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Eigensolutions of the Wigner-Eisenbud problem for a cylindrical nanowire within finite volume method [article]

Paul N. Racec, Stanley Schade, Hans-Christoph Kaiser, University, My, University, My
We present a finite volume method for computing a representative range of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Schrödinger operator on a three dimensional cylindrically symmetric bounded domain with mixed  ...  Ultimately, we numerically treat them by means of a finite volume method. We consider a uniform, boundary conforming Delaunay mesh, which additionally conforms to the material interfaces.  ...  Conclusions We have presented a finite volume discretization of a cylindrically symmetric Wigner-Eisenbud problem, for computing a representative part of the spectral decomposition Figure 18 : The optimal  ... 
doi:10.34657/2296 fatcat:hbldotkphvgqjnc5332x5wfnwq