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Dynamic Measurement of Large Displacement Using Heterodyne Laser Interferometry

Yasuhide TAKAHASHI, Keisaku AKIZUKI, Mataichiro KISO, Seiichi MURASE, Naoki HASEGAWA
1998 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
Teramoto and K.Iwata : Optical Interferometry for Nanometer Measurement of a Large Step,J. Jpn Soc. Prec. Eng., 28, 1, (1994) 64. 7  ... 
doi:10.2493/jjspe.64.1132 fatcat:kvdazeac7ndcni5cgf44noxz6u

Dynamic Measurement of Very Small Angular Motions Using Heterodyne Laser Interferometry

Yasuhide TAKAHASHI, Mataichiro KISO, Kenzi HATTORI, Koichi IWATA
1994 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
With these techniques, very small and dynamic angular motions of a linear motor were precisely measured in the directions of pitching and yawing with wide dynamic ranges.  ...  In this study, laser interferometry technique was utilized, noting on the fact that angular motions can be measured by detecting differential path length change between two parallelly spaced optical paths  ...  59,5(1993)755. 6) P.Greier,N.Bobroff,W.T.EstlerandY.H.Queen:Comparison of Angle Measuring Interferometers and Autocollimators, Fig Fig. 12 Measurement result under friction ResidualErrors in Laser Interferometry  ... 
doi:10.2493/jjspe.60.1345 fatcat:xdhq5viwzffp7evc2a7c3fpvj4

Digitaiization of Dynamic Measurement of Nanometer-order Displacement Using Heterodyne Laser Interferometry

2002 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
参 考 文 献 (1)中 山 貫,津 田展 宏,田 中 充:ナ ノ メー タオ ー ダ の 計 測 技 術 の現 状 と将 来,精 密 工 学 会 誌 3 ( (5) Y.Takahashi, M.Kiso, T.Ishii H.Teramoto and K.Iwata: Optical Interferometry for Nanometer Measurement of a Large Step  ... 
doi:10.2493/jjspe.68.1436 fatcat:i62wgzvhfbde3f4dwhtzyfpism

Optical Methods In Engineering Measurements

H. J. Tiziani, William F. Fagan
1986 Optics in Engineering Measurement  
holographic interferometry The principle was discussed in heterodyne interferometry /1/ .  ...  For the fringe analysis in interferometry for testing optical components the different methods can be classified into static and dynamic methods.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.952346 fatcat:rfoobcsoqredbhhcikqxx4jdzy

Phase-Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors: Recent Progress and Future Prospects

Shijie Deng, Peng Wang, Xinglong Yu
2017 Sensors  
To date, several methods have been developed for SPR phase interrogation, including heterodyne detection, polarimetry, shear interferometry, spatial phase modulation interferometry and temporal phase modulation  ...  interferometry.  ...  Interferometry Interferometry is a widely used optical phase measurement method that provides an important advantage over other phase detection techniques (e.g., ellipsometry, heterodyning) in that it  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17122819 pmid:29206182 pmcid:PMC5751602 fatcat:kqem4nw56vewjnmbsewirpki64

High Precision Optical Surface Topometry

H. J. Tiziani
1993 Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für physikalische Chemie  
Two-Wavelength Heterodyne Interferometry Two-wavelength heterodyne interferometry can overcome some of the drawbacks of classical interferometry.  ...  The heterodyne signals Ih(t) are where (16) In double heterodyne interferometry two laser wavelengths and two heterodyne frequencies are used simultaneously.  ... 
doi:10.1002/bbpc.19930971225 fatcat:k62wpuyefnc4bfvp4ectjgvkw4

Real-Time Heterodyne Interferometry with Correlation Image Sensor [chapter]

Akira Kimachi
2012 Interferometry - Research and Applications in Science and Technology  
Heterodyne Interferometry with Correlation Image Sensor Real-Time Heterodyne Interferometry with Correlation Image Sensor  ...  The real-time heterodyne SPI system for in-plane deformation in Figure 7 (a) was employed for monitoring an object under dynamic deformation.  ... 
doi:10.5772/36253 fatcat:j3fxetzt6nafrdkn4wiquqe7ae

Holographic Contouring of Near Crack Tip Displacements [chapter]

Carol Lebowitz
1989 Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation  
Figure 2 - 2 Arrangement for quasi-heterodyne holographic interferometry.  ...  Quasi-heterodyne holographic interferometry, shown tobe accurate to better than 1/100 of a fringe [2] , was used with digital image processing techniques to contour the region of interest.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4613-0817-1_228 fatcat:ct2siqenxfa2dmrcdnoqnezo6i

Experimental comparison of autodyne and heterodyne laser interferometry using an Nd:YVO_4 microchip laser

Olivier Jacquin, Eric Lacot, Wilfried Glastre, Olivier Hugon, Hugues Guillet de Chatellus
2011 Optical Society of America. Journal A: Optics, Image Science, and Vision  
LOFI interferometry is demonstrated to show higher performances than heterodyne interferometry for a wide range of laser power and detection level of noise.  ...  Using a Nd:YVO4 microchip laser with a relaxation frequency in the megahertz range, we have experimentally compared a heterodyne interferometer based on a Michelson configuration with an autodyne interferometer  ...  In this paper, we refer to autodyne laser interferometry when the heterodyne wave mixing takes place inside the cavity of the laser source, while we speak about heterodyne laser interferometry when the  ... 
doi:10.1364/josaa.28.001741 pmid:21811337 fatcat:ftxgdcirmbandax5fmsr73w7fq

Nanometer positioning accuracy over a long term traveling stage based on heterodyne interferometry

I. Naeim, S. Khodier
2012 International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering  
A stabilized low power dual-frequency laser heterodyne interferometer (ZMI-1000A) designed to measure linear and angular displacement with nominal measurement resolution 1.24 nm and 0.0025 arcsec, respectively  ...  Heterodyne interferometry is inherently more accurate than standard interferometry because it is less sensitive to intensity noise [2, 3] .  ...  We have performed an uncertainty analysis of the in-plane displacements measured by heterodyne interferometry.  ... 
doi:10.1051/ijmqe/2012013 fatcat:iqmglivhlzcareotshb5dyjsie

Control and tuning of a suspended Fabry–Perot cavity using digitally enhanced heterodyne interferometry

John Miller, Silvie Ngo, Adam J. Mullavey, Bram J. J. Slagmolen, Daniel A. Shaddock, David E. McClelland
2012 Optics Letters  
We present the first demonstration of real-time closed-loop control and deterministic tuning of an independently suspended Fabry-Perot optical cavity using digitally-enhanced heterodyne interferometry,  ...  For these reasons, readouts based on the newly developed digitally-enhanced heterodyne interferometry (DEHI) technique [9] are of great interest to the gravitational-wave community.  ...  Fig. 3 . 3 (Colour online) Automated acquisition of cavity length control using digitally-enhanced heterodyne interferometry. Top -DEHI error signal (i.e. round-trip cavity phase).  ... 
doi:10.1364/ol.37.004952 pmid:23202101 fatcat:ic4bagdibjee3d7amhybubr24y

The Applications of the Heterodyne Interferoemetry [chapter]

Cheng-Chih Hsu
2012 Interferometry - Research and Applications in Science and Technology  
The final application of the heterodyne interferometry that I would like to talk about is the concentration measurement. In this section, I will roughly classify the method into two categories.  ...  32 review some refractometer using heterodyne interferometer.  ...  Before I mention the applications of the heterodyne interferometry, I would like to describe several types of heterodyne interferometry.  ... 
doi:10.5772/34535 fatcat:cwxqxky6rrdhxbifw3tq5hgylu

Multichannel averaging phasemeter for picometer precision laser metrology

Peter G. Halverson, Donald R. Johnson, Andreas C. Kuhnert, Stuart B. Shaklan, Robert Spero, Ichirou Yamaguchi
1999 Optical Engineering for Sensing and Nanotechnology (ICOSN '99)  
The Micro-Arcsecond Metroiogy (MAM) team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed a precision phasemeter for the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM).  ...  The current version of the phasemeter is well-suited for picometer accuracy distance measurements and tracks at speeds up to 50 cm/sec, when coupled to SIM's 1.3 micron wavelength heterodyne laser metrology  ...  Keywords: Laser interferometry, picometer metrology, nanometer metrology, laser metrology, heterodyne interferometry, VME data acquisition, FPGA circuits, cyclic averaging 1.INTRODUCTION The  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.347767 fatcat:h3e5mmu4hvd2fn6byblajkncue

Heterodyne Holography Applications In Studies Of Small Components

Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz
1985 Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE  
Subject terms: holographic interferometry; heterodyne hologram interferometry; quantitative interpretation of interferograms; strain; displacement.  ...  Heterodyne hologram interferometry was used to study loaddeformation characteristics of computer microcomponents that were surface mounted on a printed circuit board.  ...  Heterodyne hologram interferometry The characteristic principle of heterodyne hologram interferometry is that each of the two object fields (in the case of a double-exposure hologram) is recorded with  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.7973587 fatcat:wteopv6dcvgxfbzygwnm2pm4su

Simple digital phase-measuring algorithm for low-noise heterodyne interferometry

Wataru Kokuyama, Hideaki Nozato, Akihiro Ohta, Koichiro Hattori
2016 Measurement science and technology  
This technique can be applied to a phase meter for measuring dynamic phase differences with high resolution, particularly for heterodyne interferometry.  ...  In addition, by applying this method to a commercial heterodyne interferometer, the floor-noise level is confirmed to be 7×10^-14m/√(Hz) from 4 kHz to 1 MHz.  ...  The concept of the phase-measuring algorithm and its application including the heterodyne interferometer, phase-noise measuring instrument, and phase-locked loop is the subject of the patent application  ... 
doi:10.1088/0957-0233/27/8/085001 fatcat:5hkbql22grdilji32kemymvgum
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