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Comportements mécaniques sous indentation

Hervé Pelletier, Eric Le Bourhis
2015 Matériaux & Techniques  
Pelletier, D. Favier, C. Gauthier Fatigue de surfaces de polymères revetues F. Guillemot, J. Teisseire, E. Barthel, J.-P. Boilot, T.  ...  Pelletier et E. Le Bourhis : Matériaux & Techniques 103, 601 (2015) Session 4 : Rayures et essais multicontact C.H. Sacre, Ph. Guaino, L. Libralesso, A. Favache, T.  ... 
doi:10.1051/mattech/2015045 fatcat:eu7kilhfijhirizqb5ozslf46e

Clinical validity of outcome pain measures in naturally occurring canine osteoarthritis

Pascale Rialland, Sylvain Bichot, Maxim Moreau, Martin Guillot, Bertrand Lussier, Dominique Gauvin, Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Eric Troncy
2012 BMC Veterinary Research  
The conceptual validity of kinetic gait analysis and disability outcome assessment methods has guided their use in the assessment of pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA). No consensus on the best clinical methods for pain evaluation in canine OA exists, particularly, when evaluating treatments where a smaller treatment effect is anticipated than with pharmacological pain killers. This study thus aimed at determining the technical validity of some clinical endpoints on OA pain in dogs using the
more » ... en-lipped mussel (GLM)-enriched diet. Twenty-three adult dogs with clinical OA completed the prospective controlled study. All the dogs were fed a balanced diet over a 30-day control period followed by a GLM-enriched diet over a 60-day period. The kinetic gait analysis parameter (PVF BW , peak vertical force adjusted for body weight change), electrodermal activity (EDA), and a standardized multifactorial pain questionnaire (MFQ) were performed on day (D) 0 (inclusion), D30 (start) and D90 (end). The owners completed a client-specific outcome measures (CSOM) instrument twice a week. Motor activity (MA) was continuously recorded in seven dogs using telemetered accelerometric counts. We hypothesized that these methods would produce convergent results related to diet changes. A Type I error of 0.05 was adjusted to correct for the multiplicity of the primary clinical endpoints. Results: Neither the EDA nor the MFQ were found reliable or could be validated. Changes in the PVF BW (P adj = 0.0004), the CSOM (P adj = 0.006) and the MA intensity (P adj = 0.02) from D0 to D90 suggested an effect of diet (s). Only the PVF BW clearly increased after the GLM-diet (P adj = 0.003). The CSOM exhibited a negative relationship with the PVF BW (P = 0.02) and MA duration (P = 0.02). Conclusions: The PVF BW exhibited the best technical validity for the characterization of the beneficial effect of a GLM-enriched diet. The CSOM and MA appeared less responsive following a GLM-diet, but these measures appeared complementary to gait analysis. Apparently, the CSOM provides the capacity to rely on pain OA assessment influenced by both lameness quantification (PVF BW ) and physical functioning (MA).
doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-162 pmid:22963751 pmcid:PMC3526499 fatcat:sxt7bi6475hzfk2acupdg6ykni

Decentralized Control Scheme For Large-Scale ATM Networks [chapter]

Lorne G. Mason, Anne Pelletier, Eric Létourneau
1998 Broadband Communications  
Two approaches are proposed in this paper in order to facilitate network access control in large-scale ATM networks. We consider the centralized isarithmic control scheme that controls the total number of cells in the network using a permit mechanism. An implementation problem of this window-based scheme in large-scale networks is the significant control overhead associated with the flow of permits. The first approach is a partially decentralized control architecture that extends the
more » ... isarithmic scheme by means of an hierarchical zoning structure. An adaptive isarithmic controller is located in each zone with a distinct permit class and the zones interact through user traffic and management information flows. The decentralized architecture allows a substantial reduction of the permit flows and numerical results show that the network optimal operating point can be reached. Moreover, the level of management flows can be limited without deteriorating the network performance by using the approximate global information structure, based on mean delays. The second approach consists of decreasing the window size by letting one permit correspond to C credits. The control overhead is then reduced by a factor of C, the credit/permit ratio. Simulation results show that the network performance can even be improved compared to the centralized isarithmic scheme.
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35378-4_32 fatcat:obnlbcneivcazeqymvjv6a42ym

phylogatR: Phylogeographic data aggregation and repurposing [article]

Tara A Pelletier, Danielle Parsons, Sydney Decker, Stephanie Crouch, Eric Franz, Jeffery Ohrstrom, Bryan C Carstens
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
., Pelletier & Carstens 2016) or future (e.g., Nottingham & Pelletier 2021) species ranges, in addition to the evaluation of ecological niche overlap (e.g., Cavalcante et al. 2020) .  ...  skills or resources for large-scale projects, or expensive and timeconsuming field and lab work, increasing participation from underprivileged groups and minorities (Estrada et al. 2016; Whittington & Pelletier  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.10.11.461680 fatcat:qjd3benmhfdvzm6p7td5466u6i

Laïcité et éducation à la diversité en contexte réunionnais

Liliane Pelletier, Pierre-Eric Fageol
2020 Recherches & éducations  
L’écrit épistolaire est alors à la fois outil pédagogique et espace dépositaire d’une certaine forme de conscience de soi déterminante dans le parcours de la reconnaissance (Pelletier, 2017).  ... 
doi:10.4000/rechercheseducations.8206 fatcat:u7mnmdjmcjhwhc5gv3akfltqs4

A Posteriori Comparison of Natural and Surgical Destabilization Models of Canine Osteoarthritis

Maxim Moreau, Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Bertrand Lussier, Marc-André d'Anjou, Laurent Blond, Johanne-Martel Pelletier, Jérôme R. E. del Castillo, Eric Troncy
2013 BioMed Research International  
For many yearsCanis familiaris, the domestic dog, has drawn particular interest as a model of osteoarthritis (OA). Here, we optimized the dog model of experimental OA induced by cranial cruciate ligament sectioning. The usefulness of noninvasive complementary outcome measures, such as gait analysis for the limb function and magnetic resonance imaging for structural changes, was demonstrated in this model. Relationships were established between the functional impairment and the severity of
more » ... ural changes including the measurement of cartilage thinning. In the dog model of naturally occurring OA, excellent test-retest reliability was denoted for the measurement of the limb function. A criterion to identify clinically meaningful responders to therapy was determined for privately owned dogs undergoing clinical trials. In addition, the recording of accelerometer-based duration of locomotor activity showed strong and complementary agreement with the biomechanical limb function. The translation potential of these models to the human OA condition is underlined. A preclinical testing protocol which combines the dog model of experimental OA induced by cranial cruciate ligament transection and the Dog model of naturally occurring OA offers the opportunity to further investigate the structural and functional benefits of disease-modifying strategies. Ultimately, a better prediction of outcomes for human clinical trials would be brought.
doi:10.1155/2013/180453 pmid:24288664 pmcid:PMC3833019 fatcat:bh4cgequvzgqnkxzpwzcylxy4y

Analgesic efficacy of tramadol in cats with naturally occurring osteoarthritis

Beatriz P. Monteiro, Mary P. Klinck, Maxim Moreau, Martin Guillot, Paulo V. M. Steagall, Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Dominique Gauvin, Jérôme R. E. del Castillo, Eric Troncy, Francesco Staffieri
2017 PLoS ONE  
OPEN ACCESS Citation: Monteiro BP, Klinck MP, Moreau M, Guillot M, Steagall PVM, Pelletier J-P, et al. (2017) Analgesic efficacy of tramadol in cats with naturally occurring osteoarthritis.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0175565 pmid:28403198 pmcid:PMC5389833 fatcat:d6qgdwfvtbhhdj2zgvdfzokbly

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE D6.5: Improvement and Application of Eukaryotic Gene catalogue

Eric Pelletier, Erwan Corre, Guita Niang, Arnaud Meng, Mark Hoebeke, Robert Finn
2019 Zenodo  
A new resource, METdb, has been established to house the data produced from the outputs of the assembly and annotation workflow runs on 489 transcriptomes. This new resource dramatically increases the representation of micro-eukaryotic organisms, both in this new database, as well as being propagated to core data resources such as ENA and UniProtKB. METdb provides a unique collection of eukaryotic gene annotations, and is expected to become an important reference collection fro the
more » ... n of marine metagenomics datasets. For this deliverable, we developed two new pipelines for assembly and annotation of marine micro-eukaryotic transcriptomes. These have been converted to CWL (other work) leveraging many of the tool descriptions produced as part of DeliverableD6.3. Thereapplicationhighlightsthere-useofCWLtooldescriptions and the outputs of the Compute (WP4) and Interoperability platforms (WP5), and demonstrates how workflows can be used to make new data resources. A web interface has been developed to provide users access to the data contained within METdb, and importantly exposed data that have previously languished in undiscoverable laboratory websites, increasing discoverability of this data. While this represents an important new development, the marine micro-eukaryotic kingdom remains massively undersampled despite the sequence diversity. The annotations in METdb provide another resource for the discovery of novel enzymes of the biotechnology sector (as well as the new Microbial Biotechnology Community).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3234521 fatcat:hd3lxdjedjbldothtk5mz26wue

Global distribution patterns of marine nitrogen-fixers by imaging and molecular methods [article]

Juan José Pierella Karlusich, Eric Pelletier, Madeline Carsique, Etienne Dvorak, Sebastian Colin, Marc Picheral, Rainer Pepperkok, Eric Karsenti, Colomban de Vargas, Fabien Lombard, Patrick Wincker, Chris Bowler (+1 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Linnaeus University for his analytical support and advice, Tom Delmont from Genoscope for his useful discussions, Flora Vincent from Weizmann Institute of Science for her help with Ecotaxa resource, Eric  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.10.17.343731 fatcat:wwjay7ddcvduhk4xvjtmfiprde

Nanorheology of Adsorbed Diblock Copolymer Layers

Eric Pelletier, G�rald F. Belder, Georges Hadziioannou, Andrei Subbotin
1997 Journal de Physique II  
doi:10.1051/jp2:1997124 fatcat:cbdzxjfykbgzrpataazga3hdsy

Quantifying consistent individual differences in habitat selection

Martin Leclerc, Eric Vander Wal, Andreas Zedrosser, Jon E. Swenson, Jonas Kindberg, Fanie Pelletier
2015 Oecologia  
functional response in habitat selection. Repeatability estimates of habitat selection toward bogs and cut blocks were 0.304 and 0.420, respectively. Therefore, 30.4 and 42.0 % of the population-scale habitat selection variability for bogs and cut blocks, respectively, was due to differences among individuals, suggesting that consistent individual variation in habitat selection exists in brown bears. Using simulations, we posit that repeatability values of habitat selection are not related to
more » ... e value and significance of β estimates in RSFs. Although individual differences in habitat selection could be the results of non-exclusive factors, our results illustrate the evolutionary potential of habitat selection.
doi:10.1007/s00442-015-3500-6 pmid:26597548 fatcat:34r4vinutzd5bcub3l5gdnlobi

Brachystemma calycinumD. Don Effectively Reduces the Locomotor Disability in Dogs with Naturally Occurring Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Maxim Moreau, Bertrand Lussier, Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Christian Bédard, Dominique Gauvin, Eric Troncy
2012 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
Objective. The aim of this randomized placebo-controlled trial was to evaluate the beneficial effect of a whole plant extract ofBrachystemma calycinumD. Don (BCD) in naturally occurring osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs.Methods. Dogs had stifle/hip OA and poor limb loading based on the peak of the vertically oriented ground reaction force (PVF) measured using a force platform. At baseline, PVF and case-specific outcome measure of disability (CSOM) were recorded. Dogs (16 per group) were then assigned
more » ... to receive BCD (200 mg/kg/day) or a placebo. The PVF was measured at week (W) 3 and W6. Locomotor activity was recorded throughout the study duration using collar-mounted accelerometer, and CSOM was assessed biweekly by the owner.Results. BCD-treated dogs had higher PVF at W3 and W6 when compared to Baseline (P<0.001) and at W6 when compared to placebo-treated dogs (P=0.040). Higher daily duration (P=0.024) and intensity (P=0.012) of locomotor activity were observed in BCD-treated dogs compared to baseline. No significant change was observed in either group for CSOM.Conclusions. Treatment with BCD improved the limb impairment and enhanced the locomotor activity in dogs afflicted by naturally-occurring OA. Those preclinical findings provide interesting and new information about the potential of BCD as an OA therapeutic.
doi:10.1155/2012/646191 pmid:22844335 pmcid:PMC3403515 fatcat:ewokl7jh5zd5lnwymzbqriedqm

Evolutionary diversification of tiny ocean predators [article]

Francisco Latorre, Ina M Deutschmann, Aurélie Labarre, Aleix Obiol, Anders Kristian Krabberød, Eric Pelletier, Michael E Sieracki, Corinne Cruaud, Olivier Jaillon, Ramon Massana, Ramiro Logares
2020 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
Unicellular eukaryotic predators have a crucial role in the functioning of the ocean ecosystem by recycling nutrients and energy that are channeled to upper trophic levels. Traditionally, these evolutionary-diverse organisms have been combined into a single functional group (Heterotrophic flagellates), overlooking their organismal differences. Here we investigate four evolutionary related species belonging to one cosmopolitan family of uncultured marine picoeukaryotic predators: MAST-4 (species
more » ... A, B, C, and E). Co-occurrence and distribution analyses in the global surface ocean indicated contrasting patterns in MAST-4A & C, suggesting adaptation to different temperatures. We then investigated whether these spatial distribution patterns were mirrored by MAST-4 genomic content using Single-Cell Genomics. Analyses of 69 single-cells recovered 66-83% of the MAST-4A/B/C/E genomes, which displayed substantial inter-species divergence. MAST-4 genomes were similar in terms of broad gene functional categories, but they differed in enzymes of ecological relevance, such as glycoside hydrolases (GHs), which are part of the food degradation machinery in MAST-4. Interestingly, MAST-4 species featuring a similar GH composition co-excluded each other (A & C) in the surface global ocean, while species with a different set of GHs appeared to be able to co-exist (species B & C) suggesting further niche diversification associated to prey digestion. We propose that differential niche adaptation to temperature and prey type has promoted adaptive evolutionary diversification in MAST-4. Altogether, we show that minute ocean predators from the same family may have different biogeography and genomic content, which need to be accounted to better comprehend marine food webs.
doi:10.1101/2020.10.09.333062 fatcat:x4nknaak65ejvb5oe4xinqxx7e

Structure of a tRNA Repair Enzyme and Molecular Biology Workhorse

Eric A. Galburt, John Pelletier, Geoffrey Wilson, Barry L. Stoddard
2002 Structure  
nuclease encoded by prr strains of E. coli is activated by the Stp DNA restriction inhibitory peptide [12-14] and introduces a break in the bacterial lysine tRNA. This lesion is defined by 2Ј,3Ј-cyclic phosphate and 5Ј-hydroxyl ends and effectively prevents protein synthesis, thus inhib-The Graduate Program in Biomolecular Structure and Design University of Washington iting phage replication. T4 PNK phosphorylates the 5Ј-1100 Fairview Avenue North, A3-023 hydroxyl and reprocesses the 3Ј end by
more » ... pening the Seattle, Washington 98109 2Ј,3Ј-cyclic phosphate and then removing the 3Ј-phos-2 New England Biolabs phate. The reprocessed ends are substrates for T4 RNA 32 Tozer Road ligase. Thus, the phage is able to circumvent the tRNA Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 lesion and continue to propagate through the bacterial population. T4 PNK is the prototypical member of a broad family Summary of 5Ј-kinase/3Ј-phosphatase enzymes that mend broken strands in nucleic acids in conjunction with the appro-T4 phage polynucleotide kinase (PNK) was identified priate RNA or DNA ligase. Human members of this family over 35 years ago and has become a staple reagent for have recently been implicated in the repair of DNA strand molecular biologists. The enzyme displays 5-hydroxyl breaks caused by oxidative damage [15-17]. In mammakinase, 3-phosphatase, and 2,3-cyclic phosphodieslian cells, the conversion of 5Ј-hydroxyl/3Ј-phosphate terase activities against a wide range of substrates. DNA ends to 5Ј-phosphate/3Ј-hydroxyl is a necessary These activities modify the ends of nicked tRNA generstep for the repair of DNA nicks and gaps that may be ated by a bacterial response to infection and facilitate introduced by ionizing radiation [18], certain alkylating repair by T4 RNA ligase. DNA repair enzymes that agents, DNase II [19, 20], and the enzymatic removal of share conserved motifs with PNK have been identified dead-end complexes of topoisomerase I generated by in eukaryotes. PNK contains two functionally distinct camptothecin inhibition [21]. Mammalian PNKs display structural domains and forms a homotetramer. The the bifunctionality of T4 PNK, but differ in specificity. C-terminal phosphatase domain is homologous to the While T4 PNK has a decreased activity against both L-2-haloacid dehalogenase family and the N-terminal recessed 5Ј ends and nicks in double-stranded DNA kinase domain is homologous to adenylate kinase. The [22], mammalian PNKs show no preference for 5Ј overactive sites have been characterized through struchanging termini and are active against gaps and nicks, tural homology analyses and visualization of bound which further implicates them in DNA repair pathways substrate. [23]. Mammalian PNKs have been identified that are DNA specific while others have a preference for RNA Introduction [16]. Sequence alignments of H. sapiens, C. elegans, and S. pombe PNK enzymes reveal that T4 and mammalian enzymes share two active site motifs: the ATP binding T4 polynucleotide kinase (PNK) was initially discovered P loop motif which defines a kinase active site and a in protein extracts of Escherichia coli bacteria infected short motif (DxDxT) associated with a family of phosphawith T-even phage [1-3]. In the 37 years since, the entase domains characterized by L-2-haloacid dehalogezyme has become a standard reagent for the manipulanase (HAD) [15]. These conserved motifs suggest that tion and study of polynucleotides [4-6]. The product of the chemical mechanisms of T4 PNK and mammalian the T4 early gene pseT [7], PNK catalyzes the transfer PNKs are similar. of the ␥-phosphate group from adenosine triphosphate Kinetic studies of T4 PNK have shown that the kinase (ATP) or other nucleoside triphosphates [3, 8] to the activity proceeds according to an ordered sequential 5Ј-hydroxyl of polynucleotides of different lengths, sequences, and types [1]. Acceptable substrates include mechanism [24] and that phosphoryl transfer results in double-and single-stranded DNA, RNA, and individual an inversion of configuration at the phosphorus atom 3Ј-phosphate nucleotide bases. PNK also possesses a [25] . Furthermore, the kinase reaction is reversible. For 3Ј-phosphatase activity that is independent of ATP [7, example, the ATP analog ␤,␥-imidoadenylyl 5Ј-triphos-9] and has been reported to hydrolyze 2Ј,3Ј-cyclic phosphate acts as an inhibitor to the forward reaction, but phodiesters [10]. Each catalytic activity is dependent on was able to replace ATP in the reverse reaction to genermagnesium as a cofactor. The pseT gene was cloned ate ␤,␥-imidoadenylyl 5Ј-tetraphosphate [26] . While the and sequenced [11], which facilitated both the use of minimal phosphorylation substrates are 3Ј nucleotide recombinant PNK as a reagent and the biochemical monophosphates, T4 PNK is able to phosphorylate a study of PNK itself. variety of oligonucleotides with a slight preference for a The only directly known biological function of T4 PNK 5Ј-terminal guanosine base [27]. Despite the tetrameric is related to the ability of T4 phage to overcome a suicide form of the enzyme, it does not display kinetic cooperadefense mechanism used by some strains of bacteria [7, tivity [24]. It has also been noted that N-protected deoxy-10]. In response to T4 infection, a latent tRNA anticodon
doi:10.1016/s0969-2126(02)00835-3 pmid:12220496 fatcat:w6lk6sgez5euvn6tyxwae7gohu

Short run and long run causality in time series: inference

Jean-Marie Dufour, Denis Pelletier, Éric Renault
2006 Journal of Econometrics  
doi:10.1016/j.jeconom.2005.02.003 fatcat:4c23dguk5zcadbcw6gquigox6y
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