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Physical Accuracy of Deep Neural Networks for 2D and 3D Multi-Mineral Segmentation of Rock micro-CT Images [article]

Ying Da Wang, Mehdi Shabaninejad, Ryan T. Armstrong, Peyman Mostaghimi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Segmentation of 3D micro-Computed Tomographic uCT) images of rock samples is essential for further Digital Rock Physics (DRP) analysis, however, conventional methods such as thresholding, watershed segmentation  ...  Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have produced accurate pixelwise semantic segmentation results with natural images and μCT rock images, however, physical accuracy is not well documented.  ...  Image segmentation techniques used in Digital Rock Physics (DRP) range from simple thresholding [59] to multi-step marker based methods [24, 3] .  ... 
arXiv:2002.05322v2 fatcat:aqtvv4mwn5hmjcvpmnml4hu2ny

Fractals: An Eclectic Survey, Part-I

Akhlaq Husain, Manikyala Navaneeth Nanda, Movva Sitaram Chowdary, Mohammad Sajid
2022 Fractal and Fractional  
The goal of the first part is to focus on the glossary of fractals, their mathematical description, aesthetic, artistic, and architectural applications, while the second part is focused on engineering,  ...  An eclectic survey of fractals is presented in two parts encompassing applications of fractals in a variety of diverse and innovative fields.  ...  shaped antennas, fractal image compression, fracture mechanics, and some future applications as well.  ... 
doi:10.3390/fractalfract6020089 fatcat:b2l3so7hd5fg3nxfed26gzvmty

A comprehensive survey of image segmentation: clustering methods, performance parameters, and benchmark datasets

Himanshu Mittal, Avinash Chandra Pandey, Mukesh Saraswat, Sumit Kumar, Raju Pal, Garv Modwel
2021 Multimedia tools and applications  
Further, the publicly available benchmark datasets for image-segmentation are briefed.  ...  As image pixels are generally unlabelled, the commonly used approach for the same is clustering. This paper reviews various existing clustering based image segmentation methods.  ...  For each image, there is a mask to segment objects and different parts of the objects [3] . [74] and BSDS500 [78] consist of 300 and 500 number of images respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11042-021-10594-9 pmid:33584121 pmcid:PMC7870780 fatcat:34f25zyounh2ffhi2kbpevmo7u

Part I Dictionary [chapter]

S. William A. Gunn
2012 Dictionary of Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Relief  
Part I: Dictionary but also the aggressive menace of using force, as being incompatible with the principles of the United Nations.  ...  Cf. death rate bit Acronym for BInary digiT.  ...  Cf. fi rst aid Reservoir of infection Any physical, animal, plant or human source harbouring and favouring the development of pathogens susceptible to be transmitted to man or animals.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-4445-9_1 fatcat:g5bhykfqhzekha5wa74tlt6noi

An adaptive color similarity function suitable for image segmentation and its numerical evaluation

Rodolfo Alvarado-Cervantes, Edgardo M. Felipe-Riverón, Vladislav Khartchenko, Oleksiy Pogrebnyak
2016 Color Research and Application  
A comparative study is made between the behavior of the proposed method and two comparable segmentation techniques in color images using (1) the Euclidean metric of the a* and b* color channels rejecting  ...  The method also gives a good performance in low chromaticity, gray level and low contrast images.  ...  Superiores Cuautitl an (FES-C); M exico; Centro de Investigaci on en Computaci on (CIC), M exico; Secretar ıa de Investigaci on y Posgrado (SIP), M exico; Instituto Polit ecnico Nacional (IPN), M exico and  ... 
doi:10.1002/col.22059 fatcat:cjpl2kfh7rchngctshgisggrw4

Damage and plastic deformation of reservoir rocks: Part 1. Damage fracturing

Seth Busetti, Kyran Mish, Ze'ev Reches
2012 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin  
In part 2, we apply this rheology to investigate fracture propagation at the tip of a hydrofracture.  ...  Our approach is to use rock mechanics experimental data and finite element models (Abaqus).  ...  The energy of the damaged rock is given by U d ¼ 1=r ðI 2 1 l=2 þ I 2 ðm d À gb 2 Þ À 2gbI 1 p I 2 , where r is the microcrack density, I 1 and I 2 are strain invariants, and b reflects the state of strain  ... 
doi:10.1306/02011211010 fatcat:ca5fbwdtinbzvcrgsks7dcjvvu

Conditional reconstruction: An alternative strategy in digital rock physics

Sadegh Karimpouli, Pejman Tahmasebi
2016 Geophysics  
Digital rock physics (DRP) is a newly developed method based on imaging and digitizing of 3D pore and mineral structure of actual rock and numerically computing rock physical properties, such as permeability  ...  Eventually, various rock physical parameters are calculated. Using several subsamples allows extracting rock physical trends and better capturing the heterogeneity and variability.  ...  Berea sandstone image and posterior probabilities for 3C clustering using a Gaussian mixture distribution. Clusters are pore, first mineral (quartz), and second mineral (ankerite), respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1190/geo2015-0260.1 fatcat:xyuvorwzobcdvazrwayzukezne

A review on application of 3D printer to geotechnical engineering

Takato TAKEMURA, Yusaku ISOBE, Koichi OKUZAWA, Satoru SANOKI, Michito SHIMO, Kenichiro SUZUKI, Takafumi SEIKI, Soshi NISHIMOTO, Shoichiro HAMAMOTO, Yukiyasu FUJII
2019 Japanese Geotechnical Journal  
H., Sainf, R., Saxenac, N., Rickera, S., Wiegmanna, A. and Zhanf, X.: Digital rock physics benchmarks- Part I: Imaging and segmentation, Computers & Geosciences, Vol. 50, pp. 25-32, 2013. 3) Andräa  ...  H., Sainf, R., Saxenac, N., Rickera, S., Wiegmanna, A. and Zhanf, X.: Digital rock physics benchmarks-part II: Computing effective properties, Computers & Geosciences, Vol.  ... 
doi:10.3208/jgs.14.377 fatcat:6qxj5bg66vauler2u7bssq6mxy

ESICM LIVES 2016: part three

T. Velasquez, G. Mackey, J. Lusk, U. G. Kyle, T. Fontenot, P. Marshall, L. S. Shekerdemian, J. A. Coss-Bu, A. Nishigaki, T. Yatabe, T. Tamura, K. Yamashita (+2609 others)
2016 Intensive Care Medicine Experimental  
The average age was 58.7, and only 6.7 % of the patients were under 20 years old. The most common diagnosis was acute coronary syndrome, followed by cardiac arrest and pulmonary embolism.  ...  Methods: We used the administrative claims data of all Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) hospitals in Japan from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012, and retrospectively reviewed the number and outcome  ...  Patients cognitive and physical functioning is assessed as part of their rehabilitation therapy with the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40635-016-0100-7 fatcat:ymmv7gxkdjdq5jq3idaxr46knu

How Can We Provide Additively Manufactured Parts with a Fingerprint? A Review of Tagging Strategies in Additive Manufacturing

Antonella Sola, Yilin Sai, Adrian Trinchi, Clement Chu, Shirley Shen, Shiping Chen
2021 Materials  
This review provides a critical analysis of the main requirements and properties of tagging features for authentication and identification of AM parts, of the strategies that have been put in place so  ...  Providing AM parts with a tagging feature that allows them to be identified like a fingerprint can be crucial for logistics, certification and anti-counterfeiting purposes.  ...  Acknowledgments: A.S. is supported by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Research Office through the "Science Leader in Active Materials" grant.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma15010085 pmid:35009229 pmcid:PMC8745920 fatcat:jyftox4xffgzvecq7ugwwsgc4m

On the path to the digital rock physics of gas hydrate bearing sediments – processing of in-situ synchrotron-tomography data

Kathleen Sell, Erik-H. Saenger, Andrzej Falenty, Marwen Chaouachi, David Haberthür, Frieder Enzmann, Werner F. Kuhs, Michael Kersten
2016 Solid Earth Discussions  
Digital rock physics offers a unique solution to this issue yet requires good quality, high resolution 3D representations for the accurate modelling of petrophysical and transport properties.  ...  (<i>Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems</i> 2015, 16 (6), 1711&ndash;1722) with data post-processing, including image enhancement and segmentation as well as numerical simulations in 3D using the derived  ...  -15424, 10.1029/1999jb900098, 1999 benchmarks-part ii: Computing effective properties, Computers & Geosciences, 50, 33-43, benchmarks-part i: Imaging and segmentation, Computers & Geosciences  ... 
doi:10.5194/se-2016-54 fatcat:x6kziy7mirfkvgegxs3axe7gby

XXIII ISPRS Congress, Proceedings and Results – Volume XLI, Part A, 2016

L. Halounová, C. Heipke, A. Radtke
2018 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
digital imaging technologies.  ...  based classification, and synergism between classification approaches • Image analysis methodologies for thematic information extraction including context analysis, texture analysis, image segmentation  ...  feature extraction to high-level semantic interpretation Recognising: -the contributions of ISPRS community to analysis, segmentation and classification of image, point clouds and 3D model data Recommends  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-xli-a-1-2018 fatcat:hzsxrsslsfcxtmmcqlp46dgnky

TU-B-I-617-01: High Field MRI - Technology, Applications, Safety, and Limitations

RJ Stafford
2005 Medical Physics (Lancaster)  
SU-FF-I-52 Quantitative Assessment of Physical Characteristics of Laser and CCD Film Digitizers in PACS Applications W Kang* 1, 2 , D Han 1, 2 , B Jang 1, 2 , J Kim 1, 2 , K Yang 1, 2 , H Jung 2, 3 , S  ...  of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, (2) CARTI, Inc., Little Rock, AR Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of a dynamic treatment simulation system, PortSim + for four-dimensional image  ...  Imaging Physics and Technology -IV TH-A-I-618-01 Practical and Regulatory Issues for Screen-Film Mammography Physics Surveys R Pizzutiello*, Upstate Medical Physics, Victor, NY Purpose: To acquaint  ... 
doi:10.1118/1.1999700 fatcat:yub56igoe5cl3cthdpzwrdvjp4

SU-FF-I-79: Java-Based Plugin for Tomographic Reconstruction for SPECT Data

M Andrade, M Costa, A Marques da Silva
2006 Medical Physics (Lancaster)  
Purpose: Digital tomosynthesis (DTS) is a method for reconstructing 3D images from cone-beam projection data acquired with limited angulation (e.g., 40 o ) of an x-ray source, and is much faster and lower  ...  True alignment of planning and on-board image data was achieved according to a 3D point-based registration of the 6 reference BBs in the CT and CBCT images.  ...  The segmentation performance of the software was tested in the recognition of collateral vessels in digital DSA images of ischemic rabbit hindlimbs.  ... 
doi:10.1118/1.2240759 fatcat:5we2nvgwx5hrxcv2ngufce6obq

Volume I. Introduction to DUNE

B. Abi, R. Acciarri, M.A. Acero, G. Adamov, D. Adams, M. Adinolfi, Z. Ahmad, J. Ahmed, T. Alion, S. Alonso Monsalve, C. Alt, J. Anderson (+955 others)
2020 Journal of Instrumentation  
Acknowledgments This document was prepared by the DUNE collaboration using the resources of the The DUNE collaboration also acknowledges the international, national, and regional funding agencies supporting  ...  center and bottom of the image.  ...  j ≡ m 2 i − m 2 j ).  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/15/08/t08008 fatcat:axuwyiempbef3kcp6wndjs47om
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