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Page 31 of Leslie's Weekly Vol. 44, Issue 1120 [page]

1877 Leslie's Weekly  
Editor’s Library Table. i Echoes of the Press. " April March—Christ the Lord is Risen To-day, ENGRAVINGS, Ceremony of Baptism, Greek Church, Russia. Bishop of the Greek Church. Smolnoi Convent, St.  ...  A. Dunn, Elizabeth, NJ. 2 EXTRA FINE MIXED © ARDS, with name, , 10 cts, postpaid. Union Carp Co., Nassau, N. Y. 4 Elegant Visi iting Cc ards, 9 tints, with name 10c.  ... 

Page 263 of The Souvenir Vol. 2, Issue 33 [page]

1829 The Souvenir  
A magnificent flight of} | steps led to the spacious portico, which was} supported by the most elegant Corinthian pil. } lars, and paved with the most costly mosaic; and, in perfect accordance with this  ...  desert, with no trace of food, or cultivation, or inhabitant. screamed with terror and disappointment. casthis jewels upon the earth; he wrung his hands, and the desolate echoes of his voice re sounded  ... 

Page 362 of None Vol. 7, Issue 178 [page]

1848 None  
Scott differed entirely from a celebrated poet, who was induced, just a year after, to undertake the editorship of the New Monthly Magazine, an office for which it may be said, with all due venera- tion  ...  In 1820 Lams became associated with the | London Magazine, in the pages of which ap- | peared his charming “ Essays,” and which ' then numbered among its contributors some of the finest intellects of the  ... 

Page 681 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 3082 [page]

1886 The Athenaeum  
CHRIST and the HEROES. of HEATHENDOM. By the Rev. JAMES WELLS, Author of ‘ Bible Echoes. Crown 8vo. with 5 Illustrations, cloth boards, 3s. 6d.  ...  The WIT and WISDOM of THOMAS FULLER. | | With Portrait. FZ London ‘Mission, , Tamatave. trations from Origins! 18 and P' 12. The JERUSALEM SINNER SAVED, and The HEAVENLY FUOTMAN, By JOHN BUNYAN.  ... 

UnRomantic Authorship: The Minerva Press and the Lady's Magazine, 1770–1820

Jennie Batchelor
2020 Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840  
She is the author of several articles on law and emotions, including: (with David Lemmings) 'Narratives of Feeling and  ...  Amy Milka is a researcher in eighteenth-century history, literature and culture at the University of Adelaide.  ...  enduring and hard-won virtues of wisdom the magazine espouses.  ... 
doi:10.18573/romtext.73 fatcat:vlvga3njyvdknbquffaot3ufwu

Page 1 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 22, Issue 31 [page]

1851 Evangelist and Religious Review  
Such a promise cannot be lawfully made, or law- they awaken no echo in the public sense of right, tice.  ...  - the impress of unquestionable wisdom, but who are of his infinite mind.  ... 

Page 315 of Catholic Educational Review Vol. 5, Issue 40 [page]

1831 Catholic Educational Review  
Though (to change the figure) many a one shines through the crowd with the native light of intelligence and hon- esty, and sheds its beams of wit and wisdom upon the loeal subjects of the town or village  ...  est thou ¢ ** Beloved of my heart S; sald she, embracing him, ‘ besa © proverb which says that man is worth | heW Magazine, specimen of improved type, and— | but here comes Peter from the post-office with  ... 

William Hymers and the Editing of William Collins's Poems, 1765–97

Sandro Jung
2011 English Studies: A Journal of English Language  
of their series of 'Elegant Pocket Editions'.  ...  By the early s, the eclogues had been published in Vicesimus Knox's Elegant Extracts (), the Lady's Poetical Magazine,  (), Roach's Beauties (), and e English Anthology ().  ... 
doi:10.1080/0013838x.2011.604915 fatcat:qu6cmy7ykfg3to46ymoqgb6ltu

Page 2 of Zion's Herald Vol. 57, Issue 11 [page]

1880 Zion's Herald  
. ‘* Aunt Hetty’s Story ” was a sad one, told by the cruel sea. ‘* The Editor’s Table” and ‘ Lit- erature” close this very pleasant and interesting magazine.  ...  The volume will be read both with interest and amusement at the naiveté of the writer. FRIENDS, by Translated by Magazines.  ... 

Page 379 of Zion's Herald Vol. 56, Issue 48 [page]

1879 Zion's Herald  
Presby, contains with other ex- cellent matter an historical sketch of the Churches in Hillsborough Centre, from tne editor’s pen.  ...  THE LIVING AGE is a weekly magazine giving more than THREE and a QUARTER THOUSAND double-column octavo pages of reading-matter yearly.  ... 

Page 7 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 60, Issue 50 [page]

1889 Evangelist and Religious Review  
The Christmas Double Number of the Eng¬ lish Illustrated Magazine contains nearly 140 pages, with upwards of 80 illustrations. Send 30 cents for sample copy to the Publishers.  ...  “Bosselos” has been almost a world-famous tale ever since 1769, when it was first published, in this now edi¬ tion the publishers have sought to combine unpretentioqs elegance with Inexpensiveness.  ... 

The Editorial Miscellany

M. Dodsworth
1982 English  
But partly because the anthology is full of inferior stuff by unknown magazine-writters.” He worked it off in ‘a savage little review for the Herald’, with the title ‘Activity of the English Ass’.  ...  Reading his work one is aware at all times that an editor’s work is integral to the realisation of a humanist idea in education.  ... 
doi:10.1093/english/31.141.282 fatcat:sroizfwr6rfijhjuarmwzdiyr4

Page 1 of Maine Farmer Vol. 45, Issue 19 [page]

1877 Maine Farmer  
George Hammond aged over seventy years, was killed by the morning train on the Trunk near Lewiston i fF f { li Editor’s Table. | THE MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN LUistory Fight «f the Revointion, by Cc mmodore  ...  A gen- tleman, who was then among the Mormons in Echo Canyon, and is now residing in San Francisco, saw a squad of eight or ten of the teamsters under Mormon escort ou their way westward.  ... 

Page 2 of National Era Vol. 10, Issue 486 [page]

1856 National Era  
The Magazine may be obtained of book sellers, periodical agents, or frém the publishers, at three dollars a year, or twenty-five cents a number.  ...  Mantilia — _This Number closes the Twelfth Volume and i Year of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, with 5 hea - ordinary issue of One Hundred and Sixty ‘Thousand Cop- ies.  ... 

Page 5 of The Independent Vol. 20, Issue 1047 [page]

1868 The Independent  
It is a book with a good deal of a peculiar kind ef hu- mor in it, which sounds like a memory or an echo of Jean Paul, and makes one like the author himself better than his charac- ters.  ...  Some of the engravings are ‘\ardly in keeping with the otherwise elegant finish of the book. n a beea —Given the whole corps of contributors for the Atlantic and the Young Folks ; add the pens of the most  ... 
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