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Edited Media Understanding: Reasoning About Implications of Manipulated Images [article]

Jeff Da and Maxwell Forbes and Rowan Zellers and Anthony Zheng and Jena D. Hwang and Antoine Bosselut and Yejin Choi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We present the task of Edited Media Understanding, requiring models to answer open-ended questions that capture the intent and implications of an image edit.  ...  Yet at the same time, the vast majority of media edits are harmless -- such as a filtered vacation photo.  ...  Our Task: Edited Media Understanding We introduce the new task of Edited Media Understanding, which focuses on holistically understanding an image edit through its context, intent, and likely implications  ... 
arXiv:2012.04726v1 fatcat:poju3v3c6vgdxgtbprc6egbs5i

Toward modeling the social edition: An approach to understanding the electronic scholarly edition in the context of new and emerging social media

R. Siemens, M. Timney, C. Leitch, C. Koolen, A. Garnett
2012 Literary and Linguistic Computing  
of a new social edition existing at the intersection of social media and the digital editing.  ...  This paper explores building blocks in extant and emerging social media toward the possibilities they offer to the scholarly edition in electronic form, positing that we are witnessing the nascent stages  ...  Toward understanding the scholarly edition in the context of new and emerging social media, this paper and its appendices offer an early engagement of pertinent issues and, ultimately, a utility-based  ... 
doi:10.1093/llc/fqs013 fatcat:yty7h2yr7fg6zhppq2ee5wojgu

Net Neutrality: Media Discourses and Public Perception

Christine Quail, Christine Larabie
2010 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
Finally, a discussion assesses the implications of the net neutrality debate as presented through media discourses, highlighting the future of net neutrality as an important policy issue.  ...  Following this discussion, an analysis of mainstream media is presented, exploring how the media represents the issue of net neutrality and whether or not the Internet is discussed through the lens of  ...  Most had never thought of the Internet this way, but after an explanation was given as to how to understand the Internet as a basic utility, discussion ensued about the implications of the Internet in  ... 
doaj:1714ae366f114d609738fae1733fd4a4 fatcat:lrozjlj2mjgeddhyipg2u2u6hi

Media Consumption Patterns and Communicative Competence of University Students

Abel A. Grijalva Verdugo, Rosario Olivia Izaguirre Fierro
2014 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
The concept of media competence arises in the last decade to describe audiovisual education levels of citizens, the interaction of individuals with complex media environments, and the effects of the screens  ...  In that sense, the results of this work allow to establish a relationship between screen consumption patterns of university students and the media contents.  ...  Both are manipulative 35 None of them is manipulative 7 In both figures, a kind of critical awareness can be perceived about the role students consider media play in their lives.  ... 
doaj:698220c507bc4765ace8a61b356ebc77 fatcat:pp7dnrk24fc2lphwv3rbkfveli

Environmental Aesthetics: Socio-Territorial Conflicts throughout Media, edited by Christiane Wagner

Christiane Wagner
2022 Zenodo  
Hence, it is not only about the image itself and its description but rather its effects on culture, in which reciprocity is involved.  ...  The images relate to the cultural changes and their time-space significance—the spirit of the time.  ...  These questions not only aim to open new perspectives on media practices, but also to contribute to create space for discussion about alternative ways of understanding the relationship between human beings  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6808611 fatcat:andoxc3m4fdzpnobgiwm3mfumq

How Online Access Changed Amateur Video Editing

Benjamin Eugster
2014 Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Film and Media Studies  
This will open the discussion about intertextual strategies of media appropriation to an aesthetic and praxeological analysis of media interaction.  ...  The paper will show how the experience and navigation of digital interfaces (editing software, media players, or homepages) affect the design and practice of these video-remixes.  ...  Uncovering this context of digital media was one of the main reasons for interviewing the users from a media biographical perspective.  ... 
doi:10.1515/ausfm-2015-0005 fatcat:pfnq7hb5pbg4lne3ddvhyaqrum

Media, mediation and the war in Iraq: from broken to non-existent mirrors

Marietjie Myburg
2011 Global Media Journal: African edition  
Media theory, says McQuail (2005:5) is an effort to 'make sense of observed reality'. The 'observed reality' of war is layered with themes of power, politics and culture on several levels.  ...  :83) have been compromised by political, ideological and, on the side of the global media networks, economic agendas.  ...  They told him the reason they came to listen to him was 'because they did not feel they were getting the real news about Iraq from television'.  ... 
doi:10.5789/2-1-37 fatcat:j7zxnazjg5ei7dc35ffgfgki6e

Understanding videowork

David Kirk, Abigail Sellen, Richard Harper, Ken Wood
2007 Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems - CHI '07  
This has implications for how we conceive of and devise tools to support these practices, as we discuss.  ...  Analogous to a similar study of photowork [13], the goal is to provide a deeper understanding of what people currently do with video technologies, balancing the preponderence of techno-centric work in  ...  for fruitful discussion of the work.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1240624.1240634 dblp:conf/chi/KirkSHW07 fatcat:35wgznkoyrfr7m2xnimzpz7qgy

The Question of Ethics: What Options for the Translator?

Abdelkarim El Amari
2016 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
It also negotiates the impossibility of equivalence between languages, and to this effect, it capitalizes on the role of the translator as a cultural mediator.  ...  This paper discusses the efficiency of the translation process within Berman's theoretical framework, stressing the task and responsibility of the translator within the translating process wherein the  ...  Considering the complexity of translation as a process and the moral responsibility of the translator as a mediator, an elaboration of clear ethical rule(s) is necessary to avoid the blur that interpretation  ... 
doaj:55945a59322c42739d6bc0ee4b4a91f2 fatcat:7vwmsbwbnbev7g53guuxwiulkm

Media and Propaganda: The Northcliffe Press and the Corpse Factory Story of World War I

Randal Marlin, Joachim Neander
2010 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
Also, official repudiation of the story in 1925 encouraged later disbelief when early reports circulated about the Holocaust under Hitler, thus contributing to the early lack of response by nations asked  ...  Demonization of Germans was an early feature of British propaganda in World War I, with numerous atrocities reported in the Bryce Report, 1915.  ...  An excellent film by Australian film-maker Taki Oldham, [Astro]Turf Wars, describes the backing of groups like the Tea Party by corporations that stand to gain from popular opposition to government regulation  ... 
doaj:36cbf8ef544944dcb0c319b9fc7fdd5e fatcat:gse6hf2ncjdohkkgtszwi6fqhm

How to Accumulate National Capital: The Case of the "Good" Muslim

Krista Melanie Riley
2009 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
Through tracing the different understandings of "Muslim" and "Canadian" identities and an examination of articles printed in The National Post, this paper argues that this accumulation occurs in three  ...  main ways, with portrayals of the "good" Muslim as a patriotic Canadian, as an object of threat from other Muslims and as a protector of oppressed Muslim women.  ...  and manipulating for their own gain.  ... 
doaj:c5613e13dbdd4fb2985ada7fef45c2a4 fatcat:pawt5da6yzhajpx426bkgpyfxm

Representing, Narrating, and Translating the Syrian Humanitarian Disaster in The Guardian and The New York Times

Fadi Jaber
2016 Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
The relationship between translation and representation of the Other in the global media and news texts raises ethical questions about translation and textual manipulation.  ...  Many scholars have attempted to understand certain aspects of translation and its fundamental role in constituting reality and representing the Other during media news coverage of international events.  ...  The relationship between translation and representation of the Other in the global media and news texts raises ethical questions about translation and textual manipulation.  ... 
doaj:7143cad8dbb04caa8b87b101c7cea210 fatcat:t42grpiphnh3fbezibcemj3nna

Cinematography and character depiction

William Francis Nicholson
2011 Global Media Journal: African edition  
The outcome is an accessible and systematised foundation for film makers to consult as an entry point into understanding the relationship between character depiction and cinematography: "Cinematography  ...  The knowledge is organised under the three main headings of lighting, camera view point and the camera's mode of perception.  ...  There are some practical reasons for choices about camera height, for example a "slightly lower angle… allows the camera to get a better look into the actor's eyes, which is, in film, a powerful way of  ... 
doi:10.5789/4-2-6 fatcat:zz3cxplkgjdsdaaudopzavece4

The Logic of Political Media Scandals in Japan and the Case Study of Ozawa Ichirō

Igor Prusa
2012 Global Media Journal : German Edition  
plethora of literature on scandals in the west, but a detailed media discourse analysis of Japanese scandals is still lacking in academia worldwide.  ...  Secondly, we will illuminate how the mass media take active part in processing political issues in Japan, where as anywhere else in the media-saturated modern industrial world politicians significantly  ...  For example in November 2007, he argued that most of the mainstream media purposely manipulated the public opinion by a "scandalous" report about an alleged plot to form a grand coalition government of  ... 
doaj:6a130782fab64dbbb673c17cf0c168e6 fatcat:k5vz56eu6jfftpp3ij275gv2hu

A critical and functional analysis of the mirror metaphor with reference to the media's responsibility towards society

Zigi Ekron
2011 Global Media Journal: African edition  
The metaphor suggests the media and its contents are merely a reflection of reality.  ...  Instead it proposes a move towards pluralism of the media as a means to address the needs of diverse and multicultural societies.  ...  About the media as a mirror McQuail (2005:83) says: As a mirror of events in society and the world, implying a faithful reflection (albeit with inversion and possible distortion of the image), although  ... 
doi:10.5789/2-1-36 fatcat:2jfx5jvcdvhjjiv5zcqfrcaxaq
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