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Page 91 of The Philosophical Review Vol. 51, Issue 1 [page]

1942 The Philosophical Review  
Brommer thinks he can distinguish the primitive form and the later insertions, His chief argument is some similarity of content between the ‘insertion’ and a dialogue later than the one in which it occurs  ...  Brommer thinks that the dialogues were modified from time to time by the insertion of later and more mature Platonic doctrine. Thus not only in the Republic, but in nearly all the dialogues, Dr.  ... 

Oor vrye kritiese meningswisseling en die skete van peripatete

Rudolf P. Botha
2013 Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus  
Meer nog, hy het sy leerlinge, by name Anaximander, aktief aangemoedig om sy idees aan kritiek te onderwerp.  ...  Hy was nie slegs in staat om kritiek te verdra nie, maar het die tradisie gevestig dat geleerdes kritiek behoort te verdra.  ...  Dialogue:277 Hoe eens Salviati dit ook met Sagredo is, hy vind dit tog moeilik om Sagredo se advies sonder meer te aanvaar: Silence would indeed be the most appropriate reprimand for their worthlessness  ... 
doi:10.5842/5-0-604 fatcat:5mkgxdmokjgltcipdmrnt4apnq

Page 9 of The Historical Journal Vol. 28, Issue 1 [page]

1985 The Historical Journal  
Starkey concluded his argument against the collection of first fruits by maintaining that ‘the defense of the church perteyneth not to the pope [& hys see], but rather to the [emperour & other] chrystun  ...  Elton, The Tudor constitution : documents and commentary (Cambridge, 1960), pp. 351, 352- 48 The argument about Starkey’s political perspicuity can be taken too far.  ... 

Page 246 of JEGP (Journal of English and Germanic Philology) Vol. 42, Issue 2 [page]

1943 JEGP (Journal of English and Germanic Philology)  
Care of veterans: Provision should be made for the care of veterans, for ‘‘a Souldioure is worth hys keeping in the tyme of peace who hath honestely serued hys Prince in the tyme of warre.’’*?  ...  pp. 70-1. 82 Dialogue, p. 28; Allarme, pp. 39-40; Path-way, pp. xix-xx.  ... 

Page 347 of Edinburgh Review: Critical Journal Vol. 123, Issue 252 [page]

1866 Edinburgh Review: Critical Journal  
reason hy constant argumentative exercise—and the right of inde¬ pendent judgment for hearer as well as speaker—stand emphatically proclaimed in these last words of the dying philosopher.  ...  Plato himself, when he approaches the subject in other dialogues, resorts to quite different arguments, more resembling those on which recent schools of metaphysics have grounded the doctrines of Spiritualism  ... 

Page 47 of Classical Antiquity Vol. 27, Issue 1 [page]

2008 Classical Antiquity  
Anderson concludes, “If my arguments about gloria and this last letter [9.25] are correct, and if I am to read Ep. 9.25 in the context of the debate exemplified in the Dialogus, could it be possible that  ...  arguments regarding the tone of Pliny’s letters and their implied meanings.  ... 

"Gentleness and Nobility"; The Authorship and Source

C. F. Tucker Brooke
1911 Modern Language Review  
The careful art with which the characters of our play are brought on and off the stage; the conspicuous ability to develop a serious, ordered argument by means of lively dialogue in which each actor has  ...  In neither instance are any arguments given. Cf. Warton, ed. 1840, Vol. In, p. 513, note, and Vol. III, p. 86.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3713280 fatcat:25das5kakvejtavp5fhyhjqqri

Page 2 of Evangelical Recorder Vol. 2, Issue 44 [page]

1820 Evangelical Recorder  
For the }uvsent, 1 wish merely to consider your arguments. DIALOGUE IX. P. What is your fourth argument to piove that Christ died for the ehret only ? A.  ...  Let us hear what God hath spoken: ‘To the law and the testimony,* we make an appeal, and hy them we are willing it should be decided.”  ... 

Page 249 of British Quarterly Review Vol. 80, Issue 159 [page]

1884 British Quarterly Review  
Theology, Philosoj^hy, and Philology. 249 the dialogue,’ than to furnish notes for a mere translation. In this respect he must be held to have thrown many new lights on the text.^ * Mr .  ...  The editor then proceeds very ingeniously to connect the other portions of the dialogue with this leading principle, and to analyze the arguments j addressed on either side.  ... 

Page 96 of The Journal of Religion Vol. 39, Issue 2 [page]

1959 The Journal of Religion  
of his account of the cause of generation and decay in nature, Plato explicitly says that all he needs for his view of generation and decay is the hy- pothesis that there are forms: I am going to try  ...  And if you analyze them completely, you will, I think, follow and agree with the argument, so far as it is possible for man to do.  ... 

Page 282 of London Review of English and Foreign Literature Vol. 11, Issue [page]

1780 London Review of English and Foreign Literature  
arguments does not enable to penetrate a fubjeét, and who muft be led by the hand through every difliculty. .This talk Mr.  ...  We could, however, wifh that, inftead of frittering his fubject by remarks, he had given us one luminous and fimultancous view of it, in order to efface the ftrong impreffions made hy the rhetorick of  ... 

Page 450 of American Universal Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 8 [page]

1797 American Universal Magazine  
Arguments in favour of Celibacy, 301 seine: aed ieee os: ened of ‘Ares and Sciences in France. 4 @ Boe .A RP corey «hy R21 | Agricultural Enquiries; s)-+ ghee gab ig einai Anfwer to the notification of  ...  Vagarg Charatter of a Good Hufband, and a Good Wife, on 283 Celibacy, arguments in favor of, : pe - 301 Cretins ofethe Vallais, account fy a Fa, D.  ... 

Page 36 of The Monthly Review Vol. 21, Issue [page]

1759 The Monthly Review  
If his cotempo- raries have done him juttice, he was, indies od, a pattern of in- fincerity and perfidy : a moft fervile adulator, and abject hy- pocrite.  ...  ORE PS rere The 36 Moral and Political Dialogues. cefs: at beft, they leave the matter in difpute wholly unde- cided, or imperfectly de ‘termined ; and orn embarrafs the fubje& with additional doubts and  ... 

Page 253 of The Monthly Review Vol. 51, Issue [page]

1806 The Monthly Review  
We cannot, however, agree with the Remarker that his opponent’s argument in this place ought to be reversed ; and that, because Justin in his dialogue with Trypho was dealing with a Jew, it was more necessary  ...  Lo the argument founded by Mr.  ... 

Page 277 of Business and Society Vol. 37, Issue 3 [page]

1998 Business and Society  
through dialogues in which a common meaning evolves.  ...  This possibility advances the hy- pothesis that an organization that incorporates an ethic of practice ought to be both morally and competitively effective simultaneously.  ... 
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