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Page 46 of None Vol. 5, Issue 3 [page]

1984 None  
Anne will use this method when she has to, but she prefers another, a method of her own invention that has a different feel.  ...  This method calls for an alge- braic style of thinking.  ... 

Share and Share Alike? Data-Sharing Practices in Different Disciplinary Domains [chapter]

JoAnn Jacoby, Steven W. Witt, Lynne M. Rudasill
2010 Social Science Libraries  
exchange in scientific understanding • Formal structures (standard research methods, metadata, storage formats) alone are not sufficient for large-scale data integration Making the implicit explicit •  ...  use of scientific data: Experiences of ecologists" • Fieldwork shapes implicit knowledge shapes reuse of data • Involves formal & informal knowledge Informal and formal knowledge • Importance of social  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110232158.69 fatcat:z4dfrfpc6bh67eioppqlfybzte

Thermal radiation of extended particles with subwavelength transverse dimensions

Anatoly Sviridov, Leonid Saginov
2021 Applied Physics  
All the proposed calculation methods use the formalism of the decom-position of radiation fluxes into spectral-spatial modes.  ...  When the transverse dimensions of the ESP become much less than λmax, then all modes with polariza-tion perpendicular to the axis will disappear from the emission spectrum of this ESP, and on-ly modes  ...  All the proposed calculation methods use the formalism of the decomposition of radiation fluxes into spectral-spatial modes.  ... 
doi:10.51368/1996-0948-2021-3-17-25 fatcat:p5stxqwhyvc3vnkasfkv6mhkzy

Page 416 of MIND Vol. 20, Issue 79 [page]

1911 MIND  
Hence “all descriptive words are ambiguous ; and so our class of univocal words has disappeared altogether ” (ib.). And with it disappears the validity of the formal syllogism.  ...  Here he passes from a criticism of Formal Deductive Logic to one of Formal In- duction.  ... 

Page 581 of The University of Chicago Law Review Vol. 1, Issue 4 [page]

1934 The University of Chicago Law Review  
The formal address is not provided for and accordingly disappears. The same thing is true in regard to the introduction.  ...  The formal jurisdiction clause never served any useful’ purpose, and has practically disappeared from the modern bill. It has no place in a Code complaint.  ... 

Page 479 of Educational Review Vol. 43, Issue [page]

1912 Educational Review  
The insistence on the formal study of geometry and algebra does not mean a return to the methods of the last century.  ...  It should have disappeared years ago, as did their cumbersome system of indicating num¬ bers by letters.  ... 

Isomorphism of Existing But Hidden Time In Quantum Mechanical Formalism and Human Consciousness

Franz Klaus Jansen
2010 NeuroQuantology  
In a similar way physical formalism includes the present, past and future of movements at a more highly concentrated information level.  ...  Time is thought to be non-existent in the formalism of quantum mechanics. But time can also become unobservable and hidden in classical physics as well as in human consciousness.  ...  Three different reasons may lead to disappearance of time in physical formalism.  ... 
doi:10.14704/nq.2011.9.2.346 fatcat:wzdzjhcytjd5tb5ln2f22k4jxy

Grazing, Stocking, and Production Efficiencies in Grazing Research

David L. Scarnecchia
1988 Journal of range management  
More effective application of the efficiency concepts will require improved methods of measuring or modeiing herbrge growth and disappearance.  ...  ., a grazing efficiency concept compatible with the dynamics of herbage growth and disappearance is needed.  ...  It differs from the method of Stuth et al. (1981) in which the denominator in Equation 1 is replaced by a cumulative herbage disappearance (Scamecchia and Kothmann 1986) excluding intake, in that (  ... 
doi:10.2307/3899378 fatcat:6lvdsesdbfdzlp4goggnrwmkke

Page 329 of Teachers College Record Vol. 12, Issue 5 [page]

1911 Teachers College Record  
There are four dis- tinct symptoms of this tendency: (1) The subject of spelling is given no special time assignment during the first half or the whole of the first year. (2) The spelling period disappears  ...  Under modern methods of teaching children to read, spell- ing is unnecessary for the beginning reader; it is, like penmanship, one of the subordinate techniques necessary to written composi- tion, and  ... 

Quantization of relativistic fields without zero-point energy. 1. A complex scalar field

Zahid Zakir
2007 Theoretical Physics Astrophysics & Cosmology  
The new method of quantization of relativistic fields without C-symmetry violation is developed.  ...  In the present paper the new method is applied to quantization of a complex relativistic scalar field. In the first section the canonical formalism for the field is presented.  ...  As the result, for the Csymmetric systems the zero-point energy and the zero-point charge disappear. At disputes about this formalism four objections mainly have been discussed.  ... 
doi:10.9751/tpac.2527-008 fatcat:th2k3ineojatjm2demaztso32q

Azo Polymers with Oligo(ethylene oxide) Side Chain for Rapid Surface Relief Formation

Nobuyuki Zettsu, Takashi Ubukata, Takahiro Seki, Kunihiro Ichimura
2001 Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology (Fotoporima Konwakai shi)  
For untreated inscribed both polymer films and formalized 6Az10-PE8 films, the SRG structure disappeared whereas the formalized 6Az l0-PE4.5 film exactly preserved the initial surface modulation pattern  ...  Holographic set up and method of photofabricating SRG detailed in ref [4] . SRG formation was followed by the intensity of the firstorder difiFaction of Na-Ne laser beam. J. Photopoiym. Sci.  ... 
doi:10.2494/photopolymer.14.193 fatcat:ch23hyyfxvbvddun3uq7dmnire

Page 22 of School Science and Mathematics Vol. 31, Issue 1 [page]

1931 School Science and Mathematics  
Also the wear and tear of formal discipline diminishes and often disappears altogether.  ...  For instance, it reduces formal, mechanical drill, and the use of diagnostic tests and remedial work to a minimum, and at the same time makes the application of such methods easier and more productive  ... 

Intraclass correlation coefficient rather than correlation coefficient to examine agreements among different methods measuring valvular area

B I Kuo
1994 Circulation  
while walking. and is likely to be more specific in retaining the question on time to disappearance of pain.  ...  Third, we do not formally recommend duplicate measurements and list only seven pressures to be made (not 18, as Dr Fowkes suggests).  ...  while walking. and is likely to be more specific in retaining the question on time to disappearance of pain.  ... 
doi:10.1161/01.cir.89.4.1910 pmid:8149563 fatcat:x54f6gh2tjavxbyvjw4nlm2kru


Shuji Matsuzawa, Tomosaku Imoto
1968 Sen'i Gakkaishi  
The commercial vinylon fiber was treated in water containing sulfuric acid (20 g/100 cc) at 70°C for 40 min., in order to remove the intermolecular formal linkages (Kawase's method  ...  The acetylation of commercial vinylon fiber was studied by using the three kinds of acetylation methods for poly(vinyl alcohol).  ... 
doi:10.2115/fiber.24.386 fatcat:orfz4gdlpfcrvfuukgqefk7ega

Microscopic Theory of Fission

W. Younes, D. Gogny, Jutta Escher, Frank S. Dietrich, Toshihiko Kawano, Ian J. Thompson
2008 AIP Conference Proceedings  
In this paper, we discuss some of the achievements and promise of the microscopic method, as embodied in the Hartree-Fock method using the Gogny finite-range effective interaction, and beyond-mean-field  ...  In recent years, the microscopic method has been applied to the notoriously difficult problem of nuclear fission with unprecedented success.  ...  The microscopic approach to fission, embodied in the Hartree-Fock (HF) method, and augmented by a set of extensions beyond the mean-field approximation (e.g., the Bogoliubov formalism used to include pairing  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.2920729 fatcat:7dhpgi3zyfawzimyaamyp5er3a
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