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Application of Ecological Informatics [chapter]

M.J. Dreyfus-Leon, M. Scardi
2008 Encyclopedia of Ecology  
of appropriate 'ecological informatics' techniques (see Ecological Informatics: Overview).  ...  Success through Communication and Engagement Summary Further Reading Ecological Informatics | Application of Ecological Informatics Ecological Informatics | Application of Ecological Informatics  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-008045405-4.00156-7 fatcat:jyooqlysgjbstan42lawxqyi6e

Biologically-inspired machine learning implemented to ecological informatics

Young-Seuk Park, Tae-Soo Chon
2007 Ecological Modelling  
We also would like to thank Professor Friedrich Recknagel, Editor-in-Chief of Ecological Informatics, for his active support of the conference.  ...  Special thanks are extended to Professor Sven Erik Jørgensen, Editor-in-Chief of Ecological Modelling for publication of the manuscripts submitted to ISEI4.  ...  The effort for achieving universality in ecological informatics would continue to the next conference of the International Society for Ecological Informatics in Santa Barbara on December 5-8, 2006 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2006.05.039 fatcat:fhyb6zcjavbzhct646alssdqom

Editorial: Wetland Informatics - Ecological Network Design and Implementation

Z. F. Yang
2013 Journal of Environmental Informatics  
From August 27 to 29, 2010, we co-organized the biennial international conference on Ecological Informatics and Ecosystem Conservation with the International Society for Environmental Information Sciences  ...  The symposia organized at this conference were a good reflection of the topics on how to make effective use of the wetland ecological network, which provided a basis for comparable and systematic information  ... 
doi:10.3808/jei.201300226 fatcat:ek7daixf6nfvno5jdtluy2ukai

Eco-informatics: The Encouragement of Ecological Data Management [chapter]

Muhammad Arhami, Anita Desiani, Munawar, Raisah Hayati
2018 Proceedings of MICoMS 2017  
Research Limitations/Implications -Eco-informatics is one of the options to manage the data, settings, and transform it into information and knowledge.  ...  Purpose -The purpose of this research is to study the ecological developments that are growing rapidly and are complemented by technological developments that make ecology a discipline which is able to  ...  Eco-informatics Eco-informatics, sometimes written as eco-informatics or ecological informatics is a governance arrangement and analysis of ecological information and as a facility for research on the  ... 
doi:10.1108/978-1-78756-793-1-00007 fatcat:adpccpfsuzexzb7pp3y4yz6tze

Ecological informatics as an advanced interdisciplinary interpretation of ecosystems

Tae-Soo Chon, Young-Seuk Park
2006 Ecological Informatics  
Spatial models were also developed on a lattice space in ecological informatics.  ...  Establishment of ecological informatics After the pioneering works on artificial neural networks, the learning techniques in informatics have been implemented to ecological sciences through supervised  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2006.02.007 fatcat:yc4oooomyzfbfoceet7uwgglo4

Current Scope, Case Studies and Future Directions of Ecological Informatics

F. Recknagel
2013 Journal of Environmental Informatics  
areas of ecological informatics.  ...  Ecological data management, analysis and synthesis as well as information processing and transfer in ecology are considered feature areas of ecological informatics.  ...  Ecological informatics currently undergoes the process of consolidation as a discipline.  ... 
doi:10.3808/jei.201300227 fatcat:fwr2yf65vrbddl66ozrtstfhm4

Spatial ecology and conservation

Mark O'Connell
2013 Ecological Informatics  
Ecological Informatics 14 (2013) 1 Spatial Ecology and Conservation Environmental gradients in latitude, elevation, soil moisture, nutrient availability, etc., generate nonuniform and non-random spatial  ...  The meeting brought together an international field of over 200 ecological scientists, practitioners and conservationists to review, discuss and evaluate the latest advances in spatial ecology and associated  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2013.01.002 fatcat:od6dg5jinbavponpxuqckjtsua

Ecological data sharing

William K. Michener
2015 Ecological Informatics  
Large volumes of ecological data may be readily available through institutions or data repositories that are the most comprehensive available and can serve as the core of ecological analysis.  ...  ., taxonomic data and museum specimens), but has emerged relatively recently in the ecological sciences.  ...  NCEAS developed an informatics staff that assisted the working groups in manipulating, documenting, analyzing and preserving the data brought to the Center.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2015.06.010 fatcat:2e7s27jxondlxkcxkvojwcp7b4

Ecological informatics by means of neural, evolutionary and object-oriented computation [chapter]

F. Recknagel, H. Cao
2009 Handbook of Ecological Modelling and Informatics  
Their applications in the context of ecological informatics suit well the nature of complex ecological data in achieving adaptive solutions.  ...  Introduction One distinctive feature of ecological informatics is the application of bio-inspired computation such as artifi cial neural networks (ANN), evolutionary algorithms (EA) and object-oriented  ... 
doi:10.2495/978-1-84564-207-5/09 fatcat:zg6ehbpl4je5pcxjp2bsuy67ja

An overview of recent remote sensing and GIS based research in ecological informatics

D.S. Boyd, G.M. Foody
2011 Ecological Informatics  
This article provides an overview of some of the recent research in ecological informatics involving remote sensing and GIS.  ...  This paper serves as a review of some of the recent developments in GIS and remote sensing that have been or promises to be of benefit to ecological informatics.  ...  Accuracy assessment or validation is thus a fundamental issue in ecological informatics.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2010.07.007 fatcat:ecpp2jq2i5fd3b6bznorruhnxq

Infochemicals structure marine, terrestrial and freshwater food webs: Implications for ecological informatics

Matthijs Vos, Louise E.M. Vet, Felix L. Wäckers, Jack J. Middelburg, Wim H. van der Putten, Wolf M. Mooij, Carlo H.R. Heip, Ellen van Donk
2006 Ecological Informatics  
We consider implications for ecosystem management and indicate how classical models and novel approaches from ecological informatics may contribute to linking the levels of individuals, populations and  ...  Novel approaches in the field of ecological informatics will greatly contribute to such synthesis.  ...  We hope that the field of ecological informatics will bring together people, insights and perspectives from ecology and the computational sciences.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2005.06.001 fatcat:p5gtuog6qrckvazoc6gn77gwqm

Making Spatial Ecology Relevant and Accessible to Conservation

Mark O'Connell
2015 Ecological Informatics  
It was in this context that an international conference Spatial Ecology & Conser-vation was held in June 2014.  ...  Importantly, the discussions were geared towards the identification of current gaps in spatial ecology, future needs and a range of potential solutions.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2015.11.002 fatcat:rxu6figgh5hyblbugveo7eonam

Methods for facilitating web-based participatory research informatics

Brent Pedersen, Faith Kearns, Maggi Kelly
2007 Ecological Informatics  
As this "participatory research informatics" model, which includes elements of collaborative research, public participation, and digital data libraries, becomes the norm, new approaches to dynamic data  ...  The approach described here is particularly well suited to large, spatiallyspecific ecological datasets because it can be used to facilitate the "real-time" editing and display of visual data such as web-maps  ...  This type of "participatory research informatics"-where multiple participants both generate and use information-is becoming increasingly commonplace in ecology.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2007.02.003 fatcat:bfdcn376snf25mvdpmk4f4wk6a

Application of wavelet analysis to ecological data

Eungchun Cho, Tae-Soo Chon
2006 Ecological Informatics  
Ecological data are difficult to analyze due to complexity residing in the ecological systems with the variables varying in non-linear fashion.  ...  Wavelets are well suited for building mathematical models of ecological data and the statistical analysis of combined effects of complex factors in ecological network.  ...  Introduction Ecological data need to be analyzed in order to obtain information necessary for understanding ecological processes and to build a model of the ecological process that we are interested in  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2006.05.001 fatcat:ahfece6la5h4tei4rx4r6ckyoy

Informatics software for the ecologist's toolbox: A basic example

J.B. Williams, N.L. Poff
2006 Ecological Informatics  
Machine learning techniques for ecological applications or "eco-informatics" are becoming increasingly useful and accessible as software for these techniques becomes more readily available.  ...  Complex ecological data sets with a multitude of variables are also increasingly available.  ...  New advances in computation sciences have led to the availability of "informatics tools" for ecological applications.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2006.03.007 fatcat:qigk4y3brzd3zoug3eou4vpn3a
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