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A qualitative study of clinical narrative competence of medical personnel

Shao-Yin Chu, Chin-Chen Wen, Chi-Wei Lin
2020 BMC Medical Education  
Background Medicine practiced with narrative competence is called narrative medicine, which has been proposed and used as a model of humane and effective medical practice.  ...  narrative competence of medical personnel.  ...  The authors appreciate those medical professionals who kindly accept our invitation for sharing their valuable clinical and teaching experiences.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12909-020-02336-6 pmid:33167943 fatcat:76h26z7zjrbbzozvbccpseolta

Perceptions and Attitudes of Health Care Givers and Patients on Medically Unexplained Symptoms: A Narrative Review with a Focus on Cultural Diversity and Migrants

2021 Medical & Clinical Research  
', 'Ethnicity', 'Care models', 'Medical education', 'Communication skills', 'Health literacy'.  ...  Results: MUS patients, especially with a different ethnic background, often feel not-understood, which may provoke medical shopping. Health care providers experience feelings of helplessness.  ...  explanations or viewed it as a problem caused by personality or hypersensitivity or as simply 'medically unexplained'.  ... 
doi:10.33140/mcr.06.04.03 fatcat:voymnqrofncizb3hfrswhpur2e

Factors influencing trust in medical artificial intelligence for healthcare professionals: a narrative review

Victoria Tucci, Joan Saary, Thomas E. Doyle
2021 Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence  
Objective: We performed a comprehensive review of the literature to better understand the trust dynamics between medical artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare expert end-users.  ...  We also identified the need to better evaluate and incorporate other critical factors to promote trust by consulting medical professionals when developing AI systems for clinical decision-making and diagnostic  ...  decision-making and diagnostic support.  ... 
doi:10.21037/jmai-21-25 fatcat:e2yvcpp7pradhadpu7mbnyjiba

Self and narrative in schizophrenia: time to author a new story

D Roe, L Davidson
2005 Medical Humanities  
Kleinman's argument, along with the more recent body of work on illness narratives, 13 models, 14 15 perceptions, 16 and beliefs, 17 suggests that we may have overlooked an extremely important dimension  ...  contact with mental health care or composes counterclaims about illness and self in reaction to a biomedical explanation.  ... 
doi:10.1136/jmh.2005.000214 pmid:23674667 fatcat:de3honownbfvxi6ascu7vk5cvq

Interventions to optimize medication use in nursing homes: a narrative review

Anne Spinewine, Perrine Evrard, Carmel Hughes
2021 European Geriatric Medicine  
Methods We narratively reviewed quantitative as well as qualitative studies, observational and experimental studies that described interventions, their effects as well as barriers and enablers to implementation  ...  However there is a need for further European well-designed and large-scale evaluations of under-researched intervention components (e.g., health information technology, patient-centered approaches), specific  ...  A possible explanation is poor communication between settings, potentially leading to prescribing errors.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s41999-021-00477-5 pmid:33751478 pmcid:PMC8149362 fatcat:vdxvw7eknjb6rdrttufjmezhee

"My Life in the Hospital": Narratives of Children With a Medical Condition

Michele Capurso, Federico Bianchi di Castelbianco, Magda Di Renzo
2021 Continuity in Education  
We extrapolated from a collection of children's narratives from a previous more comprehensive study (consisting of 379 narratives from children in 29 public hospitals across Italy, age range 3-14 years  ...  This qualitative study provides an overview of how children with a medical condition actively construct and organize their thoughts and feelings about illness, life in hospital, and relationships.  ...  Publisher in Rome, who contributed funds and logistical support to contact all children and also supplied a small "thank-you" reward to each participant.  ... 
doi:10.5334/cie.12 fatcat:lrssr5u4xjf7lci4bvui7j53jy

"Best Practice" for Patient-Centered Communication: A Narrative Review

Ann King, Ruth B. Hoppe
2013 Journal of Graduate Medical Education  
Issues, such as inadequate conceptual grounding, small sample sizes, varying definitions and assessment methods, T A B L E 2 Goals for Communication in Medical Encounters The 6-Function Model of Epstein  ...  in medical encounters (T A B L E 3).  ... 
doi:10.4300/jgme-d-13-00072.1 pmid:24404300 pmcid:PMC3771166 fatcat:6xbssczdhncmjmvyydnxrti3me

Autism = death: The social and medical impact of a catastrophic medical model of autistic spectrum disorders

Mitzi Waltz
2008 Popular Narrative Media  
The article illuminates how diagnostic categories and their associative metaphors work to situate boundaries of normality with pathologising difference.  ...  The mainstreaming of a catastrophic medical model of autism reaches its apotheosis in discussions of the alleged 'autism epidemic', often dressed up with descriptors such as 'alarming', 'disaster' and  ...  Autism has been constructed as a medical condition defined by what Lorna Wing has termed a 'triad of impairments' (Wing and Gould, 1979 : p?)  ... 
doi:10.3828/pnm.1.1.4 fatcat:aauc6pz355cdpek2tsd7k7su6a

Components of complex interventions for healthcare: A narrative synthesis of qualitative studies

Sisi Ma, He Yu, Ning Liang, Sijia Zhu, Xun Li, Nicola Robinson, Jianping Liu
2020 Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences  
"Acupuncturists were explicit about the use of coherent and consistent explanations, referring to the Chinese medical model and a general 'explanatory model,' both built on concepts from acupuncture theory  ...  A group workshop was a common form of education.  ...  The transformation of the medical model from the biomedical model to biological-psychological-social-environmental-spiritual model emphasized personality, social attributes, and the interaction between  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jtcms.2020.04.003 fatcat:ygtevfjrtnfsjlbqrykxrq6xly

How can Narrative-Focussed CBT be Adapted for Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms? A Discussion Paper and Possible Model

Sean Lynch
2015 International Journal of Emergency Mental Health  
they are that there is not likely to be a medical explanation.  ...  A possible modification of the standard CBT models is discussed here, which is influenced by narrative exposure therapy (NET, narrative CBT and trauma-focused CBT models.  ... 
doi:10.4172/1522-4821.1000322 fatcat:7lw3fcgz7zfqzd4e3a57stuiry

Evaluating everyday explanations

Jeffrey C. Zemla, Steven Sloman, Christos Bechlivanidis, David A. Lagnado
2017 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review  
Using a corpus of diverse explanations from Reddit's BExplain Like I'm Five^and other online sources, we assessed how well a variety of explanatory criteria predict judgments of explanation quality.  ...  A fair amount of attention has been devoted to the study of scientific explanation, and less on understanding how people evaluate naturalistic, everyday explanations.  ...  Acknowledgments This project/publication was made possible through the support of a grant from The Varieties of Understanding Project at Fordham University and The John Templeton Foundation.  ... 
doi:10.3758/s13423-017-1258-z pmid:28275989 fatcat:adlx3pmpnbezrjjcqtle4sgadu

Why don't they know enough about anatomy? A narrative review

E. M. Bergman, Cees P. M. Van Der Vleuten, Albert J. J. A. Scherpbier
2011 Medical Teacher  
Publications in a variety of journals have described the problem of medical students' decreasing anatomical knowledge.  ...  Interestingly, the number of people making this assertion is growing, despite a lack of empirical evidence that today's medical graduates actually know less about anatomy than medical students in the past  ...  Although this may seem a plausible explanation at first sight, things are probably far more complex.  ... 
doi:10.3109/0142159x.2010.536276 pmid:21355704 fatcat:jifqnt4vvjbmzg2btfp2wihqu4

The influence of patient gender on medical and psychology students' illness attributions: Experiences with a narrative technique

Ilona Csörsz, Péter Kakuk, Eszter M Mills, Péter Molnár, János Máth, Márta Csabai
2013 Journal of Health Psychology  
We attempted to identify whether and how the gender of the patient influences interpretations of an illness narrative.  ...  We investigated how medical and psychology undergraduates' (n=313) views change according to the patient's gender, students' gender, and field of study.  ...  "Somatizing" patientslacking medical explanation for their symptomsare predominantly women.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1359105313476975 pmid:23479307 fatcat:a5lxcdkgizhz7ovxdkojat5xti

Making electronic health records support quality management: A narrative review

Peter Triantafillou
2017 International Journal of Medical Informatics  
Method A narrative review of Web of Science, Cochrane, EBSCO, ProQuest, Scopus and three Nordic research databases. Limitation: most studies do not specify the type of EHR examined.  ...  Objective Undertake a narrative review of existing studies in order to identify and discuss the factors conducive to making EHR support three dimensions of QM: clinical outcomes, managerial monitoring  ...  The review conducted may be characterized as a narrative literature review or, more specifically, as a narrative overview [26, 27] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijmedinf.2017.03.003 pmid:28599812 fatcat:fylnthhazfcmvnk6walxntn4qi

Life Sciences—Life Writing: PTSD as a Transdisciplinary Entity between Biomedical Explanation and Lived Experience

Norbert Paul, Mita Banerjee, Thomas Efferth
2015 Humanities  
biomedical explanation, the narrative understanding and the lived experience of trauma.  ...  On the one hand, this diagnostic entity is related to (neuro-)biological underpinnings of (a lack of) psychic resilience as well as to those of contemporary pharmacotherapy.  ...  We argue that the treatment of PTSD should be embedded in a larger contexts of applied medical humanities to fully unfold the potential of concepts of narrativity and narratibility for a better understanding  ... 
doi:10.3390/h5010004 fatcat:7oxuqhhb65apnl5jzy2xwnicty
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