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Life Cycle Assessment of Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation: A Romanian Case Study

Costel Pleșcan, Melinda Barta, Sebastian George Maxineasa, Elena-Loredana Pleșcan
2022 Applied Sciences  
to develop new life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies and software.  ...  These alternatives and the existing pavement structure were analysed using the GaBi software, Ganzheitlichen Bilanzierung (German for holistic balancing), to assess the environmental impact of global warming  ...  The framework for life cycle environmental assessment is relatively complete after years of research, but there are still many shortcomings in the detailed model and data collection is also in the initial  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12041769 doaj:75ba01ef11fd4c7b839a5f4489b2e817 fatcat:iq6kbogt4zco3gkmi4eotbdqtu

Trade-Off Analysis on Optimization of Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Sources Softwares

2021 jecet  
Hence, this work paves the way to optimize the intermittent nature of various renewable energy sources using simulation software tools such as INSEL, TRNSYS, RETScreen, ARES and HOMER are used for optimizing  ...  Fuel Cells will play a significant role among the energy storage devices, and it is one of the vital technical challenges in the present scenario.  ...  This simulation software has the flexibility of creating system models and configurations for planning and monitoring of electrical and thermal energy systems.  ... 
doi:10.24214/jecet.b.10.3.11326 fatcat:5firscosibgchgkgn5xlp2d624

Genes From a Translational Analysis Support a Multifactorial Nature of White Matter Hyperintensities

Lorna M. Lopez, W. David Hill, Sarah E. Harris, Maria Valdes Hernandez, Susana Munoz Maniega, Mark E. Bastin, Emma Bailey, Colin Smith, Martin McBride, John McClure, Delyth Graham, Anna Dominiczak (+12 others)
2015 Stroke  
Results-Of 126 spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rat genes, 10 were nominally associated with WMH volume or score in subjects from LBC1936, of which 5 (AFP, ALB, GNAI1, RBM8a, and MRPL18) were associated  ...  Relevant experimental models may be informative.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 participants and research team members, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (http://, subject testing and genotyping), and  ... 
doi:10.1161/strokeaha.114.007649 pmid:25586835 pmcid:PMC4306534 fatcat:fexbtvvhrjet5n3btw7h77ojia

Page 263 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 126, Issue 3 [page]

2000 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Here- JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING / MARCH 2000 / 263  ...  AGGREGATION MODELING It is of interest to see to what extent the data provided by the image collection and processing system may be integrated with standard aggregation models and also to use a model as  ... 

Spatial Variability of Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen in Desert Steppes of China's Hexi Corridor

Xuyang Wang, Yuqiang Li, Yulong Duan, Lilong Wang, Yayi Niu, Xiaohui Li, Meng Yan
2021 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
Here, we investigated the soil organic carbon (SOC) and soil total nitrogen (STN) to a depth of 100 cm at 126 sites in a desert steppe in northwestern China.  ...  SOC and STN contents decreased with increasing depth; the highest average SOC and STN contents were 12.70 and 0.65 g kg−1 in the surface 5 cm, and the lowest were from 80 to 100 cm (4.49 and 0.16 g kg−  ...  Frontiers in Environmental Science | October 2021 | Volume 9 | Article 761313 8 Zak, 1994).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2021.761313 fatcat:jenw3nulcvcrrd6mrgv4fy244u

Air quality assessment based on road traffic pollutants dispersion modelling: Giurgiu – Ruse Bridge Case study

TELEABA Victoria, MIHAI Dragos
2012 INCAS Bulletin  
The dispersion modeling was realized on specialized environmental pollution software, which features a fully operational Gauss model in its base module.  ...  In order to estimate the level of pollution caused by bridge road traffic in the closest urban areas, Giurgiu and Ruse and based on the traffic data, four scenarios for the air quality assessment have  ...  IMMI is a software package for Environmental Pollution Mapping that integrates the air dispersion modelling (gases, dust, odours), outdoors sound propagation (road, traffic, railway, industrial and recreational  ... 
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2012.4.4.16 fatcat:g7jpqjtyajcjdfc2n3dxamo25u

Page 372 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 129, Issue 5 [page]

2003 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
., and Wenka, T. (2000). “3D numerical modeling of flow and sediment transport in open channels.” J. Hydraul. Eng., 126(1), 4-15. Zimpfer, G. L. (1975). “Development of laboratory river channels.”  ...  ‘Finite-volume CFD procedure and adaptive error control strategy for grids of adaptive topology.” J. Comput. Phys., 138(2), 766-787. Odgaard, A. J. (1989). “‘River-meander model. I: Development.” J.  ... 

Effects of interactions between environmental factors andKIF1Bgenetic variants on the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Chinese cohort

Jun-Hu Chen, Yan-Yan Wang, Wei-Biao Lv, Yu Gan, Wei Chang, Na-Na Tian, Xiao-Hui Huang, Li Liu, Xin-Fa Yu, Si-Dong Chen
2016 World Journal of Gastroenterology  
Innovations and breakthroughs The authors confirm the gene-environment interaction between the KIF1B rs17401966 variant and alcohol consumption in the development of HCC in Chinese individuals.  ...  Compared with non-drinkers carrying theTable 1Distribution of selected characteristics and environmental factors in hepatocellular carcinoma cases and controls n (%) 4186 April 28, 2016|Volume 22|Issue  ...  We applied both additive and multiplicative models using a logistic regression analysis framework to assess the potential interactions between the variants and environmental factors in development of HCC  ... 
doi:10.3748/wjg.v22.i16.4183 pmid:27122668 pmcid:PMC4837435 fatcat:oqtahticmfhlplijyh3ieazume

Estrogen-independent actions of environmentally relevant AhR-agonists in human endometrial epithelial cells

C. Willing, M. Peich, A. Danescu, A. Kehlen, P. A. Fowler, S. Hombach-Klonisch
2010 Molecular human reproduction  
to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of selected environmentally relevant PAH in human EECs.  ...  However, suitable cellular models of the endometrium are lacking and the molecular mechanism of PAH action in the endometrium is not fully understood.  ...  Stanford-Wood and R. McIntosh for the proteomic image analysis and to M. Fraser, E. Argo and E. Stewart for their expert technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1093/molehr/gaq081 pmid:20876610 fatcat:fa3hzveua5f23n4tcug2c6v3mm

Critical Study on Road Inventory and Traffic Circulation for Ensuring Road Safety in CEG Campus

J. Gopikrishna, V. Shanmugapriyan
2015 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Figure 1 . 1 Volume count survey. Figure 2 . 2 STELLA model for population forecasting.  ...  Projection using STELLA Software Stem dynamics model is built using STELLA software for the population projection. The population data were collected from the university.  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/2015/v8i32/87603 fatcat:bdzsogfbczc33ggq36fvumlt44


Pooja M .
2015 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Today road and transport authorities around the world collectively spend large sums of money each year enhancing and maintaining their road networks.  ...  In the present research work, an attempt is made to develop low cost roughness measuring equipment and to check its reliability and repeatability to minimize the calibration error.  ...  I am very much proud and grateful to my parents, my beloved husband, my guiding Professors, my HOD and to all my non teaching staff for their continuous and constant support in every action of preparing  ... 
doi:10.15623/ijret.2015.0401051 fatcat:qti32bwzlvan3jmxebrpdl4yra

Nonadditive Hepatic Tumor Promoting Effects by a Mixture of Two Structurally Different Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Female Rat Livers

C. E. Dean
2002 Toxicological Sciences  
Treatment with the mixture of PCB 126 and 153 resulted in antagonistic GST-P؉ focus formation ( p < 0.001) for both foci area and number.  ...  For PCB 153, the doses were 10, 100, 1000, 5000, and 10,000 g/kg body weight. Combined PCB 126 and 153 exposures were 0.1 ؉ 10, 1 ؉ 100, 10 ؉ 1000, 10 ؉ 5000, and 10 ؉ 10,000 g/kg, respectively.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the many individuals at the Center for Environmental Toxicology and Technology and the Painter Laboratory Animal Facility at Colorado State University for their assistance in carrying  ... 
doi:10.1093/toxsci/66.1.54 pmid:11861972 fatcat:c42j3l766vaadfp4ty4zo4yk2q

New estimates of age- and sex-specific earnings and the male–female earnings gap in the British cotton industry, 1833–1906

2008 The Economic History Review  
New Zealand Journal of Science 62: 126-128. Maindonald, J.H. 2003. The Role of Models in Predictive Validation (Statistics for Budding Data Miners).  ...  Bishop, “Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.” (Springer-Verlag 2006). Journal of Statistical Software 17, Book Review 5 2007. Review of Simon N.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1468-0289.2007.00398.x fatcat:pfutyuu5sve4pkoejkjg5fdbla

Petrophysical Properties of an Iraqi Carbonate Reservoir Using Well Log Evaluation

Sarah S. Zughar, Ahmad A. Ramadhan, Ahmed K. Jaber
2020 Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering  
Porosity values and water saturation Sw were calculated along with the depth of the composition using IP V3.5 software.  ...  plot method, where m value equal to 1.94, n value equal to 2 and a value equal to 1.  ...  Current Schlumberger charts were used for Environmental corrections [7] . Many companies have correction models available in IP v3.5 software.  ... 
doi:10.31699/ijcpe.2020.1.8 fatcat:k5w245uxsjfu3jmckkvxhc7qti

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2007 Flux  
Robbins, pp. 116-126 -Key factors for successful leisure and tourism public transport provision, W. Gronau, A.  ...  On trouvera sous cette rubrique les sommaires les plus récents de revues systématiquement signalées compte tenu de leur proximité thématique avec Flux What Is Web 2.0 : Design Patterns and Business Models  ... 
doi:10.3917/flux.069.0115 fatcat:s2mtaybajndkbcqijtoov6micu
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