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Distributed Robust Chance-Constrained Empty Container repositioning Optimization of the China Railway Express

Lei Xing, Qi Xu, Jiaxin Cai, Zhihong Jin
2020 Symmetry  
In order to reduce the total cost of empty container repositioning, a multi-period empty container repositioning optimization model of the China Railway Express was established by using distributed robust  ...  With the improvement of service level, the numbers of empty container repositioning increased owing to the distributional robust chance constraints.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflicts of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym12050706 fatcat:6cieriddqzdrnbrtycohn4yte4

A Two-Stage Chance Constrained Approach with Application to Stochastic Intermodal Service Network Design Problems

Yi Zhao, Qingwan Xue, Zhichao Cao, Xi Zhang
2018 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
The first stage allows for the selection of operated services, while the second stage focuses on the determination of intermodal container routes where capacity and on-time delivery chance constraints  ...  Given candidate train and ship services, we develop a two-stage chance constrained programming model for this problem with the objective of minimising the expected total cost.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Hongbo Ye (University of Liverpool) for his technical support. This work was supported by the China Scholarship Council (201607090024).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/6051029 fatcat:lsgjf5lfqng2hf5iilqm7oftxi

Shared mobility systems

Gilbert Laporte, Frédéric Meunier, Roberto Wolfler Calvo
2015 4OR  
Shared mobility systems for bicycles and cars have grown in popularity in recent years and have attracted the attention of the operational research community.  ...  This survey paper classifies the relevant literature under five main headings: station location, fleet dimensioning, station inventory, rebalancing incentives, and vehicle repositioning.  ...  Thanks are due to the reviewers for their valuable comments.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10288-015-0301-z fatcat:wakebnogpbfupc6mduvhzysfgi

Preface [chapter]

Leith Doody, Bernardus Djonoputro
2019 Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia  
Acknowledgements The research team from the UoM joined the team from UI and UGM and attended the FGD in Jakarta in 2017.  ...  Questions explored at the FGDs aligned with the online survey. The key questions are shown in Table A1 .  ...  ; consolidation of container loads; and repositioning of empty containers.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0189.13 fatcat:hzijpwb32vberke5qxniyszily

Foreword [chapter]

Colin Duffield, Felix Kin Peng Hui, Sally Wilson
2019 Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia  
Acknowledgements The research team from the UoM joined the team from UI and UGM and attended the FGD in Jakarta in 2017.  ...  Questions explored at the FGDs aligned with the online survey. The key questions are shown in Table A1 .  ...  ; consolidation of container loads; and repositioning of empty containers.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0189.14 fatcat:fzil6a7kxrbtjfigrhosfn2fzy

Special Report 1: A Study of China's Energy Supply Revolution [chapter]

Wang Xiaoming, Nie Shangyou, Wang Yunshi
2020 Multi-scale Quantitative Diagenesis and Impacts on Heterogeneity of Carbonate Reservoir Rocks  
energy, renewables and natural gas in the primary energy consumption mix in China." 1 • "The heart of the energy revolution is to improve efficiency and societal benefits.  ...  substitution of new energy carriers for old ones." 3 • "Energy revolution is the evolution of the energy system by society.  ...  Early policy clarity is the key to providing the robust signals needed for companies to optimally plan their longer-term strategy and organisational responses.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-40154-2_2 fatcat:zpowool5ivebnajizz46vdezfq

Foreword of Special Issue on "E-Service and Applications"

Jason C. Hung, Hsing-I Wang
2011 Journal of Computers  
This special issue focuses on the state-of-the-art software technology related to these issues, including Resource management for cloud systems, Services integration and management in cloud systems, Optimal  ...  In this paper, the weight of each criterion in the AHP tree is calculated and examples of demonstrating how the indicators are applied to the real cases to determine the performance of the strategies for  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to express their appreciation for the financial support from the National Science Coun-  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcp.6.3.387-388 fatcat:6uf2oayvbbfibphaobqewpnkx4

The role of the Atlantic corridor project as a form of strategic community of practice in facilitating business transformations in Latin America

Alejandro C. Arroyo, Derek H.T. Walker
2010 International Journal of Managing Projects in Business  
railway companies; warehousing and distribution operators; freight-forwarding firms; air-cargo freighting operators; consultancy and surveying services; law and insurance services; exporting and importing  ...  The content of the thesis is the result of work which has been carried out since the official commencement date of the approved research program, and d.  ...  Where * = low, ** = medium, *** = High Case Study 1 identifies itself with Inbound Logistics (bunkers / turn-around-time of containers); operations (towing / cargo handling / hiring of vessels / combined  ... 
doi:10.1108/17538371011036626 fatcat:s6f6qcinqvdkra27lj4nmbkfre

The Global Quest for Sustainability. The Role of Green Infrastructure in a Post-Pandemic World [article]

Carlo Secchi, Alessandro Gili
2021 Zenodo  
In the aftermath of the pandemic, global demand for infrastructure is booming.  ...  As all the biggest powers and blocs (the EU, the US, China, and Japan) have recently announced their plans for climate or carbon neutrality, the room and need for green and sustainable infrastucture are  ...  Both sides are preparing to launch a Joint Study on Sustainable Railway-based Transport Corridors between Europe and China, as agreed in the 2019 Summit of EU-China leaders.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5555866 fatcat:6zpegtpbqjci3ewmzynamcaow4

Public Health Aspects' Assessment Tool for Urban Projects, According to the Urban Health Approach [chapter]

Stefano Capolongo, Maddalena Buffoli, Erica Isa Mosca, Daniela Galeone, Roberto D'Elia, Andrea Rebecchi
2019 Built Heritage: Monitoring Conservation Management  
The published work is dedicated to fostering a high degree of innovation and to the sophisticated demonstration of new techniques or methods.  ...  The aim of the Research for Development series is to promote well-balanced sustainable growth.  ...  Figure 2 shows the multiplyCITY: container TOOLS placed into Porta Romana railway yard, as compared to the aforementioned seven areas: from an empty urban space to a new attraction center for sports and  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-33256-3_30 fatcat:mdquedcpwvd2hbfevb6wvzkdbu

Analysis of Algorithms and Problem Complexity

Christian Liebchen, Ravindra Ahuja, Juan Mesa, Christian Liebchen, Ravindra Ahuja, Juan Mesa, Ravindra Ahuja, Christian Liebchen, Juan Mesa
1998 ACM Classification   unpublished
This school is sponsored by the European research project ARRIVAL, which stands for "Algorithms for Robust and online Railway optimization: Improving the Validity and reliAbility of Large scale systems  ...  The second aspect in which ATMOS 2007 is novel, is a broadened scope. Until 2006, ATMOS was an acronym for "Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways."  ...  Maria Domenica Di Benedetto for the constructive discussion and useful comments on robustness issues. Acknowledgments.  ... 


Analúcia Danilevicz Pereira
2017 Brazilian Journal of African Studies  
We thank the Editing-Assistants Rafaela Serpa and Rodrigo Cassel, as well as the CEBRAFRICA's staff, which has worked on the translation of the articles.  ...  In addition, we thank Guilherme Thudium, Francine Juchem Salerno, Camila Kowalski, Marcelo Kanter, Maximilian Barone Bullerjahn and Joana Búrigo Vaccarezza for revising and translation the texts in English  ...  In the past, CDC has used refrigerated containers to ship its bananas, when it was offered a good deal by Maersk, who needed return cargo in lieu of empty containers back to Europe.  ... 
doi:10.22456/2448-3923.70556 fatcat:wwe5o7ufazcarmh7yhtrso46ka

Бренды в эпоху диджитал-трансформации

Ольга Саруханова
2020 Brand Management  
Products are distributed in containers that are picked up from the consumer when empty and refilled.  ...  containers that are picked up from the consumer when empty to be refilled and redelivered.  ...  1814: LOCOMOTIVE George Stephenson was the inventor of the first commercially successful locomotive and is considered the "Father of the Railways." 1969: MOON LANDING The Space Race sparked unprecedented  ... 
doi:10.36627/2618-8902-2020-2-2-98-112 fatcat:4wcj4v6xivgj3gogk5gfjnu46u

Bibliographie [chapter]

Maud Quessard
2019 Stratégies d'influence et guerres de l'information  
With a dataset covering three years, we can start to look at emerging trends in the global distribution of soft power.  ...  In addition, instead of welcoming the new president with optimism, the world united to welcome the new American president by trolling him.  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.pur.140508 fatcat:5nthmmbho5awtj4y2maxau6cey

Multimodal freight transportation problem

Zhe Jian
departure time of the selected mode.  ...  The results show that the proposed heuristic is effective in finding near-optimal solutions for small to medium sized problems benchmarked by the Gurobi MILP solver, and for large-scale problems, the heuristic  ...  China Railway Express Co., Ltd is subsidiary of China Railway, which is the national railway operator of the People's Republic of China, under the regulation of the Ministry of Transport and the State  ... 
doi:10.7282/t36t0qkj fatcat:eseefzp7znflfjqzsvkkdx3bii
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