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Distance Constraint Satisfaction Problems [chapter]

Manuel Bodirsky, Victor Dalmau, Barnaby Martin, Michael Pinsker
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Distance CSPs with bounded distance-degree represent a tiny subclass of distance CSPs in general. But bounded distance-degree is so useful!  ...  Distance CSPs have a template fo-definable in (Z; succ). We should have called these Successor CSPs! Theorem (Bodirsky-Dalmau-M.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15155-2_16 fatcat:qgmfesrwa5cq5i3z5f5ubbvioi

Distance constraint satisfaction problems

Manuel Bodirsky, Victor Dalmau, Barnaby Martin, Antoine Mottet, Michael Pinsker
2016 Information and Computation  
We study the complexity of constraint satisfaction problems for templates Γ that are first-order definable in ( Z; succ), the integers with the successor relation.  ...  Assuming a widely believed conjecture from finite domain constraint satisfaction (we require the tractability conjecture by Bulatov, Jeavons and Krokhin in the special case of transitive finite templates  ...  The constraint satisfaction problem CSP for a fixed (not necessarily finite) structure Γ with a finite relational signature τ is the computational problem to decide whether a given primitive positive sentence  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ic.2015.11.010 fatcat:e4hkgyq7lrbsnnedvmom2euwzi

On the Hamming distance of constraint satisfaction problems

P. Crescenzi, G. Rossi
2002 Theoretical Computer Science  
problems and subsequently used by Khanna, Sudan, Trevisan, and Williamson to classify constraint satisfaction optimization problems.  ...  In this paper we consider a new optimization problem, called MAX HAMMINGDISTANCE(F) where F is a family of Boolean constraints.  ...  Introduction Many researchers encounter problems which can be modelled as special cases of the so-called constraint satisfaction problem (CSP).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3975(01)00146-3 fatcat:can7ybisxbb3bfllmip6pghq6m

Evolving CSP Algorithm in Predicting the Path Loss of Indoor Propagation Models

Anuj Agrawal
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
The Branch and bound algorithm is used to optimize the constraint satisfaction problem.  ...  The solution of a constraint satisfaction problem is a set of variable value assignments, which satisfies all members of the set of constraints in the CSP.  ...  METHODOLOGY OF CSP Constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) representing problems to form a class of models that have a common properties, a set of variables and a set of constraints.  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0202.1001 fatcat:kagryfvll5dmjervquzqhlq5su

Distributed partial constraint satisfaction problem [chapter]

Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo
1997 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Many problems in multi-agent systems can be described as distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems (distributed CSPs), where the goal is to nd a set of assignments to variables that satis es all constraints  ...  This paper provides the Distributed Partial Constraint Satisfaction Problem (DPCSP) as a new framework for dealing with over-constrained situations.  ...  Conclusions We h a ve presented the distributed partial constraint satisfaction problem as a new framework for dealing with over-constrained distributed CSPs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bfb0017442 fatcat:ipnnmyy5abhnloznmkjtsxhfry

Definitions and Curve Fitting of Time Satisfaction Functions in Facility Location Problems

Ma Yun-feng, Wu Han-fen
2006 2006 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering  
Curve Fitting methods for time satisfaction function, presents some Curve Fitting principles for Time Satisfaction Function, consequently make location problems more adaptable to fierce competing environment  ...  This paper establishes the relationship between the customer's satisfaction with waiting time and the travel distance from a service facility cite to the customer's demand cite it served, describes the  ...  Constraint (8) requires that all demands have at least one facility located within the acceptable service distance.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icmse.2006.313878 fatcat:mplg55gw7zfjvb3e66nvg26czq

Effective Modeling with Constraints [chapter]

Roman Barták
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The user just states the problem as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) and a generic solver finds a solution without additional programming.  ...  The primary audience is practitioners, especially in logic programming, that would like to use constraints in their projects but do not have yet deep knowledge of constraint satisfaction techniques.  ...  satisfaction problem can be solved efficiently by the underlying constraint solver.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11415763_10 fatcat:5dat3r5g5fcz7gxt7bqilodcty

Probabilistic constraint satisfaction with structural models: application to organ modeling by radial contours

R B Altman, J F Brinkley
1993 Proceedings. Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care  
Our results demonstrate the utility of probabilistic models for the solution of structural constraint satisfaction problems.  ...  In this paper we briefly discuss model-driven determination of biological structure as an example of a structural constraint satisfaction problem.  ...  Such tasks can be mapped onto a class of problems known as geometric constraint satisfaction problems [9]: solutions are sought which are compatible with the model and satisfy the case-specific constraints  ... 
pmid:8130522 pmcid:PMC2850626 fatcat:6qs56mr35zecxcmgaeyfbia3ry

Field-based Fuzzy Spatial Reasoning Model for Geographical Information Systems: Case of Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Yaolong ZHAO, Yuji MURAYAMA, Yumin ZHANG
2005 Theory and Applications of GIS  
Standard operations of field-based fuzzy spatial reasoning model in the case of constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) are illustrated.  ...  The aim in a constraint satisfaction problem is to find an assignment of values to the variables subject to specified constraints.  ...  Problem like these are formalized as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP): given a set of variables R over a domain D and a set A of constraints on the variables R (Renz, 2002) .  ... 
doi:10.5638/thagis.13.21 fatcat:ippnghe5jbcllprsha22n4kp6i

CSP Algorithm In Predicting And Optimizing The Path Loss Of Wireless Empirical Propagation Models

Nagendra sah, Amit Kumar
2009 International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering  
satisfaction problems.  ...  The idea of constraint programming is to solve problem by stating constraints about the problem and consequently finding the solution satisfying all the constraints.  ...  In particular we concentrate on constraint satisfaction algorithm that are use to solve the constraint satisfaction problem.  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijcee.2009.v1.71 fatcat:k3fuxhdp2rcyncew5ytvzchxfi

Partial and Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction to Support Coalition Formation

Petros Belsis, Stefanos Gritzalis, Sokratis K. Katsikas
2007 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
In contrast to monolithic (crisp) constraint satisfaction techniques, we extend the applicability of constraints for access control, by examining soft constraints and partial constraint satisfaction.  ...  Constraints and constraint programming on the other hand, are useful means for representing a wide range of access control states and access control problems.  ...  The notion of partial satisfaction is of primary importance within the context of fuzzy constraint problems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2006.08.032 fatcat:7a6ny27oircyvh6l5kd3nlkfmq

A multi-objective approach for unmanned aerial vehicle routing problem with soft time windows constraints

F. Guerriero, R. Surace, V. Loscrí, E. Natalizio
2014 Applied Mathematical Modelling  
We give a mathematical formulation of the problem as a multi-criteria optimization model, in which the total distances traveled by the UAVs (to be minimized), the customer satisfaction (to be maximized  ...  The customer satisfaction and the traveled distance are used as performance parameters to evaluate the proposed approaches on the considered scenario.  ...  The ϵ-constraint method is applied to the bi-objective version of the UAVs routing problem, where the total distance traveled and the customer's satisfaction are taken into account.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apm.2013.07.002 fatcat:3rgqv5lwfzhwze66szp7lbmn6q

A Risk Management Model For The Capacitated Continuous Location Allocation Problem

M. S. Jabalameli, S. J. Hosseininezhad, S. G. Jalali Naeini
2013 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science  
The risks are caused because of unsatisfied demands and budget constraint, respectively.  ...  Finally, a risk management model is proposed with presentation of degree satisfaction concept of each risk as objective function.  ...  We introduce the satisfaction degree of the customers risk and the financial risk and demand constraint, respectively. We use the satisfaction degree concept to provide a crisp risk management model.  ... 
doi:10.22436/jmcs.06.01.01 fatcat:sx4bfyu6zra3ve4upcymzzagmq

A biobjective formulation for filming sport events problem using drones

Luigi Di Puglia Pugliese, Francesca Guerriero, Enrico Natalizio, Nicola Roberto Zema
2017 2017 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS)  
The main goal is to decide the position of the filming and auxiliary drones, aiming to provide high view satisfaction and, at the same time, minimizing the distance travelled by the drones.  ...  In this paper we consider the problem of filming sport events, ensuring high quality image transmission to the spectators.  ...  Problem Formulation The objective functions are the total distance traveled by the drones involved in the sport event filming (to be minimized) and the viewer satisfaction to be maximized.  ... 
doi:10.1109/idaacs.2017.8095170 dblp:conf/idaacs/PuglieseGNZ17 fatcat:s467e7iy7nf2ze4x2kks5kwode

Hybrid Algorithm combining Genetic algorithms and CSP approach to plane an Optimized path for a Mobile Robot moving under Time Window

Hayet Tlijani, Tlijani Hatem, Knani Jilani, M'sirdi NacerKouider
2014 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
The problems of optimization are considered as a type of a constraint satisfaction problem: COP (Constraint Optimization problem).  ...  The consideration of temporal aspects requires a modelling of problem with a satisfaction of constraints.  ...  The consideration of temporal aspects requires a modelling of problem with a satisfaction of constraints.  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-16337483 fatcat:vnd7be4nvzaunoas5ec666svfe
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