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Estimating the Aboveground Biomass for Planted Forests Based on Stand Age and Environmental Variables

Dailiang Peng, Helin Zhang, Liangyun Liu, Wenjiang Huang, Alfredo R. Huete, Xiaoyang Zhang, Fumin Wang, Le Yu, Qiaoyun Xie, Cheng Wang, Shezhou Luo, Cunjun Li (+1 others)
2019 Remote Sensing  
In this study, we developed models to estimate the planted forest aboveground biomass (PF_AGB) for Yulin, a typical area in the project.  ...  Surface reflectances in the study area from 1978 to 2013 were obtained from Landsat series images, and integrated forest z-scores were constructed to measure afforestation and the stand age of planted  ...  Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for their help with data acquisition and processing.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs11192270 fatcat:hp6h7kcf6fg37kanywtqi2knji

The relationship between species richness and aboveground biomass in a primary Pinus kesiya forest of Yunnan, southwestern China

Shuaifeng Li, Xuedong Lang, Wande Liu, Guanglong Ou, Hui Xu, Jianrong Su, Dafeng Hui
2018 PLoS ONE  
Stand age had direct and indirect effects on aboveground biomass through the climate moisture index.  ...  The species richness and soil nutrient regime had no direct significant effect on aboveground biomass. However, the climate moisture index and stand age had direct effects on aboveground biomass.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank the forest bureau and forest farms at Jinghong, Menghai, Lianghe, Changning, Yunxian, Jingdong, Simao, Zhenyuan and Jinggu Counties for field data collection.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0191140 pmid:29324901 pmcid:PMC5764369 fatcat:qps56n5rjvdkjb2apw7gszibxm

Dissecting Variation in Biomass Conversion Factors across China's Forests: Implications for Biomass and Carbon Accounting

Yunjian Luo, Xiaoquan Zhang, Xiaoke Wang, Yin Ren, Keping Ma
2014 PLoS ONE  
Using our compiled forest biomass dataset of China, we presented forest type-specific values of BCFs, and examined the variation in BCFs in relation to forest type, stand development and environmental  ...  Moreover, stronger climatic effects were found on BCFs for functional components (i.e. branch, foliage and root) than BCFs for combined components (i.e. aboveground section and whole trees).  ...  Acknowledgments We thank anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on the earlier manuscript. Author Contributions Conceived and designed the experiments: YL XZ XW.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0094777 pmid:24728222 pmcid:PMC3984257 fatcat:woh5yb26pjebdb5btfwq6gjyne

Variation in aboveground biomass carbon accumulation in Scots pine seed orchards progeny

Daniel J. Chmura, Roman Rozkowski, Marzenna Guzicka, Klaudia Dorobek
2022 Annals of Forest Research  
For each trial site we selected reference stands matching the age, stand composition and forest site type, where the same measurements and calculations were done on sample plots.  ...  Scots pine is commonly planted in Europe, and provides a potential for increased C accumulation in forest biomass when using improved seed origins.  ...  OR., and by the Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences. We thank Andrzej M. Jagodziński for critical reading and commenting the early version of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.15287/afr.2021.2062 fatcat:yy5c6nzsbjfenf5tx2fneuojg4

Pattern and control of biomass allocation across global forest ecosystems

Yongtao Jiang, Limei Wang
2017 Ecology and Evolution  
Understanding biomass allocation between the below-and aboveground parts (root:shoot ratios) is necessary for estimation of the underground biomass and carbon pool.  ...  The allometric model agreed with the trends observed in this study and effectively estimated BGB based on AGB across the entire database.  ...  The allometric theory aligned with the trends observed in this study and correctly estimated BGB based on AGB for the entire database.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ece3.3089 pmid:28770085 pmcid:PMC5528249 fatcat:a4sziyvcwrhbbnxmqbnsou4ecy

Environmental and Biotic Controls over Aboveground Biomass Throughout a Tropical Rain Forest

Gregory P. Asner, R. Flint Hughes, Timothy A. Varga, David E. Knapp, Ty Kennedy-Bowdoin
2008 Ecosystems  
The environmental and biotic factors affecting spatial variation in canopy three-dimensional (3-D) structure and aboveground tree biomass (AGB) are poorly understood in tropical rain forests.  ...  Our results quantify the absolute and relative importance of environmental factors controlling spatial variation in tree biomass across a rain forest landscape, and highlight the rapid changes in carbon  ...  Sanchez, and the HETF field crew for field, laboratory, airborne, and/ or logistical support. We thank M. Keller for early advice on the study. The Carnegie Airborne Observatory is funded by the W.M.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10021-008-9221-5 fatcat:hvd4f2ytlzf5lka3oslth42oci

Aboveground biomass in reforestation with native species established by means of Taungya agroforestry system

Antonio Vicente Moscogliato, José Marcelo Domingues Torezan
2017 Hoehnea  
The values of aboveground biomass are similar to those reported in the literature for other reforestation projects with native species of similar ages.  ...  The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of planting and soil characteristics and the type of management performed over the aboveground biomass accumulation in two reforestation projects  ...  The carbon stock in forests is estimated by the quantification of different components, such as alive aboveground biomass (composed mainly by trees and by other forms of plant and animal life), dead aboveground  ... 
doi:10.1590/2236-8906-81/2016 fatcat:uev5aob6zvcebfwh5bldl2yecm

Net Primary Productivity of Pinus massoniana Dependence on Climate, Soil and Forest Characteristics

Xin Huang, Chunbo Huang, Mingjun Teng, Zhixiang Zhou, Pengcheng Wang
2020 Forests  
LMM results reveal that the NPP of different tree components have different sensitivities to environmental and stand variables.  ...  Linear mixed-effects models (LMMs) are employed to analyze the effect of environmental factors and stand characteristics on P. massoniana NPP.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Forests 2020, 11, 404  ... 
doi:10.3390/f11040404 fatcat:tgfel42jevfmhmurgt22g3akce

Assessment of carbon stores in tree biomass for two management scenarios in Russia

Jacquelyn K Shuman, Herman H Shugart, Olga N Krankina
2013 Environmental Research Letters  
Current biomass from inventoried forests across Russia is compared to model-based estimates and potential levels of biomass are estimated for a set of simplified forestry practices.  ...  These applications indicate the value of stand simulators, applied over broad regions such as Russia, as tools to evaluate the effect of management regimes on aboveground carbon storage.  ...  We are grateful to A D McGuire and the anonymous reviewers who provided detailed helpful comments on earlier versions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/4/045019 fatcat:wdm2f6mmlnbqhpxdft2vegygju

Carbon stocks and fluxes in reforestated sites of Durango, Mexico

José De Jesús Návar Cháidez, Nicolás González, José Graciano
2016 Madera y Bosques  
Fueron ajustados dos modelos al nivel del rodal y dos modelos híbridos que combinan variables predichas al nivel del rodal, al nivel de clases y al nivel de árboles 3 individuales.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The CONACYT-CONAFOR and Programa de Apoyo para la Ciencia y la Tecnologia, PAICyT, funded this research project through grant agreements 6230 and  ...  Age was estimated as the date of the forest plantation plus one year seedlings had at the time of the plantation.  ... 
doi:10.21829/myb.2005.1121254 fatcat:wxpy3bgt7vh7zjzaohcy3z5q3y

Relationship between biomass and percentage cover in understorey vegetation of boreal coniferous forests

Petteri Muukkonen, Raisa Mäkipää, Raija Laiho, Kari Minkkinen, Harri Vasander, Leena Finér
2006 Silva Fennica  
The relationships between biomass and percentage cover can be used in ecosystem and carbon-cycle modelling as a rapid nondestructive method for estimation of the aboveground biomass of lichens, bryophytes  ...  A total of 224 observations from 22 stands in upland forests and 195 observations from 14 different studies in peatland forests were utilized for the present analyses.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors express their thanks to the Academy of Finland for financing project number 52768 'Integrated method to estimate carbon budgets of forests', which is part of the research programme  ... 
doi:10.14214/sf.340 fatcat:dmqa2uzeqndifdqjzo5t4y466y

Regression Models for Estimating Aboveground Biomass and Stand Volume Using Landsat-Based Indices in Post-Mining Area

A R Priatama,, Y Setiawan
2022 Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika  
variable for estimating aboveground biomass (AGB) with R2 of 0.72 and average of verification values of 18,10% (9%-28.01%); and the NDMI was recognized to be the best independent variable to estimate  ...  The objective of this research was developed regression models to estimate basal area (BA), aboveground biomass (AGB), and stand volume (SV) using Landsat-based vegetation indices.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank PT Berau Coal which has give permission to carry out research in its mining area as well as providing support in the form of data (worldview1 imagery) and  ... 
doi:10.7226/jtfm.28.1.1 fatcat:go7av3vurvcihig35u4kmmucj4

Carbon Storage Potential of Ethiopian Highland Bamboo (Arundinaria alpina (K. schum): A Case Study of Adiyo Woreda, South West Ethiopia

Urgesa Teshoma
2019 International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources  
Based on natural bamboo forest inventory the average Culm density of the surveyed sample plots of bamboo forest stand was 18,333 bamboo plant /ha and varied from 14,800 to 20,500 shown in the Table 1  ...  In this study four models have been developed based on destructive sampled bamboo plants, which used DBH as predictive variable and dry weight (kg) as independent variable.  ... 
doi:10.19080/ijesnr.2019.16.555949 fatcat:syrucyezybelpepnhyieouspfq

Individual tree and stand-level carbon and nutrient contents across one rotation of loblolly pine plantations on a reclaimed surface mine

Hannah Z. Angel, Jeremy S. Priest, Jeremy P. Stovall, Brian P. Oswald, Yuhui Weng, Hans M. Williams
2018 New forests  
The model for estimating stand-level C and nutrients using stand age provided a good fit, indicating that contents aggrade over time predictably.  ...  At the individual tree level, we evaluated elemental contents in aboveground biomass components using tree size, age, and site index as predictor variables.  ...  Appreciation is also extended to the Luminant Environmental Research Program for funding and logistical support.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11056-018-09696-4 fatcat:st3c6vp3obbc5pgh7rqh4ilb44

Supplementary online material from Tree species richness increases ecosystem carbon storage in subtropical forests

Xiaojuan Liu, Stefan Trogisch, Jin-Sheng He, Pascal A. Niklaus, Helge Bruelheide, Zhiyao Tang, Alexandra Erfmeier, Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Katherina A. Pietsch, Bo Yang, Peter Kühn, Thomas Scholten (+7 others)
2018 Figshare  
Contains detailed methods descriptions, two tables and three figures  ...  Environmental PC1 Environmental PC2 Stand age Species richness Dependent variables regression coefficient s.e.  ...  If a tree had multiple stems, we estimated aboveground biomass values for each 23 stem separately and summed them up.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.6881306 fatcat:x6vmplnfrfah3ht6txr6zeergq
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