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Effects of Applying Different Resonance Amplitude on the Performance of the Impedance-Based Health Monitoring Technique Subjected to Damage

Wongi Na, Dong-Woo Seo, Byeong-Cheol Kim, Ki-Tae Park
2018 Sensors  
To further understand the problem, the performance of the EMI method on a structure subjected to progressive damage at different resonance frequency ranges and peak amplitudes was investigated using three  ...  In this study, a structural health monitoring technique known as the electromechanical impedance (EMI) method is investigated.  ...  Thus, it would be important to know how different statistical metrics perform when subjected to different peak amplitudes as the non-model-based EMI method relies heavily on the signature acquired after  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18072267 pmid:30011862 pmcid:PMC6068476 fatcat:jaf5nmxykjcshig6xtj45rxjgq

Numerical Simulation of Electromechanical Impedance Based Crack Detection of Heated Metallic Structures

Mohamed Djemana, Meftah Hrairi, Norfazrina Hayati Mohd Yatim
2022 Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences  
Among the many health monitoring techniques for structures, one relatively new technique is based on electromechanical impedance (EMI) measurements.  ...  The numerical simulations were carried out to find the effect of different types of damage such as crack and to investigate the effect of temperature on the crack detection.  ...  Acknowledgement This research was funded by a grant from the International Islamic University Malaysia Research Management Centre (grant number/project id: RMCG20-032-0032).  ... 
doi:10.37934/arfmts.94.2.7788 fatcat:qcjmbifgjvaplf7auzlu7vzdwq

Modelling and Simulation of Impedance-Based Damage Monitoring of Structures

M. Djemana, M. Hrairi
2016 International Journal of Simulation Modelling  
health monitoring based on EMI.  ...  Then, studies on different parts of the structure are conducted to find the effect on the output of system when both damage and loading co-exist, and investigate the effect of temperature for structural  ...  Recently, there is a push to achieve structural health monitoring (SHM) using techniques based on smart materials, such as piezoelectric (PZT) materials, rather than the conventional NDE techniques.  ... 
doi:10.2507/ijsimm15(3)1.338 fatcat:zdjx65o25bg6fiafslwcdxjdle

Damage assessment in concrete structures using piezoelectric based sensors

A. Narayanan, K. V. L. Subramaniam
2017 Revista ALCONPAT  
The root mean square deviation of the conductance signature at resonant peaks is shown to accurately reflect the level of damage in the substrate.  ...  Changes in the resonant behavior in the measured electrical conductance obtained from electro-mechanical (EM) response of a PZT bonded to a concrete substrate is investigated for increasing levels of damage  ...  Methods to detect incipient damage in the form of microcracks are required to provide effective methods of monitoring structural health and service life performance of structures.  ... 
doi:10.21041/ra.v7i1.173 fatcat:k44w7wwomvhnvgocevg4aq2jwe

Improving Electromechanical Impedance Damage Detection Under Varying Temperature

Mohamed Djemana, Meftah Hrairi, Norfazrina Hayati Mohd Yatim
2022 Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences  
This article presents an experimental and numerical study to investigate the effects of notch damage with temperature on the electrical impedance of the piezoelectric sensor used in the EMI technique.  ...  Real-time monitoring of the structure is achieved based on harmonic measurements.  ...  changes on damage detection structural health monitoring systems.  ... 
doi:10.37934/arfmts.92.1.123133 fatcat:a4dwt4ttdngvzg7ninujcymhfu

A Review of the Piezoelectric Electromechanical Impedance Based Structural Health Monitoring Technique for Engineering Structures

Wongi Na, Jongdae Baek
2018 Sensors  
The birth of smart materials such as piezoelectric (PZT) transducers has aided in revolutionizing the field of structural health monitoring (SHM) based on non-destructive testing (NDT) methods.  ...  The first two parts of the study focus on the theory and how to perform the EMI technique in order to give a quick overview of the EMI technique.  ...  Using the EMI technique, many authors have studied how the impedance signatures change when subjected to different sizes and locations of damage.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18051307 pmid:29695067 pmcid:PMC5982675 fatcat:677fy46i6bc5rnflfsi76hosoa

Damage detection at cryogenic temperatures in composites using piezoelectric wafer active sensors

Giola Santoni-Bottai, Victor Giurgiutiu
2012 Structural Health Monitoring  
Finally, a comprehensive damage detection test was performed on a full-scale specimen subjected to pressure and cryogenic temperature cycles.  ...  An experimental evaluation of the structural health monitoring capability of piezoelectric wafer active sensors on composite structures at cryogenic temperatures is presented.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors thank program director Dr Shih Chi Liu.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1475921712442441 fatcat:cinlwdrxonhzjoiw6rx4eva25q

Comparative study of neural network damage detection from a statistical set of electro-mechanical impedance spectra

Victor Giurgiutiu, Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes, Tribikram Kundu
2003 Smart Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems II  
The training was attained using one randomly selected member from each of the 5 damage classes, while the validation was performed on all the remaining members.  ...  A features extraction algorithm was used to determine the resonance frequencies and amplitudes contained in these high-frequency spectra.  ...  In analytical simulations, a three level normalization scheme was applied to the E/M impedance spectrum base on the resonance frequencies.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.484050 fatcat:u4l5bxogbnezrodm7edo6z433q

Electro-Mechanical Impedance (EMI)-Based Incipient Crack Monitoring and Critical Crack Identification of Beam Structures

Yee Yan Lim, Chee Kiong Soh
2014 Research in nondestructive evaluation (Print)  
This ushers the development of structural health monitoring (SHM) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) systems.  ...  Micro-crack invisible to the naked eyes can be detected by the technique especially when employing the higher frequency range of 100-200 kHz.  ...  Therefore, a health monitoring technique capable of identifying the critical stage is highly desirable.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09349847.2013.848311 fatcat:gijp56mqqzen7kazwfloyxib2y

Signal Acquisition from Piezoelectric Transducers for Impedance-Based Damage Detection

Danilo Budoya, Fabricio Baptista
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
The analysis was performed using the real part of the impedance signatures and a basic damage index based on the correlation coefficient.  ...  Among the various methods to detect structural damage, the impedance-based method performs the measurement of the electrical impedance of piezoelectric transducers attached in the monitored structure,  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors are grateful to FAPESP-Sao Paulo Research Foundation (grant 2015/23272-1, 2015/02500-6). Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ecsa-4-04894 fatcat:ozz3xpnk7vbqtm3nvcrpgcmejm

Experimental Study of Effect of Temperature Variations on the Impedance Signature of PZT Sensors for Fatigue Crack Detection

Saqlain Abbas, Fucai Li, Zulkarnain Abbas, Taufeeq Ur Rehman Abbasi, Xiaotong Tu, Riffat Asim Pasha
2021 Sound & vibration  
The previous study has recognized the temperature variations as one of the serious EOCs that affect the optimal performance of the damage inspection process.  ...  Structural health monitoring (SHM) is recognized as an efficient tool to interpret the reliability of a wide variety of infrastructures.  ...  Acknowledgement: The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the support received from the National Science and Technology Major Project of China.  ... 
doi:10.32604/sv.2021.013754 fatcat:mqweyaskkbelblfiqta2vxlhpy

Review of Current Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GWUT) Limitations and Future Directions

Samuel Chukwuemeka Olisa, Muhammad A. Khan, Andrew Starr
2021 Sensors  
Hence, it is an impending task to study the effect of combined damage on a structure under varying conditions and correlate it with GWUT parametric features.  ...  Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) is adopted in industries for assessment and health inspection of structural assets. Prominent among the NDE techniques is guided wave ultrasonic testing (GWUT).  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors acknowledge the funding support from the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the University of Nigeria, UNN.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21030811 pmid:33530407 fatcat:khypnnvn3zakxmy22nebh7mnby

Temperature Effects on Electromechanical Response of Deposited Piezoelectric Sensors Used in Structural Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures

Hamidreza Hoshyarmanesh, Mojtaba Ghodsi, Minjae Kim, Hyung Hee Cho, Hyung-Ho Park
2019 Sensors  
The thermal energy at 200 °C, on the other hand, enforces a further subsequent peak shift in the impedance signal to pristine and damaged parts such that the anti-resonance frequency keeps reducing as  ...  The structural health of pristine and damaged superalloy compressor blades of a gas turbine engine was monitored using real electro-mechanical impedance of deposited thick film piezoelectric transducers  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Sensors 2019, 19, 2805  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19122805 fatcat:xjx6nr4mingwvbkiehraz6cbku

Piezoelectric Wafer Embedded Active Sensors for Aging Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring

Victor Giurgiutiu, Andrei Zagrai, Jing Jing Bao
2002 Structural Health Monitoring  
Piezoelectric wafer active sensors may be applied on aging aircraft structures to monitor the onset and progress of structural damage such as fatigue cracks and corrosion.  ...  Methods based on (a) elastic wave propagation and (b) the Electro-Mechanical (E/M) impedance technique are cited and briefly discussed.  ...  Acknowledgments The financial support of Department of Energy through the Sandia National Laboratories, contract doc. # BF 0133 is thankfully acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1177/147592170200100104 fatcat:ujftv54miravvd2spzplwu6xma

Review of Bolted Connection Monitoring

Tao Wang, Gangbing Song, Shaopeng Liu, Yourong Li, Han Xiao
2013 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
The acoustoelastic effect based method, the piezoelectric active sensing method, and the piezoelectric impedance method are the three commonly used to monitor bolted connections.  ...  This paper reviews the research of monitoring technologies for bolted structural connections.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was partially supported by the Open  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/871213 fatcat:r25frvrjxfhu5miir7swa7qesm
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