by its shape, that is, the pure sphere that we all observed for small gas cavities in Champagne, or for larger spherical bubbles blown by children, the pretext for admirable paintings by Chardin or Manet. Here we describe the negative of this object: as an antibolla in Italian (or antibulle in French [1], and antibula in Spanish) designated the bolla of an antipope (when they existed), an antibubble will be the contrary of a soap bubble, namely, a thin shell of air surrounding water, and immersed in water [2] . We first discuss the way to generate such objects; then, we comment on their (brief) life and their death, comparing them with those of soap bubbles. ᭣ Fig. 1: Submarine photo showing the generation of antibubbles from an impacting jet. The black contour, around each globule, betrays the existence of a film of air. features Article available at
doi:10.1051/epn:2006406 fatcat:oz46nji7rvawli34yngclzk4s4

David J. Robinson, The Energy Economy. Practical Insight to Public Policy and Current Affairs

Paul-Étienne Pini
2016 Lectures  
Pour citer cet article Référence électronique Paul-Étienne Pini , « David J. Robinson, The Energy Economy.  ...  David J.  ... 
doi:10.4000/lectures.19916 fatcat:dwws7kdvzjckzgwtzvcncjbi54
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