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Hardware-Accelerated Platforms and Infrastructures for Network Functions: A Survey of Enabling Technologies and Research Studies

Prateek Shantharama, Akhilesh S. Thyagaturu, Martin Reisslein
2020 IEEE Access  
Overcoming these challenges, Kang et al. [273] have proposed a 3rd generation V-NAND technology that supports 256 GB with 3 b/cell flash memory with 48 stacked WLs. In particular, Kang et al.  ...  in compute operations on the input data and results are available to be read instantaneously from memory cells reserved for output data.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3008250 fatcat:kv4znpypqbatfk2m3lpzvzb2nu

A design methodology for 2D sparse NDE arrays using an efficient implementation of refracted-ray TFM

Jerzy Dziewierz, Timothy Lardner, Anthony Gachagan
2013 2013 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)  
The development of more complex tissues has been limited by the need for techniques that can rapidly organize cells and proteins within large three-dimensional scaffolds, and the need to create vascular  ...  Statement of Contribution/Methods To address these challenges, we are developing ultrasound-based technologies to spatially organize cells and extracellular matrix proteins within tissue-engineered constructs  ...  The authors acknowledge the ANR and DGA for their support under the project Metactif, grant ANR-11-ASTR-015.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ultsym.2013.0035 fatcat:th5znfh7y5bklfdbmhb4u6iq2i

The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC

The CMS Collaboration, S Chatrchyan, G Hmayakyan, V Khachatryan, A M Sirunyan, W Adam, T Bauer, T Bergauer, H Bergauer, M Dragicevic, J Erö, M Friedl (+2036 others)
2008 Journal of Instrumentation  
This framework includes PVSS-II components to control and monitor the most commonly used commercial hardware (CAEN and Wiener) as well as control for additional hardware devices designed at CERN like the  ...  The cost of the detectors, computing infrastructure, data acquisition and all other systems without which CMS would not be able to operate, was generously sup-  ...  Data is clocked into an on-chip high dynamic range 192-cell deep analogue memory at 40 MHz. -107 -For each Level-1 trigger received, 3 consecutive cells of the memory, corresponding to time samples on  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/s08004 fatcat:ajeyaa7tn5dc3f6kxbkm2dczxq

Power pulsing of the CALICE tile hadron calorimeter

Mathias Reinecke
2016 2016 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (NSS/MIC/RTSD)  
This achievement was recognised through the award of the 2015 Nobel prize for physics to the leaders of the SNO and Super-Kamiokande experiments for the conclusive establishment of the phenomenon of neutrino  ...  For example, we now know that neutrinos have a mass, providing clear evidence for physics beyond the our current understanding.  ...  The authors would like to thank FBK for the SiPM samples used in this work.  ... 
doi:10.1109/nssmic.2016.8069748 fatcat:zjgd7dmfdbhntb4kfwdtrlejhi

The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC [chapter]

Giovanni Petrucciani
2013 The Search for the Higgs Boson at CMS  
The detector operates at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.  ...  It was conceived to study proton-proton (and leadlead) collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 14 TeV (5.5 TeV nucleon-nucleon) and at luminosities up to 10 34 cm −2 s −1 (10 27 cm −2 s −1 ).  ...  The cost of the detectors, computing infrastructure, data acquisition and all other systems without which CMS would not be able to operate, was generously supported by the financing agencies involved in  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-88-7642-482-3_2 fatcat:vmhptjphmfddddm2gtb35s3ifm

46th ESAO Congress 3–7 September 2019 Hannover, Germany

2019 International Journal of Artificial Organs  
Biomechanical modeling allows for patientspecific outcome prediction after surgical interventions and should become a routine practice in patient treatment.  ...  Finally, quantification of the uncertainties that are inherent to biomechanical modeling is an essential contribution to reliable patientspecific outcome prediction.  ...  SERUM ALBUMIN AND SINGLE-WALL CARBON NANOTUBES USING DYNAMIC SCANNING CALORIMETRY METOD Acknowledgements: IP@Leibniz Program of Leibniz University Hannover (DAAD project code 57156199) as well as Ways to  ... 
doi:10.1177/0391398819860985 fatcat:s5xpxxvq2fhtdacxuf5iw6n3z4

A combined local and global motion estimation and compensation method for cardiac CT

Qiulin Tang, Beshan Chiang, Akinola Akinyemi, Alexander Zamyatin, Bibo Shi, Satoru Nakanishi, Bruce R. Whiting, Christoph Hoeschen
2014 Medical Imaging 2014: Physics of Medical Imaging  
Reduction in Spatial Resolution due to respiratory induced motion was 12% and 38% for FBP and Flash 3-D respectively.  ...  SPECT images reconstructed using FBP and Flash 3-D algorithms respectively.  ...  or malignant state of prostatic epithelial cells [2] [3] [4] .  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2043492 fatcat:fyzpc5m6jbh7fjohqpdmtzkhte

CUORE: A Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events [article]

R.Ardito, et al
2005 arXiv   pre-print
In fact, the 3 year half-life sensitivity of CUORICINO for NDBD decay of 130Te is 6.1E24 years.  ...  It consists of an array of 988, 750 g, TeO2 bolometers operating at 8 to 10 mK and arranged in a cylindrical geometry of 19 towers hanging on the bottom of the mixing chamber of a dilution refrigerator  ...  As far as the second item is concerned, the R&D program consists of identifying materials which can replace copper in forming the main part of the detector holder  ... 
arXiv:hep-ex/0501010v1 fatcat:6yfkxiklnvgopbmjidaf5bnitu

A Proposal for a Three Detector Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Program in the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam [article]

R. Acciarri, A.M. Ankowski, W. Badgett, L. Bagby, M. Bass, K. Biery, H. Bilokon , T. Bolton , L. Bugel, B. Carls, E. Church, J.M. Conrad, R. Dharmapalan, A. Ereditato (+36 others)
2015 arXiv   pre-print
to execute the program, and a possible reconfiguration of the BNB target and horn system to improve its performance for oscillation searches.  ...  to date for sterile neutrinos at the eV mass-scale through both appearance and disappearance oscillation channels.  ...  This scheme will adopt two cable for each device, one for the DC HV power supply and one for the signal.  ... 
arXiv:1503.01520v1 fatcat:moqgs7asvbbydaek5dyuhbj57e

Modern Applied Science, Vol. 3, No. 4, April 2009, all in one file

Editor MAS
2009 Modern Applied Science  
Based on the nonlinear mixed model technique, four base height-diameter models were evaluated for black spruce. The Chapman-Richard model was chosen.  ...  Indonesia that provides fund for this project to be undertaken through Basic Science Research Grant Scheme 2004 (PRSD) with contract number of 30/SK/PKRM/II/2004.  ...  Special thanks are given to our industry partners, and to Mr. R. Briand, Dr. W.R. Dempster and Mr. D.J. Morgan for their help and contributions to this project. The constructive suggestions from Dr.  ... 
doi:10.5539/mas.v3n4p0 fatcat:zy26n4n5wjhwjktpcw4jtbs7fm

Соответствие систем менеджмента в топливно-энергетическом комплексе стандартам: анализ заинтересованности руководства в оценке

Илья Лившиц
2020 Менеджмент качества  
Malkov for helpful discussions. The research of text formation and text-forming units has become topical relatively recently.  ...  Below the fortress on the left side of Nalchik to Shaluhi river -Uzdenov Toglanov". According to the beginning of XIX century.  ...  G and source data D: R = R(G, D). (2) where ) , ( Z A G = ; (3) and A -is the set (alphabet) of operators, Z -relation, describe interaction between operators (or in other words algorithm's structure)  ... 
doi:10.36627/2619-1385-2020-2-2-156-162 fatcat:od3gaqgsg5crlcqg4jqmb7r72e

Detection of Irradiated Food and Evaluation of the Given Dose by Electron Spin Resonance, Thermoluminescence, and Gas Chromatographic/Mass Spectrometric Analysis [chapter]

Maria C. D'Oca, Antonio Bartolotta
2018 Food Control and Biosecurity  
Acknowledgments The authors thank CNPq and Fundação Araucária for their financial support.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Colombian Science, Technology, and Innovation Department-COLCIENCIAS for funding through grants 127556934788 and 127572553554.  ...  Typical steps in constructing a scatter diagram are: (1) collect pairs of data; (2) draw x and y axes; (3) plot the paired data; a d (4) observe whether there is correlation, or, calculate correlation  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-811445-2.00010-6 fatcat:flc2mqpiwrhn3cmrmnbkgwgfxe


The structure is a 1.6-cell cavity in the standing wave part operating on a π-mode, followed by a 5-cell cavity in the traveling wave part operating on a 2π/3-mode.  ...  devices (since the read-out time per device is at the level of 10 s).  ...  For the the list of International Conferences, Workshops and Meeting hosted and/or organized by the LNF see next chapter. R  ... 
doi:10.15161/ fatcat:6qytx33favgkhk4g7m4ncauqh4

Nanoscale Science and Technology (NS&T'12) : Proceedings Book Humboldt Kolleg <2012, Tunisia> ; Tunisia, 17-19 March, 2012 / ed. by Michael J. Schöning ; Adnane Abdelghani

Michael J. Schöning, Adnane Abdelghani
Belkhiss Bouhaouala 17:20 -17:40: Synthesis, structural and electrical characterization of doped apatite-like silicates for fuel cell electrolyte, Dr.  ...  15: 3D integration of low power nanoelectronic devices above CMOS circuits, Prof.  ...  We have demonstrated that we are able to differentiate them from the 100% complementary targets and the non complementary ones.  ... 
doi:10.21269/306 fatcat:aggbcufdsfgyjo6wpxoiz4l2iu

Design and development of the Level-1 Data Driver Card (L1DDC) for the New Small Wheel upgrade of the ATLAS experiment at CERN [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, National Technological University Of Athens
The Quad SPI bus provides access to the read/write commands of the FLASH memory.  ...  Micron SPI FLASH memory supports 54 MHz (MAX) clock frequency (supported for all protocols in DTR mode).  ...  The VMM ASIC requires four separate supplies for minimizing the contribution to Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC). These four power supplies are the: • Vddp: Power for the charge amplifiers.  ... 
doi:10.26240/heal.ntua.18674 fatcat:ixqcaq3apja2tdezkbg7re5tf4
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