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Mathupayas Thongmak
2017 International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies  
Wang and McClung explored constructs from the theory of planned behaviour, attitude functional theory, and the social norms approach.  ...  Leonarda et al. propose an integrated IT ethical behavioural model, which included constructs from the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB), Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), and ethical decision making models  ... 
doi:10.7903/ijecs.1436 fatcat:juk6522wqvav7oa6psz6hu5f4a


Beatrice Stella Anak Robert KIP, Yin Yung Lim, Ee Shiang Lim
Music piracy has accounted for substantial revenue losses in this industry in Malaysia, a country in which intellectual property regimes are deemed as a matter of concern.  ...  The analysis was carried out using primary data collected from a survey carried out in Penang, a highly urbanised state in Malaysia. A descriptive approach was used for the analysis.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-forprofit sectors.  ... 
doi:10.32890/jes2022.4.1.5 fatcat:odkbryu34jgn5jlfdyey7fa67a

Downloading digital video games: predictors, moderators and consequences

Ian Phau, Johan Liang
2012 Marketing Intelligence & Planning  
In addition, qualitative approach, field experiment and foolspeed campaign analysis need to be considered to gain a better understanding of why internet users indulge in games piracy.  ...  Practical implications -Authorities should create awareness campaigns about digital video games piracy to alert the public about the risk of being caught and the consequence of unethical behaviour.  ...  Theory of planned behaviour (TPB), self-control theory and neutralization theory will be used as theoretical foundations to explain the research model in this study.  ... 
doi:10.1108/02634501211273832 fatcat:kiz23vqyh5hktg33hp2ds2o5le

The impact of moral equity, relativism and attitude on individuals' digital piracy behaviour in a developing country

Denni Arli, Fandy Tjiptono, Rebecca Porto
2015 Marketing Intelligence & Planning  
Design/methodology/approach -Using a convenient sample in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, questionnaires were distributed in a large private university and the neighbouring community resulted in 222 usable surveys  ...  One of the main drivers of digital piracy (e.g., downloading, copying, and sharing digital materials) is overpriced products.  ...  Most studies on ethical decision making support Fishbein and Ajzen's (1975) theory of reason action and its extension, theory of planned behaviour (Azjen, 2005) .  ... 
doi:10.1108/mip-09-2013-0149 fatcat:vvt7m5tmqfhrnksxr7melm3rze

Digital piracy debunked: a short note on digital threats and intermediary liability

Giancarlo F. Frosio
2016 Internet Policy Review  
In the last two decades, the industry has deployed endlessly the rhetoric of the "digital threat" in order to demand harsher measures against digital piracy.  ...  Additionally, there are raising doubts over the argument that piracy is a threat to creativity, especially in the digital environment.  ...  Depriving users-and entire households -of access to the internet would imperil their capacity of engaging in fundamental portions of their public life and may result in a disproportionate reaction to copyright  ... 
doi:10.14763/2016.1.400 fatcat:lkcd7qgqsrabpdi65c3qjf2ck4

The Access Model for Music and the Effect of Modification, Trial, and Sharing Usage Rights on Streaming Adoption and Piracy

William Hampton-Sosa
2019 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research  
In this paper, music product usage rights for digital consumption and platform attributes of music streaming systems are discussed and a model for digital music streaming system adoption and digital piracy  ...  The access economy business model has been applied to a wide range of digital goods and services such as software, movies, music, and books.  ...  to engage in digital piracy.  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0718-18762019000300108 fatcat:agrfapbd6ncchah2anbo66uhqy

Determinants of users' intention to purchase legal video streaming services: a comparative study between Thai and American consumers

Athapol Ruangkanjanases, Siriyakorn Payakka, Dong Man Kim
2021 International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies  
Michael (2014), “Engaging in digital piracy of movies: a theory of planned behaviour approach,” Internet Research [online], Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 246-266.  ...  Higgins examined the area of self-control in the context of digital piracy and found that individuals with low self-control are more likely to engage in digital piracy and less likely to purchase a legal  ... 
doi:10.7903/ijecs.1895 fatcat:v6tytkl7zfhdrlclvb5hnhdagu


Aguboshim Dr. Felix Chukwuma, Ifeyinwa Nkemdilim Obiokafor
2020 Zenodo  
In this study, the authors explored a narrative review of prior research that focused on the theoretical underpinnings of vast works of literature that revealed significant information on challenges of  ...  because there are no uniformity in the enforcement of IPRs, ethics, and values to protect against IP theft, especially in Nigeria where IP theft or piracy is prevalent.  ...  a company-based enforcement team, monitors the growth of fakes through a central information repository, develops a multi-pronged action plan, and uses investigation to fights piracy in collaboration with  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4642369 fatcat:7jqwy73vnnaclhcwi7yjbuxhaq

The Utilization of Digital Platforms for Marketing in the Nigerian Entertainment and Media (E&M) Industry: Prospects and Challenges

Nelson Obinna Omenugha
2018 Case Studies in Business and Management  
E-marketing is a reality in Nigeria as a study by Mathew, Ogedebe & Ogedebe (2013, p. 549) shows that "Many Nigerians who used (sic) the internet as one form of communication or another are bombarded daily  ...  E-marketing suitability for the E&M industry lies in its lower capital demand, and a convenient and online means of disseminating marketing messages across a heterogeneous population at an unlimited geographical  ...  Case Studies in Business and Management ISSN 2333-3324 2018  ... 
doi:10.5296/csbm.v5i1.13240 fatcat:aveb2nnmrjet3owalz2n55gcym

Change Management through Productive Social Networking

Prof. Yogesh Brahmankar
2012 IOSR Journal of Business and Management  
It also focuses on the requirement of agility in human resources or talent to have creative solutions in the direction of sustainable development.  ...  The study identifies the forces of changes in today"s turbulent industrial scenario dominated by technology and diverse workforce.  ...  The following study concerns digital piracy (DP), as a major type of the e-crimes. Digital piracy, defined here as the consumption of illegal copies of digital services.  ... 
doi:10.9790/487x-0110105 fatcat:lqqgjhwsardpjdxfrh2os3uzci

Consumer Attitude towards Online Shopping Activities of Halal Cosmetic Products in Malaysia

Roszi Naszariah Nasni Naseri, Norfaridatul Akmaliah Othman, Mohammed Hariri Bakri, Nik Rahila Wan Ibrahim
2020 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
The internet has become a highly used medium for businesses that are engaged in online shopping. One popular online product is halal cosmetics.  ...  The PLS-SEM approach revealed that the attitude of consumers does affect the consumers' intention in purchasing online.  ...  given in order to run this study.  ... 
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v10-i5/7178 fatcat:m3ikozdnzrfwrpmnox3bxbj7mu


Alexia Maddox, Jolynna Sinanan, Marcus Carter, Heather Horst, Michaela Spencer, Gerhard Wiesenfeldt
2019 Selected Papers of Internet Research, SPIR  
Scholars have engaged with the internet and digital media, emphasising emancipatory subcultures (Coleman 2014; Gehl 2016, 2018) or presenting a critical view of the constraining aspects of networked technologies  ...  We argue for a closer integration of these bodies of scholarship through an examination of the contentious moral economies operating in emergent social spaces.  ...  Our trust in technological systems we engage with, but don't control, is the trust in a benevolent demon.  ... 
doi:10.5210/spir.v2019i0.10945 fatcat:php7eij56fewniiektlxycbtpy

Windowing television content: Lessons for digital business models

Glenn Parry, Ganna Pogrebna, Ferran Vendrell-Herrero
2018 Strategic Change  
Results confirm that there is a market for successful distribution of television content using a Windowing strategy.  ...  By initially exposing consumers to a controlled quantity of free content greater value can be captured at later stages as 55% of these consumers are 13-20% more likely to become paying subscribers.  ...  Overall, Ofcom estimates that approximately 1/3 of all UK Internet users engage in piracy activities in one way or the other with young males (under 34 years of age) to be more likely to engage in illegal  ... 
doi:10.1002/jsc.2190 fatcat:rx6e75hdube33ev6j6cfxsbmei

Approaching media industries comparatively: A case study of streaming

Daniel Herbert, Amanda D. Lotz, Lee Marshall
2018 International journal of cultural studies  
Such detailed industry comparison is a novel approach, and the article also considers the methodological value of rigorous collaboration among scholars expert in different media industries.  ...  the cultural implications of streaming as a consistent phenomenon across media industries.  ...  This rapid decline was often attributed to piracy and one of Spotify's most powerful claims to rights-owners was that streaming provided a way of monetising previously piratical behaviour.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1367877918813245 fatcat:sgtnkqo5sfhcxculjpcetd6znq

Online debates on the regulation of child pornography and copyright: two subjects, one argument?

Simon Berghofer, Saskia Sell
2015 Internet Policy Review  
Consequently we argue that the internet can provide a communication forum in which netizen seem to base their positions on a set of transnational beliefs and ideas about internet regulation.  ...  Our study analyses the online discourse related to the failure of two internet policy initiatives in two democratic countries: the German Access Impediment Act (AIA) and the US-American Stop Online-Piracy  ...  It is further highlighted that "piracy" is a common practice and that a culture of remixing and digital commons needs to be preserved.  ... 
doi:10.14763/2015.2.363 fatcat:dsrcxrfvsbhl5dvu2o7aezdpqe
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