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Justice and Impersonality : Simone Weil on Rights and Obligations

Steven Burns
1993 Laval théologique et philosophique  
Thus, an asymmetry is established between rights and duties, and a right only becomes real if an obligation exists for others. III.  ...  JUSTICE AND IMPERSONALITY : SIMONE WEIL ON RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS SUMMARY : Simone Weil explores the concept of justice by making the innocent cry of the victim her starting point.  ... 
doi:10.7202/400794ar fatcat:3qn5czyzxzdb5jusojtgl52peq

Inalienable Rights of Property: A Study of Contract Obligations and Other Vested Rights

Charles M. Bufford
1916 California Law Review  
The decision has never been thought to have the force and effect of law except in that special controversy.  ...  CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3473692 fatcat:pkdqb6g2rnb5ni34gu2mu62phy

Inalienable Rights of Property: A Study of Contract Obligations and Other Vested Rights

Charles M. Bufford
1917 California Law Review  
debtor during that period the right to continue in possession, and the absolute title to the rents, issues and profits, except as needed for repairs, and provided that, in case of a redemption by him,  ...  .12 Its creditors have nothing to rely upon except its good faith; it cannot be sued or made amenable to judicial process except with 10McGee v.  ...  nine months after the amendment took effect, and so applied does not violate any constitutional right.83 Annexing right to interest to past due demands.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3474856 fatcat:ibpox72nargkfaab4oozgxayau

Inalienable Rights of Property: A Study of Contract Obligations and Other Vested Rights

Charles M. Bufford
1916 California Law Review  
his land at the time the Constitution took effect, without impairing any contract obligation or vested right;5 but has no application where any part of the purchase price had been paid to and accepted  ...  Hence the provision of the statute of I85913 repealing the statute of i85614 above referred to, did not and could not abrogate or in any wise impair such lease or the obligation of the state to make the  ...  such merchandise, and cannot restrict the right to possess the same, cannot be sustained.99 Waters.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3473992 fatcat:yhz2t2mxcfhezdkgaj7sotvyxe

Criticism Against Feminist's Thinking About Husband's and Wife's Rights and Obligations

Faisal Faisal, Moh. Mukri, Asriani Asriani
2019 Al 'Adalah: Jurnal Hukum Islam  
In marriage, the fulfillment of the rights and obligations of husband and wife is the main means for achieving domestic happiness.  ...  In conclusion, the Islamic concept of the rights and obligations of wife and husband, if it is carried out consistently, will actually bring more benefit and permanence in the household than the feminist's  ...  As for the rights and obligations in the household both are balanced and do not have to be differentiated except in the case of sex, namely sex differences. 40 sein Muhammad reviewed the concept of equality  ... 
doi:10.24042/adalah.v16i2.5801 fatcat:dgxcq5ovybgdhhbaobibejdfta

GaiusT: supporting the extraction of rights and obligations for regulatory compliance

Nicola Zeni, Nadzeya Kiyavitskaya, Luisa Mich, James R. Cordy, John Mylopoulos
2013 Requirements Engineering  
It semi-automatically generates elements of requirements models, including actors, rights and obligations.  ...  Generally speaking, solutions to the problem first identify rights and obligations defined in the law and then treat these as requirements for the system under design.  ...  The annotation schema used in this application has been focused on extracting a set of objects of concern: right, anti-right, obligation, anti-obligation, exception [13] , and some types of conditions  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00766-013-0181-8 fatcat:q2ti6sctajcm5j3aoj6a3a3hda

Modular norm models: practical representation and analysis of contractual rights and obligations

Sayonnha Mandal, Robin Gandhi, Harvey Siy
2019 Requirements Engineering  
We outline a practical modeling process for norms in legally binding agreements that include contractual rights and obligations.  ...  These templates correspond to Hohfeld's concepts of claim-right and its jural correlative, duty.  ...  Conclusion We presented a modular approach for practical representation and analysis of contractual rights and obligations.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00766-019-00323-y fatcat:z2mmtglhazezpbksce2skbanoe

Classification, Social Contracts, Obligations, Civil Rights, and the Supreme Court

H. Rutherford Turnbull, Matthew J. Stowe
2001 Remedial and special education  
planning with students and their parents, REM ED IAL AND SP EC IA L ED U CAT I ON  ...  United Air Lines, by asking four questions and showing how the majority of the Court answered them.  ...  The ermployer is under no legal obligation to offer a particular job to a particular job seeker. and the job seeker has no right to have that particular job.  ... 
doi:10.1177/074193250102200607 fatcat:eetcok5zsneahf4y5x7x3h72v4

Towards Regulatory Compliance: Extracting Rights and Obligations to Align Requirements with Regulations

T.D. Breaux, M.W. Vail, A.I. Anton
2006 14th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'06)  
rights with obligations.  ...  In the United States, federal and state regulations prescribe stakeholder rights and obligations that must be satisfied by the requirements for software systems.  ...  This work was funded by NSF grant ITR: Encoding Rights, Permissions and Obligations: Privacy Policy Specification and Compliance (NSF #032-5269).  ... 
doi:10.1109/re.2006.68 dblp:conf/re/BreauxVA06 fatcat:ezgk6j5ddndovhdx2uhlns25zm

Conflict of Laws. Rights and Obligations of Foreign Corporations. Enforcement of Individual Liability of Corporators

1914 Harvard Law Review  
CONFLICT OF LAWS -RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF FOREIGN CORPORATIONS -TORTS AND CRIMES -LIABILITY FOR LARCENY.  ...  Since in the principal case the defendant's knowledge of the order appears unquestionable, the lower court clearly had power to punish, and its refusal on jurisdictional grounds was error.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1326797 fatcat:xs2x4nqobze7vfxlja3hvbbzn4

Protecting Human Rights Through Criminal Law: The Revival of the Procedural Obligations [chapter]

Jacopo Roberti di Sarsina, Katharina Braun
2022 Theory and Practice of the European Convention on Human Rights  
82 Mavronicola also raises this issue, although not in relation to the Nicolae Virgiliu Tănase case: Mavronicola, 'Taking Life and Liberty Seriously' (2017) 80(6) MLR,  ...  went beyond an error of judgment or carelessness.' 69 In Öneryildiz v.  ...  Positive Obligations and Criminal Law Besides the negative obligation not to interfere with the right to life, a State is under a positive obligation to protect the right to life.  ... 
doi:10.5771/9783748923503-13 fatcat:zlzj26pu6bb2lbogm4krsnahgu

Obligations to animals are not necessarily based on rights

Deborah Slicer
1995 Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics  
I offer a very qualified argument to the effect that rights are grounded in a certain sort of prejudice that privileges individualistic and perhaps masculinist ways of thinking about moral life.  ...  I also propose that we look carefully at other conceptions of social ontology and moral life, including the much discussed care conception.  ...  us to those obligations we have to people for whom we are indifferent" (Regan, 1991: 95) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf02251880 fatcat:kvgetn6645bttdtwzvvtxoaxvi

Weaponisation of the war on terror and the sidestepping of human rights norms: Seeking a balance between the terrorism (prevention) (amendment) act 2013 and Nigeria's obligation under international human rights law

Olusola Babatunde Adegbite
2021 University of Cape Coast Law Journal  
However, the Act and others like it, have thrown up troubling questions about weaponization of the war on terror, and the need to balance the war with the protection of human rights.  ...  It advocates an urgent review in the Act that will reflect the current mood of the UN human rights system, as well as the country's obligation under IHRL  ...  109 other events that later followed did remedy the errors of resolution 1373.  ... 
doi:10.47963/ucclj.v1i1.227 fatcat:uijkd5p2xrgdhbdttauvf7pgge


Nicoleta Roxana ŞERBĂNOIU
2018 Challenges of the Knowledge Society  
Correspondences to civil subjective rights are the obligations, and in terms of family law, the personal obligations of spouses are of particular importance.  ...  Correspondences to civil subjective rights are the obligations, and in terms of family law, the personal obligations of spouses are of particular importance.  ...  Conclusion Non-matrimonial rights of spouses are part of the category of personal rights, being found in the subcategory called the doctrine of rights relating to the existence and integrity of the person  ... 
doaj:1ee4fb1ee005465f8d25468013b11a10 fatcat:opfynjn24nh47cbdsdwq5d73ve

Realising political equality: the European Court of Human Rights and positive obligations in a democracy

Rory O'Connell
2020 Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly  
The fourth, fifth and sixth sections look at positive obligations relating to the right to vote, the right to run for election and the regulation of political parties.  ...  must exist and elections be held for it. 2 This paper outlines the positive obligations in P1-3 focusing on obligations where the state is required to do more than just change the law.  ...  obligations under P1-3 relating to the rights to vote and stand for election, and the regulation of political parties.  ... 
doi:10.53386/nilq.v61i3.454 fatcat:rgcy5e4g35eshfd3arvm5m5qbe
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