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Efficient Object Identification with Passive RFID Tags [chapter]

Harald Vogt
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Radio frequency identification systems with passive tags are powerful tools for object identification.  ...  This yields an efficient procedure for object identification. We also present results on the performance of an implementation. 1 2  ...  The number of present tags is estimated in each step and the reading parameters are adjusted accordingly. This yields an efficient and reliable procedure for object identification.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45866-2_9 fatcat:jusss3mghzbypjz6ks73lxddfe

Various Network Used Radio Frequency Identification Techniques And Its Frequency Ranges

Sudhanshu Suhas Gonge, Ashish.S. Awate
2012 International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics  
With the help of this network technology we are going to discuss technology like "Radio Frequency Identification" for tracking, detecting the objects and its working and application..  ...  However, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Techniques is used for tracing the object on basis of Active and Passive RFID Tags. [11, 12] .to provide strong network coverage area.  ...  Active and passive RFIDS tags Active RFID and Passive RFID technologies, while often considered and evaluated together, are fundamentally distinct technologies with substantially different capabilities  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijcsi.2012.1071 fatcat:smkgaldmirftpd3ruxnye6nkiq


Manishkumar R Solanki .
2017 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
It uses the tags (active or passive) for identifying these objects uniquely as the tags contain special information.  ...  RFID has various components like tags, antennas, transmitters, receivers and a reader. Today RFID is used in most of the domains for object, animal and person tracking.  ...  INTRODUCTION RFID is radio frequency identification. It is a technology used for identification of objects. Every object can be tracked individually.  ... 
doi:10.15623/ijret.2017.0601024 fatcat:5ohb7tjgpjh4zmaz2nj7odntiy

RFID Technology in Business Systems and Supply Chain Management

Mehmet Erkan Yuksel, Asım Sinan Yuksel
2011 Journal of Economic and Social Studies  
One of the technologies that could help companies to handle data is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).  ...  Information about the advantages of RFID over today's data gathering and Auto-ID (Automatic Identification) technologies is given.  ...  Thanks to tracking of any object tagged with RFID and the intelligent management of data about the object, value-added operations of companies improve.  ... 
doi:10.14706/jecoss11115 fatcat:utmriglvjraf3glwwgaco5bqdm

Smart Solutions for RFID based Inventory Management Systems: A Survey

Ali Alwadi, Amjad Gawanmeh, Sazia Parvin, Jamal N. Al-Karaki
2017 Scalable Computing : Practice and Experience  
In addition, the latest researches in the RFID infrastructure and middle wares are evaluated. This includes passive RFID Tags, RFID Antennas, RFID middleware, and the RFID Reader.  ...  , inventory object tracking, and so many others.  ...  RFID networks can be divided into three main categories based on the tag types: Passive RFID, active RFID, and semi-passive RFID Tags.  ... 
doi:10.12694/scpe.v18i4.1333 fatcat:bvgqjzilozbndnoi5on4pfzcmq

RFID and Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing Digital Enterprise [chapter]

Gordana Maticevic, Mirjana Cicak, Tadija Lovri
2011 Supply Chain Management - New Perspectives  
Passive tags are much more used in various RFID applications and duration of passive tags is longer than the active tags, but active tags can transmit signals over a longer distance than passive tags.  ...  The most common choice of tag for supply chain usage is passive tags that take effect in the UHF frequency range (Tajima, 2007 RFID reader communicates wirelessly with RFID tag that attached to a product  ... 
doi:10.5772/18625 fatcat:vu6uykx5grbtrldhrv5epex2se

An improved accelerated frame slotted aloha (afsa) algorithm for tag collision in rfid [article]

Tanveer Ahmad, Yan tian feng
2014 arXiv   pre-print
The efficiency of tag identification in an RFID system can be low down due to the tag collision problems. the tag collision problem occurs when a reader try to read multiple tags in an interrogation zone  ...  reading time. the simulation result shows that afsa can significantly reduce the average tag reading time with respect to the base protocols and achieve high tag reading rates under both static and mobile  ...  (RFID tags still working if it become dusty) Object identification dilemma requires the simultaneous recognition of multiple objects/ tags reliably and minimal user interaction.  ... 
arXiv:1405.6217v1 fatcat:g2ewxuwpdbe73j6qaig4zmishm

Simulation of Implementing RFID in Supply Chain Management

Jaspal Singh
2012 International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering  
This paper discusses the implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Supply Chain Management (SCM) to control inventory, tracking of object, supply chain management in warehouses, stores  ...  Various RFID systems can be obtained by combining different tags, readers, frequencies and levels of tagging, etc.  ...  The RF radiation does two things; it provides a means of communicating with the tag (the RFID chip) and (in the case of passive RFID tags) it provides the RFID device with the energy to communicate.  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijmie.2012.1042 fatcat:rju434h7pndyrpe4ca5jfv6dri

Efficient Object Localization Using Sparsely Distributed Passive RFID Tags

Po Yang, Wenyan Wu, Mansour Moniri, Claude C. Chibelushi
2013 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
The results show that in comparison with the conventional RFID Tag Distribution; passive RFID localisation system with sparse RFID Tag Distribution can deliver a higher localisation precision for the required  ...  This paper first defines a measure for accuracy and precision in a passive RFID localisation system with regard to RFID Tag Distribution.  ...  Efficient Object Localisation Using Sparsely Distributed Passive RFID Tags Po Yang, Wenyan Wu, Mansour Moniri and Claude C Chibelushi T Passive RFID localisation systems [20] [21] [22] [23] overcome  ... 
doi:10.1109/tie.2012.2230596 fatcat:rlevdh2n5bbhrpwsrl4cgnxz4y

RFID Technology Applied to Monitor Vehicle in Highway

Wang Hongjian, Tang Yuelin
2012 2012 Third International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation  
ARTICLE INFO In automated toll collection system passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag used, it emerges as a best solution to the manually operated toll collection method.  ...  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification technology which uses Radio Frequencies (between 30 kHz and 2.5GHz) to identify objects automatically.  ...  INTRODUCTION Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a non-contact method of item identification based on the use of radio waves to communicate data about an item between a tag and a reader  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdma.2012.174 dblp:conf/icdma/WangT12 fatcat:jjple2jzlvgstaqvxasjhch47e

Effects of metallic plate size on the performance of microstrip patch-type tag antennas for passive RFID

L. Ukkonen, L. Sydanheimo, M. Kivikoski
2005 IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters  
Metallic objects are challenging for passive ultra high frequency (UHF) spectrum radio frequency identification (RFID) systems due to the effects of conductive materials on tag antenna performance.  ...  Index Terms-Effects of metal, radio frequency identification (RFID), tag antenna.  ...  Many objects that require identification with passive RFID technology contain or are totally made of metal or other conductive material.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lawp.2005.860212 fatcat:pffeet7nyzdepf2ol66etn3jqy

Guest Editorial Special Issue on IEEE RFID 2018 Conference

Rahul Bhattacharyya, Pavel Nikitin
2019 IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification  
R ADIO Frequency Identification (RFID) is a generic term for a variety of active and passive RF technologies that wirelessly convey object identification information.  ...  Besides object identification, researchers have examined the possibility of using RFID tags for low-power wireless sensing, localization, access control and security.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jrfid.2019.2902054 fatcat:6dkrerbcizcjhnwobfghvjvxv4

Self Check Library Management System Using RFID

2019 International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering and Research  
to associate object, for the purpose of automatic identification and tracking.  ...  Self-check Library Management System using RFID Applicability of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system which is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology in a future  ...  INTRODUCTION A RFID system uses tags, or labels attached to the objects to be identified, RFID tags can be either passive, active or battery assisted passive.  ... 
doi:10.23883/ijrter.conf.20190322.057.hi5ii fatcat:7fph46zdizcsjmpc3llln34gae

RFID Potential Impacts and Future Evolution for Green Projects

Yvan Duroc, Darine Kaddour
2012 Energy Procedia  
However, RFID tags and sensors association could provide a lot of new solutions in order to develop notably green projects such as more efficient energy production chain, best control waste, recycling,  ...  This paper focuses on the actual and future roles of RFID as technology contributing to green projects.  ...  In a typical RFID application, RFID tags are attached or embedded into objects in need of identification or tracking.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2012.05.021 fatcat:xwdyj2jxezg4jfjw4l6uo6agwq

Radio Frequency Identification Based Library Management System

Archana Udane
2016 Zenodo  
The proposed system is based on RFID readers and passive RFID tags that are able to electronically store information that can be read with the help of the RFID reader.  ...  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology which helps to automate business processes and allows identification of large number of tagged  ...  We are designing this system using radio frequency identification technology. The RFID tag would be with all the students and books.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1463870 fatcat:wht5dgpbuvh3vmudmpmdvjmclq
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