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A case study on propagating and updating provenance information using the CIDOC CRM

Christos Strubulis, Giorgos Flouris, Yannis Tzitzikas, Martin Doerr
2014 International Journal on Digital Libraries  
The results allow us to understand the tradeoffs related to the use of inference rules on storage space and performance of queries and updates.  ...  The propagation of provenance concerns fundamental modelling concepts such as actors, activities, events, devices and information objects, and their associations.  ...  Inheritance in Object-Oriented Databases Provenance propagation could be compared with the notion of inheritance used in object-oriented databases [9, 4, 18, 62, 52] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00799-014-0125-z fatcat:esvaf25e6jhytgrwbofhhfwcdu

An approach to implement dynamically defined complex objects [chapter]

T. Härder
1991 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A major reason for this deficiency is the absense of concepts for complex object processing.  ...  In this paper, we explain the motivation and key properties of a new data model explicitly designed for the management of complex objects.  ...  Schöning for his careful reading and useful hints concerning the paper. References  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-54132-2_51 fatcat:f2zsg2lzkrcojkz5u5ud6wlyhy

Integrity control in relational database systems — an overview

Paul W.P.J. Grefen, Peter M.G. Apers
1993 Data & Knowledge Engineering  
Second, a number of projects is described that have resulted in the realization of database management systems supporting integrity constraints; the various projects are compared with respect to a number  ...  First, constraint handling is discussed by identifying a number of important research issues, and by treating each issue in detail.  ...  The referees of the DKE journal are thanked for their comments on the first submitted version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0169-023x(93)90008-d fatcat:5jnsitez4fbfnhsgoqsfepc56y

Distributed REScala

Joscha Drechsler, Guido Salvaneschi, Ragnar Mogk, Mira Mezini
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages & Applications - OOPSLA '14  
We propose Distributed REScala, a reactive language with a change propagation algorithm that works without centralized knowledge about the topology of the dependency structure among reactive values and  ...  Yet, existing change propagation algorithms are not suitable in a distributed setting.  ...  We refer to the set of all nodes in this transitively reachable closure as CC with C ⊆ CC ⊆ N and ∀n ∈ CC, ∀d ∈ ←− dep n : d ∈ CC.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2660193.2660240 dblp:conf/oopsla/DrechslerSMM14 fatcat:3qud3o7ubbavth4onkllguxk7q

LDL: A Logic-Based Data Language

Shalom Tsur, Carlo Zaniolo
1986 Very Large Data Bases Conference  
The design offers an improved mode of control over the existing logic programming languages together with an enriched repertoire of data objects and constructs, including: sets, updates and negation.  ...  L$L is designed to combine the flexibility of logic programming with the high performance of the relational database technology.  ...  Acknowledgement This paper has greatly benefited from the critical reading and suggested improvements by Shamim Naqvi. The authors wish to thank him for his efforts in this respect.  ... 
dblp:conf/vldb/TsurZ86 fatcat:rl7ojanfsnhwpj3mlxcmm5necq

A distributed VLSI architecture for efficient signal and data processing

Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Rex W. Vedder, George K. Tucker, Dennis Finn, Michael L. Campbell
1985 IEEE transactions on computers  
Future signal and data processing applications will require billions of operations per second, and yet low hardware and software development costs.  ...  The processing elements have been designed so as to re duce the number of VLSI component types required and for modularity of the physical system.  ...  The parallel processing cost uses the transitive closure of the module graph to determine which modules should be assigned to separate sets of PE's in order to maximize the parallelism of the allocated  ... 
doi:10.1109/tc.1985.6312207 fatcat:eetap5trdjbz5fayd5ifwye6w4

Towards Reactive Programming for Object-Oriented Applications [chapter]

Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
On the other hand, reactive approaches based on automatic updates of dependencies -like functional reactive programming and dataflow languages -provide undoubted advantages but do not fit well with mutable  ...  In this paper, we provide a research roadmap to overcome the limitations of the current approaches and to support reactive applications in the OO setting.  ...  Usually, this model is a directed graph in which a change in a node triggers an update over the transitive closure of the dependency relation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-55099-7_7 fatcat:mgpc5wz7drck5ebjc4ffkfmohy

Sketching Distributed Data Provenance [chapter]

Tanu Malik, Ashish Gehani, Dawood Tariq, Fareed Zaffar
2013 Studies in Computational Intelligence  
Benefits of aggregating provenance information in central stores include the ease of maintenance and curation, storage efficiency, and access control [17] .  ...  Recursively querying provenance metadata or computing its transitive closure is known to have limited scalability and cannot be used for large provenance graphs.  ...  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-29931-5_4 fatcat:gvdf4ogu4zhrphllzixqhlcpli

Reactive behavior in object-oriented applications

Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini
2013 Proceedings of the 12th annual international conference on Aspect-oriented software development - AOSD '13  
On the other hand, reactive approaches based on automatic updates of dependencies -like functional reactive programming and dataflow languages -provide undoubted advantages but do not fit well with mutable  ...  In this paper, we provide a research roadmap to overcome the limitations of the current approaches and to support reactive applications in the OO setting.  ...  Usually, this model is a directed graph in which a change in a node triggers an update over the transitive closure of the dependency relation.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2451436.2451442 dblp:conf/aosd/SalvaneschiM13 fatcat:4iddaubd4jgqvdwkwcxgesjdwq

Advanced data processing in KRISYS: modeling concepts, implementation techniques, and client/server issues

Stefan Deßloch, Theo Härder, Nelson Mattos, Bernhard Mitschang, Joachim Thomas
1998 The VLDB journal  
The primary objective for the first version of KRISYS was to provide semantic features, such as an expressive data model, a set-oriented query language, deductive as well as active capabilities.  ...  The increasing power of modern computers steadily opens up new application domains for advanced data processing such as engineering and knowledge-based applications.  ...  object model, • allows efficient set-oriented processing of objects by the KOALA Processing System through so-called Access Structures (AS), combining scans with main-memory index facilities, and • supports  ... 
doi:10.1007/s007780050055 fatcat:2cccshgixfgknl5eticrpxslki

Keyframe-based monocular SLAM: design, survey, and future directions

Georges Younes, Daniel Asmar, Elie Shammas, John Zelek
2017 Robotics and Autonomous Systems  
, highly dynamic motion, poorly textured scenes, repetitive textures, map maintenance, and failure recovery.  ...  Extensive research in the field of monocular SLAM for the past fifteen years has yielded workable systems that found their way into various applications in robotics and augmented reality.  ...  To ensure the coherency of the map, reduce errors and remove outliers, map maintenance continuously optimizes the map while another parallel process attempts to detect loop closures and accordingly minimize  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.robot.2017.09.010 fatcat:b6ilgshsinckjdnlsozmjppkly

Parallel database systems: Open problems and new issues

Patrick Valduriez
1993 Distributed and parallel databases  
These problems touch on issues ranging from those of parallel processing to distributed database management.  ...  Finally, there are new issues raised by the introduction of higher functionality such as knowledge-based or object-oriented capabilities within a parallel database system.  ...  As pioneered in [82] , most of the work in this area has focused on extending query processing to support the transitive closure of declustered relations in parallel.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf01264049 fatcat:owb356rtkra5fplbwktkwogdfi

Localized planning with action-based constraints

Amy L. Lansky
1998 Artificial Intelligence  
This combination of action-based reasoning with flexible localized search has yielded a powerful and efficient planning framework that is useful for challenging realistic domains. 4 Other attempts at classifying  ...  In order to cope with the complexity and scale of realistic domains, COLLAGE also utilizes localization, a representational technique for partitioning problem requirements into subproblems.  ...  Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Lise Getoor for her work on the development of COLLAGE, for gathering the empirical results presented in this paper, and for many useful  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0004-3702(97)00067-2 fatcat:wojudnliynfd3aeymkemw6qavu

Active database systems

Norman W. Paton, Oscar Díaz
1999 ACM Computing Surveys  
This high level of activity has not yielded a single agreed-upon standard approach to the integration of active functionality with conventional database systems, but has led to improved understanding of  ...  of certain design decisions, and discusses tools for developing active applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are grateful to our colleagues for useful discussions on active database systems, including Alex Buchmann, Andrew Dinn, Alvaro Fernandes, Ray Fernandez, Peter Gray, Jon Iturrioz, Arturo Jaime, and  ... 
doi:10.1145/311531.311623 fatcat:oye4mjjz2femjcnmjaa4fagxdm

The declarative imperative

Joseph M. Hellerstein
2010 SIGMOD record  
The rise of multicore processors and cloud computing is putting enormous pressure on the software community to find solutions to the difficulty of parallel and distributed programming.  ...  This juxtaposition raises the possibility that the theory of declarative database query languages can provide a foundation for the next generation of parallel and distributed programming languages.  ...  When edges cease to arrive, this process eventually leads to a consistent transitive closure.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1860702.1860704 fatcat:p7w5mmjqqjh5pmu2gbmtm24kau
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