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Page 16 of Theological and Literary Journal Vol. 1, Issue 1 [page]

1848 Theological and Literary Journal  
Stars that shed light on the bodily eyes, are expounded as symbolizing teachers of the church who communicate divine truths to the mind.  ...  , an effect.  ... 

On the Use of the Buckling Length Concept in the Design or Safety Checking of Steel Plane Frames [chapter]

A. Baptista, D. Camotim, J.P. Muzeau, N. Silvestre
1999 Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures  
frames with respect to in-plane buckling phenomena, and providing a contribution to shed some light on the issues involved.  ...  The concept of "buckling length" (BL), also termed "effective length", was introduced by Jasinsky in 1893 (Timoshenko, 1953) to quantify the boundary conditions influence on the elastic critical load of  ...  frames with respect to in-plane buckling phenomena, and providing a contribution to shed some light on the issues involved.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-008043014-0/50110-4 fatcat:gf4bcn2eqjgb5mkoxi5cfv56zi

Page 241 of The Biblical Repository and Classical Review Vol. 2, Issue 6 [page]

1832 The Biblical Repository and Classical Review  
And what is to be the effect of attentively contemplating this “light shining in a dark place?”  ...  shed upon them.  ... 

Page 185 of Scandinavian Studies Vol. 22, Issue 4 [page]

1950 Scandinavian Studies  
The present work sheds a great deal of new light on these most important periods in Strindberg’s life in that it interprets in incredible detail his attempts at adjust¬ ment to his environment, all of  ...  “Even if,” he writes, “we admit that psychoanalysis has shed light on the mother-complex and its ramifications in the case of Strindberg, we must reject the interpretation of these phenom¬ ena as results  ... 

Pupillometry: The Eyes Shed Fresh Light on the Mind

Matthias Hartmann, Martin H. Fischer
2014 Current Biology  
Pupil Size Reflects Visual Attention Naber et al. [8] introduce pupil frequency tagging as a powerful new method to track visual attention allocation on-line.  ...  Should this not be possible -for example in reading experiments where the beginning of a sentence is on the left side of the screen -then an interpretation of pupil size will be misleading.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cub.2014.02.028 pmid:24698378 fatcat:36f32dgvmjfzbmftms3tptibxq

Page 7 of The Journal of Finance Vol. 9, Issue 1 [page]

1954 The Journal of Finance  
Now, of course, that emphasis on avoiding the excesses on the up- swing of inflation sheds a little light on the interpretation of the Full  ...  Well, now, I present those four stages of the Federal Reserve Sys- tem just as a method of arranging that history as it sheds light on what we have today.  ... 

Corporate international diversification and the cost of equity: European evidence

Robert Joliet, Georges Hübner
2008 Journal of International Money and Finance  
Our framework sheds new light on how the CID of firms belonging to Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as the Consumer Cyclical, Consumer Non-Cyclical and Information Technology sectors, sometimes can  ...  This paper analyzes the impact of corporate international diversification (CID) on domestic and world betas through the notion of psychic distance between countries.  ...  This framework enables us to shed new light on the impact of CID on firms belonging to two countries (Sweden and UK), whilst also highlighting the impact on the Consumer Cyclical, Consumer Non-Cyclical  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jimonfin.2007.04.008 fatcat:nm4a55pcrrcj3o5jgklcbnumti


Harley Bergroth, Minna Saariketo
2020 Selected Papers of Internet Research, SPIR  
The analysis sheds light on the rhythms and beats that we interpret as illustrations of the 'technological unconscious' (Thrift & French, 2002).  ...  We bring our observations in dialogue with the contemporary critical arguments pointing to the design of products that are made as addictive as possible in the race for 'hijacking minds' and capturing attention  ...  Our observations shed light on the ways in which the technologies bent us into new rhythms.  ... 
doi:10.5210/spir.v2020i0.11171 fatcat:e4y76zi7cvfetgeqdpieluxemi

Page 192 of The Dublin Review Vol. 128, Issue [page]

1901 The Dublin Review  
It removes many obscurities, sheds new light on a vital truth, and gives an effective answer to some favourite current objections. J. Mcl. Compendium Hermeneutice Biblice. By Dr. Joannnes DoeELLER.  ...  To the last named we would call particular attention.  ... 

Towards an integrative view of cognitive biases in pain

D. M. L. Van Ryckeghem, T. Vervoort
2016 European Journal of Pain  
a lot of attention, whereas systematic research on interpretation bias and memory bias is only recently emerging. 1,3,4 While some evidence supports the existence of attention, interpretation and memory  ...  For example, a recent meta-analysis combining available research on attention bias indicated that effect-sizes for observed attention biases in chronic pain patients are small and show substantial heterogeneity  ...  While investigation of individual cognitive biases may shed light on their emergence or specific nature (e.g., time course of bias) as well as their unique impact on pain outcomes, the investigation of  ... 
doi:10.1002/ejp.913 pmid:27465357 fatcat:d6hnbyt6nfb2hookmtqtpaaunu

Page 380 of Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law Vol. 29, Issue 3 [page]

2004 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law  
But our per- spective on the public/private boundary can also shed light on the inter- pretation of broad aggregate analyses of the relationship between public and private shares of total health expenditure  ...  380 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law Interpreting the Effects of Shifts in the Public/Private Balance Considerations of the effect of parallel private systems on public-sector waiting lists,  ... 

Monetary Incentives Improve Performance, Sometimes: Speed and Accuracy Matter, and so Might Preparation

Kimberly S. Chiew, Todd S. Braver
2011 Frontiers in Psychology  
The diffusion model potentially sheds light on how such contributions change under incentive: i.e., whether incentive changes non-decision factors, such as stimulus encoding and response execution; the  ...  Emerging data from our laboratory is consistent with the idea that monetary incentives may have mixed effects on cognitive performance and attentional control (Chiew and Braver, 2010).  ...  The diffusion model potentially sheds light on how such contributions change under incentive: i.e., whether incentive changes non-decision factors, such as stimulus encoding and response execution; the  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00325 pmid:22084636 pmcid:PMC3210981 fatcat:mn2mxbnl25goflmuy7zu6mne7a

Page 400 of The Congregational Magazine Vol. 6, Issue [page]

1842 The Congregational Magazine  
The appointed ordinances of religion, no less than the doctrines and moral precepts, shed light on prophecy, and borrow light from it.  ...  Many minor uses of prophecy may be observed, but its one chief design is to glorify Christ, by awakening attention to him, and enforcing his claims on the confidence and esteem of mankind.  ... 

Page 36 of Psychological Monographs Vol. 16, Issue 2 [page]

1914 Psychological Monographs  
When the experiment was first undertaken it was thought possible that the results might shed light on the applicability of the Weber Fechner law in the temperature field.  ...  If the proferred interpretation of the results is correct, under the conditions of the experiment the only curve which could bear on the question is that for adaptation temperature 32.5° C. in Graph IV  ... 

Do breast implants after a mastectomy affect subsequent prognosis and survival?

Louise A Brinton
2005 Breast Cancer Research  
The interpretation of reduced mortality from breast cancer must be assessed in light of significantly reduced risks of death from most other causes.  ...  To shed further light on this issue, an investigation of effects within the context of breast cancer treatment trials seems warranted.  ...  Conclusion Although the results of this study shed some light on the mortality experience of women seeking reconstructive surgery after mastectomies, inabilities to account for a variety of factors that  ... 
doi:10.1186/bcr1003 pmid:15743512 pmcid:PMC1064123 fatcat:yrxckwmw6zehlcdyp4a374zxjm
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