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Exposing the ICT Regulatory Dilemma: The Test for Governments

Mzukisi Njotini
2020 Obiter  
These regulations accept, inter alia, that the source of regulating is the law or legal rules.  ...  In the main, regulators continuously re-invent the ICT regulatory wheel in the hope that, by chance, suitable ICT regulations will emerge or be found.  ...  Real programmers are computer experts who assiduously test and evaluate the security of ICT systems. 115 Because these programmers have to do with Open-Source Development, they design hacking attacks  ... 
doi:10.17159/obiter.v41i2.9155 fatcat:pfm7ptjrpjdphanz5det546gei

The Ethical Dilemma of Software Piracy: An Inquiry from an Islamic Perspective

Hewa Majeed Zangana, Imad Fakhri Al-Shaikhli, Yuliana Isma Graha
2013 Creative Communication and Innovative Technology Journal  
Furthermore, the software piracy remains a critical issue in Asia Pacific, with the region accounting for the highest dollar losses in the world from the use of unlicensed software.  ...  Software piracy in the Muslim countries is a prevailing issue.  ...  This has opened up a new market for copy protection systems since the original scrambling system for DVD (CSS) was cracked by a Norwegian boy who wanted to create an open-source software DVD-player for  ... 
doi:10.33050/ccit.v7i1.171 fatcat:i4kdfj4qrzcabpkj2xl6ooypfa

Helping and Hindering Factors for Inmates Meeting the Challenges for Successful Community Reentry

Joseph Harford, Chungil Chae
2019 Academy of Management Proceedings  
An Enhanced Critical Incident Technique (ECIT) was used to examine what helps and hinders inmates living in the THU who are preparing for community reentry.  ...  The purpose of this study was to explore the helping and hindering factors that may affect an inmate living in a Transitional Housing Unit (THU) in a Pennsylvania state prison as he prepares for community  ...  A lot of us [have] been doing things so much for so long that we haven't been open minded to other things that we have that can help us or even the things that have hurt us.  ... 
doi:10.5465/ambpp.2019.13372abstract fatcat:h2enoeuejbewllrbknc6jpw47m

The Dark Web Dilemma: Tor, Anonymity and Online Policing

Eric Jardine
2015 Social Science Research Network  
Acknowledgements This paper has benefitted from the eyes of, in no particular order, Secretary Michael Chertoff, Laura DeNardis, Bill Graham, Gordon Smith, Pindar Wong and Leanna Ireland.  ...  THE POLICY DILEMMA: A DUAL-USE TECHNOLOGY As demonstrated, Tor is basically a dual-use technology: it can be used for truly awful purposes as well as for good.  ...  be anonymous online, even in liberal regimes, is an open question.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2667711 fatcat:zxyqztyoo5erncvyah64ro7sh4

Intersectoral Planning for Public Health: Dilemmas and Challenges

Ellen Strøm Synnevåg, Roar Amdam, Elisabeth Fosse
2018 International Journal of Health Policy and Management  
To address this gap in the literature, our study investigates how three Norwegian municipalities experience the use of planning as a tool when implementing the HiAP approach.  ...  In Norway, national public health policies are based on the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach that promotes whole-of-government responsibility.  ...  software was used to organize the analysis.  ... 
doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2018.59 pmid:30624872 pmcid:PMC6326631 fatcat:6qtmet2nvffkjiipu2ya7krvi4

Cyber Warfare: A Review of Theories, Law, Policies, Actual Incidents - and the Dilemma of Anonymity

Pauline C. Reich, Stuart Weinstein, Charles Wild, Allan S. Cabanlong
2010 European Journal of Law and Technology  
In this paper, the authors undertake a study of cyber warfare reviewing theories, law, policies, actual incidents -and the dilemma of anonymity.  ...  Finally, an appendix providing a technical overview of the problem of attribution and the dilemma of anonymity in cyberspace is provided.  ...  Since ICTs are inherently dual-use in nature, the same technologies that support robust e-commerce can also be used to threaten international peace and national security.  ... 
dblp:journals/jilt/ReichWWC10 fatcat:j6wuro5pvrd2zd2zaqfullp6kq

Is Big Data a Big Dilemma or a Big Opportunity in China? Intellectual Property Protection in the Era of Big Data

Xiao Ma
2018 China and WTO Review  
The intrinsic contradiction lies in the difference of values between Big Data which emphasizes "open and sharing" and intellectual property law that protects monopoly interests.  ...  However, regarding the revolutionized proposition of creating a "database right" or alleging "Big Data as an object of intellectual property law," this research recommends a modest and restrained approach  ...  business value), while Big Data values in open source, sharing and reuse, and free to use from multiple sources. 99 Therefore, using trade secret model to regulate Big Data has certain defects. 100  ... 
doi:10.14330/cwr.2018.4.1.03 fatcat:y5fgaiupmndmnisxlstxjkjlwq

Gravimetric Methods – Superconducting Gravity Meters [chapter]

J. Hinderer, D. Crossley, R.J. Warburton
2007 Treatise on Geophysics  
From time to time, the sensors need recalibration for drift or other problems, or even replacement, and this can introduce a dilemma in the processing.  ...  The first GWR data acquisition system manufactured in 1995 used CSGI software running on a PC with a QNX operating system.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-044452748-6.00172-3 fatcat:hpv4yzmdz5bspcoggrinrybl54

Proposal To Cope Change Resistance Using DevOps

Ahmed Osama Mansour, M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi
2020 International journal of computer science and mobile computing  
The results of survey support the proposed solution that it will help the software companies to cope the change resistance while adopting DevOps.  ...  Due to the technical expertise in variety of tools, DevOps faces many factors that hinder its adoption such as change in the working norms of traditional teams, team structure and cost.  ...  It is highly recommended to utilize security practices while using DevOps [4] . A survey is conducted in nine software development organizations, opted DevOps, to conclude the recommendation.  ... 
doi:10.47760/ijcsmc.2020.v09i09.005 fatcat:sai3rw42cjal3ferq67ymxeyni

Operationalizing the social-ecological systems framework in pond aquaculture

Stefan Partelow, Paula Senff, Nurliah Buhari, Achim Schlüter
2018 International Journal of the Commons  
We show how a provision dilemma manifests from the need to maintain common canal infrastructure to distribute water to private ponds.  ...  At the community level, qualitative data show how pond aquaculture systems can have CPR dilemmas, requiring communities to work together to solve them.  ...  Interview data was organized by coding with the SES framework using the software MaxQDA. Statistical analysis was conducted in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice and R (R Core Team 2016).  ... 
doi:10.18352/ijc.834 fatcat:xbqwwiymazflphssvjl3imdrre

The (Impossible) Art of Balancing National Security and Privacy in a Global Context

Anne Gerdes
2018 Philosophy Study  
Union Funding framework for security technology research, which unfortunately may enhance business opportunities for mass surveillance systems in non-democratic states.  ...  This paper highlights the work of collaborating European journalists, who in a series of articles, under the heading "Security for Sale-the Price we pay to protect Europeans", problematise the European  ...  For instance, even though anonymization is in general challenged in the context of open source data, it may still be helpful to apply advanced anonymization techniques as a safeguard which may reduce the  ... 
doi:10.17265/2159-5313/2018.04.004 fatcat:5yekejothnhmxlinvkwg4bx2rm

Corporate venturing – a new way of creating a company's future

Thomas Baaken, Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Münster, Carina Alfert, Thorsten Kliewe, Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Münster, Münster & VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Münster
2020 Optimum Economic Studies  
Using a qualitative research by conducting 30 in-depth interviews, a transcription and a MaxQDA analysis, 5 identified corporate venturing tools were shown.  ...  A new innovator's dilemma has emerged: not only established companies are required to be increasingly creative and to question existing thought patterns, but it is similar for start ups and new businesses  ...  That is why the competition between trends in literature or in the territorial approach hinders the progress of the overall literature.  ... 
doi:10.15290/oes.2020.01.99.01 fatcat:d35qmq45lbeu3bduywknrerlb4


The role of international security organizations is to create a consensus on values, norms and rules relating to cyber warfare.  ...  NATO can expect initiatives for close cooperation in cyber defence and the establishment of common cyber capabilities, which are all rational responses to unconventional threats.  ...  The situation is even more fluid with the sabotage of critical infrastructure and dual-use technology in the time of peace.  ... 
doi:10.33179//bsv.99.svi.11.cmc.16.3.6.prev fatcat:crnhwxq47beungzbr5jocygfd4

Governing 'dual-use' research in Canada: A policy review

B. Williams-Jones, C. Olivier, E. Smith
2013 Science and Public Policy  
Using the Canadian research and policy context as case study, this paper will first, examine the governance mechanisms currently in place to mitigate the negative implications of dual-use research and  ...  These challenges become particularly complex when research or innovations are considered 'dualuse', i.e. can lead to both beneficial and harmful uses, and in particular, civilian (peaceful) and military  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank members of the Health Canada Centre of Expertise, Ghislaine Mathieu and Marie-Jose´e Potvin, and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on drafts  ... 
doi:10.1093/scipol/sct038 fatcat:5gi2f7efi5aebmxux3drqx4qiu

A Comprehensive Review and Synthesis of Open Source Research

Altay Aksulu, Michael Wade
2010 Journal of the AIS  
The open source movement has grown steadily and matured in recent years, and this growth has been mirrored by a rise in open source related research.  ...  We start by conducting a comprehensive literature review of open source research, and organize the resulting 618 peer-reviewed articles into a taxonomy.  ...  Implications for commercial firms aiming to use OSS in hybrid form are discussed. Some articles in this category investigate the role of collaborative business networks in OSS implementation.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1jais.00245 fatcat:47huhi4bfbfxfjilnk4mjxoj3i
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