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Determination of the number of roots of a polynomial lying in a given algebraic domain

Elizabeth A. Kalinina, Alexei Yu. Uteshev
1993 Linear Algebra and its Applications  
The problem of finding the number of roots of a polynomial f(.z = x + iy) satisfying a given system of algebraic inequalities g,(x, y) > 0,. . , gk(X, y) > 0 is considered.  ...  The algorithm uses a finite number of elementary algebraic operations on the coefficients of the polynomials involved.  ...  Problem 2(r) can be immediately solved by applying the following THEOREM 2.Markov O/G,G, < O}. 72 ELIZABETH A. KALININA AND ALEXEI YU.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0024-3795(93)90206-4 fatcat:hcmag3rxnnf7tldoh5zsarxima

Author index for volume 185

1993 Linear Algebra and its Applications  
, ELIZABETH A.  ...  .: See Kalinina, Elizabeth A. V~LIAHO, H.: The Boolean Pivot Operation, M-matrices, and Reducible Matrices, I43 VELTKAMP,  ... 
doi:10.1016/0024-3795(93)90217-c fatcat:iod5nrutxnaxjk3bbqu4oerrqa

Page 2357 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 74, Issue 8 [page]

1987 Psychological Abstracts  
M., 22117 Iregren, Anders, 21276 Isaac, Walter, 21189, 22939 , Barry, 22898 Iwasaki, Setsuo, 21191 Iwata, Brian A., 23203 Iwata, Jiro, 21211 Jablensky, Assen, 22118 “} : Elizabeth, 21807 Donald J., 21313  ...  ., 21174, 21281 Kalinina, L. V., 22432 Furr prperell sae f 3 STATA fetal oe N gs Kase, Carlos S., 22434 Kashani, Javad H., 22018, 22121, 22997  ... 

Page 50 of Journal of American Folklore Vol. 73, Issue SUPPLEMENT [page]

1960 Journal of American Folklore  
Kalinina, 3, Moscow, USSR Gradski Musej, Vukovar, Yugoslavia Graham, David, c/o Mrs. Fred Russell, 3915 S. Clarkson St., Englewood, Colo.  ...  Garbaty, Thomas, 20 Murray Hill Road, Scarsdale, New York Garfield, Viola, 345 A Savery, Univ. of Washington, Seattle 5, Wash. Gartman, Robert, 6893 N. 19th St., Philadelphia 26, Penna.  ... 

Boris N. Veprintsev (1928–1990)

S. B. Shnoll, L. V. Kalinina, S. A. Krolenko
1990 Nature  
Kalinina S. A. Krolenko -f'J-l---'y'._ __ ,~y __ ,.t,l-' -'X.z...--u-uuuu~,_.3. 5·-ll-uuuuu .Luu~,_.3. -l'rl-..:'tl...--uuu-uuuu ~,_.3. D Elizabeth H.  ...  editing of kinetoplast mRNAs. a, A preedited transcript of a cryptogene.  ... 
doi:10.1038/346610a0 fatcat:erody46zwfab5gxtcmcp5ki2wq

Page 466 of National Union Catalog Vol. 21, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
A. A. TyGepa u A. B. E@umosa. ,Mocxsa, H3,4-20 connai.Ho-3Kon, Aut- pu, 1963- v. 22cm. 1. History, Modern. Joint ed. a. Title. Title transliterated: Khrestomatif@ po novo! istoril!.  ...  Explorers of the sea; famous oceanographic expeditions. | With illus. by Elizabeth L. Curtis. New York, Ronald Press Co. ,1964, v, 26 p. illus. 2 —. Bibi oral 6-220. | Ocean rapt “reser Hist. 2.  ... 

Page 442 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 87, Issue 1 [page]

2000 Psychological Abstracts  
S., 673, 750 Kemper, Elizabeth A Kalinowski, Lori, 2477 Kemper, Susan, 899 Kalkowski, Andreas, 751 Kendall, Carl, 1532, 2493 Kallus, K. Wolfgang, 3120 Kendall, Nicholas A.  ...  C., 9 Kashdan, Todd, 2660 Kilmer, Jason R., 1288 Jones, Elizabeth J., 81 Kashima, Yoshihisa, 1305 Kim, Chungsoon C., 994 s} hye 4. 2570 iA XXXViii  ... 

Serendipitous identification of natural intergenotypic recombinants of hepatitis C in Ireland

Isabelle Moreau, Susan Hegarty, John Levis, Patrick Sheehy, Orla Crosbie, Elizabeth Kenny-Walsh, Liam J Fanning
2006 Virology Journal  
Recombination between hepatitis C single stranded RNA viruses is a rare event.  ...  The original diagnosis of a mixed genotype infection was not confirmed by clonal analysis of the NS5B region of the genome.  ...  The cross over point was identified as occurring within the NS2 region by Simplot by Kalinina [12] .  ... 
doi:10.1186/1743-422x-3-95 pmid:17107614 pmcid:PMC1654145 fatcat:ximfkbq4ffb73jwy4nyi5ssyxy

Cell-to-cell movement of Potato Potexvirus X is dependent on suppression of RNA silencing

Elizabeth H. Bayne, Daria V. Rakitina, Sergey Y. Morozov, David C. Baulcombe
2005 The Plant Journal  
RNA silencing in transgenic and virus-infected plants involves a mobile silencing signal that can move cell-tocell and systemically through the plant.  ...  proteins that were functional as silencing suppressors but not as movement proteins and we conclude that suppression of silencing is not sufficient to allow virus movement between cells: there must be a  ...  We are grateful to Attila Molnar for critical reading of a draft script and discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-313x.2005.02539.x pmid:16236156 fatcat:4a5ndt7ydbhuzmkniinooifuyu

Page 1138 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 92, Issue 3 [page]

2005 Psychological Abstracts  
A., 6873 Khazaal, Yasser, 8307 Kiani, Roozbeh, 6495 Kidani, Tomokazu, 8416 Kidd, Kenneth K., 6754 Kidwell, Blair, 9195 Kiekel, Preston A., 7489 Kiel, Elizabeth J., 6999 Kielbasa, Amy M., 8801 Kiely, Gerard  ...  JaSkowski, Piotr, 6483 Jason, Leonard A., 8659 Jaswal, Vikram K., 7064 Javed, Lubna, 7638 Jay, Sydney, 7334, 7338 Jayachandran, S., 9229 Jeffres, Leo W., 6976 Jeffrey, Craig, 7135 Jeglic, Elizabeth L.,  ... 

Page 226 of American Anthropologist Vol. 65, Issue 1 [page]

1963 American Anthropologist  
A. RES. & ENGRG. SUPP. DIV., A. A.  ...  Kalinina, 3, Moscow, USSR. GOUCHER COLLEGE, Libr., GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, of Anth., Central India Sta., Post Box 20, Amba Vicharp, South Abrazarc Rd., ‘Nagpur, India.  ... 

Page 1337 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 44, Issue 8 [page]

1970 Psychological Abstracts  
O., Kalinina, L. V., Mironov, A. I., & Sandukovskaya, S. I. (2nd Moscow Medical Inst., USSR) Nasledstvenno obusloviennye angiomatozy Ss preimushchestvennym porazheniem nervnoi sis- temy: |.  ...  Wild, Sydney D., Hooker, Elizabeth H.. & Black, John W. (Ohio State U.) A study of aphasic individuals predicting letters of graded material. Journal of Communication Disorders, 1969, 2(4), 336 339.  ... 

Page 1036 of American Anthropologist Vol. 60, Issue 5 [page]

1958 American Anthropologist  
GOSUDARSTVENNJA BIBLIOTEKA Im Lenina | Kalinina 3, Moscow, USSR. GOUCHER COLLEGE, Libr., Baltimore, Md GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, India Supply National Libr., Belvedere, Calcutta 27, India.  ...  E a xRAFISKA MUSEET, Norra Hamngatan 12, Goteborg C., Sweden EVANGELICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, Nap- erville, Ill. E os TT JUNIOR COLLEGE, Ave., Everett, Wash.  ... 

AMG volume 16 issue 3 Cover and Back matter

1967 Acta geneticae medicae et gemellologiae  
-Heiken, A. (Stockholm); Ikin, Elizabeth W. (London) and Martensson, L. (Umea): On the M k Allele of the MNSs System. -Vetter, O. and Wegner, H.  ...  (Leipzig): A Further Case of Anti-Fy b and the Frequency of Duffy  ...  KALININA, L. P . UZHINTZEVA. Comparative studies in the radiosensitivity and mutability of different pea varieties treated by y-rays 37 K. T. SUKHORUKOV, E. J. YEROSHINA.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1120962300013056 fatcat:zpfflroiu5gwpbpfwgs4y5mfoe

Page 3777 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94g [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
See also 34007. 30C Geometric function theory 94g:30004 30C15 12D10 Kalinina, Elizabeth A. (RS-STPT-AM; St. Petersburg) ; Uteshev, Alexei Yu. [Uteshev, A. Yu.] (RS-STPT-AM; St.  ...  Summary: “We present a systematic investigation of a new class 30 FUNCTIONS OF A COMPLEX VARIABLE 94g:30010 T,(A, B,p~'a, B,A) of analytic and p-valent functions with nega- tive coefficients, which is  ... 
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