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Page 828 of IBM Systems Journal Vol. 40, Issue 4 [page]

IBM Systems Journal  
Auramaki, “Diary as Dialogue in Papermill Process Control,” Communications of the ACM 43, No. 1, 65-70 (January 2000). . W.  ...  Foulger, Medium as Process: The Structure, Use and Prac- tice of Computer Conferencing on IBM’s IBMPC Computer Conferencing Facility, Ph.D. thesis, Department of Commu- nications, Temple University, Philadelphia  ... 

The Hand with the Pen: Martin of Loka, Matjaž Jurčič of Kapela and Herman Talner of Trebnje and their Colophons

Nataša Golob
2014 Ars & Humanitas  
Martin of (Škofja) Loka was an erudite man, and this is evident from his texts he wrote in German, Slovenian and Latin, as well as from his many forms of scripts.  ...  Beginning with expressions such as ideographs, the author's autograph, and the copyist's autograph, this paper explains the dilemma of some Late Medieval Manuscripts in Slovenian collections that were  ...  Th e third colophon proclaims the exact time at which the fi nal full stop was made in the manuscript, by Herman(n) Talner of Trebnje, on September 29 th , 1456, and that the book belongs to the noble  ... 
doi:10.4312/ah.8.2.87-118 fatcat:z2qdvwh3mbfwdkihsl3n7zyg7e

The Perception Gap: A Case Study of Japanese-Canadians

Gonnami, Tsuneharu, 1940-
Note: This article was originally delivered by the author at the workshop:"Communication among Japanese-Canadians: The Role of Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations in Media and Education Service Industries  ...  It shows that controlled movements of population may often result in economic as well as social and psychological disorientation.  ...  , such as overproduction, lack of markets, lack of price control for their produce, and, above all, accelerating anti-Japanese sentiment.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0041749 fatcat:l7ygwpj6fvezroovyes5zjw3we

Learning from the Past: Exploiting Archives for Historical Water Management Research

Helen Houghton-Foster
Staffordshire project as though it were a pilot to test solutions to archival problems.  ...  To achieve this, research with a volunteer project using material held at the Staffordshire Record Office is used as a case study to discuss archival practice.  ...  online access as a starting point, not an end point for processing, with the MPLP as a method of identifying material for detailed processing 32 and maximal processing as proposed by Cox allowing for  ... 
doi:10.17638/03140920 fatcat:f2puhxrulbfczkoln7ysmho72i

German-Language Printers In The United States From 1780 To 1801: A Study In Cultural Leadership

Dieter Schug
Not much is yet known about this process in which the printers as ethnic leaders articulated consent to and dissent from the new society.  ...  Some of them, such as the Henkel papers at Duke University, have not been used by Cunz. The diaries o f Dr. Christian Bdrstler, who helped Gruber, might also be interesting.  ...  Immigration as a Factor in American History. New Yprk. Prentioe-Hall, 1961. (The bock deals mainly with the years between 1840 and 1920) . Race and nationality in American life.  ... 
doi:10.21220/s2-7ph3-hn33 fatcat:eemiyulmbndbvpuwbxbxjctp6a

The future progressive in english

Frank Gächter
2017 unpublished
The presented thesis studies the Future Progressive in contemporary British English.  ...  Although the investigation of its diachronic development and synchronic status has significantly increased in recent years, the will/shall + be -ing construction remains highly under-represented in the  ...  Finally, 129 JNK S_meeting interesting to hear that as a, as a new example. Er, I will be fitting that in our own planning process.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.47541 fatcat:fcx5qqvfrjfsrfqmwd6ahzyyqe

The targum (1961:Oct. 2 - 1961:Oct. 31)

No Name Supplied
In January 1869, the Targum as we now know it, made its appearance as a monthly paper that concerned itself with student "literary contributions" and college news as well as serving as a vehicle for bringing  ...  Some University historians indicate that the Targum was first published as an annual in 1867, but of this we have no extant evidence.  ...  You swing around curves flat as you please, in complete control. Y o u whip through the sticky spots other cars should keep out of in the first place.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3-nzm0-qq21 fatcat:qezvcg46vnc7ropa66td4bah4q