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Iniciális tesztek mint a tanulói teljesítményt prognosztizáló eszközök

Elvira Kovács, Lenke Major, Zsolt Námesztovszki, Cintia Kovács, Dijana Karuović
2019 Információs Társadalom  
Kovács Elvira -Major Lenke -Námesztovszki Zsolt -Kovács Cintia -Karuović Dijana: Iniciális tesztek mint a tanulói teljesítményt prognosztizáló eszközök Az online tesztelés új perspektívát kínál a pedagógiai  ... 
doi:10.22503/inftars.xviii.2018.3-4.6 fatcat:iauyhg527zhzxh5ftxr2nzumie

Hogyan alakul (hat) a tanulói aktivitás egy MOOC során?

Zsolt Námesztovszki, Dorottya Balázs P., Cintia Kovács, Lenke Major, Dijana Karuović
2017 Információs Társadalom  
Dorottya -Kovács Cintia -Major Lenke -Karuović Dijana Tanulói aktivitás mintázatai három MOOC képzés alapján 1 Bevezetés A MOOC mozaikszó, a Massive Open Online Course angol szavakból áll össze, mely magyarul  ...  Dijana az IT tudományok doktora, 1978.03.14-én született Nagybecskereken. 2000 óta az Újvidéki Egyetem nagybecskereki "Mihajlo Pupin" Műszaki Karának docenseként dolgozik.  ... 
doi:10.22503/inftars.xvi.2016.4.3 fatcat:2ubsj3o2bjf4digt7n7zsobday

The pedagogical aspects of using multimedia presentations in the classroom: Case study Serbia
Pedagoški aspekti korišćenja multimedijalnih prezentacija u učionici - studija slučaja, Srbija

Ivan Tasić, Dragana Glušac, Dijana Karuović
2019 Nastava i Vaspitanje  
Karuović • The pedagogical aspects of using multimedia presentations  ...  -0,020 0,006 0,084 0,348 ** 0,117 0,121 0,138 0,386 ** 0,184 Female 0,191 ** 0,157 * 0,180 ** -0,013 0,109 0,312 ** 0,252 ** 0,226 ** 0,417 ** 0,452 ** Ivan Tasić, Dragana Glušac, Dijana  ... 
doi:10.5937/nasvas1901107t fatcat:6wxlrxrvdjebboo6rgz5ckun3u

The Correlations between Health Behaviors and the Use of Health-Preserving Mobile Applications in Young Adults

Zsolt Námesztovszki, Lenke Major, Cintia Kovács, Dijana Karuović, György Molnár
2020 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica  
Individuals' lifestyles manifest themselves in daily activities that can have effects that are a health-preserving, preventive or risk-enhancing, in terms of health. Some of them are simple everyday activities, as eating, exercising or smoking, which are closely related to health without being specifically viewed as health-related behaviours. In the case of university-age young people, a similar activity that affects health is the use of smart devices. Like any other factor, this can also have
more » ... oth positive and negative impacts on health. In this study, we looked at the health status of university-age young people, as well as their habits in using smart applications. The results have shown that the health of university students studying in Serbia and Hungary is satisfactory in several respects. In addition, several correlations can be seen between their general well-being, their exercise and eating habits, as well as their use of smart devices, applications, more specifically, applications aimed at health-care.
doi:10.12700/aph.17.2.2020.2.7 fatcat:yxvvnld7wjaobjeamxn53ue6ha

Web application refactoring and self-adaptation to hosting platform change: an educational web portal case study

Ljubica Kazi, Zoltan Kazi, Dragica Radosav, Dijana Karuovic, Ivana Berkovic, Biljana Radulovic, Tatjana Lojovic
2021 Scientific-practical Workshop Information Technologies: Algorithms, Models, Systems  
This paper presents a web portal created for Preschool institution in Zrenjanin, Serbia. This portal is created to present most relevant information and it is based on underlying CMS (Content Management System). The web portal was created in 2014 and refactored in 2020, in aim to adjust to new PHP hosting platform. In solving problem of uncertain exact time of hosting upgrade (shift from PHP 5 to PHP 7 support), it was necessary to include automation in detecting and adjustments to hosting
more » ... orm change. Therefore, self-adaptation mechanism was developed and included in the solution, to provide constant availability of web portal, regardless the hosting platform change. Self-adaptation mechanism is based on sensor-effector approach.
dblp:conf/itams/KaziKRKBRL21 fatcat:zsn226ax35elfl7lvz5dskxtca

The Interactive Whiteboard and Educational Software as an Addition to the Teaching Process

Marjana Barbarić Pardanjac, Dijana Karuović, Erika Eleven
2018 Tehnicki vjesnik - Technical Gazette   unpublished
This paper deals with the possibilities and effects of the interactive whiteboards and use of educational software as a contribution to teaching process. The interactive whiteboard with its own characteristics allows viewing of photo and video formats, use of educational software, document editing by using different software applications and so on. In this paper, emphasis is given to the use of educational software through interactive whiteboard and the analysis of their impact on teaching
more » ... ss improvement. Besides, from the fact that students learn new content in a more entertaining and approachable way, teachers at the same time improve the level of their professional development. The research in this paper includes both empirical and theoretical character, conducted by surveying a representative sample. It should provide answers about the impact and effects of interactive whiteboards and educational software on increase of the quality of teaching and the success and motivation of students in relation to the teaching realized in a traditional way.

Comparative analysis of agile and traditional methodologies in IT project management

Maja Gaborov, Dijana Karuović, Mila Kavalić, Dragica Radosav, Dragana Milosavljev, Sanja Stanisaljev, Jozef Bushati
It is known that initially, during software development, the traditional methodology was used for all IT projects and projects were often unsuccessful due to the rapid growth of the IT industry, and then agile methodologies began to be developed. Traditional methods have some advantages over agile methodologies, and mostly the most common traditional methodology is Waterfall. Given that it has limitations in handling problems, such as unstructured code, team morale, poor visibility, lack of
more » ... unication between stakeholders and frequent prioritization of user requirements, it would not be bad to use agile methodologies, which focus on working with users, continuous testing, refactoring and incremental development. This paper deals with the comparison of methodologies in IT project management based on other scientific research. Some of the mentioned methodologies are Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, etc. It was concluded that the agile Scrum methodology is mostly used in IT companies, with the combination of several methodologies often appearing, due to the need for projects, in order to eliminate the shortcomings of each methodology.
doi:10.24368/jates.v11i4.279 fatcat:yeafkqf6efgyjc2lta5ctcca7q

Real-Time White-Board

Akshay Sharma and Shallu Bashambu
2020 International journal of modern trends in science and technology  
Pardanjac, Marjana & Karuovic, Dijana & Eleven, Erika in their paper has also discussed the possibilities of the use of interactive whiteboards and the use of this software in the teaching process.  ... 
doi:10.46501/ijmtst061204 fatcat:t3ntp5xy4rgirgdpzllcdtvmyq

Online White Board

Prakhar Gupta and Vasudha Bahl
2021 International journal of modern trends in science and technology  
Pardanjac, Marjana & Karuovic, Dijana & Eleven, Erika in their paper has also discussed the possibilities of the use of interactive whiteboards and the use of this software in the teaching process.  ... 
doi:10.46501/ijmtst061297 fatcat:zcv7y7tmgndghjihqucbdutjry

Use of Internet resources and IT tools and characteristics of higher education institutions in Serbia

Djordje Petrovic
2016 Megatrend Revija  
Dijana, Radosav Dragica, Milanov Dušanka, (2015): "Adolescents' informal computer usage and their expectations of ICT in teaching: Case study: Serbia", Computers & Education, 81 133-142 2. research  ...  2012): "Challenges and opportunities for Higher Education in Asia in the Era of Globalization: Case of Thailand", Asian Journal on Education and Learning, 3(2), 21-27 14 Glusac Dragana, Makitan Vesna, Karuovic  ... 
doi:10.5937/megrev1601293p fatcat:2udtl4b36ndrndlvqq4iayqc3u

Abstracts from the 5th International Scientific Conference on Exercise and Quality of Life

2019 BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation  
Oral presentations O6 Making a move: increasing physical activity using smartphones and android applications Zolt Namestovski, Dijana Karuovic 2 , Cintija Kovac 1 , Lenke Major 1 , Molnar Gyorgy 3 activities  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13102-019-0119-7 fatcat:lsm5w4g4inehhnquyvdrnqkaay