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Dynamic and weighted stabilizations of the L-scheme applied to a phase-field model for fracture propagation [article]

Christian Engwer, Iuliu Sorin Pop, Thomas Wick
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We consider a phase-field fracture propagation model, which consists of two (nonlinear) coupled partial differential equations.  ...  We propose an iterative scheme, the so-called L-scheme, with a dynamic update of the stabilization parameters during the iterations.  ...  Algorithm 1 Dynamic variant of the L-scheme for a phase-field fracture At the loading step t n Choose γ > 0, a > 1, as well as Ξ 0 and L 0 .  ... 
arXiv:1912.07096v1 fatcat:lvgi5odlizczrmackfeeo3mrnu

Multiparadigm Modeling of Dynamical Crack Propagation in Silicon Using a Reactive Force Field

Markus J. Buehler, Adri C. T. van Duin, William A. Goddard
2006 Physical Review Letters  
We report a study of dynamic cracking in a silicon single crystal in which the ReaxFF reactive force field is used for several thousand atoms near the crack tip, while more than 100 000 atoms are described  ...  Our results reproduce experimental observations of fracture in silicon including changes in crack dynamics for different crack orientations.  ...  We added the stability and equation of state of a 5-coordinate Si-condensed phase to the Si training set, and reevaluated the Si-Si bond and Si-Si-Si angle parameters to improve the fit to the energy and  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.96.095505 pmid:16606278 fatcat:7hqzfjq5hjftpo3wi3exe57gre

A phase-field description of dynamic brittle fracture

Michael J. Borden, Clemens V. Verhoosel, Michael A. Scott, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Chad M. Landis
2012 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
Public reporting burden for the collection of information is estimated to average 1 hour per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining  ...  Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to a penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently  ...  The authors also acknowledge the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin for providing HPC and visualization resources that have contributed to the research results  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cma.2012.01.008 fatcat:2kpppg4rbzf3bpsw57tnczezri

Phase-field modeling of brittle fracture with multi-level hp-FEM and the finite cell method

S. Nagaraja, M. Elhaddad, M. Ambati, S. Kollmannsberger, L. De Lorenzis, E. Rank
2018 Computational Mechanics  
This on the other hand curbs the convenience of using phase-field models for unknown crack paths and its ability to handle complex crack propagation patterns.  ...  The difficulties in dealing with discontinuities related to a sharp crack are overcome in the phase-field approach for fracture by modeling the crack as a diffusive object being described by a continuous  ...  Phase-field modeling of brittle fracture We devote this section to the phase-field modeling of dynamic brittle fracture.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00466-018-1649-7 fatcat:jpag3trhaneypfb2mmcbfxveii

A phase field framework for capillary-induced fracture in unsaturated porous media: Drying-induced vs. hydraulic cracking

Yousef Heider, WaiChing Sun
2019 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
Numerical examples of drying-induced and hydraulic fracturing demonstrate the capability of the proposed model to capture different fracture patterns, which qualitatively agrees with the fracture mechanisms  ...  As such, an energy-minimization-based phase-field model (PFM) is formulated along with the Biot's poroelasticity theory to replicate the sub-critical crack growth in the brittle regime.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Professor Blaise A Bourdin for the fruitful discussions and for providing us references that lead to improvements of this article.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cma.2019.112647 fatcat:unelznwsifgxrmwgt5s2d6xpsi

Hybrid phase-field modeling of multi-level concrete gravity dam notched cracks

David Santillan Sanchez, Hichem Mazighi, Mustapha Kamel Mihoubi
2022 Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale  
Phase-field models have become a powerful tool to simulate crack propagation. They regularize the fracture discontinuity and smooth the transition between the intact and the damaged regions.  ...  We conclude that phase-field models are a promising computational tool that may be applied to real engineering problems.  ...  [50] implemented a hybrid-phase field model to simulate the failure of the Koyna dam.  ... 
doi:10.3221/igf-esis.61.11 fatcat:rsnihtyjcfbrzen7dprzukpcv4

A phase-field model for cohesive fracture

Clemens V. Verhoosel, René de Borst
2013 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering  
Next, we introduce the phase field approach and apply it to obtain a phase-field model for cohesive fracture. In Section 3 we consider the finite element discretization of the model.  ...  Both models have been applied to dynamic fracture [23, 24, 25 ].  ...  From the perspective of the development of a cohesive phase-field model it is necessary to develop a compatible nucleation/propagation model.  ... 
doi:10.1002/nme.4553 fatcat:bzz73cwejfbtjk7z5vmi7pfoiu

A smoothed particle hydrodynamics approach for phase field modeling of brittle fracture [article]

Mohammad Naqib Rahimi, Georgios Moutsanidis
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this proof-of-concept paper we develop and implement a phase field model of brittle fracture within the context of SPH.  ...  Nevertheless, phase field modeling has not been combined with SPH for fracture simulations.  ...  Acknowledgments We wish to thank the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University for providing HPC resources that have contributed to the research results reported within  ... 
arXiv:2203.06556v1 fatcat:mfmaeaj7xrd7zk64ou5bfvinou

Three Dimensional CS-FEM Phase-Field Modeling Technique for Brittle Fracture in Elastic Solids

Sauradeep Bhowmick, Gui-Rong Liu
2018 Applied Sciences  
The CS-FEM was used to model the mechanics behavior and the phase-field method was used for diffuse fracture modeling technique where the damage in a system was quantified by a scalar variable.  ...  The cell based smoothed finite element method (CS-FEM) was integrated with the phase-field technique to model brittle fracture in 3D elastic solids.  ...  Review of Phase-Field Model for Brittle Fracture Following the derivations in [25, 27, 39] , we discuss briefly about the formulations of phase-field approximations for diffuse fracture modeling.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app8122488 fatcat:22kbapnmqvf6lgkpnc5yd6cz2q

Discrete and Phase Field Methods for Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics: A Comparative Study and State-of-the-Art Review

Adrian Egger, Udit Pillai, Konstantinos Agathos, Emmanouil Kakouris, Eleni Chatzi, Ian A. Aschroft, Savvas P. Triantafyllou
2019 Applied Sciences  
The purpose of the study is to provide a critical literature review, emphasizing on the mathematical, conceptual and implementation particularities that lead to the specific advantages and disadvantages  ...  the context of linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM).  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors are grateful to the University of Nottingham for access to its High Performance Computing facility and extend their gratitude to the group of Song from UNSW and in particular  ... 
doi:10.3390/app9122436 fatcat:mjjhecrbsfezvlpet4omffw4ea

A Multi-Resolution Approach to Hydraulic Fracture Simulation [article]

Andre Costa, Matteo Cusini, Tao Jin, Randolph Settgast, John Dolbow
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The approach consists of a hybrid scheme that couples a discrete crack representation in a global domain to a phase-field representation in a local subdomain near the crack tip.  ...  Around the crack tips in the local subdomains, phase-field sub-problems are instantiated on the fly to propagate fractures in arbitrary, mesh independent directions.  ...  Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration. The support is gratefully acknowledged.  ... 
arXiv:2207.00661v1 fatcat:uy5mu52bf5aylp2bjt4x6arqmy

Computational Methods for Fracture in Brittle and Quasi-Brittle Solids: State-of-the-Art Review and Future Perspectives

Timon Rabczuk
2013 ISRN Applied Mathematics  
An overview of computational methods to model fracture in brittle and quasi-brittle materials is given. The overview focuses on continuum models for fracture.  ...  analysis, and the variational approach to fracture will be reviewed elucidating advantages and drawbacks of each approach.  ...  A phase field model for mode III dynamic fracture was devised by Karma et al.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/849231 fatcat:4q4tjn5ssngihaq7atinpluxai

Modeling of crack tip high inertia zone in dynamic brittle fracture

Ravi S. Karedla, J.N. Reddy
2007 Engineering Fracture Mechanics  
The cohesive model with the proposed dissipative term is only applied in the high inertia zone i.e., to cohesive elements very close to the crack tip and the traditional Roy and Dodds model is applied  ...  The new term is attributed to fracture mechanisms that result in high energy dissipation around the crack tip and is assumed to be a function of external energy per volume input into the system.  ...  Dynamic Brittle Fracture After the verification of the FEM code and the implementation of the cohesive model, the dynamic brittle fracture problem is studied for crack velocity and branching properties  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.engfracmech.2006.09.019 fatcat:uhgiukgg5ndk7mrcpu3y6jph2e

Modeling the dynamic fracture of polymer blends processed under shear

Gavin A. Buxton, Anna C. Balazs
2004 Physical Review B  
The model allows us to simulate crack propagation through these heterogeneous structures and determine the strength, toughness, fracture toughness, and critical J integral of the material.  ...  Using computational models, we examine how shearing a binary polymer melt affects the dynamic fracture mechanics of the final solid material.  ...  To simulate the deformation and fracture of solid polymer blends, we employ a dynamic lattice spring model ͑LSM͒.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.69.054101 fatcat:d272u7kqgvgdpkfws7zcxxse7a

Finite element modelling of fracture propagation in saturated media using quasi-zero-thickness interface elements

Ignasi de-Pouplana, Eugenio Oñate
2018 Computers and geotechnics  
A B S T R A C T A new computational technique for the simulation of 2D and 3D fracture propagation processes in saturated porous media is presented.  ...  A non-local damage model is conveniently used in conjunction with interface elements to predict the degradation pattern of the domain and insert new fractures followed by remeshing.  ...  We are thankful for the financial support to CIMNE via the CERCA Programme of the Generalitat de Catalunya.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compgeo.2017.10.016 fatcat:e26ufmez3bbs7i56mex3jmus5e
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