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Non-Markovian Effects on Overdamped Systems [article]

Eduardo dos S. Nascimento, Welles A. M. Morgado
2019 arXiv   pre-print
It is important to bear in mind that our result is consistent with the analysis present by Soares-Pinto and Morgado [16] .  ...  That result had already been obtained earlier by Cugliandolo and Kurchan [17] and studied in detailed by Soares-Pinto and Morgado [16] .  ... 
arXiv:1902.01356v1 fatcat:kxjzii2dzrgdvly2hxgmaa5mkm

Direct Link Aware Cooperative Relaying

Carlos Figuera, Eduardo Morgado, Antonio J. Caamano, Alfonso Cano
2006 2006 3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems  
Cooperative relaying strategies enable spatial diversity gains. Using a proper forwarding strategy, these techniques can achieve diversity order as high as the number of diverse paths. We derive a strategy named Direct Link-Aware Relaying (DLA), which uses the source-destination link status as a condition to forward or not the signal at the relay. DLA is shown to achieve full diversity and to save energy compared to decodeand-forward strategies. Compared to selective-forwarding, DLA overcomes
more » ... e use of error detection codes. Extension to the Multi-Branch case is developed. Simulations corroborate our analytical claims. I. INTRODUCTION As a result of the increasing development of wireless networks, the possibility of taking advantage of the distributed nature of this networks has aroused a great interest . The capability of enabling spatial diversity in the same means as multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems without using spatially separated antennas, can be achieved in these networks by using the idle nodes close to the transmitter and the receiver. This idle nodes enable different paths between the source node and the destination node, acting as relay nodes. If the information provided by the different paths can be properly mixed with the information transmitted by the source, diversity order proportional to the number of relays can be achieved. The greatest benefit of this cooperation is that no extra antenna is needed, so it can be implemented in small nodes. Three main strategies have been described which follows this key idea of cooperative relaying. If the relay can amplifyand-forward (AF) the analog waveform from the source, an optimum combination of both direct and relayed signals can be accomplished at the receiver [5] . The main drawback of AF is that it is needed to mitigate the RF coupling effects. Another strategy solves this problem by decoding and storing the information before retransmitting it, which is called decode-and-forward (DF) [4] . Simple DF does not achieve full diversity gain by itself. Lastly, if the relay only transmits the correctly decoded messages, the implementation is called selective-relaying (SF) [4] . The main limitation of this protocol is that an ideal cyclic redundancy check (CRC) code is needed. This paper describes a SF-based strategy that achieves full diversity order in general scenarios.
doi:10.1109/iswcs.2006.4362306 fatcat:74mx4luytjc6fb6rcce2ykm22y

Modal Shape Analysis Using Thermal Imaging

Jorge Henrique Bidinotto, Eduardo Morgado Belo
2015 Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management  
In recent years, advances in aeronautical engineering field include, among others, the development of increasingly lightweight and flexible materials, allowing better performance of systems in applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, photographic model airplanes, light weight aircraft etc. This progress, however, can cause difficulties in design and various types of tests, such as those performed in modal analysis, since the instrumentation weight and shape can influence the behavior of
more » ... ry light and aerodynamic structures. This paper proposes a new technique to perform modal analysis in simple structures, eliminating the use of accelerometers, which must be numerous in this type of analysis and have significant weight; the whole structure can be analyzed at the same time, and this is an advantage in comparison with other techniques as vibrometer laser, that analyses one point at a time. The technique in question makes use of infrared imaging, detecting, through the heat, the structure deformation, allowing the trace of its modal shape. For this, a theoretical analysis and a thermomechanical modeling of a known structure are performed, with subsequent test to be validated, and finally the conclusions and suggestions for future work are presented.
doi:10.5028/jatm.v7i2.450 fatcat:psbofc66irhwhna7boowoszz7i

A Method for Flutter Detection by Infrared Imaging

Jorge Henrique Bidinotto, Eduardo Morgado Belo
2020 Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management  
The performance enhancement of aircraft coupled with the development of increasingly lightweight and flexible materials has led designers to use smaller structural safety factors along the time, which can make aerodynamic surfaces more susceptible to aeroelastic phenomena, including flutter. This kind of occurrence must be carefully investigated by ground and flight tests during aircraft development and certification, which requires suitable instrumentation in order to predict the occurrence of
more » ... unwanted vibrations. The sensors in this kind of application must be less intrusive as possible, in order to not modify the dynamic or aerodynamic behavior of the system. This work proposes the use of infrared imaging as a tool for flutter detection, analyzing the suitability of the technique for this application. For this purpose, a literature review was performed by presenting infrared technology concepts; then, some preliminary tests were performed in a structure to predict flutter characteristics, and finally wind tunnel tests were executed in the same structure, validating this technique and highlighting its positive points and points that need improvement.
doi:10.5028/jatm.v12.1168 fatcat:sa3udn3ngzabvnlaxj656o6rd4

Digital image acquisition for ophthalmoscope

Taissa Pereira, Paulo Barbeiro, Joao Lemos, Miguel Morgado, Eduardo Silva
2012 2012 IEEE 2nd Portuguese Meeting in Bioengineering (ENBENG)  
Eduardo Silva pela ajuda prestada e por integrar no grupo de orientadores deste projecto.  ...  I dedicate my final project to my parents and sister. i AKNOWLEGMENTS Quero agradecer, em primeiro lugar, ao Professor Miguel Morgado por me ter ouvido, ajudado e aconselhado quando mais precisei.  ...  Miguel Morgado Physics Department, Coimbra University. Prof. Dr. Eduardo Silva, Ophthalmologist Coimbra Surgical Centre, Coimbra University Hospital.  ... 
doi:10.1109/enbeng.2012.6331383 fatcat:j7odt47xszhona5uawqacrorky

Correlações fenotípicas em características fisicoquímicas do maracujazeiro-azedo

Linhales Heloisa, Horst Bruckner Claudio, Magalhães dos Santos Carlos Eduardo, Dell'Orto Morgado Marcos Antônio
2010 Acta Agronómica  
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o grau de associação entre caracteres fisicoquímicas do maracujazeiro- azedo (Passiflora edulis), auxiliando assim os programas de melhoramento que utilizam a seleção indireta. Avaliou-se 1120 frutos colhidos em ensaio com 26 famílias de irmãos completos de maracujazeiro-azedo, nos quais mensuraram-se as seguintes características: número de frutos por planta (NF), produção estimada (PE), massa média do fruto (MF), massa média da casca (MC), massa média da
more » ... lpa (MP), comprimento médio do fruto (CF), diâmetro médio do fruto (DF), espessura média da casca (EC), teor médio de sólidos solúveis totais (SST), acidez total titulável média (ATT), e coloração da polpa (CP). A correlação entre número de frutos por planta com produção estimada por planta apresenta magnitude maior (rf = 0.92**) que a correlação massa do fruto com produção estimada (rf = 0.54**), indicando a maior contribuição do número de frutos por planta para obtenção de famílias mais produtivas. A correlação de maior magnitude foi comprimento do fruto com massa do fruto, indicando que a seleção de plantas com frutos pesados podem ser feitas diretamente no campo, a partir do comprimento do fruto.
doaj:05d6d0ba38194e699558f076619a6779 fatcat:md3pvpguyza6dmxkqz4wndcory

Prevalence of anogenital infection by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in users of immunobiological therapy

Eduardo Vinícius Mendes Roncada, Murilo de Oliveira Lima Carapeba, José Eduardo Levi, Marilda Aparecida Milanez Morgado de Abreu
2022 Research, Society and Development  
Objective: To compare the prevalence of anogenital infection by human papillomavirus (HPV) in immunobiological users being treated for immune-mediated chronic inflammatory diseases with that in non-users. Methodology: The total sample studied consisted of 228 participants divided into 2 groups: 114 users and 114 non-users of immunobiological, cytotoxic or corticosteroid therapy, with non-psoriasis dermatoses and non-HPV predisposing conditions. Both groups were evaluated clinically and by
more » ... rase chain reaction (PCR). Results: The prevalence of low-risk HPV in the immunobiological user and non-user groups was 8/49 (16,3%) and 3/29 (10,3%), respectively (p=0.524). The low-risk types found were HPV 6, 11, 40, 42 and 44. The prevalence of high-risk HPV was 23/114 (20,2%) in the users versus 21/114 (18,4%) in the non-users (p=0.737), distributed according to the following types: HPV 16 (3/228 – 1,3%), 18 (5/228 – 2,2%), and non-16/18 (36/228 – 15,8%). After pairing by sex and age, the prevalence of high-risk HPV was 13/62 (21,0%) and 8/62 (12,9%) for immunobiological users and non-users, respectively (p=0.231). Conclusion: The prevalence of anogenital HPV infection in patients with immune-mediated chronic inflammatory diseases treated with immunobiologicals is similar to that in non-users.
doi:10.33448/rsd-v11i3.26393 fatcat:6kikqmfxjnh2jp4737j2z66ovi

Distributed Double-Differential Modulation for Cooperative Communications Under CFO

Alfonso Cano, Eduardo Morgado, Antonio Caamano, Javier Ramos
2007 IEEE GLOBECOM 2007-2007 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference  
When a terminal is recruited to cooperate with other neighboring terminals, its channel state and carrier frequency offset (CFO) may be unknown to the destination. Under these circumstances, this paper considers the use of distributed double-differential (DD) modulation, which simplifies receiver implementation because it by-passes channel and CFO estimation. Two double-differential codecs are proposed transmitting: i) across orthogonal channels using time-division multiplexing, achieving rate
more » ... nd error performance similar to that of co-located multi-antenna DD systems; or ii) simultaneously, benefiting from the distinct CFOs across terminals and bypassing the need of ordering protocols. Both (i)-(ii) approaches are considered in adaptive-and selective-relaying cooperation protocols demonstrating that maximum spatial diversity is achievable. Simulations corroborate the theoretical error performance claims.
doi:10.1109/glocom.2007.652 dblp:conf/globecom/CanoMCR07 fatcat:774uxsvvvzdfhphd75b6lb5wki

Stationary properties of a Brownian gyrator with non-Markovian baths [article]

Eduardo dos S. Nascimento, Welles A. M. Morgado
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We investigate the stochastic behavior of a two-temperature Langevin system with non-Markovian thermal reservoirs. The model describes an overdamped Brownian particle in a quadratic potential and coupled to heat baths at different temperatures. The reservoirs are characterized by Gaussian white and colored noises and a dissipation memory kernel. The stationary states present non-trivial average rotational motion influenced by stochastic torques due to harmonic, friction and fluctuating thermal
more » ... orces. However, the Markovian limit leads to a vanishing average torque produced by fluctuating thermal forces. We also study the effects of memory on the stochastic heat and the entropy production in the steady-state regime.
arXiv:2002.07254v2 fatcat:54pbw7mepzgeni4j5xj23oy4za

Penile Angiokeratomas (PEAKERs): An Exceedingly Rare Clinical Variant

Jaime Piquero-Casals, Daniel Morgado-Carrasco, Juan Francisco Mir-Bonafé, Eduardo Rozas-Muñoz
2021 Dermatology Practical & Conceptual  
doi:10.5826/dpc.1104a121 pmid:35024230 pmcid:PMC8648428 fatcat:ebsgpn7y2nc2lbxdjoff6igt3q

Numerical methods for singular boundary value problems involving the p-laplacian

Pedro Lima, Luisa Morgado, Alberto Cabada, Eduardo Liz, Juan J. Nieto
2009 AIP Conference Proceedings  
In this work, we are concerned about a singidar boundary value problem for a nonlinear ordinary differential equation involving the N-dimensional p-laplacian. This equation may be considered as a generalized Emden-Fowler equation and arises in models of fliud mechanics, elasticity theory and other fields of physics. The main feature of the considered boundary value problem is that it has two singidarities at the endpoints of the considered interval.We analyze the asymptotic behavior of the
more » ... ions near these singidarities and propose computational methods that take this behavior into consideration. Numerical examples are presented and dicussed.
doi:10.1063/1.3142936 fatcat:fot2jzynffcd5f653zhm2ooe2y

Characterization of Royal Jelly by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Fingerprinting

Eduardo Morgado Schmidt, Ildenize Barbosa da Silva Cunha, Marcos Nogueira Eberlin
2015 Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques  
Royal jelly is an apicultural product, fed to the queen bee and consumed by humans as a health food and traditional medicine; hence its beneficial effects on human health have been the subject of several studies. Since royal jelly is obtained in small amounts and reaches a high market price, it is often adultered with other cheaper substances. since it is prone to degradation at room temperature, lyophilization is used to prolong its shelf life. Due to the complex composition of royal jelly,
more » ... eral different parameters need to be evaluated to determine of freshness, purity and quality; consuming an appreciable amount of sample and time. In this work, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) fingerprinting was carried out in the negative ion mode on a high resolution FT-ICR mass spectrometer; marker compounds were identified by comparison of their high resolution mass with data from literature. ESI-MS fingerprinting was capable of characterizing natural, lyophilized, degraded and adultered samples of royal jelly, and indicate marker compounds for each set of samples, with the aid of Principal Component Analysis. The complete analysis, from a simple extraction procedure to ESI (-)-MS fingerprinting, takes only a few minutes and consumes only 50 mg per sample. Therefore, large numbers of samples can be quickly evaluated for purity and freshness in a singleshot approach, while using small amounts of royal jelly per analysis.
doi:10.4172/mso.1000105 fatcat:xo4ul7tv7jeohcpr6jaf6at26y

Growth dynamics and allometric relationships of Passiflora species rootstocks

Marcos Antônio Dell'Orto Morgado, Claudio Horst Bruckner, Luciana Domiciano Silva Rosado, Carlos Eduardo Magalhães dos Santos
2017 Comunicata Scientiae  
Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) is characterized by being a tropical fruit, with significant production in Brazil, however the occurrence of diseases, especially fungal infections that affects the root system, has reduced its production. Some Passifloraceae species are reported as being resistant to these pathogens, which feature in potential rootstock for P. edulis cultivation in contaminated areas, although the patterns of growth and development of these species has not being
more » ... yet. Thus, the objective was to study the dynamics of growth and evaluate the dry matter distribution of passion fruit with potential rootstock use. Passiflora cincinnata, Passiflora mucronata, Passiflora giberti, Passiflora morifolia and Passiflora edulis (control) developed in polyvinyl chloride tubes of 100 mm in diameter and 150 cm in height, in order to assess plant height, leaf area, number of secondary roots, stem diameter, taproot lenght, root system volume, absolute growth rate, relative growth rate, net assimilation rate, leaf mass ratio and root mass ratio, at 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 105 days after transplanting. The species P. cincinnata, P. giberti and P. morifolia presented higher or similar growth rates than P. edulis for all evaluated characteristics, throughout the evaluation period. The root system of the species P. giberti and P. morifolia showed better distribution along the substrate. The species P. mucronata obtained lower growth than other species, both for the shoot and the root system.
doi:10.14295/cs.v8i1.1336 fatcat:f3np742n7fcinb3p75ppqngibq

Construção geométrica da órbita de Marte pelo método de Kepler

Bruno Eduardo Morgado, Vitorvani Soares
2015 Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física  
Recebido em 05/08/14; Aceito em 13/10/14; Publicado em 31/3/2015 Neste trabalho apresentamos o método de construção da órbita marciana em torno do Sol sugerida por Kepler, em 1605, a partir das medidas observacionais de posição deste planeta disponíveis na época. Mostramos que esta construção não é uma das tarefas mais simples e que a realização desse exercício se revela um bom instrumento didático ao colocar em evidência a dificuldade de escolher uma elipse de baixíssima excentricidade, no
more » ... r de uma circunferência, como a curva que descreve as órbitas planetárias em torno do Sol. Palavras-chave: órbita de Marte; método de Kepler. In this work we present the construction method of the martian orbit around the sun as suggested by Kepler in 1605, from the observational measurements of the position of this planet were available at that time. We show that this construction is not a simple task, and that exercise is a good teaching tool to make clear the difficulty of choosing an ellipse with very low eccentricity, instead of a circle, as the curve that describes the orbits of the planets around the sun.
doi:10.1590/s1806-11173711647 fatcat:a4iqk6csjfhjtjihngm7svn7dm

Playstation Thumb: Frictional Dermatitis Caused by Excessive Video Game Playing

Jaime Piquero-Casals, Daniel Morgado-Carrasco, Juan Francisco Mir-Bonafé, Eduardo Rozas-Muñoz
2020 Dermatology Practical & Conceptual  
An otherwise healthy 9-year-old boy presented with itching and painful lesions on both thumbs of 5 months' evolution. He had received treatment with high-potency topical corticosteroids with partial improvement. Physical examination showed erythema, lichenification and fissures on the tips of both thumbs (Figure 1 ). Patch testing was performed, with negative results. After exhaustive questioning, the parents stated that the child usually spent several hours per day playing video games. The boy
more » ... also admitted to being "addicted to PlayStation games." A diagnosis of frictional dermatitis was made. The lesions completely resolved following 2 weeks of forced abstinence from video gaming. Teaching Point Among the cutaneous manifestations of excessive video gaming, video gamer thumb or "playstation thumb" refers to the presence of hyperkeratosis, blisters, and petechiae on the tips of the thumbs [1]. Multiple cutaneous disorders can arise from excessive use of electronic devices [2], and a high index of suspicion is necessary to allow an early diagnosis.
doi:10.5826/dpc.1004a92 pmid:33150033 pmcid:PMC7588167 fatcat:xr2eou2uj5cm5deklfx32ofmve
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