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Energy-efficient skewed static logic with dual Vt: design and synthesis

Chulwoo Kim, Ki-Wook Kim, Sung-Mo Kang
2003 IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (vlsi) Systems  
In this paper, we describe skewed static logic ( 2 ) with topology-dependent dual which exhibits an energy-efficient operation. 2 consumes less dynamic and static power compared to monotonic static (MS  ...  We have also designed 32-b carry-lookahead adders and verified that 2 with dual reduces delay by 43% and energy-delay product by 31% for 1-V power supply over conventional CMOS circuit.  ...  SKEWED STATIC LOGIC WITH DUAL We propose skewed static logic ( ) circuits based on previous analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvlsi.2002.800528 fatcat:kecavtghbvflxbqykk6tgkhaay

Logic Synthesis [chapter]

2017 Electronic Design Automation for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology  
Davoodi, A parallel and randomized algorithm for large-scale dual-Vt assignment and continuous gate sizing, Proceedings of International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, Bangalore, India,  ...  During the invention era, logic synthesis, placement, routing, and static timing analysis were invented.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9781315215112-13 fatcat:me52zpnxyfcczh3choo2p4zulm

Sub-90nm technologies

Tanay Karnik, Shekhar Borkar, Vivek De
2002 Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), IEEE International Conference on  
Future high performance microprocessor design with technology scaling beyond 90nm will pose two major challenges: (1) energy and power, and (2) parameter variations.  ...  Design practice will have to change from deterministic design to probabilistic and statistical design.  ...  However, with the power constraints emerging as paramount, future microarchitectures will incorporate specialpurpose functionality to improve the benchmark performance in a more area and energy-efficient  ... 
doi:10.1145/774572.774602 dblp:conf/iccad/KarnikBD02 fatcat:5dbe625kd5d7rlxd2c7fhcbqti

Near-Threshold Voltage Design Techniques for Heterogenous Manycore System-on-Chips

Sriram Vangal, Somnath Paul, Steven Hsu, Amit Agarwal, Ram Krishnamurthy, James Tschanz, Vivek De
2020 Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications  
Aggressive power supply scaling into the near-threshold voltage (NTV) region holds great potential for applications with strict energy budgets, since the energy efficiency peaks as the supply voltage approaches  ...  Realizing energy-efficient heterogenous system on chips (SoCs) necessitates key NTV-optimized ingredients, recipes and IP blocks; including CPUs, graphic vector engines, interconnect fabrics and mm-scale  ...  The low-VDD global clock distribution network on the NTV-CPU (Figure 11c ) is designed with low-VT devices to minimize clock skew across logic and memory voltage domain crossings, across the entire operating  ... 
doi:10.3390/jlpea10020016 fatcat:wuwirnk4ljc7tjllpzc3ng7jei

High-speed CMOS circuits with parallel dynamic logic and speed-enhanced skewed static logic

Chulwoo Kim, Seong-Ook Jung, Kwang-Hyun Baek, Sung-Mo Kang
2002 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems - 2, Analog and digital signal processing  
PDL with speed-enhanced skewed static logic renders straightforward logic synthesis without the usual area penalty due to logic duplication.  ...  Our experimental results on two 32-bit carry lookahead adders using 0.25-m CMOS technology show that PDL with speed-enhanced skewed static (SSS) logic reduces the delay over clock-delayed(CD)-domino by  ...  We propose a new parallel dynamic logic and speed-enhanced skewed static gates that use accelerators to enhance the speed of skewed static gates. This paper is organized as follows.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsii.2002.802960 fatcat:p22jqi46kzblznwry3qf5lnqei

Area-efficiency in CMP core design

Omid Azizi, Aqeel Mahesri, Sanjay J. Patel, Mark Horowitz
2009 SIGARCH Computer Architecture News  
tuned dual-issue 4-way multithreaded design running at a lower frequency.  ...  In this paper, we examine the area-performance design space of a processing core for a chip multiprocessor (CMP), considering both the architectural design space and the tradeoffs of the physical design  ...  The choice of circuit style is another parameter in the implementation design space. Static CMOS circuits save energy, but are slower than dynamic and differential logic styles.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1577129.1577138 fatcat:bpp3llavirhf3oe5the7r6qcji

Practice Problems for Hardware Engineers [article]

Shahin Nazarian
2021 arXiv   pre-print
It may also be used as a practice resource while taking courses in VLSI, logic and computer architecture design.  ...  This book is to help undergraduate and graduate students of electrical and computer engineering disciplines with their job interviews.  ...  Draw a domino CMOS logic circuit that realizes W or W' whichever more convenient for you to design. Design a dual rail Domino logic for W.  ... 
arXiv:2110.06526v3 fatcat:hquxq53eqrcetlsgwa7i34wsri

A Low-Power Integrated x86–64 and Graphics Processor for Mobile Computing Devices

D. Foley, P. Bansal, D. Cherepacha, R. Wasmuth, A. Gunasekar, S. Gutta, A. Naini
2012 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
, a media accelerator, an integrated NorthBridge (NB), integrated DisplayPort, LVDS, and VGA display interfaces, a PCIe ® Gen1 or Gen2 I/O interface, and a single 64-bit memory channel at up to DDR3-1066  ...  The first AMD Fusion™ accelerated processing unit (APU), code-named "Zacate," incorporates a pair of Bobcat x86 processors, a 1 MB L2 cache, an AMD Radeon™ 6310 DirectX ® 11 GPU with 80 stream processors  ...  The fully OoO design with deep speculation enables energy saving by keeping the pipeline filled while reducing dynamic and static energy spent on stalled cycles as well as significantly increasing IPC  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2011.2167776 fatcat:c7lyh6gemfbenokg5ybdnt47la

Quantitative Characterization of Reconfigurable Transistor Logic Gates

Michael Raitza, Steffen Marcker, Jens Trommer, Andre Heinzig, Sascha Kluppelholz, Christel Baier, Akash Kumar
2020 IEEE Access  
Besides worst-case analysis, we leverage measures hardly accessible to simulation such as average delay and average energy consumption per switching operation.  ...  We complement this with an automated design-space exploration that yields all reasonable implementations of a switching function built with reconfigurable transistors.  ...  Most power / energy efficient circuit but sensitive to input distribution, (4i) Semi-static, reconfigurable via input A.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3001352 fatcat:rjy2uq2a5ndb7i26d7eaklutmu

Modeling and Optimization of Fringe Capacitance of Nanoscale DGMOS Devices

A. Bansal, B.C. Paul, K. Roy
2005 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  
An efficient circuit synthesis methodology comprised of proposed low-power logic options in FinFET design library has been developed.  ...  In this paper, we developed semianalytical delay and power models for IG FinFET-based logic cells, and a generic efficient design library-based circuit synthesis framework.  ...  /FinFET devices, for high-performance logic and memory applications.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ted.2004.842713 fatcat:ki5vlrqvczegnnbc6kuszrxzky

Error Estimation and Error Reduction with Input-Vector Profiling for Timing Speculation in Digital Circuits

Xiaowen Wang, William H. Robinson
2018 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems  
To further enhance the performance and energy efficiency of BTWC designs, a rigorous analysis of path activation probability across a typical workload of the design would provide insight that helps the  ...  Figure 3 shows an example of dynamic behavior, where A and B are two logic paths of a circuit with the same static delay time.  ...  Figure 31 : The flow chart of the Extract and Compare script's algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcad.2018.2808240 fatcat:rfrozu53jjd5pntinkjfieklpq

Benefits of decomposing wide CMOS transistors into minimum-size gates

Hans Kristian Otnes Berge, Snorre Aunet
2009 2009 NORCHIP  
enhanced understanding, and improved methods for the purpose of designing reliable and efficient subthreshold digital logic and memory.  ...  Sense amplifier design in the subthreshold domain is perhaps the most challenging task of ULV SRAM design as RDF causes severe mismatch in the input sensing transistors, and speed and energy efficiency  ... 
doi:10.1109/norchp.2009.5397795 fatcat:rr6gli6uxngtxfzm5zk2t5azfq

Discrete Circuit Optimization: Library Based Gate Sizing and Threshold Voltage Assignment

John Lee, Puneet Gupta
2012 Foundations and Trends® in Electronic Design Automation  
Concepts such as standard cell libraries, static timing analysis, and analytical delay and power models are explained, along with examples and data to help understand the tradeoffs involved.  ...  The gate widths and threshold voltages, along with the gate lengths, can be adjusted to optimize power and delay.  ...  Andrew Kahng and Dr. Kwangok Jeong for their help with the post-layout timing, Amarnath Kasibhatla for his support with the eyecharts, and Santiago Mok for his support with the UCLA Timer.  ... 
doi:10.1561/1000000019 fatcat:gtyz4bhlxvetppbvxbhum2sioy

Ultra-Low-Power Design and Hardware Security Using Emerging Technologies for Internet of Things

2017 Electronics  
Asynchronous circuits connect multiple components effectively across a large die for energy efficiency.  ...  Clearly, energy efficient mobile computing requires an ultra-low-power system design [18] . Achieving a very low average power for a wireless system typically makes extensive use of duty cycling.  ...  Author Contributions: Jiann-Shiun Yuan organizes the materials and writes the manuscript. Jin Lin contributes to low power SAR ADC and hybrid ΔƩ SAR ADC designs.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics6030067 fatcat:ozssarlb2ng5pcdsupo2hljyna

Design, Automation, and Test for Low-Power and Reliable Flexible Electronics

Tsung-Ching Huang, Jiun-Lang Huang, Kwang-Ting Cheng
2015 Foundations and Trends® in Electronic Design Automation  
We will then give an overview of digital and analog circuit design from basic logic gates to a microprocessor, as well as design automation tools and methods, for designing flexible electronics.  ...  , large process variation, and lack of trustworthy device modeling also make designing larger-scale and robust TFT circuits a significant challenge.  ...  It begins with the design modeling and verification loop, which continues until the design model processes the necessary details, ex. the register-transfer-level (RTL) design, to proceed to logic synthesis  ... 
doi:10.1561/1000000039 fatcat:n6vf2kzcprbt7aojy6u74inkui
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