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Growth analysis of potato genotypes

Giovani Olegario da Silva, Fernanda Quintanilha Azevedo, Carlos Francisco Ragassi, Agnaldo Donizete Ferreira de Carvalho, Gabriel Emiliano Pereira, Arione da Silva Pereira
2020 Revista Ceres  
., 2013) , and plant vigor with tuber yield Pereira et al., 2017) .  ... 
doi:10.1590/0034-737x202067030006 fatcat:zl7jiikzmfbdhggpgtypd3sgfe

Traffic Management in Rural Networks [chapter]

Rodrigo Emiliano, Fernando Silva, Luís Frazão, João Barroso, António Pereira
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The internet is increasingly present in people's lives, being used in diverse tasks, such as checking e-mail up to online gaming and streaming. The so-called "killer applications" are applications that, when not properly identified and prevented, have more impact on the network, making it slow. When these applications are used on networks with limited resources, as happens in rural networks, they cause a large load on the network, making it difficult its use for work purposes. It is important
more » ... en to recognize and characterize this traffic to take action so that it does not cause network problems. With that in mind, the work presented in this paper describes the research and identification of cost free traffic analysis solutions that can help to overcome such problems. For that, we perform preliminary testing and a performance comparison of those tools, focusing on testing particular types of network traffic. After that, we describe the analysis and subsequent modification of the source code for storing important traffic data for the tests, as well as the test scenarios in laboratory and real-life environments. These tasks are aimed on collecting information that assists in taking action to improve the allocation of network resources to priority traffic.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07635-5_44 fatcat:6equ3rm4xncfzh6pmiy3scokky

Performance of advanced potato genotypes in organic and conventional production systems

Carlos Francisco Ragassi, Agnaldo DF de Carvalho, Giovani Olegário da Silva, Gabriel Emiliano Pereira, Arione da S Pereira
2020 Horticultura Brasileira  
Potato is responsive to intensive agricultural input use; however, it can be produced in less intensive production systems (such as the organic system) by using appropriate production techniques and genotypes adapted to this system. This study aimed to evaluate the performance of advanced potato genotypes for tuber yield under conventional and organic production systems, in order to select potential genotypes to become new cultivars adapted to these systems. Fifteen advanced potato clones and
more » ... o controls were evaluated under organic and conventional production systems, in 2016 and 2017, in Brasília-DF, Brazil. The experimental design was randomized blocks with three replicates and plots composed of two rows with 10 plants each, spaced 0.35 m between plants and 0.80 m between rows. Total (mass) and marketable (mass and number of tubers) productivities were evaluated. Variance analysis showed significant differences among genotypes for all traits. Despite the lower average tuber yield in the organic system, selecting genotypes with high potential productivity was possible in this system, such as F158-08-01 and F158-08-02, showing high marketable tuber yield, with values equivalent to the conventional system. Clones F102-08-04, F13-09-07, F-18-09-03, F-183-08-01, F-21-09-07, F31-08-05, F63-10-07 and F97-07-03 also outperformed the control cultivars in organic system. For conventional system, F158-08-01, F158-08-02 and F183-08-01 were superior, and F18-09-03, F21-09-07, F63-10-07, F97-07-03, PCDINV10 and PCDSE090 showed performance similar or superior to the most productive control (cultivar Asterix). Genotypes F158-08-01 and F158-08-02 were superior in both conventional and organic systems, with potential to become new cultivars recommended for both production systems.
doi:10.1590/s0102-053620200108 fatcat:o3fnokfrzzaedaeopr7shngc2y

Oxygen and Guanine–Cytosine Profiles in Marine Environments

Héctor Romero, Emiliano Pereira, Hugo Naya, Héctor Musto
2009 Journal of Molecular Evolution  
One of the historic debates in molecular evolution concerns the strong variation in the genomic guanine-cytosine (GC) content of prokaryotes, which ranges from approximately 20-75%: Is this factor selectively neutral, or is it the result of natural selection? In a previous article published by our group, we showed that inside welldefined taxonomic groups of prokaryotes, strictly aerobic organisms tend to display higher genomic GC levels than strictly anaerobic species. In the present study, we
more » ... xamined the GC content of fragments of DNA obtained from microbial communities along a well-defined environmental gradient: a 4,000-m vertical profile in the North Pacific subtropical gyre. The patterns of GC distribution might be associated with oxygen concentrations in the seawater column. These results give further support to the link between a physiologic trait (aerobic respiration) and genomic GC content.
doi:10.1007/s00239-009-9230-9 pmid:19554248 pmcid:PMC2722718 fatcat:wyd7s3tc3navbnvsu2garwjlda

Neuroimmune and Inflammatory Signals in Complex Disorders of the Central Nervous System

Ana Clara Liberman, Emiliano Trias, Luana da Silva Chagas, Pablo Trindade, Marissol dos Santos Pereira, Damian Refojo, Cecilia Hedin-Pereira, Claudio A. Serfaty
2018 Neuroimmunomodulation  
An extensive microglial-astrocyte-monocyte-neuronal cross talk seems to be crucial for normal brain function, development, and recovery. However, under certain conditions neuroinflammatory interactions between brain cells and neuroimmune cells influence disease outcome and brain pathology. Microglial cells express a range of functional states with dynamically pleomorphic profiles from a surveilling status of synaptic transmission to an active player in major events of development such as
more » ... c elimination, regeneration, and repair. Also, inflammation mediates a series of neurotoxic roles in neuropsychiatric conditions and neurodegenerative diseases. The present review discusses data on the involvement of neuroinflammatory conditions that alter neuroimmune interactions in four different pathologies. In the first section of this review, we discuss the ability of the early developing brain to respond to a focal lesion with a rapid compensatory plasticity of intact axons and the role of microglial activation and proinflammatory cytokines in brain repair. In the second section, we present data of neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative disorders and discuss the role of reactive astrocytes in motor neuron toxicity and the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the third section, we discuss major depressive disorders as the consequence of dysfunctional interactions between neural and immune signals that result in increased peripheral immune responses and increase proinflammatory cytokines. In the last section, we discuss autism spectrum disorders and altered brain circuitries that emerge from abnormal long-term responses of innate inflammatory cytokines and microglial phenotypic dysfunctions.
doi:10.1159/000494761 pmid:30517945 fatcat:3rcer64q3baevn5r446sk43nmm

Genótipos de batata para o sistema orgânico de produção no centro-oeste brasileiro

Giovani Olegário da Silva, Juliana Zucolotto, Gabriel Emiliano Pereira, Carlos Francisco Ragassi, Agnaldo Donizete Ferreira de Carvalho, Arione da Silva Pereira
2019 Revista Agraria Academica  
Os mesmos autores As cultivares BRS Ana (PEREIRA et al., 2010), BRS Clara (PEREIRA et al., 2013) e IPR avaliaram os mesmos genótipos em uma área próxima, em sistema convencional, e verificaram que, Cris  ...  PEREIRA et al. (2010)e aspecto, apenas as cultivares IPR Cris e BRSIPR Bel, dentre os sete genótipos estudados, se mantiveram entre as mais produtivas (PTT) ao longo dos três Com relação ao NTC, apenas  ... 
doi:10.32406/v2n12019/6-15/agrariacad fatcat:hkyrmgfecrb4znegtuk7ppftpa

Conflitos indígenas na região norte do Estado do RS

Darci Emiliano, Vilmar Alves Pereira
2020 Revista Brasileira de Educação Ambiental (RevBEA)  
Alves Pereira.  ...  Conforme Emiliano (2015) , o Kaingang, em seu modo de ser e nas suas relações humanidade-natureza, vive para manter a biodiversidade.  ... 
doi:10.34024/revbea.2020.v15.10232 fatcat:z4ze3fmukrehbkixrop2hqftda

Optimal control-based methodology for active vibration control of pedestrian structures

Emiliano Pereira, Iván M. Díaz, Emma J. Hudson, Paul Reynolds
2014 Engineering structures  
Civil structures such as floor systems with open-plan layouts or lightweight footbridges can be susceptible to excessive levels of vibrations caused by human activities. Active vibration control (AVC) via inertial-mass actuators has been shown to be a viable technique to mitigate vibrations, allowing structures to satisfy vibration serviceability limits. It is generally considered that the determination of the optimal placement of sensors and actuators together with the output feedback gains
more » ... ds to a tradeoff between the regulation performance and the control effort. However, the "optimal" settings may not have the desired effect when implemented because simplifications assumed in the control scheme components may not be valid and/or the actuator/sensor limitations are not considered. This work proposes a design methodology for multi-input multi-output vibration control of pedestrian structures to simultaneously obtain the sensor/actuator placement and the control law. This novel methodology consists of minimising a performance index that includes all the significant practical issues involved when inertialmass actuators and accelerometers are used to implement a direct velocity feedback in practice. Experimental results obtained on an in-service indoor walkway confirm the viability of the proposed methodology.
doi:10.1016/j.engstruct.2014.08.046 fatcat:ty26qhuklvfqbg5zqmbsdlovgy

Stability of positive-position feedback controllers with low-frequency restrictions

Emiliano Pereira, Sumeet S. Aphale
2013 Journal of Sound and Vibration  
Positive-position feedback has been presented as a suitable alternative to the negative-velocity feedback approach taken in active damping applications. This has motivated the application of Negative-Imaginary Systems theory to study the stability of controllers based on positive-position feedback. However, this theory cannot be applied in cases where low-frequency dynamics of the sensors, actuators and/or controllers hinder the application of Negative-Imaginary stability conditions. This work
more » ... xtends the theory of Negative-Imaginary Systems by obtaining simple analytical stability conditions when such low-frequency restrictions are present.
doi:10.1016/j.jsv.2013.01.008 fatcat:pi2xsdraeve3zfdulwtwkx7ide

Performance of potato clones for processing in subtropical and high-altitude tropical regions of Brazil

Giovani Olegario da Silva, Agnaldo Donizete Ferreira de Carvalho, Gabriel Emiliano Pereira, Carlos Francisco Ragassi, Antônio César Bortoletto, Elcio Hirano, Arione da Silva Pereira
2021 Colloquium Agrariae  
But as for frying color, immature tubers tend to have higher levels of reducing sugars, as they have not yet been converted to starch (PEREIRA; CAMPOS, 1999) .  ...  Likewise, Pereira et al. (2017) reported positive correlations, ranging from medium to high, between plant vigor and total and marketable tuber yield, in an experiment of advanced potato clones, suggesting  ... 
doi:10.5747/ca.2021.v17.n1.a421 fatcat:5ir57kh3zzhqfnhxsmzc6m7uce

Vibration Isolation and Alignment of Multiple Platforms on a Non-Rigid Supporting Structure

Jorge Pérez-Aracil, Emiliano Pereira, Sumeet S. Aphale, Paul Reynolds
2020 Actuators  
In many applications comprised of multiple platforms with stringent vibration isolation requirements, several vibration isolators are employed to work in tandem. They usually must accomplish two objectives: (i) reduce the vibration level of each platform; and (ii) maintain the required alignment with respect to each other or with a fixed reference. If the isolators are located on a rigid supporting structure, the problem can be approached as a classical vibration isolation (VI) problem, in
more » ... an increase in damping implies a reduction of vibration level experienced by the platforms. However, there are an increasing number of scenarios in which the dynamic interaction between the isolator and the base structure has the potential to alter the system response and consequently degrade VI performance. In this work, a generalized method to analyze the combined VI and alignment problem, for multiple isolators located on a flexible supporting structure, is proposed. The dynamic interaction between the platforms and the isolators is considered in the control design, and it is proved employing two different functional values that the maximum damping solution is not always the best approach when the dynamics of the supporting structure are considered. Numerical simulations are presented to validate the theory developed and robustness of the proposed control approach is demonstrated.
doi:10.3390/act9040108 fatcat:mouhz5t34rgspggo6it7zdxuka

Um material didático sobre desengajamento moral e violência de gênero

Simone Emiliano de Jesus, Kátia Regina Xavier Pereira da Silva
2018 Revista Contemporânea de Educação  
A violência de gênero contra a mulher é uma das manifestações mais vigorosas da assimetria de gênero nas relações sociais. Estudos comprovam que mulheres sofrem diversas formas de violência, que vão desde o assédio sexual disfarçado de cantada a casos de feminicídio em que o agressor justifica sua ação em nome da honra. Para ocultar a gravidade das ações, é comum a alusão a mecanismos de desengajamento moral. Considerando a importância da escola para fomentar a reflexão crítica sobre o tema,
more » ... desenvolvido, em uma pesquisa de Mestrado Profissional, um produto educacional para abordar essa temática no contexto das aulas de Espanhol/Língua Adicional. O presente artigo tem como objetivo descrever a estrutura, a fundamentação e o processo de avaliação por pares desse material didático.
doi:10.20500/rce.v13i27.15759 fatcat:rryl6ilajvc6rmpxexaga4rpqa

Mining metagenomes for natural product biosynthetic gene clusters: unlocking new potential with ultrafast techniques [article]

Emiliano Pereira, Marnix Medema, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Peter Meinicke, Frank Oliver Gloeckner, Antonio Fernandez-Guerra
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Microorganisms produce an immense variety of natural products through the expression of Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGCs): physically clustered genes that encode the enzymes of a specialized metabolic pathway. These natural products cover a wide range of chemical classes (e.g., aminoglycosides, lantibiotics, nonribosomal peptides, oligosaccharides, polyketides, terpenes) that are highly valuable for industrial and medical applications. Metagenomics, as a culture-independent approach, has
more » ... enhanced our ability to survey the functional potential of microorganisms and is growing in popularity for the mining of BGCs. However, to effectively exploit metagenomic data to this end, it will be crucial to more efficiently identify these genomic elements in highly complex and ever-increasing volumes of data. Here, we address this challenge by developing the ultrafast Biosynthetic Gene cluster MEtagenomic eXploration toolbox (BiG-MEx). BiG-MEx rapidly identifies a broad range of BGC protein domains, assess their diversity and novelty, and predicts the abundance profile of natural product BGC classes in metagenomic data. We show the advantages of BiG-MEx compared to standard BGC-mining approaches, and use it to explore the BGC domain and class composition of samples in the TARA Oceans and Human Microbiome Project datasets. In these analyses, we demonstrate BiG-MEx's applicability to study the distribution, diversity, and ecological roles of BGCs in metagenomic data, and guide the exploration of natural products with clinical applications.
doi:10.1101/2021.01.20.427441 fatcat:saepbmj43vdrflmgmj2aznvcb4

Trypanosoma vivax: uma breve revisão / Trypanosoma vivax: a brief review

Giovanna Stefani Nosberto Castelli, Ryan Emiliano Da Silva, Andrea Pereira Da Costa, Arlei Marcili
2021 Brazilian Journal of Development  
., 2020) Maranhão 2015 151 PEREIRA et al., 2018 Piauí 2015 1 LOPES et al., 2018 (HOARE, 1972;PAIVA et al., 2000;BATISTA et al., 2007) p. 109155-109171 nov.2021As moscas do gênero Glossina (Diptera: Glossinidae  ... 
doi:10.34117/bjdv7n11-510 fatcat:e7xyz2bhsrbudozno7ofuo3mkq

Mammalia, Didelphimorphia, Chiroptera, and Rodentia, Parque Nacional Chaco and Capitán Solari, Chaco province, Argentina

Pablo Teta, Javier A. Pereira, Emiliano Muschetto, Natalia Fracassi
2009 Check List  
We studied the small mammal assemblage (bats, marsupials and rodents) of Parque Nacional Chaco and Capitán Solari (Chaco Province, Argentina) based on captures and analysis of owl pellets. Twenty-one species were recorded during a brief survey, including two marsupials, seven bats, and twelve rodents. In addition, we documented the first occurrence of the bat Lasiurus ega in the Chaco Province, and extended to the southwest the distribution of the didelphid marsupial Cryptonanus chacoensis and
more » ... he oryzomyine rodent Oecomys sp. We also provided a second occurrence site in the ents Calomys laucha and Holochilus brasiliensis. Identified taxa belonged to species that are typical of the Humid Chaco ecoregion of Argentina.
doi:10.15560/5.1.144 fatcat:3ky7ocub3fhwtevlslcz35clvm
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