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Long range internal stresses in single-phase crystalline materials

M.E. Kassner, P. Geantil, L.E. Levine
2013 International journal of plasticity  
The heterogeneities include dislocation pile-ups, edge dislocation dipole bundles and cell walls in monotonically and cyclically deformed materials.  ...  The existence of LRIS is especially important for the understanding of cyclic deformation and monotonic deformation.  ...  Non-LRIS explanation for BE In early work performed by Kassner et al. (1985) a nearly random dislocation arrangement (absent of subgrain and easily discernable cell walls) in monotonically deformed stainless  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijplas.2012.10.003 fatcat:d5z6h5db6bfxhpasmoxw4ju23y

Experimental study on thermal behavior of a building structure using rubberized exterior-walls

Bulent Yesilata, Husamettin Bulut, Paki Turgut
2011 Energy and Buildings  
Results in overall verify that scrap tire addition improves thermal protection of the room and it is a cost effective solution for people with low income and/or individuals living in rural areas.  ...  A standard/conventional room at identical dimensions but surrounded by ordinary concretes is also built to examine influence of scrap tire addition on room's thermal protection.  ...  ., during experimental phase of this work is also highly appreciated.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2010.09.031 fatcat:7rcedtiusnas5l7tugwv7zwvmu

Switchable hardening of a ferromagnet at fixed temperature

D. M. Silevitch, G. Aeppli, T. F. Rosenbaum
2010 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
The intended use of a magnetic material, from information storage to power conversion, depends crucially on its domain structure, traditionally crafted during materials synthesis.  ...  quantum tunneling of the domain walls and softens the magnet.  ...  This would result in a room temperature analog to LiHoF 4 , the parent compound of the material discussed in this work.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.0910575107 pmid:20133728 pmcid:PMC2840359 fatcat:nkbzulcwzbgi7i26i2vqi544ga

A pilot study on improving the absorptivity of a thick microperforated panel absorber

Kimihiro Sakagami, Masayuki Morimoto, Motoki Yairi, Atsuo Minemura
2008 Applied Acoustics  
In order to overcome the lack of appropriate strength required for room walls, it is possible to make an MPP out of a thick panel.  ...  of room walls.  ...  Acknowledgements The work was supported in part by a Kajima Foundation Scientific Research Grant.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apacoust.2006.09.008 fatcat:qkqtepoflbcltdq6u7yuxj3jw4

Essential Oil of Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) Wood Increases Salivary Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate Levels after Monotonous Work

Eri Matsubara, Yuko Tsunetsugu, Tatsuro Ohira, Masaki Sugiyama
2017 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
In this study, we established an experimental method to evaluate the effects of Japanese cedar wood essential oil on subjects performing monotonous work.  ...  Wood is a widely available plant material, and knowledge of the psychophysiological effects of inhalation of woody volatile compounds has grown considerably.  ...  Author Contributions: All of the authors listed in this work provided academic contributions to the development of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijerph14010097 pmid:28117719 pmcid:PMC5295347 fatcat:zmnhhx5tvzetxppi7id3j7zecm

Effects of reverberation on perceptual segregation of competing voices

John F. Culling, Kathryn I. Hodder, Chaz Yee Toh
2003 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
The levels of reverberation employed had no effect on speech intelligibility in quiet.  ...  Two experiments investigated the effect of reverberation on listeners' ability to perceptually segregate two competing voices. Culling et al. ͓  ...  INTRODUCTION Most research on the perceptual effects of reverberation on speech has concentrated upon its effects on the transmission of a single voice in quiet ͑Houtgast and Steeneken, 1985͒.  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.1616922 pmid:14650021 fatcat:tf5ienf525gghkijhw2pxtonce

VOCs emitted from Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) interior walls induce physiological relaxation

Eri Matsubara, Shuichi Kawai
2014 Building and Environment  
One of the characteristics of wood is volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which indicates the relaxant effects on human body.  ...  We found that the inhalation of air containing VOCs emitted from Japanese cedar interior walls suppresses the increase in salivary aamylase activity and chromogranin A secretion.  ...  The authors appreciate the men who participated in this study.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.buildenv.2013.10.023 fatcat:ogc3r7fk4vaq5gkx2frgk4djlu

Thermographic measurement and thermal stress analysis at the interface of external wall tile structure

Rilya Rumbayan, Thiti Mahaboonpachai, Takashi Matsumoto
2006 Journal of Applied Mechanics  
This paper presents a technique for measuring the temperature distribution of a wall tile structure in the thickness direction.  ...  on the side surface of the specimen.  ...  Tiles are one of the most commonly used finishing materials on the external walls of buildings in urban areas of Japan.  ... 
doi:10.2208/journalam.9.1069 fatcat:cm7u7u6735elfayssjquxja7fm

Cyclic tensile response of Mo-27 at% Re and Mo-0.3 at% Si solid solution alloys

X.J. Yu, K.S. Kumar
2016 Materials Science & Engineering: A  
%Re alloy with a recrystallized grain size of ~30 m was evaluated in the temperature range 25 o C to 800°Cat R=0.1 and stress range that was 80% of the ultimate tensile strength (UTS);a peak in fatigue  ...  The superior resistanceis attributed to the high density of dislocations within the material in this mostly unrecrystallized state rather than Si in solid solution.  ...  Acknowledgments This effort was supported by the Office of Naval Research (Contract No. N00014-00-1-0373), with Dr. David Shifler as the program monitor.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.msea.2016.08.114 fatcat:53dqnbtx3jff5mg4oxarx22rbm

Effect of dynamic strain aging on isotropic hardening in low cycle fatigue for carbon manganese steel

Zhi Yong Huang, Jean-Louis Chaboche, Qing Yuan Wang, Danièle Wagner, Claude Bathias
2014 Materials Science & Engineering: A  
Its isotropic hardening behavior observed from experiments has a hardening, softening and hardening evolution with the effect of dynamic strain aging.  ...  The steel is sensitive to dynamic strain aging in monotonic tensile test and low cycle fatigue test at certain temperature range and strain rate.  ...  Acknowledgments Cooperation with AREVA is gratefully acknowledged, especially the support of Professor T. Palin-Luc in ENSAM Bordeaux for the LCF experiments at high temperature.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.msea.2013.09.058 fatcat:7b4lawjeufehrnf3lr7j6erjt4

Indentation resistance of an aluminium foam

O.B. Olurin, N.A. Fleck, M.F. Ashby
2000 Scripta Materialia  
Acknowledgments The authors are grateful to DARPA/ONR for their financial support through MURI grant number N00014-1-96-1028 on the Ultralight Metal Structures project under sub-contract to Harvard University  ...  Tests were performed on a servo-hydraulic testing machine in displacement control at room temperature and at a rate of 0.08 mms Ϫ1 , and the load and the load-line displacement were recorded.  ...  The axisymmetric indentations were performed on the face of the plate. For all geometries, shallow indentations were performed on Alporas foam ( ϭ 8%) to a depth of about 10 mm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1359-6462(00)00519-4 fatcat:2nb5p543gndmhlbvb4nx42vxri

Nondestructive visualization of polyethylene glycol impregnation in wood using ultrashort echo time 3D imaging

Mika Mori, Shigehide Kuhara, Kuninori Kobayashi, Sinya Suzuki
2021 Journal of Cultural Heritage  
with a high spatial resolution, under specific temperature control of the material.  ...  , 80, and 100 wt.%, as well as archaeological wood impregnated with a 40 wt.% solution of PEG 40 0 0 at room temperature for about 4 years.  ...  These inferences are based on the fact that appropriate molecular weights and a long impregnation time result in a uniform impregnation of PEG in wood.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.culher.2021.05.008 fatcat:2kixzybdnvhppng2mxz3pnsi6e

Analysis of environmental and seasonal effects on sound absorption by green wall systems

Emmanuel Attal, Nicolas Côté, Takafumi Shimizu, Bertrand Dubus
2019 Proceedings of the ICA congress  
In this work, environmental (moisture content) and seasonal (leaves fall) effects on absorption coefficient are studied for a green wall system.  ...  Variation of absorption coefficient with moisture and porosity is provided for a green wall system composed of Japanese spindle and coconut peat.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Supports of this work by ADEME, Yncrea Hauts-de-France and "Hauts-de-France" region are greatly acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.18154/rwth-conv-239951 fatcat:epndngw3cbaink5x7phjwaiywe

Calibrated CFD simulation to evaluate thermal comfort in a highly-glazed naturally ventilated room

Magdalena Hajdukiewicz, Marco Geron, Marcus M. Keane
2013 Building and Environment  
of this work.  ...  The authors would also like to acknowledge the support of Science Foundation Ireland in funding the National Access Program at the Tyndall National Institute and Enterprise Ireland, which have funded aspects  ...  In this work, the quantitative grid verification could have been performed using the GCI method (Equation 4) only for two sensor locations where a monotonic convergence was observed (S1 and S6).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.buildenv.2013.08.020 fatcat:phigeogjxrepncdtbggxqj363m

Influence of input reflectance values on climate-based daylight metrics using sensitivity analysis

E. Brembilla, C.J. Hopfe, J. Mardaljevic
2017 Journal of Building Performance Simulation, Taylor & Francis  
Brembilla acknowledges the support of the EPSRC and industrial partner Arup (London, UK). Prof. Mardaljevic and Dr. Hopfe acknowledge the support of Loughborough University.  ...  Funding This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and by Arup London under Grant EP/K504476/1. ORCID E. Brembilla  ...  Room L3, which is the best performing one in terms of UDI-c (91%), results in the smallest variation range of all four classrooms (within ± 7%).  ... 
doi:10.1080/19401493.2017.1364786 fatcat:yklgzwfvybfzfjeoh2bcknubdi
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