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Ego network structure in online social networks and its impact on information diffusion

Valerio Arnaboldi, Marco Conti, Massimiliano La Gala, Andrea Passarella, Fabio Pezzoni
2016 Computer Communications  
From the analysis of Twitter ego networks, we have been able to find a direct impact of tie strength and ego network circles on the diffusion of information in the network.  ...  In particular, online ego networks show the same structure found offline, with social contacts arranged in layers with compatible size and composition.  ...  Analysis of information diffusion in twitter ego networks In this section, we investigate how ego network structural properties in OSNs impact on information diffusion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2015.09.028 fatcat:2luxswpnyfathdadlzniitiayq

Diffusing science through social networks: The case of breastfeeding communication on Twitter

Sara Moukarzel, Martin Rehm, Miguel del Fresno, Alan J. Daly, Sergi Lozano
2020 PLoS ONE  
We then conducted an ego-network analysis of influencer networks, developed ego maps, and compared diffusion metrics across the SC, IC and company influencers.  ...  In response to this call, we gathered data from Twitter for one month from major breastfeeding hashtags resulting in an interconnected social network (n = 3,798 users).  ...  Social network theory (SNT) suggests that individuals are embedded in dense networks of social interactions and the pattern of these relations impacts the diffusion of opinions, communication, and ideas  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0237471 pmid:32790712 fatcat:yizk6nhvpveprjk5g7uuj7mdrm

Product Adoption in Online Social Network

Yunjie (Calvin) Xu, Cheng Zhang, Ling Xue, Lay Lan Yeo
2008 International Conference on Information Systems  
In product-oriented online social networks, members post product reviews as well as maintaining a list of friends. How to measure the influence a member receives from her friends?  ...  This study compares four models to measure the influence based on different theories which make various assumptions of member behavior in a social network.  ...  What is new in the online social network is that the network structure is now observable: Information on who is whose friend is made explicit.  ... 
dblp:conf/icis/XuZXY08 fatcat:zp5gghnutbbvpl4djxo4pjc4ta

Bridging languages in social networks: How multilingual users of Twitter connect language communities?

Irene Eleta, Jennifer Golbeck
2012 Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology  
The social network analysis unveils four types of structures, one of which is defined as a language bridge.  ...  Focusing on the microblogging site Twitter, this study aims at defining and classifying language bridges by looking at the languages and structure of the social networks of multilingual individuals.  ...  online, with its information and social dimensions.  ... 
doi:10.1002/meet.14504901327 fatcat:6ykkozplifdrvmqc7b7d3o2i34

Information diffusion in distributed OSN: The impact of trusted relationships

Valerio Arnaboldi, Massimiliano La Gala, Andrea Passarella, Marco Conti
2015 Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications  
Distributed Online Social Networks (DOSN) are a valid alternative to OSN based on peer-to-peer communications.  ...  This means that the effective social network (used for information exchange) may be a subset of the complete social network, and may present different structural patterns, which could limit information  ...  Recent studies on OSN have identified a set of structural properties impacting on the capacity of the network to diffuse information, and the role of different types of users in the diffusion process  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12083-015-0395-2 fatcat:febjjuvkyne3zifphp7wcabto4

Resource mobilization in Social Media: the Role of Influential Actors

Jose Ortiz, Arvind K. Tripathi
2017 European Conference on Information Systems  
Drawing on theories of resource mobilization and social networks, we present a framework for studying how the presence of influential and popular actors in social networks, can influence the acquisition  ...  We collected Twitter data for a major social movement organization in the global justice movement and found evidence suggesting that the existence of popular figures, impacts to some extent, the audience  ...  The popularity of Twitter and its efficiency for diffusing information creates an advantageous choice for mobilizing structures to use Twitter as a tool for raising awareness and mobilizing new participants  ... 
dblp:conf/ecis/OrtizT17 fatcat:2uy5havt3rfjnfqhyv7jd3fxhm

The Online Social Network and User Innovation in the Context of an Online Innovation Platform

Jiali Chen, Yikai Liang, Jiacheng Zhang, Guijie Qi
2021 Journal of Organizational and End User Computing  
From the social network perspective, this paper investigates the impact of online interactive relations on user innovation by holistically examining online relations from relational and structural embeddedness  ...  User interaction data from LEGO Ideas are used to empirically test the effects of relational and structural characteristics of online social networks on users' idea contributions.  ...  The "ego-centered" network is one suitable tool for examining the relationships the focal user has developed through online interactions as well as their impacts on information diffusion (Arnaboldi et  ... 
doi:10.4018/joeuc.20211101.oa7 fatcat:fw6i4u3ywvbrhgwcilrxglk444

Academic Social Networking Sites are Smaller, Denser Networks Conducive to Formal Identity Management, Whereas Academic Twitter is Larger, More Diffuse, and Affords More Space for Novel Connections

Scott Goldstein
2020 Evidence Based Library and Information Practice  
Separating and merging professional and personal selves online: The structure and processes that shape academics' ego-networks on academic social networking sites and Twitter.  ...  Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 70(8), 830-842. Abstract Objective – To examine the structure of academics' online social networks and  ...  the structural characteristics of academics' online social networks generally.  ... 
doi:10.18438/eblip29687 fatcat:u2r6bt2lvzfldbgfeeh5rhlocq

Estimation of privacy risk through centrality metrics

J. Alemany, E. del Val, J. Alberola, A. García-Fornes
2018 Future generations computer systems  
Abstract Users are not often aware of privacy risks and disclose information in online social networks.  ...  Otherwise, local and social centrality metrics based on ego-networks provide a suitable approximation to PRS.  ...  However, the message diffusion actions 485 that its neighbors may perform will not have a real risk impact on its privacy.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.future.2017.12.030 fatcat:5huflqgl7bdl7kujvlluw2puza

A Survey on Studying the Social Networks of Students [article]

Akrati Saxena and Pratishtha Saxena and Harita Reddy and Ralucca Gera
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Do studies show that physical and online students' social networks support education? Analyzing interactions between students in schools and universities can provide a wealth of information.  ...  Studies on students' social networks can help us understand their behavioral dynamics, the correlation between their friendships and academic performance, community and group formation, information diffusion  ...  The study of online social networks comes with its limitations as the structure and properties of online social networking data are different from the offline collected data, and a rigorous analysis of  ... 
arXiv:1909.05079v1 fatcat:szwl5gm6djc53gqhmbxt4ll63q

Evaluation of Structural and Temporal Properties of Ego Networks for Data Availability in DOSNs

Andrea De Salve, Barbara Guidi, Laura Ricci
2017 Journal on spesial topics in mobile networks and applications  
The large diffusion of Online Social Networks (OSNs) has influenced the way people interact with each other.  ...  DOSNs are Online Social Networks implemented on a distributed platform, such as a P2P system or a mobile network.  ...  In such a case, it is important to detect online nodes to retrieve online communities which can facilitate data availability and information diffusion.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11036-017-0830-0 fatcat:e6e22dey7farpifo4ez7fz4nom

Separating and Merging Professional and Personal Selves Online: The Structure and Processes That Shape Academics' Ego-Networks on Academic Social Networking Sites and Twitter

Katy Jordan
2019 Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
The structure of academics' ego-networks on social networking sites differs by platform.  ...  The network structures reflect differences in how academics conceptualise different sites and have implications in relation to fostering social capital and research impact.  ...  Particular thanks to all of the academics who participated in the study by taking part in the survey and interviews.  ... 
doi:10.1002/asi.24170 fatcat:jkpxwt4aozdlrgw6jtak7gp7zu

An exploration of the Facebook social networks of smokers and non-smokers

Luella Fu, Megan A. Jacobs, Jody Brookover, Thomas W. Valente, Nathan K. Cobb, Amanda L. Graham, Frederic Amblard
2017 PLoS ONE  
Objectives These secondary analyses explore the structure of ego networks of both smokers and nonsmokers collected as part of a randomized control trial conducted within Facebook.  ...  Understanding how social networks vary by smoking status could inform public health efforts to accelerate cessation or slow the adoption of tobacco use.  ...  We found that ego level online social networks differ between smokers and non-smokers on Facebook.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0187332 pmid:29095958 pmcid:PMC5667804 fatcat:r7rn5bsdmfd7haspflhuoacjr4

Social Network Influence on Online Behavioral Choices

K. Hazel Kwon, Michael A. Stefanone, George A. Barnett
2014 American Behavioral Scientist  
The current study builds on social influence literature to explore social network and gender effects on online behavior.  ...  what nearly two decades of computer-mediated communication (CMC) research has revealed about the impacts of anonymity and reduced social cues, on the mechanisms of social influence.  ...  Figure 1 depicts the real structure of overlapping ego networks of the current project in comparison with the separate personal network structures that are conventionally assumed in ego network analysis  ... 
doi:10.1177/0002764214527092 fatcat:vpp2klagkbcvzolniqwn43k6r4

How academic achievement spreads: The role of distinct social networks in academic performance diffusion

Sofia Dokuka, Diliara Valeeva, Maria Yudkevich, Alberto Antonioni
2020 PLoS ONE  
Behavior diffusion through social networks is a key social process. It may be guided by various factors such as network topology, type of propagated behavior, and the strength of network connections.  ...  The results highlight the importance of friendship in educational environments and contribute to debates on the behavior spread in social networks.  ...  It is assumed that all actors are fully informed about the network structure and attributes of all other network participants.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0236737 pmid:32716973 fatcat:phm3z5236bgtvhwsljkaxmqc7i
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