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A Datalog Hammer for Supervisor Verification Conditions Modulo Simple Linear Arithmetic [article]

Martin Bromberger
2021 arXiv   pre-print
For the Horn case, we provide a Datalog hammer preserving validity and satisfiability.  ...  A toolchain from the BS(LRA) prover SPASS-SPL to the Datalog reasoner VLog establishes an effective way of deciding verification conditions in the Horn fragment.  ...  We thank Pascal Fontaine, Alberto Griggio, Andrew Reynolds, Stephan Schulz and our anonymous reviewers for discussing various aspects of this paper.  ... 
arXiv:2107.03189v1 fatcat:pyucttaazze5hksahib5zksfli

Restricted Chase Termination for Existential Rules: a Hierarchical Approach and Experimentation [article]

Arash Karimi, Heng Zhang, Jia-Huai You
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Under consideration in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP).  ...  This approach applies to any class of finite skolem chase identified with a condition of acyclicity.  ...  Note that a set of skolemized rules is a Horn logic program.  ... 
arXiv:2005.05423v1 fatcat:3xebbndxknbfzb7uz4cmcx7nq4

The theory and practice of Bayesian image labeling

Paul B. Chou, Christopher M. Brown
1990 International Journal of Computer Vision  
modeled with neighborhoods that are small enough for practical purposes.  ...  It can be extended in many directions to achieve, perhaps, better results. Let us look more closely at the construction process of the HCF estimate.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf00054995 fatcat:lsjlh63nujcajjdsn2ep6er2xu

Journal of Applied Communications, 2017, vol. 101, no. 2 Full Issue

Jason D. Ellis
2017 Journal of Applied Communications  
Every article (not reviews) must contain an abstract of no more than 250 words. If applicable, briefly list the purpose, methodology, population, major results, and conclusions.  ...  The reliability was also assessed for each construct in the UFCTI and resulted in a Cronbach  of .90 for the seeker construct and Cronbach  of .87 for the engager construct. 24 Volume 101 │ No. 2 │  ...  With time and money under strain, recruiting strategies should focus on efficiency.  ... 
doi:10.4148/1051-0834.1008 fatcat:tinwicotfvb73aai3udcdpp2ua

What's in a word?

TWC Editor
2020 Transformative Works and Cultures  
Editorial for TWC No. 34 (September 15, 2020).  ...  models of queer stability.  ...  Ksenia Korobkova's study of identity formation in 1D fandom also emphasized Tumblr's relative privacy, with one of her informants praising the platform "for having a logic that is harder for adults to  ... 
doi:10.3983/twc.2020.2047 fatcat:i3sbk4o7tnetdmoapomvilgy4m

CARE 2 Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research CA 2 RE Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research Kataložni zapis o publikaciji (CIP) pripravili v Narodni in univerzitetni knjižnici v Ljubljani CA 2 RE Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research

Tadeja Zupančič
2017 Proceedings of the CA 2 RE conference at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture   unpublished
ABSTRACT With the aim of building an energy-efficient environment, the design and planning processes of buildings and cities become more and more complex.  ...  Figure 6 : 6 Screenshot of the 'DGT' vlog. Figure 7 : 7 Screenshot of the 'DGT' vlog. Figure 8 : 8 Screenshot of the 'DGT' vlog. Figure 9 : 9 Screenshot of the 'HTK' vlog.  ...  and wood, for the context of building renovation, implemented through a computational model for a generic user which generates drawings for digital fabrication and instructions for its assembly.  ... 

The Limerence Project: Exploring the Affordances of Digital Media to Shape Narrative Experiences for Readerly Interactions

Marianna Hoi Ying Shek, Andi Spark, University, My
My research seeks to address this imbalance by creating a story application for the tablet called Limerence.  ...  The first is a game-novel, a classic pathfinding adventure for middle-grade readers, titled Choose Your Own Death.  ...  It layers code upon code to play with language for the readers to winnow out truths, make connections, and construct images between the text.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3185 fatcat:tpqh3btjqnen3kmjtl5wk4obaq

Connecting Asia-Pacific Hip-hop – The Role of the Cross-Cultural Intermediary

This attitude stems from a cosmopolitan ethos that is in tension with the nationalist-cosmopolitan model of postwar Japan that preserved contradictory institutional logics (Saito 2011) .  ...  This type of logic positions colonial intuitions as superior (Cunneen 2008) and suggests the needs of this cultural community are compatible with the state's model of support (Carlson 2016) .  ... 
doi:10.26180/5d4805f266eeb fatcat:ayiluou245b33mslzryra7inyu

Talk Performance: Extemporaneous Speech, Artistic Discipline, and Media in the Post-1960s American Avant-garde

Ira S. Murfin
2017 unpublished
Premised on their status as ephemeral, embodied, and collectively negotiated, the practices of these three artists actually prove to be deeply entwined with forms of media other than live performance,  ...  Talk performance becomes a provocative site for understanding how minimalist interventions into formal disciplinary categories helped define the reapportionment of the overall art situation in the aftermath  ...  The changes are made with quiet efficiency.' Hand signals were given to the stage manager when an 'instructor' wanted the level of the swings changed.  ... 
doi:10.21985/n2tx9p fatcat:3ms2vnfpybdnhkfbmtuiqrufhm

EDITED VOLUME SERIES Cultures and Ethics of Sharing Kulturen und Ethiken des Teilens

Wolfgang Sützl, Felix Stalder, Ronald Maier, Theo Hug, Wolfgang Sützl, Felix Stalder, Ronald Maier, Theo Hug
This logic also applies to abstract shared objects which cannot be owned, such as interests, fate, beliefs, or culture.  ...  Hand in hand with the logic of cutting state provision, is privatisation.  ...