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Influencing Factors on Knowledge Management for Organizational Sustainability

Mila Kavalić, Milan Nikolić, Dragica Radosav, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mladen Pečujlija
2021 Sustainability  
This paper analyses the level of knowledge management implementation in organizations and the impact of control variables on knowledge management dimensions. In addition, the importance of knowledge management influence on the competitive sustainability of an organization is addressed. The idea of the research is to highlight key factors that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge management applications in transition conditions. Data for the study were obtained by surveying 520
more » ... spondents—managers of all levels from manufacturing enterprises in Serbia. A t-test was conducted in several variations. More precisely, the t-test analysis was conducted on the average assessments of knowledge management dimensions and with specific control variables. The findings indicate that knowledge management dimensions differ in domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises as well as that their impact differs across organizational levels. Financial performance (profitability, sales growth, asset growth, market share, competitive position in a specific industry, productivity, and salaries) was found to be a reliable indicator of knowledge management success. It can be concluded that knowledge management dimensions have an important role in transition countries, and it is evident that effective knowledge management is imperative for the competitive sustainability of an organization.
doi:10.3390/su13031497 fatcat:cm35eyzyuzg7fbnjcc3t3dkiyu

Deep Learning and Medical Diagnosis: A Review of Literature

Mihalj Bakator, Dragica Radosav
2018 Multimodal Technologies and Interaction  
In this review the application of deep learning for medical diagnosis is addressed. A thorough analysis of various scientific articles in the domain of deep neural networks application in the medical field has been conducted. More than 300 research articles were obtained, and after several selection steps, 46 articles were presented in more detail. The results indicate that convolutional neural networks (CNN) are the most widely represented when it comes to deep learning and medical image
more » ... is. Furthermore, based on the findings of this article, it can be noted that the application of deep learning technology is widespread, but the majority of applications are focused on bioinformatics, medical diagnosis and other similar fields.
doi:10.3390/mti2030047 fatcat:c6ulsgl3kndszedl7ewil6lotu

Modeling SNA Result to Improve Learning Community

Nina Bijedic, Indira Hamulic, Emina Junuz, Ismet Maksumic, Dragica Radosav
2012 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Such a data source is very useful for inference necessary in learning environment adaptive characteristics development (Radosav & Junuz 2011) .  ...  (Radosav & Junuz 2011) .Scheduling of analysis There should be two types of the analysis: • periodical activity analysis, the simplest, performed twice a month, • success and activity analysis, performed  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2012.11.007 fatcat:d5ymy5zinbeapcj2toxdwizpuq

The Application of Neural Networks in Balancing Production of Crude Sunflower Oil and Meal

Bojan Ivetic, Dragica Radosav
2014 TEM Journal  
The aim of the research is to predict specific output characteristics of half finished goods (crude sunflower oil and meal) on the basis of specific input variables (quality and composition of sunflower seeds), with the help of artificial neural networks. This is an attempt to predict the amount much more precisely than is the case with technological calculations commonly used in the oil industry. All input variables are representing the data received by the laboratory, and the output variables
more » ... except category % of oil which is obtained by measuring the physical quantity of produced crude sunflower oil and sunflower consumed quantity of the processing quality. The correct prediction of the output variables contributes to better sales planning, production of sunflower oil, and better use of storage. Also, the correct prediction of technological results of the quality of crude oil and meal provides timely response and also preventing getting rancid and poor-quality oil, timely categorizing meal, which leads to proper planning and sales to the rational utilization of storage space, allows timely response technologists and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the meal.
doaj:2aa9b4527c8b4a18b5fec02b00dd3d0e fatcat:5smv2sjayrbjji26b76dq5ydgi

Analyzing the Impact of Using Interactive Animations in Teaching

Robert Pinter, Dragica Radosav, Sanja Maravić Čisar
2012 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
Radosav, S.M.  ...  Radosav, S.M. Cisar Courses 2007 school year 2008 school year 2009 school year Experiment. group Control group Experiment. group Control group Experiment.  ... 
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2012.1.1430 fatcat:obemzsltrjfrxhafs3yod7rasa

Web page characteristics of educational adaptive web sites

Željko Eremić, Dragica Radosav
2013 JITA - Journal of Information Technology and Applications (Banja Luka) - APEIRON  
Abstract: Educational information about single topic may be found on many different website pages. Those web pages may have different roles, such as the display of information related to teaching, teaching content or routing to other web pages. Educational material can be placed on adaptive websites. Adaptive websites can customize their view and the structure on the basis of previously recorded user behavior. Documents on which visitors often end their navigation are called target documents,
more » ... d users often visit waypost documents before visiting the target documents. Characteristics of different types of documents are being investigated in this paperwork. Also guidelines related to the design of such educational web sites are being provided.
doi:10.7251/jit1301020e fatcat:jbvejo2kevbwriha26ilgnndam

Mining Association Rules from Empirical Data in the Domain of Education

Dragica Radosav, Eleonora Brtka, Vladimir Brtka
2014 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
Radosav, E. Brtka, V.  ...  Radosav, E. Brtka, V. Brtka little importance are avoided. Future work will be practical and it will refer to the selection of a particular CMS and integration with DM system.  ... 
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2012.5.1352 fatcat:kc3sd6pfh5b4dnlzk3dzrdkhei


Slavica Prvulovic, Milica Josimovic, Dragica Radosav, Jasna Tolmac, Sasa Jovanovic, Ivica Micic
2022 Materiali in Tehnologije  
The paper presents a procedure for determining the optimal amount of thermal energy for the profitable operation of a biogas plant. The temperature at which anaerobic fermentation takes place shortens the time of fermentation and biogas production, but also the provision of higher temperatures requires a certain amount of thermal energy, whose consumption reduces the energy effects of the biogas production system. In this paper the results of the average outdoor temperature and the temperature
more » ... f inlet mass in fermenter are shown by months, the thermal energy is calculated so as the heat losses of primary and secondary fermenter, and the total required thermal energy to heat the fermenter by months is determined. The required thermal energy for heating the fermenter is presented in percentages, on average 16 % in relation to the total produced thermal energy. Careful analysis determined that the temperature for most profitable anaerobic fermentation process (mesophilic temperature is 40.5 °C), so that the fermentation rate would be optimal with the use of minimum amount of thermal energy to heat the fermenter.
doi:10.17222/mit.2021.304 fatcat:widrylkv55apngxowwuqlvjoam

Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model to Support Landfill Prioritization: Methane Risk Assessment

Una Marceta, Bogdana Vujic, Zorica Srdjevic, Visnja Mihajlovic, Dragica Radosav
2020 Polish Journal of Environmental Studies  
doi:10.15244/pjoes/124114 fatcat:nnxzm3kbkjgfphixrch63iie7i

Mathematical Analysis of Criteria for Maintenance of Technical Systems in the Function of Achieving Sustainability

Goran Otić, Oliver Momčilović, Ljiljana Radovanović, Goran Jovanov, Dragica Radosav, Jasmina Pekez
2021 Sustainability  
Achieving sustainable development requires strategic efforts involving the entire organization. Maintenance efforts also play an important role. Company management needs to understand and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve sustainable development by applying maintenance performance measurements. The aim of this paper is to present possible ways of analyzing and ranking the impact of certain criteria with respect to achieving sustainability. The paper uses the method of Structural
more » ... n Modeling—SEM in order to determine the most influential variable on the sustainability of maintenance of technical systems. Based on the set theoretical system model, for all its variables in the model, statements were made that describe them, on which 136 respondents gave their views (from 1 to 5, Likert scale) in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. An intuitive F-DEMATEL method was also used to prioritize variables. A team of 10 experts in the field of maintenance of technical systems was compared the criteria A—Application of technical diagnostics, B—Management of maintenance resources, C—Maintenance process planning, and the dependent variable D—Sustainability of maintenance of technical systems. According to experts, the importance of the criteria coincides with the results obtained by a survey with 136 respondents.
doi:10.3390/su13041680 fatcat:5ks3ocevavh7jkkqbv2ztwbode

Effectiveness of Program Visualization in Learning Java: a Case Study with Jeliot 3

Sanja Maravić Čisar, Robert Pinter, Dragica Radosav
2011 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
This study was carried out to observe, measure and analyze the effects of using software visualization in teaching programming with participants from two institutions of higher educations in Serbia. Basic programming learning is notorious for complex for many novice students at university level. The visualizations of examples of program code or programming tasks could help students to grasp programming structures more easily. This paper describes an investigation about the possibilities of
more » ... cement of learning Java using the visualization software Jeliot. An analysis of 400 students' test results indicates that a significant percentage of students had achieved better results when they were using a software visualization tool. In the experience of the authors Jeliot may yield the best results if implemented in with students who are new to the art of programming.
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2011.4.2094 fatcat:27wdwpbejjgttj4ibuginrpxa4

Customer Satisfaction as a Significant Measure of Successful ERP Implementation

Bojan Ivetić, Tonćo Marušić, Dragica Radosav
2014 JITA - Journal of Information Technology and Applications (Banja Luka) - APEIRON  
Abstract: The measuring of implemented ERP system's efficiency is in any case multidimensional. Various researchers dedicated a lot of attention trying to find the best way to measure the success or the effectiveness of ERP solution. "Customer satisfaction" as a measure represents the crucial point in creating the model for Measuring the success of implemented ERP systems and therefore it is the subject of this work. In this work we shall see what effect the other measurements will have on the
more » ... customer satisfaction", respecting the correlation between particular crucial categories in creating the model of implemented ERP system's success.
doi:10.7251/jit1401031i fatcat:o6rc5hwbkzh2bnbd3iuq2lvbui

Expert Systems In A Cloud Computing Environment Model For Fast-Paced Decision Making

Mihalj Bakator, Dragica Radosav
2017 JITA - Journal of Information Technology and Applications (Banja Luka) - APEIRON  
Ms Dragica Radosav is author/co-author of 11 textbooks.  ...  His areas of interest are: cloud computing technologies, marketing Dr Dragica Radosav -full professor, graduated in June 1980. She defended her M.A. thesis in 1991.  ... 
doi:10.7251/jit1701024b fatcat:pohrsbd46femrj3abaha44hngi


Ljubica Kazi, Dragica Radosav, Madhusudan Bhatt, Amar Kansara
2018 Journal of Harmonized Research in Applied Science  
One of the main powers of modern society development is in the hands of innovative people, whose vision of problem solving is often materialized in new methods, products and services. Being proactive with problems and open-minded to diversity of solutions leads to endless perspectives for creativity. To be innovative and unique at market opens many business opportunities. This
doi:10.30876/johr.6.2.2018.126-134 fatcat:634trkeloff6ti3azyri4ndrb4

Comparison of Examination Methods Based on Multiple-choice Questions Using Personal Computers and Paper-based Testing

Sanja Maravić-Čisar, Robert Pinter, Dragica Radosav, Petar Čisar
2012 JITA - Journal of Information Technology and Applications (Banja Luka) - APEIRON  
Computer-based testing, by facilitating the interaction between teaching and learning, can improve the quality of learning through improved formative feedback which is a key aspect of formative assessment. This study makes a contribution to the research on computer-based testing by examining the mode differences between the paper-and-pencil test and computerbased test. The previously conducted researches in this area dealt with the students of primary and secondary schools. In those researches
more » ... he points of observation were the students' successes in mathematics, English and social sciences; no research was done in fi eld of programming languages such as C++ with post-secondary students. The main aim of this study was to fi nd out whether there are differences in the achieved results in two ways of testing: computerbased testing and paper-and-pencil test. Also, the intention was to detect those characteristics of computer based test, which may have a negative effect on students' achievements. The participants were a representative sample of the population of all engineering students studying computer science at Subotica Tech. The fi ndings of this study led the authors to reach the conclusion that there are no signifi cant differences in scored results for the paper-and-pencil testing and the computer-based testing.
doi:10.7251/jit1201022c fatcat:7tja3qzqsjestby25qykzokyyu
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