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Fault Tolerance in Interconnection Network-a Survey

Laxminath Tripathy, Devashree Tripathy, C.R. Tripathy
2015 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
Many fault tolerant techniques have also been proposed in the literature.  ...  This study makes an extensive survey of various methods of fault tolerance for interconnection networks those are used in large scale parallel processing.  ...  A recursive method of embedding cycles in hypercube is shown in Fig. 18 .  ... 
doi:10.19026/rjaset.11.1708 fatcat:kg63d4zn4bcqfkydcvm6y3nooi

A Layout Verification System for Analog Bipolar Integrated Circuits

E. Barke
1983 20th Design Automation Conference Proceedings  
In fact all components in the potential graph could be repre- (also known as "pseudo-hamiltonian-method") • This method looks for a circuit in the graph, and tests whether its bridges can be partitioned  ...  The path-embedding planarization method.In this method a plane representation of a graph (Gs,Us) which is derived from the graph (G,U), is constructed in steps.  ...  This interconnection must be rerouted inside the region avoiding the cells connecting the contact with the faulty route.  ... 
doi:10.1109/dac.1983.1585673 fatcat:np5endfcabdija54vh7ovvzxzm

Finite Size Corrections to Disordered Systems : mean field results and applications to finite dimensional models [article]

Carlo Lucibello
2015 arXiv   pre-print
This PhD thesis has the following structure: Chapter 1 - General introduction; Chapter 2 - Preliminaries; Chapter 3 - The Replicated Transfer Matrix; Chapter 4 - Finite Size Corrections On Random Graphs  ...  ; Chapter 5 - The Random Field Ising Model; Chapter 6 - The Euclidean Assignment Problem; Chapter 7 - The Euclidean Matching Problem; Chapter 8 - The Large M Expansion.  ...  The rightmost figure outlines a simple loop in the M -graph, corresponding to a non-backtracking closed path in the original lattice.  ... 
arXiv:1502.02471v2 fatcat:qfy5a2j2crghhnrwh6zxczleqq

Subject Index to Volumes 1–75

2001 Information Processing Letters  
a graph, 441 problem, 441, 3668, 4142 Hamiltonian decomposable, 3481 decomposition, 3481 graph, 87, 1374 , 1412 , 2507 , 2757 , 2758 , 4052 Hamiltonian path, 485, 743, 1822 , 2003 , 2608 , 2643 , 3214  ...  , 3468 shortest linear organization, 525 maximal cycle basis, 3048 obstacle avoiding path, 1599 odd path, 1185 odd/even path, 1185 shortest path in the plane, 1364, 3582 polyline, 1389 PRAM,  ...  ., 3150, 3816 Ranjan, Desh, 3790 rank, 252, 623, 694, 1269 , 1610 , 1869 , 1924 , 2224 , 2596 , 2825 , 3641 decision problem, 694 rank of a matrix, 3196 order n matrices, 623 tensors, 719 the adjacency  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0020-0190(01)00175-2 fatcat:5y67tfm6yfbblakrus5nnhs73e

Symmetry-protected topological order at nonzero temperature

Sam Roberts, Beni Yoshida, Aleksander Kubica, Stephen D. Bartlett
2017 Physical Review A  
The SPT order in this model is detected by long-range localizable entanglement in the thermal state, which compares with related results characterizing SPT order at zero temperature in spin chains using  ...  We address the question of whether symmetry-protected topological (SPT) order can persist at nonzero temperature, with a focus on understanding the thermal stability of several models studied in the theory  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge discussions with Andrew Doherty. BY and AK would like to thank the University of Sydney for their hospitality.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.022306 fatcat:idbjfl6gqbd4hl45jmjft5d7vy

Towards Fault Reactiveness in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Carrier Robots

Rafael Jesus Falcon Martinez, Université D'Ottawa / University Of Ottawa, Université D'Ottawa / University Of Ottawa
In the first one, carrier robots surround a point of interest with multiple sensor layers (focused coverage formation). We put forward the first known algorithm of its kind in literature.  ...  Two swarm intelligence algorithms are designed to quickly and reliably spot faulty sensors in this context.  ...  To ensure that F is unique for a given σ, the edges of the connection graph can be arranged in such a way that the system being modeled becomes t-diagnosable.  ... 
doi:10.20381/ruor-5569 fatcat:dtmqgbyx7zhgvovjnbaznncryq

A Christmas Chrestomathy

The Editors
2021 Inference: International Review of Science  
As it turned out, 2021 was a milestone year for the journal with the launch of a new website, the switch to a rolling publication schedule, and the debut of a new section: The Rambler.  ...  As the year draws to a close, the editors are delighted to present our second annual Christmas Chrestomathy, highlighting the essays that best represent our aims, ambitions, attitudes, and even our animadversions  ...  I arranged to meet with Teller in Washington at the spring meeting of the American Physical Society.  ... 
doi:10.37282/991819.21.66 fatcat:jckdyzkhrvhsdov3bgr3dmlde4

2013 Jahresbericht Annual Report

(1.67 n ) time algorithm for finding a Hamiltonian path, improving the 50-year-old previously best algorithm.  ...  In 1979, the paper introducing generalized nested dissection gave a fast algorithm for shortest paths in planar graphs with positive and negative lengths.  ...  that management complies with the center's objectives in a zweckmäßig und wirtschaftlich sinnvoll erfüllt.  ... 

Model predictive energy management for induction motor drives and all-wheel-drive battery electric vehicles : a flatness based approach [article]

Bernhard Rolle, Universität Stuttgart
Research on methods and technologies that improve the efficiency of both the battery and the electric powertrain, pose the greatest challenges of this technological transition.  ...  With the main objective of increasing economic savings, this present work investigates analytical models of the electric powertrain for a battery electric vehicle with two drive modules on the front and  ...  an appropriate step size, for example determined by a backtracking line search, trust-region method or filter method [12, 240] .  ... 
doi:10.18419/opus-11446 fatcat:6wmtcwzopvchnerd6kay5igxje

ADVCOMP 2010 Industry Liaison Chairs ADVCOMP 2010 Technical Program Committee

Wolfgang Gentzsch, Pascal Lorenz, Oana Dini, Flavio Oquendo, Jameleddine Hassine, Helmut Reiser, Supercomputing Centre, Lrz) -Garching, Germany Xu, Flavio Oquendo, Jameleddine Hassine, Helmut Reiser (+64 others)
Foreword The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences (ADVCOMP 2010   unpublished
The conference sought contributions presenting novel research in all aspects of new scientific methods for computing and hybrid methods for computing optimization, as well as advanced algorithms and computational  ...  With the current computing software, hardware and distributed platforms effective use of advanced computing techniques is more achievable.  ...  The authors wish to thank all their partners for providing the testcases and for many fruitful discussions (  ... 

Machine scheduling and Lagrangian relaxation [article]

SL Steef Van De Velde, JK Jan Karel Lenstra
The individual Hamiltonian paths can he combined into one Hamiltonian path of length no more than the sum of the lengths of the separate paths.  ...  The following procedure shows that the Hamiltonian path problem is solvable in O(nlogn) time. Parrition the set of jobs into a set of clusters Q 1 , ••• , Qm as described above.  ...  We distinguish the case that condition (6.11) holds with equality from the case that condition (6.12) holds with equality.  ... 
doi:10.6100/ir350591 fatcat:tr2s6ownsbgnhmictqh5xbpfqu

OASIcs, Volume 64, ICLP'18, Complete Volume [article]

Alessandro Dal Palu', Paul Tarau, Neda Saeedloei, Paul Fodor
The simple syntax is surely one of the main strengths of the paradigm; moreover the stable models semantics intuitively resembles the human reasoning process in a clean and logical way.  ...  Acknowledgements This thesis abstract is based on published joint work with Ekaterina Komendatskaya and Kevin Hammond.  ...  When a conflicting assignment is reached, the solver backtracks.  ... 
doi:10.4230/oasics.iclp.2018 fatcat:exbunzcx7rgrhg32iguyfxca7u

Isotope Queen Memoir Fogel V7.2 photos

Marilyn Fogel
2020 unpublished
We were sitting in a restaurant, drinking a beer, when she put the question to me. Immediately, I wanted to scream "Yes!," but coyly thought about it for a minute  ...  Acknowledgements Liane Benning, Editor of the scientiGic journal Geochemical Perspectives, asked me to write my scientiGic biography in 2015 during my last expedition to Svalbard.  ...  In 2012, our Delta Plus XL was dead in the water. A faulty 24--volt power supply knocked out some electronics at an unprecedented scale.  ... 
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.12461.64480 fatcat:p4sykqujk5apzdyosdfl52w32u