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Entrainment, Arnold tongues, and duality in a periodically driven integrate-and-fire model

Joaquı́n Escalona, Jorge V. José, Paul Tiesinga
2002 Neurocomputing  
We have studied an integrate-and-ÿre model neuron driven by a periodic sequence of Gaussianshaped current pulses of width 1=2N and amplitude .  ...  In the small N limit we ÿnd novel entrainment steps in the f vs. plane, without Arnold tongue structure. The steps in the two N regimes are related by a duality transformation.  ...  To further understand this generic phenomenon we have studied a driven integrate-and-ÿre (IF) model.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0925-2312(02)00366-1 fatcat:mcykx3x675g75agnwvnmprtmei

Neuronal processes involved in initiating a behavioral act

Wolfram Schultz
1985 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
The postulated dynamic action of this model in the microgenesis of a discrete action is outlined.  ...  " and fluent execution of extended action sequences which are "projectional" in that they rely on model-based prediction.  ...  In this model, an action is a cognitive representation, not a set of concatenated movements, a series of rhythmic levels sequentially entrained, retracing the pattern of evolutionary growth.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x00045283 fatcat:okdg72hmo5gwlbc52d2foron4m

Communicating crisis : musical effervescence in South African HIV/AIDS interventions

Gavin Robert Walker
I undertake that all the material presented for examination is my own work and has not been written for me, in whole or in part, by any other person.  ...  2 Declaration for SOAS PhD thesis I have read and understood regulation 17.9 of the Regulations for students of the SOAS, University of London concerning plagiarism.  ...  The concept of entrainment, then, that is 'a process whereby two rhythmic processes interact with each other in such a way that they adjust towards and eventually "lock in" to a common phase and/or periodicity  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00023809 fatcat:yejr6ymjnnanbfg5c6eydmpovu

Voicing subjectivity: Artistic Research in the realization of new Vocal Music

Jessica Aszodi, University, My, Vanessa Tomlinson
The exegesis fleshes out issues of embodiment, the indiscrete subject, technologized voice and inter-subjectivity through an active performer's practice in a mixed-methodological framework that integrates  ...  The voice and vocalizing subjects have long been a discussed in philosophical, cultural and critical studies circles as places in which meaning lives and is conveyed.  ...  Artistic Research (Part A) Realizing Lachenmann's Got Lost "If the poet says "I" that doesn't necessarily mean himself" (Helmut Lachenmann, 2012, p. 91)  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/1617 fatcat:lc33g7bjmjdg7knpvimnhlyy64

South African Readers and Consumer Capitalism, 1932-1962

Brian Rutledge
In 2008, he earned a B.A. in History from San Francisco State University after spending ten months living in Port Elizabeth and traveling across southern Africa.  ...  In 2015, he conducted the bulk of the interviews and fieldwork for this dissertation using a Fulbright-Hays grant.  ...  In the United States, I am indebted to my parents; my supervisor, Dr. Sandra Greene; the rest of my committee, Dr. Judi Byfield and Dr. Jeremy Foster; my other mentors, Dr. Trevor Getz, Dr.  ... 
doi:10.7298/x40g3hcc fatcat:5ifvrj22kvbztap36rnafrhvgm

The eroticised body and the transcendent word: Representations of the dancer in the works of Théophile Gautier, Arthur Symons and W.B. Yeats [article]

Maureen Elizabeth Coulter, University Of Canterbury
Because bourgeois life was seen as philistine and utilitarian, and dominated by a faith in scientific and economic progress, art could have no purpose other than to exist as pure, transcendent beauty,  ...  beauty that was desired, but unattainable; and because bourgeois society was hypocritical, puritanical and bound by rules, art should be free in both expression and form.  ...  And there appeared unto [the apostles] cloven tongues like as of fire" (2. 2-3). make"-an immortal, gilded bird "set upon a golden bough to sing" (218).  ... 
doi:10.26021/4691 fatcat:adq2px2afjel5aveoh7lb3o6a4


John Tinkler, Darlene Kelly, Laurel Boone, Anthony Harding, Allan Pritchard, Isaac Bickerstafe, Judith Harvvay, Len Gasparini, B Nichol, Milton Acorn, Mary Razzell, Michael Mirolla (+30 others)
of chaos, fire and anger 120 in themselves."  ...  He has not given up his sense of the poet as seer: "the poet, who interprets [nature], is also a prophet of God . . . listening to the oracle and uttering it in tongues of fire, on human pages. . . .  ...  For years, Johnstone, in a typically Jacobite fashion as we have seen, confused historians with respect to his mother-tongue.  ... 

Inspiriting the academy : weaving stories and practices of living women's spirituality

Nané Ariadne Jordan
Throughout this text, the author navigates the complexity of her ongoing path as a scholar who claims Women's Spirituality as a site of learning and research.  ...  The woman-centred curriculum re-claims women's history, pre-history, spiritual experience, social contributions and creative expressions by integrating scholarly research, feminist perspectives and analysis  ...  Women's cyclical menstrual entrainment with lunar cycles in monthly bleeding is integral to an evolutionary understanding of metaformic theory.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0072473 fatcat:cbmdkjrnbban5ghearnzuvftba

Is Sorry Really the Hardest Word? Guilt, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation in Contemporary Music

Ariana Sarah Phillips-Hutton, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Nicholas Cook
My analysis of Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw illustrates the themes (guilt, confession and memorialisation) and approach I adopt in the three main case studies.  ...  Lastly, I contrast two pieces connected to reconciliation efforts in Australia and South Africa: I argue that the unified narrative of healing in Kerry Fletcher's "Sorry Song" becomes a performative communal  ...  I stand, caught unawares by the Sesotho version and the knowledge that I am white. … And I wade into song-in a language that is not mine, in a tongue I do not know.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.13224 fatcat:jtl5r4ok2za7jfzzvqwct7xrsi

$7-5° P er С0 РУ SCI6NC6 & LIT€R7ITUR€ Articles Opinions and Notes A QUARTERLY OF CRITICISM AND R€VI€W

J Nursall, Patrick Mahony, Hugh Hood, S Shortt, Thomas Berger, Jane Leney, Tara Cullis, Henry Beissel, Christopher Dewdney, Tom Wayman, Kevin Roberts, Mick Burrs (+39 others)
The battle raged in lecture halls and pulpits, in pamphlets, periodicals, and in the press.  ...  When they get cold, they complain to Raven, who undertakes to get fire for them. But fire is owned by Qok, a vain and selfish owl.  ...  Noting a forthcoming review by Le-Sueur in The Week (of Matthew Arnold's Discourses in America), their mutual friend Goldwin Smith, writing to Arnold, commended him as "the best critic Canada has.  ... 


Susan Glickman
In his essay "Bear Spirit in a Strange Land" he remarks vis-à-vis Big Bear's fear of the rope : And Morris interprets that to mean Big Bear is a criminal and afraid of literal hanging!  ...  of tongues where, like Peter Erasmus the translator, he must listen, desperately, to both sides.  ...  A bird looks like "a fire insurance trademark," the princess is an "emaciated fashion-model," and the king is "a football player."  ... 


Centrul De Cercetare
Prezentul volum cuprinde lucrările Conferinţei internaţionale Paradigma discursului ideologic, ediţia a II-a, desfăşurată la Galaţi în perioada 30 aprilie -2 mai 2010, sub egida Centrului de cercetare  ...  După achitarea abonamentului, aşteptăm prin fax sau e-mail adresa dvs. de expediţie pentru a vă putea trimite revista.  ...  "The wheel of fortune" solves all contradictions and fades all dualities.  ... 

Hold Fast: Technologies of Distinction in the Australian Hardcore Music Scene

Christopher Driver, University, My, James Bennett
The subsequent spread of the original musical tropes and development of multiple trajectories of musical and stylistic innovation have resulted in a complex and multifaceted constellation of ideas, practices  ...  'By moving away from discourses of the body and moving towards a focus on bodyculture interaction, on temporal body practices,' argues DeNora, 'a grounded theory of the body's cultural constitution has  ...  And this duality -what Haenfler calls 'masculinity in contradiction' -cuts through the social and cultural aspects of the scene.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/957 fatcat:rfusyuqitjh45alrmryfyhmozq

Inhabiting the Interstices

Her discussion of the Pearlie Watson Trilogy, Painted Fires, and In Times Like These uses these novels as examples of McClung's integrated religious, feminist, and social activism.  ...  forgetting that there is typically a power politics of tongues in contact.  ...  Some of her finest poems, written in what she calls her "grassroots tongue," are courageous in their refusal of any easy expectations about the poetic.  ... 

Canadian Literature / Littérature canadienne

Editorial Board, Heinz Antor, Kristina Fagan Bidwell, Helen Gilbert, Jon Kertzer, Ian Rae, David Staines, Marie Vautier, Gillian Whitlock
1959 Eva-Marie Kröller (1995-23)   unpublished
as a model.  ...  Still, City of Love and Revolution is a fine overview of an important period of social change in Vancouver.  ...  It problematizes, in the manner of Ian McKay and James Overton, nostalgia for "folk" culture and themes-often driven by tourist dollars and Central Canadian chauvinism.  ... 
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