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Reactive circuits: Dynamic construction of circuits for reactive traffic in homogeneous CMPs

Marta Ortín-Obón, Darío Suárez-Gracia, María Villarroya-Gaudó, Cruz Izu, Víctor Viñals
2016 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
Request messages can smartly reserve the resources to dynamically build a circuit for replies, thus reducing their network latency.  ...  Starting from this simple idea, which we denote Reactive Circuits, we evaluate several implementations of the mechanism: with and without sharing circuits between messages, performing timed reservations  ...  This novel design leverages the predictable network traffic behaviour to dynamically build virtual circuits for replies.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2016.04.002 fatcat:uzcrymfta5hohdwim7ajtvfmyq

Comparing Energy and Latency of Asynchronous and Synchronous NoCs for Embedded SoCs

Daniel Gebhardt, Junbok You, Kenneth S. Stevens
2010 2010 Fourth ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip  
In this paper, we compare energy and performance characteristics of asynchronous (clockless) and synchronous networkon-chip implementations, optimized for a number of SoC designs.  ...  Power consumption of on-chip interconnects is a primary concern for many embedded system-on-chip (SoC) applications.  ...  We would like to thank ARM and IBM for providing the 65nm library cells and process technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/nocs.2010.21 dblp:conf/nocs/GebhardtYS10 fatcat:rxi3hi622rdnxexxqtrzdipuv4

Design of an Energy-Efficient Asynchronous NoC and Its Optimization Tools for Heterogeneous SoCs

Daniel Gebhardt, Junbok You, Kenneth S. Stevens
2011 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems  
The energy usage of on-chip interconnects is a concern for many system-on-chips targeting portable batterypowered devices.  ...  Traffic is simulated with SystemC functional models, and messages are generated with a "bursty" self-similar b-model.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank ARM and IBM for providing the 65 nm library cells and process technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcad.2011.2149870 fatcat:k4exmtzpjze55difpc7prdg7o4

Systemic inflammation recruits fast-acting anti-inflammatory innate myeloid progenitors from BM into lymphatics [article]

Juana Serrano-Lopez, Shailaja Hegde, Sachin Kumar, Josefina Serrano, Jing Fang, Ashley Wellendorf, Paul Roche, Yamileth Rangel, Leolene J Carrington, Hartmut Geiger, Lee Grimes, Sanjiv Luther (+4 others)
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
The progenitor traffic to the systemic lymphatic circulation is mediated by Ccl19/Ccr7 and is NFκB independent, Traf6/IκB-kinase/SNAP23 activation which is responsible for the secretion of pre-stored Ccl19  ...  The consequence of this progenitor traffic is anti-inflammatory with promotion of early survival and initiation of replenishment of lymph node cDC.  ...  circuits within the BM cavity and thus likely functional 452 regional independence of each circuit.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.01.20.427403 fatcat:vbzx7laacjb6hh524rru22wddu

Inflammation rapidly recruits mammalian GMP and MDP from bone marrow into regional lymphatics

Juana Serrano-Lopez, Shailaja Hegde, Sachin Kumar, Josefina Serrano, Jing Fang, Ashley M Wellendorf, Paul A Roche, Yamileth Rangel, Leolene J Carrington, Hartmut Geiger, H Leighton Grimes, Sanjiv Luther (+4 others)
2021 eLife  
The progenitor traffic to the systemic lymphatic circulation is mediated by Ccl19/Ccr7 and is NFkB independent, Traf6/IkB-kinase/SNAP23 activation dependent, and is responsible for the secretion of pre-stored  ...  This report unveils the existence and the mechanistic basis of a very early direct traffic of myeloid progenitors from BM to lymphatics during inflammation.  ...  This project has been funded by the Junta de Andalucı ´a of Spain (JS-L) and NIH R01 GM110628 and DK124115 grants (JAC). The authors declare they have no relevant conflicts of interest.  ... 
doi:10.7554/elife.66190 fatcat:5ugdolojyzbbdgm2vx4zoqfu2y

Hardware-Accelerated Platforms and Infrastructures for Network Functions: A Survey of Enabling Technologies and Research Studies

Prateek Shantharama, Akhilesh S. Thyagaturu, Martin Reisslein
2020 IEEE Access  
SDN also provides a platform for the dynamic flow control for traffic steering and the joint optimization of resource allocation and flow control for NFV.  ...  Conversely, a short-time-scale power control is highly reactive to the changing requirements of NF applications (e.g., changing traffic arrivals); however, short time-scales result in more overheads to  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3008250 fatcat:kv4znpypqbatfk2m3lpzvzb2nu

Application-level power and performance characterization and optimization on IBM Blue Gene/Q systems

R. Bertran, Y. Sugawara, H. M. Jacobson, A. Buyuktosunoglu, P. Bose
2013 IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Accurate energy accounting for shared virtualized environments using pmc-based power modeling techniques. In .  ...  Energy accounting for shared virtualized environments under dvfs using pmc-based power models.  ...  Department of Energy, under Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory subcontract no. B554331. In addition, we gratefully acknowledge Robert Walkup and John Gunnels for their help with the benchmarks.  ... 
doi:10.1147/jrd.2012.2227580 fatcat:e2yb6krghzdvfkaavxy7ha3li4

The Rubus component model for resource constrained real-time systems

Kaj Hanninen, Jukka Maki-Turja, Mikael Nolin, Mats Lindberg, John Lundback, Kurt-Lennart Lundback
2008 2008 International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems  
To provide run-time support for stack sharing, the thesis presents an integration of the stack sharing strategy in an operating system for the component model.  ...  The thesis begins by presenting the results of a series of interviews concerning common requirements in development of embedded real-time systems.  ...  We assume that a static cyclic schedule has been constructed prior to the analysis of dynamic tasks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sies.2008.4577697 dblp:conf/sies/HanninenMNLLL08 fatcat:47phf5ls3fcjfn446dcshfevoy

Role of Phospholipids in Endocytosis, Phagocytosis, and Macropinocytosis

Michal Bohdanowicz, Sergio Grinstein
2013 Physiological Reviews  
This is followed by a detailed analysis of the critical functions of phospholipids in the internalization processes and in the maturation of the resulting vesicles and vacuoles as they progress along the  ...  A primer on phospholipid biosynthesis, catabolism, subcellular distribution, and transport is presented initially, for reference, together with general considerations of the effects of phospholipids on  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Address for reprint requests and other correspondence: S.  ... 
doi:10.1152/physrev.00002.2012 pmid:23303906 fatcat:qav4ebnvkfa6heginy5qgh3htq

Energy-efficient design of an asynchronous network-on-chip

Daniel J. Gebhardt
advantages of zero dynamic power consumption while idle and the lack of a clock tree.  ...  This is the first academic research that combines asynchronous NoC circuits, a focus on energy-efficient design, and a software framework to customize a NoC for a particular SoC.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful for the diverse experiences I have had at the University of Utah, from computer architecture and network research to seminars on data visualization and computational biochemistry  ... 
doi:10.26053/0h-gg22-f000 fatcat:iu6juy34yjghnp537bolatj2oe

Wafer direct bonding: tailoring adhesion between brittle materials

A Plößl
1999 Materials science & engineering. R, Reports  
A discussion of forces acting at surfaces can be found, for example, in the monograph by Israelachvili and the references to earlier studies at Cambridge therein [4] .  ...  Methods of modifying the surface chemistry for tailoring bonding properties are addressed.  ...  Stephen Reimer of the Department of English of the University of Alberta for illuminating information concerning the mediaeval encyclopaedists and for providing the respective text.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0927-796x(98)00017-5 fatcat:27mlj46zejf6dhc45snklviida

Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles: Problems, Datasets and State of the Art [article]

Joel Janai, Fatma Güney, Aseem Behl, Andreas Geiger
2021 arXiv   pre-print
While several survey papers on particular sub-problems have appeared, no comprehensive survey on problems, datasets, and methods in computer vision for autonomous vehicles has been published.  ...  , scene understanding, and end-to-end learning for autonomous driving.  ...  The high temporal resolution enables the development of highly reactive systems.  ... 
arXiv:1704.05519v3 fatcat:xiintiarqjbfldheeg2hsydyra

A precise bare simulation approach to the minimization of some distances. Foundations [article]

Michel Broniatowski, Wolfgang Stummer
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The potential for widespread applicability is indicated, too; in particular, we deliver many recent references for uses of the involved distances/divergences and entropies in various different research  ...  As a side effect, we also derive an innovative way of constructing new useful distances/divergences. To illustrate the core of our approach, we present numerous examples.  ...  Stummer would like to thank Rene Schilling for an interesting discussion on complex-valued foundations of the Bernstein-Widder theorem.  ... 
arXiv:2107.01693v1 fatcat:6u23w6v2nnawfow3fgkcqhivru

Design of Reliable and Secure Network-On-Chip Architectures

Dean Michael B Ancajas
The reliability and security problem is tackled at different abstraction levels using a series of schemes that combine information from the architecture-level as well as hardware-level in order to combat  ...  Network-on-Chips (NoCs) have become the standard communication platform for future massively parallel systems due to their performance, flexibility and scalability advantages.  ...  energy consumed for fault tolerance hardware and also chitecture building block for resilient CMPs.  ... 
doi:10.26076/027f-6b3e fatcat:hbilmi5whrbqdbly6nxbacebsu

On-Chip COMA Cache-Coherence Protocol for Microgrids of Microthreaded Cores [chapter]

Li Zhang, Chris Jesshope
Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
is performed dynamically.  ...  This paper describes the coherency protocol and consistency model and describes work undertaken on the validation of the model and the development of a co-simulator to the Microgrid CMP emulator.  ...  This requires dynamic processor allocation similar to the way in which malloc is used for memory management.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-78474-6_7 dblp:conf/europar/ZhangJ07 fatcat:3j264bxao5a53b44zkkx3kr3xu
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