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Kempe changes in degenerate graphs [article]

Marthe Bonamy and Vincent Delecroix and Clément Legrand-Duchesne
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We consider Kempe changes on the k-colorings of a graph on n vertices. If the graph is (k-1)-degenerate, then all its k-colorings are equivalent up to Kempe changes.  ...  We prove this to be possible under the stronger assumption that the graph has treewidth at most k-1. Namely, any two k-colorings are equivalent up to O(kn^2) Kempe changes.  ...  Wasa, “Diameter of colorings under Kempe changes,” Theoretical Computer Sci- ence, 2020. [Bod96] H. L.  ... 
arXiv:2112.02313v1 fatcat:rujfqomiebgr3pbtyvoeoii7gq

Shortest Reconfiguration of Colorings Under Kempe Changes

Marthe Bonamy, Marc Heinrich, Takehiro Ito, Yusuke Kobayashi, Haruka Mizuta, Moritz Mühlenthaler, Akira Suzuki, Kunihiro Wasa, Markus Bläser, Christophe Paul
2020 Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science  
Given a k-coloring of a graph, a Kempe change produces a new k-coloring by swapping the colors in a bicolored connected component.  ...  We investigate the complexity of finding the smallest number of Kempe changes needed to transform a given k-coloring into another given k-coloring.  ...  Furthermore, we show that Kempe Distance on stars is FPT in the number k of colors and it admits a constant-factor approximation algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.stacs.2020.35 dblp:conf/stacs/BonamyHI0MMSW20 fatcat:kfvdu74mnvdehgbogisfrhueea

Conductivity of Rubber Tread Stocks. Effect of Properties of Carbon Black

Leonard H. Cohan, James F. Mackey
1943 Rubber chemistry and technology  
—Effect of particle size and color index on specific resistance. 920 RUBBER CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY are estimates of actual particle diameters made from published electron micro- scope‘ and adsorption  ...  Also included in the table 225 45 175 : BS = j a 5 : 2 a 7 4 4 : r a NR 2 75) 15 7 8 / “NL X- PARTICLE DIAMETER O- COLOR INDEX 25 | 5 { | 7 o 5 LOG R, Fig. 1.  ... 
doi:10.5254/1.3540175 fatcat:5fwr2kokmzgqvknu42nznkqajy

Page 331 of American Journal of Science Vol. 35, Issue 208 [page]

1888 American Journal of Science  
Kemp—Diorite Dyke, Orange Co., N. ¥. 331 Arr. XXVUI—A Diorite Dike at Forest of Dean, Orange County, NV. Y.; by J. F. Kemp. RECENT workings in the Forest of Dean magnetite mine, in Orange Co., N.  ...  Under the microscope it is found to consist of erystals of plagioclase, hornblende and magnetite, together with certain alteration products of the first two.  ... 

On the Connectedness of Clash-free Timetables [article]

Moritz Mühlenthaler, Rolf Wanka
2015 arXiv   pre-print
We investigate the connectedness of clash-free timetables with respect to the Kempe-exchange operation.  ...  This investigation is related to the connectedness of the search space of timetabling problem instances, which is a desirable property, for example for two-step algorithms using the Kempe-exchange during  ...  The diameter and the connectedness of (Kempe-)k-coloring graphs has been investigated for example in [27, 3, 14] .  ... 
arXiv:1507.02805v1 fatcat:g3u4hr5e4nbnbcxef6xchzulzu

Genome-Wide Association Studies Identify Candidate Genes for Coat Color and Mohair Traits in the Iranian Markhoz Goat

Anahit Nazari-Ghadikolaei, Hassan Mehrabani-Yeganeh, Seyed R. Miarei-Aashtiani, Elizabeth A. Staiger, Amir Rashidi, Heather J. Huson
2018 Frontiers in Genetics  
for the model of best fit using PLINK v1.9 (Chang et al., 2015) .  ...  However, linkage analysis has identified QTL regions for coefficient of variation of fiber diameter, kemp fiber, discontinuous medullated fiber, staple length, fleece weight, fiber diameter, and comfort  ...  This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fgene.2018.00105 pmid:29670642 pmcid:PMC5893768 fatcat:ks7ia526bja3rjceizg64gfvrq


Anous, M. R. E. M. R. E., Abdallah, E. B E. B., Hekal, Samya, A., El-Shemy, K. A. A. K. A. A.
2018 Journal of Environmental Science  
follicles ratio; S/P ratio) in addition to triiodotyronine; T3 and thyroxin; T4 hormones under semi-arid condition of South Sinai, Governorate, Egypt.  ...  However, differences among groups were not significant in the case of fibre type ratios, FL (fine fibres) and kemp.  ...  These results, partially, explain the increase of Fibre diameter, medullated fibre % and kemp fibre % in SW groups.  ... 
doi:10.21608/jes.2018.22291 fatcat:f7aezppzjbduhg646yaqdezxre

On the Construction of Sensitive Photoelectric Cells

Jakob Kunz, Joel Stebbins
1916 Physical Review  
As a rule the formation requires only one to three seconds for the maximum sensitiveness; if continued, the colors of the compound change and the deflection in the galvanometer decreases.  ...  Acetylene finally formed a black layer with potassium under the influence of the electric field, but it was very little sensitive.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrev.7.62 fatcat:c3fm7mzn3ze4tfrscvzjzyspom

Introduction to Reconfiguration

Naomi Nishimura
2018 Algorithms  
Reconfiguration is concerned with relationships among solutions to a problem instance, where the reconfiguration of one solution to another is a sequence of steps such that each step produces an intermediate  ...  and algorithmic ones (How can one find the shortest sequence of steps between two solutions?) This survey discusses techniques, results, and future directions in the area.  ...  Instead of recoloring a single vertex at one step, a Kempe change, introduced by Kempe in his attempted proof of the Four Color Theorem [89] , consists of exchanging the colors of all vertices in a connected  ... 
doi:10.3390/a11040052 fatcat:nmokeftdqrgtpdyh2ohl3tchce

Page 401 of American Journal of Science Vol. 47, Issue 281 [page]

1894 American Journal of Science  
Kemp and Arrnur Ho tick. This is the northern extension of the belt of limestones described by F. L.  ...  Nason in the New Jersey Annual Report for 1890 under the title of “The Post-Archzan age of the white limestones of Sussex Co., N. J.” (see this Journal, vol. xlii, p. 70, 1891.)  ... 


2014 American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology  
The Arctic and sub-arctic regions are impacted by the growth of the global nanotechnology industry and the transport of chemicals to the North.  ...  Moreover, ZnO NPs, in presence of TNF-α, decreased the level of extracellular VEGF when compared with TNF-α treatment alone.  ...  A Beckman-Coulter Multimode DTX 880 multi-plate reader detected the color change at an absorbance λ = 450 nm.  ... 
doi:10.3844/ajbbsp.2014.116.124 fatcat:5dx5j73hlzbmdpqjftkxlg3oim

Light emission of metal halide lamps under micro- and hypergravity conditions

W. W. Stoffels, P. C. M. Kemps, J. Beckers, G. M. W. Kroesen, M. Haverlag
2005 Applied Physics Letters  
Light emission of metal halide lamps under micro-and hypergravity conditions W. W. Stoffels, a͒ P. C. M. Kemps, J. Beckers, and G. M. W.  ...  The results show that the changing gravity affects the convection flow in the lamp, which in turn changes the total light output.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.2137989 fatcat:62bolrbdsrhrrftxhmo566jsra


1905 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
so characteristic of the  ...  Eight years ago I was called to see a young man, 26 years of age, who for four days presented the group of symptoms: fever, general pain and aching, injection of the eyes and throat, bronchitis, etc.,  ...  Kemp, Champaign, 111., said that, in addition to the paper under discussion, he had had the pleasure of listening to a paper by Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1001/jama.1905.52510270005002a fatcat:7dw2e3a3zjgdxnkdusmuyx6sfa

Societies and Academies [article]

1903 Science  
The author said, in abstract: Fluorescence, or the property of reducing the wave-length of certain luminous rays, enhances the beauty of a few colored gems under conditions which lessen the effectiveness  ...  The author said, in abstract: Fluorescence, or the property of reducing the wave-length of certain luminous rays, enhances the beauty of a few colored gems under conditions which lessen the effectiveness  ...  In the case of the Antillean volcanoes under consideration, the conduits may be considered as rudely circular in cross section and approximating five or six hundred feet in diameter, and of great but unknown  ... 

Page 411 of American Journal of Science Vol. 42, Issue 251 [page]

1891 American Journal of Science  
The latter show very generally the striated appearance so characteristic of these pyroxenes but the silicate itself has changed to serpentine and carbonates. The crystals are 8-5™" in diameter.  ...  It has a light brown or drab color with darker spots scattered through ‘and is provided with numerous scales of a reddish mica.  ... 
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