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A Novel Energy Aware Routing Approach using ANN Technique with Data Fusion in WSN: Review

Pooja Singh, Vikas Pareek, Anil K.
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In wireless communication devices, due to resource constraints sensors evidence and delivery of reliable data is a difficult task.  ...  Network has a finite lifespan. The most famous issue facing network designers in wireless networks is to maximize network life.  ...  Neural networks are one of the intelligent tools and it acts as the energy efficient approaches towards the wireless sensor networks.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016910376 fatcat:pbkbvc5ixbfjloxmz2jucln5pu

Examining Routing Methods and the Role of Neural Network in Wireless Sensor Networks

Javad Nikafshar
2016 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
A wireless sensor network is a set of numerous sensor networks with small dimensions and limited computing and tele-communicative capabilities used for collecting and transferring data from one environment  ...  toward a user of base station.  ...  Cluster-based Methods One of the most common methods proposed for data routing in wireless sensor networks is the approach based on node categorizing or clustering in other words.  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-18040395101 fatcat:ogpz2ulxgje6xeoxs4otfsue7a

An Evaluation of Various Clustering and Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In the recent field of research the wireless sensor network plays an important role. Wireless sensor network is an important technology in this era.  ...  Efficient routing algorithm provide the way for efficient usage of bandwidth and reduce the delay in the network .  ...  Working principles in wireless sensor network Wireless Sensor network consists of sensor nodes; it collects the environment data and send to base station.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a9975.109119 fatcat:gjvo52yo7nek5jkdtpguokndpi

An Energy Efficient Approach for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Maya M. Warrier, Ajay Kumar
2016 Procedia Technology - Elsevier  
Energy conservation is thus a key issue in wireless sensor networks.  ...  This paper provides a survey on energy efficient routing. A comparison between Modified LEACH and Mobile Sink improved energyefficient PEGASIS-based routing protocol is done using MATLAB.  ...  This paper provides an overview on Wireless Sensor Networks and is organized as follows: Section 2 gives a brief idea on energy efficient routing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.protcy.2016.08.140 fatcat:usj2wqenrvcynhnknokmrqscpi

A secure dynamic adaptive routing technique using game theory in wireless sensor network

Muruganandam. A, Anitha. R
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
A Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) is popular developing the field in industrial and other major markets.  ...  Due to the significant concentration of energy efficiency and performance analysis in WSN, providing secured communication is a challenging issue.  ...  Conclusion This research work provides a detailed view of the Game theory over Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) for producing energy efficient and secured protocol.  ... 
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i2.10106 fatcat:2ogsaf2rzjcqjoazelahzbnxja

A Survey on Sensors Lifetime Enhancement Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Dhanashri V.Ambekar, Amol D. Bhoi, R. D. Kharadkar
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In the past years, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have gained increasing attention from both the users and researchers.  ...  Hence energy efficient techniques should be designed which will enhance lifetime of network and accurate data transfer.  ...  CLASSIFICATION OF ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNIQUES Energy efficient techniques can be classified in five main classes namely, data reduction, protocol overhead reduction, energy efficient routing, duty cycling  ... 
doi:10.5120/18860-0514 fatcat:2j7rd5iddbbfdii7aeswfyozcm

Green and Friendly Communication for Sensor Networks

Changqiao Xu, Gabriel-Miro Muntean, Liang Zhou, Xiaohong Jiang
2015 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
They hope these papers will represent a useful starting point and stimulus for further research in the sensor technologies area.  ...  The guest editors would like to thank all the reviewers for their hard work and for all their suggestions and comments, leading to improvements in the quality of the accepted papers.  ...  In "ECMTADR: Energy Conservative Multitier Architecture with Data Reduction for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks, " T.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/968167 fatcat:aosdad2offe3vklrwsoshm2ylu

Adaptive Data Fusion for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

Priya Mohite
2015 International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering  
The data fusion process has led to an evolution for emerging Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and examines the impact of various factors on energy consumption.  ...  Based on Adaptive Fusion Steiner Tree (AFST), this paper proposes a heuristic algorithm called Modified Adaptive Fusion Steiner Tree (M-AFST) for energy efficient routing which not only does adaptively  ...  The proposed Adaptive Data Fusion for Energy Efficient Routing (ADFER) in Wireless Sensor Network (H Luo et al., 2006) uses an aggregation based distributed routing algorithm for data aggregation i.e  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijeoe.2015010101 fatcat:kld4ampqtng4nfz7hhfb3dievy

Energy Efficient Routing Design for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network

Deepika Lokesh, N. V. Uma Reddy
2022 WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications  
Therefore, this paper presents an Energy Efficient Routing for the Target Tracking (EER-TT) in the wireless sensor network which provides reliability, less latency and reduces the energy consumption during  ...  The main operation of the wireless sensor network is to first sense the data using the sensor, then collect the data and finally transmit to the required base station.  ...  After this process, the Energy Efficient Routing Design for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network In this section, the Energy Efficient Routing Design for Target Tracking Applications in the wireless  ... 
doi:10.37394/23209.2022.19.13 fatcat:oe7jmvuvgba6baph35zxwpo7s4

Survey on Multi-Hop Communication To Enhance The Efficiency Of Sensor Node in WSN

Piyush Mahajan, Navjeet Saini, Deepak Kumar
2018 International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science  
As LEACH is energy efficient cluster based routing protocol used in Wireless sensor network, there are many version of LEACH one of them is MODLEACH.  ...  In WSN routing is the primary task for data communication between CHs to BS. The routing algorithm used should be energy efficient so that it can surmount related power constraints.  ...  As LEACH is energy efficient cluster based routing protocol used in Wireless sensor network, there are many version of LEACH one of them is MODLEACH.  ... 
doi:10.18535/ijecs/v7i2.12 fatcat:pqnh326e4bglnd2sylzkzuagoe

Energy Reduction in Mobile WSN using Dynamic Clustering & M-Leach Routing Approach

2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Wireless sensor network is used for sensing the information from that area which is out of human range. In the mobile wireless sensor network nodes are available in mobility mode.  ...  The sensor nodes sense the information by moving from one destination to second. In the whole processing of sensing and transmitting data energy has been consumed.  ...  Related Work Muhammad Arshad1 et al [13] "Efficient Cluster Head Selection Scheme in Mobile Data Collector Based Routing Protocol" describes Mobile Wireless Sensor Network (MWSN) is one of the rising  ... 
doi:10.21275/v4i11.sub159162 fatcat:2552tgp54ffhzkbnvyzhjiffoy

Analysis and Optimization of Energy of Sensor Node Using ACO in Wireless Sensor Network

Rajevv Arya, S.C. Sharma
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
Analysis and optimization of energy of sensor node using ACO in wireless sensor network Rajevv Arya a S.C.  ...  In the literature, various energy efficient routing algorithms have been stated in order to enhance network lifetime.  ...  This implies that an ant colony optimization could be efficiently used in order to solve the network routing problem with reduction in energy consumption to maximize the lifetime of wireless sensor network  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.03.132 fatcat:b4m2wulvqngihknewsjns2n5ve

An Analytical Study of LEACH Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Mohd Nazim Jambli, Mohd Imran Bandan, Kosheila Sundram Pillay, Sinarwati Mohamad Suhaili
2018 2018 IEEE Conference on Wireless Sensors (ICWiSe)  
The use of low power sensor nodes to collect useful sensing information effectively is critical for any wireless sensor network (WSN) application to last longer.  ...  LEACH is a cluster based routing protocol in which sensor nodes are combined together to form separate clusters and every cluster has a leader node named cluster head (CH).  ...  A wireless sensor network (WSN) is one such network that is equipped with sensors communicating data packets to a predefined recipient base station (BS) [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/icwise.2018.8633291 fatcat:nnfwkltrpffa5fnkjewevapav4

Improvised leach protocol for significant reduction in power in wireless sensor networks

Shaik Karimullah
2020 Helix  
The wireless sensor network's energy consumption is largely influenced by the architecture of clustered hierarchical routing algorithms (WSN).  ...  It is suggested that the proposed IEE-LEACH uses a new threshold for selecting CHs from the sensor nodes in order to improve network energy efficiency even more.  ...  Literature survey In "A forward-aware factor-based energy-balanced routing approach for wireless sensor networks," Zhang, D.  ... 
doi:10.29042/2020-10-6-11-16 fatcat:yiss6ugkcfgvxjanxovq4too4m

A Survey on hierarchical cluster-based energy efficient routing protocol for wireless sensor networks

Humera Khan
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
In this paper we provide an introduction for wireless sensor network, the requirement for reduction in energy consumption of sensor nodes and some of the already existing energy efficient routing protocols  ...  For the purpose of consuming resources in an efficient way several routing algorithms are employed. Here the focus is mainly on hierarchical cluster based routing techniques.  ...  Authors in [13] elucidates an "Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol (EECBRP) for wireless sensor networks.  ... 
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i2.8.10412 fatcat:xa7w2ft6urebbbcc542mylauom
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