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Electronic Dictionaries and Transducers for Automatic Processing of the Albanian Language [chapter]

Odile Piton, Klara Lagji, Remzi Përnaska
Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We intend on developing electronic dictionaries and Finite State Transducers for the automatic processing of the Albanian Language.  ...  We take into consideration the problem of unknown words in a lately reformed language and the evolving of features in the dictionaries.  ...  It aims at the sensitization of the future linguists and language teachers about new approaches of the natural language processing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-73351-5_38 fatcat:mh6ylpps7jbuxotsn6wofzw5ra

Morphological study of Albanian words, and processing with NooJ [article]

Odile Piton, Klara Lagji
2010 arXiv   pre-print
We are developing electronic dictionaries and transducers for the automatic processing of the Albanian Language. We will analyze the words inside a linear segment of text.  ...  We will also study the relationship between units of sense and units of form. The composition of words takes different forms in Albanian.  ...  This work focuses on the building of Natural Language Processing tools that are useful for the processing of the Albanian language.  ... 
arXiv:1002.0485v1 fatcat:zkaeqn4vg5amzhfvvh4y3vyqku

Identification of Cognates and Recurrent Sound Correspondences in Word Lists

Grzegorz Kondrak
2009 Revue TAL  
Identification of cognates and recurrent sound correspondences is a component of two principal tasks of historical linguistics: demonstrating the relatedness of languages, and reconstructing the histories  ...  The ultimate goal is to identify cognates and correspondences directly from lists of words representing pairs of languages that are known to be related.  ...  Acknowledgements The research reported here was financially supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  ... 
dblp:journals/tal/Kondrak09 fatcat:y44izq2dfza4xfgxfmpmigbtpu

Information-theoretic causal inference of lexical flow [article]

Johannes Dellert, Universitätsbibliothek Der FU Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek Der FU Berlin
Sample sets of words from language varieties are preprocessed into automatically inferred cognate sets, and then modeled as information-theoretic variables based on an intuitive measure of cognate overlap  ...  main ways of transmission that shape the basic lexicon of languages.  ...  Given the list of relevant lemmas in the gloss language, the first step of the data retrieval process consisted in looking up all the lemmas in the gloss-to-target language dictionary, and keeping track  ... 
doi:10.17169/refubium-25627 fatcat:es7wyld6sbc3nf3esdfo7ueyni

Improving Resource-constrained Machine Translation and Text generation Using Knowledge Transition

Despite the significant improvements of Neural Text Generation (NTG) systems such as Neural Machine Translation and Natural Language Generation, there are still some open challenges in this domain due  ...  The resource limitation is sometimes rooted in the model's incapability to use maximum resources (e.g., processing full document instead of processing sentences independently), or more typically because  ...  and target languages basically retrieved from dictionaries and grammars (Toma, 1977) .  ... 
doi:10.26180/18130757 fatcat:m2cubkl3ajg6vhprl3ozf5uaai


Stan Anton, Gheorghe Calopăreanu, Valentin Dragomirescu, Marian Stancu, Daniel Dumitru, Stan Anton, Bogdan Aurescu, Silviu Neguţ, Iulian Chifu, Piotr Gawliczek, Stanislaw Zajas, Georgi Dimov (+21 others)
-and the rest of the Western world, including countries on the Eastern rim on NATO -must do in order to be better prepared for the complex threats, risks and challenges in the foreseeable future.  ...  The main aim of this paper is that of depicting some politically and strategically significant consequences of the conceptual-intellectual framework JOE 2035 is so vividly and convincingly presenting.  ...  Trade, as is defined in the dictionary of the Romanian language and literature, represents, "an exchange of products by mart, branch of the economy within the traffic of merchandise moves deploys ♦ goods  ...