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Erlang Capacity Analysis of Multi-access Systems Supporting Voice and Data Services [chapter]

Insoo Koo, Anders Furuskar, Jens Zander, Kiseon Kim
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we analyze and compare the Erlang capacity of multi-access systems supporting several different radio access technologies according to two different operation methods: separate and common  ...  In a numerical example with GSM/EDGE-like and WCDMA-like sub-systems, it is shown that we can get up to 60% Erlang capacity improvement through the common operation method when using a near optimum so-called  ...  This work was supported by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) through the UFON research center at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30199-8_7 fatcat:ecd6bomeozcgdjlohdbumrtste

Erlang capacity analysis of hybrid FDMA/CDMA systems supporting multi-class services according to channel assignment methods

Insoo Koo, Jeongrok Yang, Aftab Ahmad, Kiseon Kim
2002 International Journal of Communication Systems  
As a numerical example, we consider a FDMA/CDMA system supporting voice/data services.  ...  In this paper, we focus on the evaluation of the Erlang capacity f o r h ybrid FDMA/CDMA systems supporting multi-class services with two c hannel allocation schemes: Independent Carrier Channel Assignment  ...  Fig. 4 . 4 CE utilizations of CCCA and ICCA schemes when the tra c ratio of data to voice, , i s 1%. TABLE I I System parameters for the hybrid FDMA/CDMA system supporting voice and data services.  ... 
doi:10.1002/dac.569 fatcat:2negge2u5rgypbftndxmr34mne

Erlang Capacity of Multi-Class TDMA Systems with Adaptive Modulation and Coding

H. Wang, V. B. Iversen
2008 2008 IEEE International Conference on Communications  
In this paper, we evaluate the Erlang capacity of a TDMA system with AMC supporting voice and data traffics, by taking both the blocking and the outage probabilities into account.  ...  Erlang capacity is traditionally defined as the maximum value of offered traffic among different service classes that the system can support when the blocking probabilities at the call admission control  ...  Two types of services, voice service and data service, are supported by the system. Voice service is not tolerant to packet delay, thus requires a constant bit rate.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2008.30 dblp:conf/icc/WangI08 fatcat:c6f27cg2ifctfoflgsrtsoivbe

Uplink Capacity of Multi-Class IEEE 802.16j Relay Networks with Adaptive Modulation and Coding

H. Wang, C. Xiong, V. B. Iversen
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Communications  
Two types of service, voice service and data service, are supported by the system with a given quality of service.  ...  Two types of service, voice service and data service, are supported by the system. Voice service is not tolerant to packet delay, thus requires a constant bit rate of R v bits per frame.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2009.5199552 dblp:conf/icc/WangXI09 fatcat:tmpblbxda5dc5fdbvuti44bovq

Analytical Modeling of LTE-based Network Capacity for Public Safety Communications

Kehinde O Olasupo, Ivica Kostanic, Tajudeen O Olasupo
2016 Universal Journal of Communications and Network  
In this paper, an analytical approach for estimating the network capacity for voice communications on LTE-based public safety networks is presented.  ...  In order to provide the required Grade of Service for LTE-based public safety users, the minimum number of channels required for different levels of users' priority is calculated.  ...  These systems are narrowband and initially designed to support voice and low bit data rate services.  ... 
doi:10.13189/ujcn.2016.040301 fatcat:xphqllrumbds7jrwq4uomvnldu

Erlang Capacity Evaluation in GSM And CDMA Cellular Systems

Ch Usha Kumari
2012 International Journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics  
Erlang capacity results are evaluated and compared for GSM and CDMA for different number of co-channel interferers.  ...  For probability of 0.1 CCI erlang capacity per cell increases from 3.58 erlangs/cell to 12erlangs/cell in TDMA and 24 erlangs/cell to 78 erlangs/cell in CDMA as number of interfering sources decreases  ...  It provides advanced voice and data services including Roaming service. The ability to using GSM phone number in another GSM network is called roaming.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijmnct.2012.2503 fatcat:55yzvfbwtzeb5o4t3hzncdelvy

Forward-link capacity of a DS/CDMA system with mixed multirate sources

Wan Choi, Jin Young Kim
2001 IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology  
In this paper, we analyze and simulate the forward-link capacity of a CDMA system with mixed multirate sources in a multipath fading channel.  ...  Some studies have been done on capacity of a code division multiple access (CDMA) system with mixed multirate sources. However, a vast majority of these studies have concentrated on the reverse link.  ...  Existing code division multiple access (CDMA) cellular systems are designed to support for voice and low-speed data services, but not for high-rate data service.  ... 
doi:10.1109/25.933309 fatcat:kcghskjzrvd3xi5q2hvjyiotxm

Multi-Level Access Priority Channel Allocation with Time Threshold in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Networks

Bamidele Moses Kuboye, Boniface Kayode Alese, Olumide Sunday Adewale, Samuel Oluwole Falaki
2015 International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science  
The voice calls is broken into sub-classes of services and a level of priority is established among the classes so that the most urgent and important service will have access to the channel by preempting  ...  The blocking and dropping probabilities models for the different services were developed using the Multi-dimensional Erlang B.  ...  The voice service has a high priority over the data service in thier model. In the proposed model, data service will only use the left over capacity after servicing the high priority voice.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijitcs.2015.11.03 fatcat:vjge52i5f5hhpo4ayy35eauoru

Impacts of data call characteristics on multi-service CDMA system capacity

Yujing Wu, Carey Williamson
2005 Performance evaluation (Print)  
The capacity of multi-service Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) systems has been extensively studied in the literature.  ...  This paper studies a CDMA system supporting voice and data traffic.  ...  Conclusions This paper studies a multi-service CDMA system supporting voice and data traffic.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.peva.2005.07.011 fatcat:lu3pvwdekngwhkfi3sdq5msjgm

Traffic Performance Comparison Of Cdma And Fdma On Cellular Network

A. Anyaegbu, J.N. Dike, P. Elagauma
2011 Zenodo  
We derived Erlang capacity "formulas" for the CDMA and FDMA cellular system and a MATLAB simulation was carried out using the formulas.  ...  With the ever increasing demand for fast internet access, multimedia services and other data based services, the need for larger network and bandwidth capability cannot be over-emphasized.  ...  INTRODUCTION With the ever increasing demand for very fast internet and other multimedia services, there is need for capacity analysis of frequency division multiple access (FDMA) and code division multiple  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.833979 fatcat:blchax3vsrdxrfshxh7qomursq

Capacity and delay analysis in Passive Optical Networks (PONs) - A review

Ruchi Malhotra, Amit Kumar Garg
2012 International Journal of Advances in Computing and Information Technology  
Any kind of active or the passive attack over the network can make packet loss while transferring the data and also, heavy traffic over any network gives the problems like congestion, degradation in throughput  ...  The dramatic increase of internet users and development of new high volume internet applications has a profound impact on design of next generation passive optical network (NG-PON).  ...  [10] , analyze the Erlang capacity of a code division multiple-access system supporting voice and delay-tolerant data services.  ... 
doi:10.6088/ijacit.12.10023 fatcat:mpcdor66hjaytfymrusaxpeh6e

A Dynamical Hybrid CAC Scheme and Its Performance Analysis for Mobile Cellular Network with Multi-Service

Jiping Li
2012 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
And then, to show the advantage of 1DMC modeling for the performance analysis of our proposed CAC scheme, the computing complexity of multi-dimensional Markov chain (MDMC) modeling in performance analysis  ...  of service types and service priority index.  ...  In [1] [2][3] [4] [5] [6] , CAC schemes and related performance analysis for voice and data services are proposed.  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2012.06.003 fatcat:l4lqjggs2vf3lh4qv43ucrlntu

Downlink Erlang capacity of cellular OFDMA

Gauri Joshi, Harshad Maral, Abhay Karandikar
2011 2011 National Conference on Communications (NCC)  
Then, we model the system as a multi-dimensional Markov chain and evaluate the Erlang capacity.  ...  In this paper, we present a novel approach to evaluate the downlink Erlang capacity of a cellular Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) system with 1:1 frequency reuse.  ...  Erlang capacity corresponds to the traffic load that a cell can support while providing acceptable service to the users.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ncc.2011.5734706 fatcat:mhgwfcgdaff23ntd7eb7ugvpzq

Teletraffic Performance Analysis of Multi-band Overlaid WCDMA Systems

Hua Wang, Villy B. Iversen
2007 2007 Next Generation Internet Networks  
In this paper, we present a novel approach for evaluating the teletraffic performance of multi-band overlaid WCDMA systems in terms of time, call, and traffic blocking probabilities of each service class  ...  In future deployment of WCDMA systems, spectrum overlay among sub-bands with different bandwidth is necessary to support various kinds of services.  ...  To accommodate various traffic types (voice, low-speed data, and high-speed data), channels of different bandwidths are supported.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ngi.2007.371219 fatcat:tevbmaweobhtpf5yhr52afjv3i

A Study of Voice Traffic Blocking in a Model Cellular Network

Oliver Mitch Maguitte, Mohammad Sameer Sunhaloo, Ben Oodit, Vinaye Armoogum
2011 International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks  
The Erlang B, Erlang C and Poisson models have been considered in this study. The experimental work has showed that the Erlang C Model provided the closest match for the studied environment.  ...  In this paper, we present results obtained from a statistical analysis of a model cellular network which is similar to the one used in Mauritius.  ...  NETWORK BEHAVIOUR AND ANALYSIS OF DATA In this section, measured blockings are compared with theoretical values based on the traffic models, Erlang B and Erlang C depending on system being investigated  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijwmn.2011.3608 fatcat:hqtrgd7esrha7hrligyamlfdci
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