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A Comprehensive Care Program for Migrant Farmworkers

George L. Harper
1969 Public Health Reports (1896-1970)  
The team approach with the nurse as coordinator of the team and the nurses and aides respectively performing "physician assistant" and nursing-level tasks contributed significantly to effeotiveness and  ...  experience.  ... 
doi:10.2307/4593655 pmid:4979010 pmcid:PMC2031567 fatcat:6a6t2grmmbcgfmjz7urf6rh3qq

A Prison of Education: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Low-Income Schools

Adam Le
2016 Themis: Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science  
The paper then moves to describe the relationship between the school-to-prison pipeline and the prison-industrial complex as a result of inner-city schools' failure to provide a proper education to students  ...  It offers ethnic studies in secondary education as a potential solution for re-thinking the way schools are taught in order to allow students to learn about their educational agency.  ...  This is an example of the panoptic time-table, using time to "extract from bodies the maximum time and force" instead of trying to improve the learning experience for students (Foucault, 1995, p. 220)  ... 
doi:10.31979/themis.2016.0404 fatcat:fgmkqg7qpneknalwd3dzonxzyy


Arianna Briganti
2016 European Journal of Sustainable Development  
My research is based on a methodology called Living Educational Theory (LT) that strengthens my ability to contribute to the establishment of the human capabilities of the people I work with in developing  ...  I invite the reader to consider my insights into my practice as a development economist and practitioner who worked and lived in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Georgia and currently in the Balkan region tackling  ...  Moreover the need expressed by the trainees led the team to introduce a basic course of English language, basic public health and hygiene training.  ... 
doi:10.14207/ejsd.2016.v5n4p79 fatcat:wsiuhy4drzhhjetu5gqtfghmgi

Managing Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease During the COVID-19 Crisis: Experience at Fundació ACE in Barcelona, Spain

Carla Abdelnour, Ester Esteban de Antonio, Alba Pérez-Cordón, Asunción Lafuente, Mar Buendía, Ana Pancho, Sara Jofresa, Nuria Aguilera, Marta Ibarria, Rosario Cuevas, Laia Cañada, Anna Calvet (+12 others)
2020 Journal of Alzheimer's Disease  
Objective: To describe the ad-hoc strategic plan developed to cope with this crisis and to share its outcomes. Methods: We describe participants' clinical and demographic features.  ...  During the confinement, we performed 1018 calls to the participants, which led to identify adverse events in 26 and COVID-19 symptoms in 6.  ...  SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL The supplementary material is available in the electronic version of this article: 3233/JAD-200750.  ... 
doi:10.3233/jad-200750 pmid:32986671 fatcat:hlzz6ztkcnbungb3r5zkqypyy4

SAJSM 1986 No.2

. .
2016 South African Journal of Sports Medicine  
power cleans to improve overall power. odybuilding and power1 lifting training do not 9 ■ include phometric jump-^ ing exercises used by • I m ost Am erican footbailers to enhance the explosive power  ...  I try to experi ment with pain by concentrating on different parts of my body, blotting out my environment as best I can.  ... 
doi:10.17159/2413-3108/1986/v1i2a1103 fatcat:ydvazakopvaunbuszthvezlkfi


Carmen Ricardo BARRETO, Jorge Mizzuno HAYDAR
2016 The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education  
In order to overcome some weaknesses observed, it is necessary to train the teachers not only in the intercultural education but also in topics such as curricular design and educational technology.  ...  It was performed in three steps: 1-diagnosis, 2-training, and 3-analysis of the pedagogical practice.  ...  in most of the cases, course materials are relevant and consistent with assessment objectives, methodologies and experiences.  ... 
doi:10.17718/tojde.24492 fatcat:jtodupp4jbeldkzxizfq2uno7u

Dealing Realistically With Fratricide

Kenneth K. Steinweg
1995 Parameters  
The experience at our national training centers and the training technologies in use there support this historical evidence.  ...  that makes it so restrictive is the portion "with the intent to kill the enemy or destroy his equipment or facilities."  ...  The search for data begins with one of the first conflicts of the 20th century: the Mexican Punitive Expedition in 1916-1917 to track down Pancho Villa.  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.1757 fatcat:ffh4e5bodfadrcwrowufar2jku

Transforming Strategic Leader Education for the 21st-Century Army

Jeffrey D. McCausland, Gregg F. Martin
2001 Parameters  
In addition to traditional warfighting, Army leaders from top to bottom must be able to deal with the increased political and cultural complexities of peace operations, stability and support operations  ...  As General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff of the Army, observed of his command in Bosnia, "It's the most difficult leadership experience I have ever had.  ...  insurrection in the Philippines, and an expedition into Mexico to chase Pancho Villa.  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.2052 fatcat:a4hc46bywrgkppuvr5zclj42wu

Special Journal Issue: Malta Review of Educational Research [article]

Raphael Vella, Milosh Raykov
2022 Zenodo  
This Special Issue of MRER brings together several scholars and artists from AMASS and aims to present arts-based research with persons affected by discrimination in daily life and/or educational contexts  ...  with marginalised communities.  ...  Also, we highly appreciate the work of the Maltese AMASS study research support officer Margerita Cotter Pule for assistance with data collection and support during the entire preparation of the research  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6239148 fatcat:5tbbst6va5gbrn3pzviq5inasi

The impact of stress on pain

David Finn
2017 Physiology News  
There is evidence that almost every step in the O 2 conductance pathway beyond the alveoli can be enhanced by endurance training.  ...  The Society's Communications team documented the trip in a series of videos and blog posts available at Peying Fong, Pancho Sepúlveda, Janet Taylor, Jaideep Bains.  ... 
doi:10.36866/pn.108.25 fatcat:shs64xwqsnh5pdoxytgstadtce

The Flying Finn's American Sojourn: Hannes Kolehmainen in the United States, 1912–1921

Adam Berg, Mark Dyreson
2012 International Journal of the History of Sport  
His return to Finland ultimately turned the American 'melting pot' narrative on its head.  ...  Shortly after he won three gold medals and one silver medal in distance running events at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, Finland's Hannes Kolehmainen immigrated to the United States.  ...  With post-war strikes roiling the shipping industry, Kolehmainen suddenly found himself with free time to train.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09523367.2012.679025 fatcat:avxt2qwybfbdtiha4fsrptqmx4

Multinationals and Gender: Singer Sewing Machine and Marketing in Mexico, 1890–1930

Paula A. de la Cruz-Fernández
2015 Business History Review  
The company succeeded, in part, by constantly associating the sewing machine with the idea of "modern" womanhood in Revolutionary Mexico.  ...  It regularly encountered wars, economic nationalism, and revolutions; in response, it normally created subsidiaries or gave in to expropriation.  ...  wanted potential customers to associate the company's products with the home and not with the industrial space.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0007680515000756 fatcat:saydo2xspbfpxcsezzyevffhty

Redefining Data Provider: The REST approach To solve Indonesia Lecturer administrative problems

Irwan Alnarus Kautsar, Shin-Ichiro Kubota, Yasuo Musashi, Kenichi Sugitani
2014 2014 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE)  
Training Laboratory: Using online resources to enhance the laboratory learning experience Nikolic, S. 2.  ...  Investigation-in-progress on how to effectively use tablet terminals in science experiment classes performed by a student project team Hasegawa, M., Teshima, S. 2.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tale.2014.7062614 fatcat:kktzbn7p2rgitjcwwl7y2zz3sy

Barriers and facilitators in the implementation of an evidence-based health promotion intervention in a primary care setting: a qualitative study

Heather L. Rogers, Susana Pablo Hernando, Silvia Núñez - Fernández, Alvaro Sanchez, Carlos Martos, Maribel Moreno, Gonzalo Grandes
2021 Journal of Health Organisation and Management  
intervention was found to be compatible with the values of primary care professionals.  ...  PurposeThis study aims to elucidate the health care organization, management and policy barriers and facilitators associated with implementation of an evidence-based health promotion intervention in primary  ...  The professional barriers included lack of skill, knowledge and experience, with the facilitators being training and ability to motivate patients to carry out the intervention.  ... 
doi:10.1108/jhom-12-2020-0512 pmid:34464035 pmcid:PMC9136863 fatcat:vos3w756cfhhhcwaz2sn6i5ghu

Cardiac sodium and calcium channels: a history of excitatory currents

H Fozzard
2002 Cardiovascular Research  
The entire concept of ion channels as molecular machines to gate ion traffic across the membrane has only recently been generally 1 21 recognized, even though ion channels are found in almost all cells  ...  This is my personal 1 21 perspective on the critical ideas and the pioneers in the field of cardiac Na and Ca channels. (H.A.  ...  I credit their success to how the world's view has changed. personal friendships, shared training experiences, and an 1 amazing sharing of information worldwide. 1 .1.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0008-6363(02)00407-8 pmid:12062702 fatcat:bioz7g3xrzfn3gw3grxk7xszwy
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