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Failure Aware Semi-Centralized Virtual Network Embedding in Cloud Computing Fat-Tree Data Center Networks

Chinmaya Kumar Dehury, Prasan Kumar Sahoo
2020 IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing  
In other words, the embedding algorithm is executed by multiple physical servers in order to concurrently embed the VMs of a VN and reduces the embedding time.  ...  The impact of failure of the Physical Machines (PMs), physical links and network devices are taken into account while allocating the resources to the users.  ...  Embedding time minimization Authors in [12] propose a distributed embedding algorithm, which partitions the entire physical network into multiple blocks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcc.2020.2984604 fatcat:uo6dmrzkezfh3cxgvf4gyqad2q

Field Programmable Compressor Trees

Alessandro Cevrero, Paolo Ienne, Panagiotis Athanasopoulos, Hadi Parandeh-Afshar, Ajay K. Verma, Hosein Seyed Attarzadeh Niaki, Chrysostomos Nicopoulos, Frank K. Gurkaynak, Philip Brisk, Yusuf Leblebici
2009 ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems  
To improve FPGA performance for these applications, this article introduces the Field Programmable Compressor Tree (FPCT) as an alternative to the DSP blocks.  ...  In theory, the compressor trees contained within the multipliers could implement multi-input addition; however, they are not exposed to the programmer.  ...  Ho et al. [2006] introduced the Virtual Embedded Block (VEB) methodology to evaluate the performance of ASIC cores to be embedded in an FPGA under development.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1534916.1534923 fatcat:6itnriwom5ca3l7tlkzbf6bwlq

Managing Recurrent Virtual Network Updates in Multi-Tenant Datacenters: A System Perspective [article]

Zhuotao Liu and Yuan Cao and Xuewu Zhang and Changping Zhu and Fan Zhang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
: (i) they run into scalability issues when handling consistent and frequent routing updates and (ii) they restrict the flexibility and capability to satisfy various routing requirements.  ...  datacenters, where tenants have diverse requirements on network routings such as short latency, low path inflation, large bandwidth, high reliability, etc.  ...  The embedding goal is to minimize the communication cost of all virtual links.  ... 
arXiv:1903.09465v5 fatcat:hgzycgg7avamddzfrkbiwy4n6y

Application of Graph Theory Concepts in Computer Networks and its Suitability for the Resource Provisioning Issues in Cloud Computing-A Review

Kanniga Devi Rangaswamy, Murugaboopathi Gurusamy
2018 Journal of Computer Science  
This work pays attention to basic resource provisioning problems arise in cloud computing environments and presents some conceptual graph theoretical suggestions to address these issues.  ...  As cloud computing is not a fully matured paradigm, it poses many open issues to be addressed.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank the support rendered by Kalasalingam University to carry out this review work.  ... 
doi:10.3844/jcssp.2018.163.172 fatcat:ltbdhpra4nd4bd5r7jek4cjtqu

Enabling Efficient Placement of Virtual Infrastructures in the Cloud [chapter]

Ioana Giurgiu, Claris Castillo, Asser Tantawi, Malgorzata Steinder
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Algorithm 1 1 VNI placement algorithm Params: V N I P = (VM, λ, S), VM = {VM1, ..., VMn V M }, CS = {PMCS, LKCS}, {PMCS = {PM1, ..., PMn P M CS }, path 1: Initialize pending, placed, path, V, and S to  ...  Placement Algorithms Our approach to meet the constraints and performance objectives presented earlier is to divide the placement problem into four steps as shown in Figure 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35170-9_17 fatcat:4n6kffaq4rafnn6odjwyarhjo4

Multi-Source Reliable Multicast Routing with QoS Constraints of NFV in Edge Computing

Shiming He He, Kun Xie, Xuhui Zhou, Thabo Semong, Jin Wang
2019 Electronics  
To guarantee QoS, we take into account the bandwidth, latency, and reliability constraints.  ...  We then constructed a Steiner tree to find the reliable multicast tree. Two real topologies are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm.  ...  Computation Complexity Analysis To construct a multicast tree, we need to transform a network into a MOD network. In Algorithm 1, the shortest path between each two VM node pair is needed.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics8101106 fatcat:ldlf25axcfhebdwl4sxazqddqe

A fast maze-free routing congestion estimator with hybrid unilateral monotonic routing

Wen-Hao Liu, Yih-Lang Li, Cheng-Kok Koh
2012 Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design - ICCAD '12  
that is suited to act as a built-in routing congestion estimator for placers.  ...  Many of these built-in global router and state-of-the-art academic global routers use maze routing to seek a detoured path.  ...  Therefore, we believe that RCE can determine placement results quickly regardless of whether or not it is routable, thus making is very suitable as a fast congestion estimator embedded into routability-driven  ... 
doi:10.1145/2429384.2429539 dblp:conf/iccad/LiuLK12 fatcat:fqwxco7nrbdbjpel7zkebxziie

Clustered Multicast Source Routing for Large-Scale Cloud Data Centers

Jarallah Alqahtani, Hassan Sinky, Bechir Hamdaoui
2021 IEEE Access  
Although these approaches scale well with the number of multicast groups, they do not perform well with group sizes and, as a result, yield substantial traffic control overhead and network congestion.  ...  However, traditional IP multicast routing is not suitable for DC networks due to the need to support a massive amount of multicast groups and hosts.  ...  Thus, by minimizing header size, Bert is able to minimize total traffic overhead. VM placement strategies.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3051874 fatcat:2wdu2dpbmbhtfad6sgt3uqyrvu

Impact of virtual bridging on virtual machine placement in data center networking

Dallal Belabed, Stefano Secci, Guy Pujolle, Deep Medhi
2014 2014 26th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC)  
Often referred to as DCN optimization, VM placement or virtual network embedding, the various propositions at the state of the art often have a narrow scope, with a set of constraints so that it is not  ...  Virtual Machine Placement in Data Center Networks We review thereafter relevant works that take network constraints in the VM placement problem into consideration modeled as an optimization problem.  ... 
doi:10.1109/itc.2014.6932945 dblp:conf/teletraffic/BelabedSPM14 fatcat:upmed7zmszcidalmn5ichunsnq

A Survey on the Placement of Virtual Resources and Virtual Network Functions

Abdelquoddouss Laghrissi, Tarik Taleb
2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
(Tree, VL2, Fat-tree, BCube) The benefit of the approach is minimal for an architecture with network load balancing techniques (i.e.  ...  enhance specific metrics that are related to specific network functions (e.g., minimizing S-GW relocations and reducing the cost of the path to P-GWs).  ... 
doi:10.1109/comst.2018.2884835 fatcat:qu32ztzffnbbjnljo5cbv762di

Bandwidth-Guaranteed Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Parallel Jobs in Cloud Data Center

Zhen Li, Bin Chen, Xiaocheng Liu, Dandan Ning, Qihang Wei, Yiping Wang, Xiaogang Qiu
2018 Symmetry  
An adaptive bandwidth-aware heuristic algorithm, which is denoted as AdaBa, is proposed to improve the job accept rate by adjusting the priorities of servers to accommodate the VMs of TVC adaptively according  ...  The migration cost of BgMBF is also considered and an enhanced version BgMBFSDF is then proposed to minimize the number of migration when the execution time of jobs are known.  ...  After that, AdaBa searches for the possible location of virtual switch placement based on locality-aware strategy [9] , which tries to pack the VMs of requested TVC in the smallest sub-tree to minimize  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym10050134 fatcat:ixeskivygrax7ou4j6aqrmg2ji

IoNCloud: Exploring application affinity to improve utilization and predictability in datacenters

Daniel S. Marcon, Miguel C. Neves, Rodrigo R. Oliveira, Leonardo R. Bays, Raouf Boutaba, Luciano P. Gaspary, Marinho P. Barcellos
2015 2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)  
In this paper, we introduce a resource allocation strategy that aims at providing an efficient way to predictably share bandwidth among applications and at minimizing resource underutilization while maintaining  ...  However, it requires substantial management overhead, since bandwidth consumed by each flow is determined according to its weight for each link in the path, and large-scale datacenter networks can have  ...  RELATED WORK Most related approaches attempt to offer bandwidth guarantees by taking advantage of rate-limiting at hypervisors, VM placement and VN embedding in order to increase their robustness.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2015.7249198 dblp:conf/icc/MarconNOBBGB15 fatcat:bjftgowyqvg4fm2eurfhspohyq

Enabling Work-conserving Bandwidth Guarantees for Multi-tenant Datacenters via Dynamic Tenant-Queue Binding [article]

Zhuotao Liu, Kai Chen, Haitao Wu, Shuihai Hu, Yih-Chun Hu, Yi Wang, Gong Zhang
2018 arXiv   pre-print
QShare leverages weighted fair queuing on commodity switches to slice network bandwidth for tenants, and solves the challenge of queue scarcity through balanced tenant placement and dynamic tenant-queue  ...  In this paper, we present QShare, an in-network based solution to achieve bandwidth guarantees and work conservation simultaneously.  ...  As a result, prior proposals for providing bandwidth guarantees are either within the scope of tree-based network topology [11, 22, 34] or confining each tenant's traffic within a tree in multi-path  ... 
arXiv:1712.06766v2 fatcat:4qfofshjfvbwffcmbp2yu6ayda

Data Center Network Virtualization: A Survey

Md. Faizul Bari, Raouf Boutaba, Rafael Esteves, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Maxim Podlesny, Md Golam Rabbani, Qi Zhang, Mohamed Faten Zhani
2013 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
Data center network virtualization is a promising solution to address these problems.  ...  We discuss the key research challenges for future research and point out some potential directions for tackling the problems related to data center design.  ...  [16] proposed an embedding scheme applicable only to tree topology).  ... 
doi:10.1109/surv.2012.090512.00043 fatcat:v3fpgv2ig5gnlhx37n5ftpy4qi

A survey on data center networking for cloud computing

Bin Wang, Zhengwei Qi, Ruhui Ma, Haibing Guan, Athanasios V. Vasilakos
2015 Computer Networks  
In our attempt to build insight relevant to future research, we also present some open research issues.  ...  In recent years, the growing importance of data center networking has drawn much attention to related issues including connective simplification and service stability.  ...  SPAIN also merges the redundant paths into multiple VLANs that can be used by multiple disjoint sub-trees. Two nodes can select different VLANs according to a wire's bandwidth.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2015.08.040 fatcat:om742vsrd5bjrb5nyaqrqlxrze
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