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Emergency education effects on teacher abilities and motivation to use digital technologies

Marc Beardsley, Laia Albó, Pablo Aragón, Davinia Hernández‐Leo
2021 British Journal of Educational Technology  
To identify factors that can contribute toward supporting educator adoption of digital technologies beyond the emergency remote teaching response to COVID-19, we investigated how teachers' motivation and  ...  abilities related to the use of digital technologies for teaching changed since the onset of the pandemic.  ...  (2021).Emergency education effects on teacher abilities and motivation to use digitaltechnologies.British Journal of EducationalTechnology, 52, 1455Technology, 52, -1477.https.https://  ... 
doi:10.1111/bjet.13101 fatcat:xbehlqadmjfmtmunin6wet376a

The impact of digital technology on learning motivation and learning modes

Nadezhda Efremova, Anastasia Huseynova, D. Rudoy, A. Olshevskaya, N. Ugrekhelidze
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The new era creates new opportunities and poses a number of challenges for education to adapt to the emerging prospects of digital transformation of educational activities.  ...  The article provides a brief analysis of domestic and foreign works on the problems of digitalization in education.  ...  By integrating digital technologies and traditional forms of learning, teachers will be able not only to motivate students to intensify educational activity, but also to include in individualized forms  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202127312083 fatcat:kirxj5mfcbem3cbsmft4gmfogi

Preparing E-Excellent Teachers For The World Of E-Education: Potential Strategies

Pradeep Kumar Misra
2010 i-manager's Journal of Educational Technology  
The technologies in education got different names like old technologies, new technologies, digital technologies, e-technologies, emerging technologies, etc.  ...  Prensky (2005) noted that in the past five to ten years, we have seen the appearance of scores of new technologies that have strong potential uses in education.  ...  The educational institutions must motivate and reward teachers to use technologies like blogs and websites to publish their ideas on different educational issues. • Educational institutions must motivate  ... 
doi:10.26634/jet.7.3.1340 fatcat:xe75jeyw7nc5hm7tlu5ffensym

Art education development in the context of global changes

Iryna V. Yefimenko, Olena M. Yakymchuk, Nataliia Ye. Kravtsova, Halyna I. Sotska, Anatolii M. Korol
2021 Linguistics and Culture Review  
The use of technological innovations causes emerging of new types of communication, collaboration and interaction between teachers and students.  ...  New trends are emerging in the system of higher art education due to globalisation and integration, rapid development of technological innovations.  ...  The content of knowledge, skills, and abilities that ensure the effective use of technological innovations contributes to the effective implementation of the functions of innovative activities (gnostic  ... 
doi:10.21744/lingcure.v5ns2.1386 fatcat:bww3xqlss5dkno3yq7vdxh4vym

Analysis of the Use of Visualization in Teaching Subjects of Different Ages

2021 International Journal of Media and Information Literacy  
, and on the other hand, contribute to the mastery and use of digital and information technologies by students.  ...  To this end, the latest technologies are actively used in educational programs, which, on the one hand, improve the quality of the educational process, helping to master educational content more effectively  ...  According to the Fogg model, the effectiveness of target behavior depends on a combination of three factors: motivation, abilities and triggers.  ... 
doi:10.13187/ijmil.2021.2.274 fatcat:ncnqpmmf2vakdfp6bio322kmii

The rise of online teaching and digital learning during the health emergency from Covid-19 and teachers' working self-efficacy: an Italian perspective

Carolina Facci, Marisabel Iacopino, Andrea Baroncelli, Enrica Ciucci
2021 Symposium on Psychology-Based Technologies  
The teachers' working self-efficacy corresponds to teachers' beliefs in their ability to effectively handle challenges related to their professional activity and how they consider themselves capable of  ...  Despite the small sample, that prevents us from a generalization of the results, the challenges produced by unpredictable situations and the use of digital devices motivate and encourage teachers to search  ...  Acknowledgements The data collection was carried out thanks to the teachers involved in an Italian training program for kindergartens, primary and middle schools' educators. program was financed by Public  ... 
dblp:conf/psychobit/FacciIBC21 fatcat:jbruhiswx5hghgyn35aj4er2va

TVET Teacher Professional Competency Framework in Industry 4.0 Era

Dayangku Suraya Awang Jafar, Muhammad Sukri Saud, Mohd Zolkifli Abd Hamid, Nornazira Suhairom, Mohd Hizwan Mohd Hisham, Yasmin Hanafi Zaid
2020 Universal Journal of Educational Research  
Therefore, TVET teachers should enhance their competencies to present vocational training that can facilitate future human capital and adapt to new technologies and global challenges in this digital era  ...  Technological advancement modernises different factors in life and affects many areas, including vocational education.  ...  TVET teachers need to keep up and be willing to learn and exploring emerging learning technologies used in education independently [8, 21] .  ... 
doi:10.13189/ujer.2020.080534 fatcat:qy2ebnku5ngerhpe3fzc6jiy3y

Digital Divide for Teacher During Pandemic Covid-19

Qomaruzzaman Azam Zami, Bagong Suyanto
2021 Al-Mada: Jurnal Agama, Sosial, dan Budaya  
This has led to the emergence of disparities in access to the ability for teachers e-learning Blitar district .The digital gap by Van Dijk suggested that access is high in the communication and information  ...  every day), skills and usage (teachers are not intense in using digital technology, they do not use current learning applications).  ...  According to van Djik, motivation can move individuals to want to care and use digital technology . This study found that there are forms of teacher motivation in accessing digital technology.  ... 
doi:10.31538/almada.v4i2.1235 fatcat:k2s2bltojje6nacqtulplff57q

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the 21st Century Classroom

Bernard R. Robin
2008 Theory into Practice  
Digital storytelling has emerged over the last few years as a powerful teaching and learning tool that engages both teachers and their students.  ...  A discussion of the history of digital storytelling and how it is being used educationally is presented in this article.  ...  How and Why Students and Teachers are Engaged by New Technologies As the debate over the effectiveness of computer technologies in schools rages on, young people continue to use emerging technologies in  ... 
doi:10.1080/00405840802153916 fatcat:6re4f2zdjvejnbg7uxvwkpyxva

The level of efficiency of using digital resources for developing primary school students' linguodidactic potential

Gaukhar Makharova, Sazhila Nurzhanova, Ulzhalgas Adilbayeva, Albina Dossanova, Malika Aimagambetova
2022 World Journal on Educational Technology  
With regard to the digital resources used in the course, teachers stated that it partially increased teacher success and that it had a positive effect on student success and student motivation.  ...  As a result of the research, it has been determined that teachers are prone to use technology and partially use digital resources in their lessons.  ...  With regard to the digital resources used in the course, teachers stated that it partially increased teacher success and that it had a positive effect on student success and student motivation.  ... 
doi:10.18844/wjet.v14i1.6719 fatcat:coagvjgxqncyhfidpa5we7miea

What is the motivation of Norwegian and New Zealand teacher educators for using digital technology when teaching?

Siri Sollied Madsen
2020 Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education  
Based on Meier's formula (performance = abilities × motivation), teacher educators' performance is considered a result of their abilities and motivation.  ...  Using Herzberg's two-factor theory, this study investigates what motivates teacher educators to use digital technology when teaching.  ...  This could affect teacher educators' motivation to teach using digital technology.  ... 
doi:10.7577/njcie.3826 fatcat:q7kqluupmnhcbkkzdaifiuljuu

Modification of the Role of a Teacher Under the Conditions of Distance Learning

Ekaterina Viktorovna Otts, Elena Pavlovna Panova, Yuliya Vladimirovna Lobanova, Natalya Victorovna Bocharnikova, Valentina Michailovna Panfilova, Aleksey Nikolaevich Panfilov
2021 International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)  
Researching the effectiveness of higher education in the digital age and assessing the impact on teacher effectiveness involves the use of a number of scientific principles and research methods, theoretical  ...  To achieve the goal, the scientific works of leading foreign and Russian scientists on the problems of digitalization of education, dehumanization of education, transformation of the role of the teacher  ...  education; ─ the curriculum of all specialties and areas of study should include humanitarian subjects which form the ability to learn and resist stress; ─ one of the main competencies in the digital  ... 
doi:10.3991/ijet.v16i21.25675 fatcat:byw2al72ubd6ldfdw3f5awk32m

The efficiency of using digital resources for the development of primary school students' linguodidactic potential

Gaukhar Makharova, Sazhila Nurzhanova, Ulzhalgas Adilbayeva, Albina Dossanova, Malika Aimagambetova
2021 World Journal on Educational Technology  
As a result of the research, it has been determined that teachers are prone to use technology and partially use digital resources in their lessons.  ...  Teachers, who believed that it partially increased teacher success, stated that it had a positive effect on student success and student motivation.  ...  This research was conducted to examine the effects of the use of digital resources in education on the development of students' language didactics, and it was considered important with the thought that  ... 
doi:10.18844/wjet.v13i4.6309 fatcat:4nmpuhac5vclxaydwefy3xeypi

Technology and Secondary Writing: A Review of the Literature

Matthew U. Blankenship, Erin E. Margarella
2014 Contemporary Educational Technology  
Finally, researchers posit technology can be used to allow teachers to give effective and efficient feedback through the instructional and assessment cycles and tended to increase student assessment scores  ...  Also, technology often served as a motivator during the instructional process of writing and worked to engage students in varied lessons.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Jenifer J. Schneider for her support and advise as we completed this article and our doctoral education.  ... 
doi:10.30935/cedtech/6121 fatcat:o7esbrdvdrhstlgcubmbghk4ca

Motivating Online Learning: The Challenges of COVID-19 and Beyond

Thomas K. F. Chiu, Tzung-Jin Lin, Kirsti Lonka
2021 The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher  
More studies are needed to investigate how to use technology to support minority groups such as students with special education need (inclusive education) and students living in rural areas (digital divide  ...  They also facilitate our discussions on how to rethink education to prepare teachers and students for technology infused learning during crisis period and beyond.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40299-021-00566-w fatcat:xe3eaocwsvecxaolgqxvixn3be
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