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Enabling the Participation of People with Parkinson's and their Caregivers in Co-Inquiry around Collectivist Health Technologies

Roisin McNaney, Janice Murray, David Green, Peter Wright, John Vines, Andy Dow, Harry Robinson, Heather Robinson, Kate McDonald, Leslie Brown, Peter Santer, Don Murray
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '18  
We contribute insights into the design of collectivist health technologies for this group, and discuss opportunities and tensions for conducting co-inquiry in HCI research.  ...  Participants directed the research into developing alternative modes of information provision, resulting in 'Parkinson's Radio'a collectivist health information service produced and edited by members of  ...  Enabling Participation in Co-Inquiry As we saw from discussion around participants' experiences of previous research, their role in health-related research was most frequently as a test-subject, with processes  ... 
doi:10.1145/3173574.3174065 dblp:conf/chi/McNaneyVDRRMBSM18 fatcat:kpl3unoj2fberagtvarme6uvdm

Canadian Geriatrics Society 36th Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts

Various Authors
2016 Canadian Geriatrics Journal  
Three distinct modalities were used: traditional lectures, podcasts, and Cards. All of the material was covered in lectures and podcasts. Half of the material was randomized to be presented in Cards.  ...  The flipped classroom is a reversal of conventional teaching models: learners obtain first exposure to material through independent study and then in-class time is dedicated to activities for learners  ...  and their caregivers.  ... 
doi:10.5770/cgj.19.245 fatcat:dcrnkc7wnzhixppiibnqlhvzgm

Culture and cognition in information technology education

Jaana Holvikivi
2007 European Journal of Engineering Education  
inquiry after my health.  ...  They had a PhD or MSc in engineering or science, the average age was around 50, and all of them were Finns with the exception of one Estonian.  ...  earthquake was registered by seismic sensors, the aboriginal Onge people on the little Andaman island retreated from their villages to the hills in the center of the island, and they all survived.  ... 
doi:10.1080/03043790601055642 fatcat:jywwzsavbzbb5moc7a3uzgk2fe

Mapping the interconnected neural systems underlying motivation and emotion: A key step toward understanding the human affectome

Howard C. Cromwell, Nobuhito Abe, Karen C. Barrett, Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Guido H.E. Gendolla, Rebecca Koncz, Perminder S. Sachdev
2020 Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews  
The findings support important neural sharing between emotion and motivation, suggesting that these two functions are tightly intertwined with one another in the brain.  ...  As a part of a larger Affectome Project ( with an overarching goal of mapping and redefining biological substrates of feelings and emotions, we explored the neural  ...  Persons who value interdependence, and/or those living in collectivist cultures (such as Asia) explain their behavior as responding to the influences of people around them.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2020.02.032 pmid:32126241 fatcat:r6ssidf6qfe7nfhfnln4sqghcy

The brain basis of emotion: A meta-analytic review

Kristen A. Lindquist, Tor D. Wager, Hedy Kober, Eliza Bliss-Moreau, Lisa Feldman Barrett
2012 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
With a surge of studies in affective neuroscience in recent decades, scientists are poised to answer this question.  ...  Instead, we found evidence that is consistent with a psychological constructionist approach to the mind: A set of interacting brain regions commonly involved in basic psychological operations of both an  ...  Specifically, participants primed with collectivistic values responded more quickly to fear-relevant stimuli in a dot-probe task (Chiao & Lee 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x11000446 pmid:22617651 pmcid:PMC4329228 fatcat:xvkrwfxuhnhavmxa7bbxwjluqq

Turning strain into strength: Exploring the positive psychological changes and growth-ful developments in the loved ones providing care for persons with Parkinson's Disease

Deborah Worboys
Participants were the primary caregivers for a family member with PD, either spouses or adult-children, residing in the same home as the person with PD.  ...  The negative effects of PD are not only experienced by persons with PD but also their loved ones – such as their spouses and to a lesser extent their adult-children – because they become the primary caregivers  ...  And they far outweigh the negatives.Some participants also reported a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for their own health, as a result of comparing their own health with their loved one with  ... 
doi:10.4226/66/5a9cd68cb0bd8 fatcat:6kioesrfbvakbdzphv5a2fa344

Telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy for depression in Parkinson's disease

John Durland
The themes addressed in the analysis of the four case studies included: caregiver involvement, cognitive impairment, management of tangentiality, [...]  ...  Literature relevant to the treatment of depression in Parkinson's disease (dPD) was reviewed, a description and rationale for the application the Pragmatic Case Study approach was presented, a systematic  ...  supplemented by qualitative data in the form of exit interview data, case notes and case impressions associated with each of the four participants (and their caregivers) who agreed to participate in the  ... 
doi:10.7282/t36976nq fatcat:dh4plqbuhbdvlj3ti3vbp3f5yu

Stories of the Impact on the Family When One Member Has Been Given a Diagnosis of Dementia

William Pearson
The medicalisation of dementia benefits powerful groups whilst shaping the narratives of people with dementia labels (PwDL) in line with dominant discourses of deficit and loss.  ...  By additionally interviewing the family members separately it was possible to explore how the impact of cognitive and functional difficulties has been co-constructed.  ...  The National Dementia Strategy in England acknowledged that "family carers are the most important resource available for people with dementia" (Department of Health, 2009:12) as they enable PwDL to experience  ... 
doi:10.15123/uel.874zq fatcat:mluh7cv4xfbjzirwcm2hstrklm

Jack of all trades: gerontological occupational therapists as specialized generalists

Jennifer Klein
permission of the copyright owner.  ...  , loan, distribute and sell theses worldwide, for commercial or non commercial purposes, in microform, paper, electronic and/or any other formats.  ...  Her suggestions, perspectives and support allowed me to gain a fuller understanding of the amount of time and work necessary to devote to creating such an extensive academic paper.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3-ee8y-3g16 fatcat:brux5cggenbddil36iqkvbmj5m


Karen Bruschi, Omar Gelo, Oronzo Mazzeo, Claudia Venuleo
In these horizons, the burden carried by people with YOD, families, and formal caregivers is heavy.  ...  People with PIDs and often their whole support network live the relationship with the disease in a passive way.  ... 
doi:10.13129/2282-1619/mjcp-3223 fatcat:iesysnuzdrgzhciofmet4rrb5i

"Between knowing and not knowing" : privacy, transparency and digital records

Darra Hofman
A case study examined the challenges of privacy and transparency in novel information technology, and the impact of data-centric, as opposed to records-based, approaches.  ...  Using a qualitative research design, it explored the legal, social, technical, and practice-oriented aspects of privacy and transparency with regards to digital records in Canadian and American archival  ...  around the creation of law, there was much less discussion of the need for archivists to participate in the creation, design, and implementation of technologies.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0391887 fatcat:wmyj2csnvfdlzdclb5axq7o52e

Improving Augmentative and Alternative Communication Use Between Mothers, Siblings, and Children with Communication Disabilities

Marica Gatt
Mothers and siblings presented with a range of behaviours that were in synchrony with the mothers' and children's responsivity and their emotional capacity to respond to each other.  ...  This thesis explores the communicative interactions between mothers, siblings and children with IDD who use AAC to support their comprehensive and expression of spoken language (Ganz et al., 2014).  ...  The same modes are reported to be their preferred use in the context of their homes with their primary caregivers.  ... 
doi:10.22024/unikent/01.02.92771 fatcat:mzmr4efrjraaronf6zlbe2ny6a

13 Health among Europeans – a cross-sectional comparison of 16 SHARE countries [chapter]

Mette Lindholm Eriksen, Sonja Vestergaard, Karen Andersen-Ranberg
Active ageing and solidarity between generations in Europe  
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data A CIP catalog record for this book has been applied for at the Library of Congress.  ...  This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. For details go to  ...  Some analyses used corrections in the weights, imputations and ISCED files which will be published in the next data release.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110295467.149 fatcat:74cx4k72zraj5alkeebhlazc4e

Exploring Meaning and Purpose in Life and Hope with Nonclinical Older Adults

Joan F. Ewasiw
The aim of this study was to deepen our understanding of meaning, purpose, and hope by exploring the lived experiences and understandings of the individual constructs and of their interrelationships with  ...  Yet there remain gaps in our knowledge of the constructs and of the relationships between and among them.  ...  According to Duggleby and Wright, transforming hope is the process that enables people to live with hope.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3-zc4z-7p53 fatcat:7d6ac3w4n5aixo2mjjrr6c546i