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Page 28 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 76, Issue 1 [page]

1989 Psychological Abstracts  
The 2nd experiment revealed strong effects at vowel closure on the choice between word candidates terminating in different places of articulation.  ...  The effects remaining are said to be strongly affected by sound pressure level and frequency of the stimuli.  ... 

Temporal-Spatial Patterns of Wajima Shikki (Lacquer Ware) Artisans:

Satoshi SUYAMA
1995 Geographical review of Japan series B  
The author makes temporal-spatial analyses of the apprenticeship and migration patterns of skilled artisans in the Wajima shikki industry. The analyses lead to the following results.  ...  Therefore, the main function of apprenticeship shifted from "inheritance" of skill to "spread". Three migration patterns of artisans are extracted by the analysis of lifepaths.  ...  Even today, each process uses traditional methods. The wood body making process forms woods in ordered shapes.  ... 
doi:10.4157/grj1984b.68.23 fatcat:srpfdht5yzab7fiwuaasqka6s4

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of e-learning in Corporate Training Programs

Judith B. Strother
2002 International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning  
However, some firms that have spent large amounts of money on new e-learning efforts have not received the desired economic advantages. </P>  ...  In addition, many expenses - booking training facilities, travel costs for employees or trainers, plus employee time away from the job - are greatly reduced.  ...  While this is not an e-learning program, it does demonstrate the process of moving through the levels of evaluation, a process that would be equally applicable for the use of e-learning as the delivery  ... 
doi:10.19173/irrodl.v3i1.83 fatcat:v56zamryi5f5la6pxx6koqd3ve

From Cultural Heritage Preservation to Art Craft Education: A Study on Taiwan Traditional Lacquerware Art Preservation and Training

Chi-Sen Hung, Tien-Li Chen, Yun-Chi Lee
2021 Education Sciences  
In this structure, it reveals that the Lacquerware artist's way of thinking about the craft levels can echo the system of the Three Extremes of the Tao in the Book of Changes and divide the value levels  ...  of creation into the levels of tools of livelihood, way of living and philosophy of life.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/educsci11120801 fatcat:3tdvcyfyb5hyddufugfgrbigeq

Contribution of Paddy Production to Household Income in Farmer-Managed Irrigation Scheme Communities in Iringa Rural and Kilombero Districts, Tanzania

Devotha B. Mosha, Paul Vedeld, Josiah Z. Katani, George. C. Kajembe, Andrew K.P.R. Tarimo
2018 Journal of Agricultural Studies  
However, most smallholder farmers continue to use traditional irrigation schemes as if the difference in water use and crop yields between the two is insignificant.  ...  In spite of the poor and incomplete irrigation infrastructure, the paddy production contributed very significantly (73-80%) to the total annual household income of smallholder irrigators and somewhat more  ...  We also acknowledge anonymous reviewers, whose critical views helped in improving the quality of this article. ISSN 2166-0379 2018 Journal of Agricultural Studies  ... 
doi:10.5296/jas.v6i2.13147 fatcat:bopwysooxnen5lwytk6rwyjsem

The Relationship between English Writing Ability Levels and EFL Learners' Metacognitive Behavior in the Writing Process

Zu-Feng Wei, Hui-Fang Shang, Paul Briody
2012 International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development  
The finding of this study reveals that high-level writers make better use of metacognative behavior in the stages of planning as well as reviewing; however, there is no significant difference at the translating  ...  , and revising, during the process of writing.  ...  In terms of planning, students with different writing ability levels have different perceptions toward the process of generating ideas, making an outline, and considering reader's needs and the demands  ... 
doi:10.6007/ijarped/v1-i4/12012 fatcat:4hogmjtsl5dv7fd3rhw2pqflnq

Effects of Processing Time and Years of Experience on Pre-Bending Process for Bamboo Beam in Kyo-Chouchin (Japanese Lantern) Making Process

Yuka TAKAI, Mamoru KOJIMA, Shun KOJIMA, Masaki SAKATA, Mio ARAI, Tetsushi KOSHINO, Takashi YOSHIKAWA, Akihiko GOTO, Hiroyuki HAMADA
2011 Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering  
Specimens treated in Hone-tame process different amount of time were prepared.  ...  As a result, the Hone-tame process has effects which tensile strength of bamboo beam is evened up and bamboo hoop become true circle.  ...  Subjects Subjects are four people with a different experience of the Japanese lantern making.  ... 
doi:10.1299/jmmp.5.908 fatcat:x2gz4dackvhelm56jmhyot5zxi

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development in Employees: A Case Study of Zigron Corporation, Pakistan

Tayyaba Akram, Muhammad Jamal Haider, Muhammad Waqar Akram
2016 Humaniora  
Article sought to explore the potential role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the personal development of organizational employees and to find out the scope of emotional intelligence for personal development  ...  This study was qualitative in nature; however, to ensure the authenticity and generalizability of the results some quantitative analysis analyses were applied.  ...  This difference is basically due to the cultural and religious factors in Pakistan. Decision making is considered a very important part of an individual's life.  ... 
doi:10.21512/humaniora.v7i3.3582 fatcat:v5c5bms7xzemhbzv4fxxabfrju

Determination of Hydrogen in Liquid Steel by Use of Evacuated Quartz Tube Sampler with a Stainless Steel Lining

1980 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
Synopsis A new sampling method has been developed fo r the determination of hydrogen in liquid steel.  ...  Furthermore, some problems of sample preparation and blank determination which occurred in the analytical p rocedure of the new method have been investigated and a satisfactory p rocedure has been established  ...  Therefore, it is of vital importance that the b eh avior of hydrogen is accurately monitored throughout the steel making process, especially in the refining and the ingot-making processes, so that the  ... 
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.20.544 fatcat:3qiyp6apbngpzejfmo6i6b6ksq

Information Literacy (IL) in the Academic Context: Is There a Gap Between Employability Competencies and Student Information Literacy Skills? [chapter]

Jean-Philippe Accart
2018 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
on the collective decision-making processes that shape digital and information literacy in workplaces.  ...  How to be able to recognize information needs and identify, evaluate, and use information effectively in the workplace?  ...  Building librarians' health literacy skills and abilities is a lifelong process.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-74334-9_12 fatcat:2erdciaa2vaezpjofphallkjla


Yutaka MATSUNO, Tsuneo JIN, Toshio KUROSU, Kiyoshi YAGUCHI
1987 The Annual Report of Educational Psychology in Japan  
devising procedures taking advantage of the differences in the information process.  ...  This study concerned an investigation of the inner process of polishing a coordination between imagination and expression.  ... 
doi:10.5926/arepj1962.26.0_137 fatcat:vrscnjb3grckvoefb7uo5kgggu

An application of fuzzy-AHP to ship operational energy efficiency measures

E. Bal Beşikçi, T. Kececi, O. Arslan, O. Turan
2016 Ocean Engineering  
We applied the Analytic Hierarchy Process (Fuzzy-AHP) approach, one of multicriteria decision making (MCDM) techniques, to prioritize the weight of each measure.  ...  Fuzzy AHP effectively reflects the vagueness of human thinking with interval values, and shows the relative importance of operational measures -which can be the fundamental decision making data for decision  ...  Acknowledgement Elif BAL acknowledges support from Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) for a 2214/A-International Research Fellowship Programme and BAP-ITU(Scientific and Projects-ITU  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.oceaneng.2016.05.031 fatcat:7p2hvodavjgylnbhnjeb32lglm

Papers read at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society

1981 Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society  
Reservations A Reservation Card for the hotel is enclosed with this Program. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVA-TIONS PROMPTLY by returning the completed card to the hotel.  ...  Availability of rooms is guaranteed only to those whose cards are received by the hotel before October 20, 1981. Registration A registration desk will be available beginning late Wednesday afternoon.  ...  The subsequent recall and recognition performance has implications for word-picture differences as well as the effects of different processing levels. 2:55-3:10 (292) Hypermnesia: Effects of Encoding and  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03333565 fatcat:4zan2h7qwfdtnaxa2j5d2wdbwm

The VPL option for adults in Switzerland. Support on the pathway to a formal vocational qualification

Deli Salini, Patrizia Salzmann
2020 Zenodo  
Much policymaking, piloting and evolution has been done and is continuing on the added value of the learning outcomes approach in National Qualifications Frameworks (NQFs), the effectiveness of Human Resources  ...  And it is about the creative process of recognizing each other's successes, problems and solutions in 'the international VPLcommunity'.  ...  In addition, the level of skills and competences is defined based on the EQF.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5771727 fatcat:vm4e6obxgjclnp6wj2ai4xdpli

A variable passive low‐frequency absorber

Niels Werner Larsen, Eric R. Thompson, Anders Christian Gade
2005 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
The relative output levels of the speech and noise sources, resulting in different signal-to-noise level differences, were controlled, along with the reverberation.  ...  Five noise levels ͑35, 45, 55, 65, and 75 dBA͒ of 4 different types of noise were tested in the rooms.  ...  Thus, SWs can induce adverse effects in the kidney, but what we have learned about the mechanisms of SW action suggests strategies that could make lithotripsy safer and more effective. ͓  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.4785850 fatcat:fjm27kdi7vf5jmboifxktuegba
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