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The Work of The Deaf teacher at The University

Vanderlei Porto Pinto, ELEN VILLEGAS CAMPOS, Gildiney Penaves De Alencar, Jackson Lemos Gonçalves, Ramon Gustavo De Moraes Ovando, Josivaldo Godoy Da Silva, Alexandra Maria Almeida Carvalho Pinto, Geanlucas Mendes Monteiro
2019 International journal for innovation education and research  
The objective: to verify the inclusion of deaf teachers in higher education as well as to verify the assistive technologies that contribute to this process and the reality of these professionals.  ...  However, deaf teachers showed isolation due to the difficulty of communication with other teachers, having difficulties to exchange experiences beyond the strangeness of the students, about the didactics  ...  of the National Curriculum Parameters (PCN), according to current legislation (BRASIL, 2002) .  ... 
doi:10.31686/ijier.vol7.iss12.2082 fatcat:2gd6dckxyvgmxhqokf4bsjmwym

Dumping sites in the Ljubljansko polje water protection area, the primary source of Ljubljana's drinking water

Mateja Breg, Drago Kladnik, Aleš Smrekar
2007 Acta Geographica Slovenica  
Legislative provisions For a long time, standard-setting regulation of waste management has been one of the most problematic fields of environmental protection in Slovenia.  ...  phases ): • preparation work: analysis of literature and secondary sources, examination of legislative instruments, collection of accessible existing databases; • field work: mapping and survey of illegal  ...  Prizadevanja brez podpore in primerne okoljske ozave{~enosti lokalnega prebivalstva zagotovo ne bodo dosegla cilja, to je urejene in zdrave doma~e pokrajine.  ... 
doi:10.3986/ags47104 fatcat:coiqmckfyfe3tmgrrkg5hkorce

Shaping Unconventional Gas Regulation: Industry Influence and Risks of Agency Capture in Texas, Colorado and Queensland

Cameron Holley, Tariro Mutongwizo, Clifford D Shearing, Amanda Kennedy
2019 Social Science Research Network  
Central to this contest are issues of power and capture and the implications for achieving sustainable energy regulation.  ...  of regulation and policy to address a number of environmental and societal concerns.  ...  issues of welfare, the views of democratic majorities, legislation supported by legitimate parliamentary majorities, and so on.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3467892 fatcat:ujtn4stqnrdn3ikdh47fo3mjjy

You are what you eat: market citizens and the right to know about nano foods

Elen Stokes
2011 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment  
This article considers the role of consumers in the regulation of nanotechnology. The principal regulatory response to nanotechnology to date has been to require the disclosure of information.  ...  By highlighting an expectation-capacity gap, this article points to the need for developing a richer choice environment and for scrutinising difficulties not fully addressed in the policy discourse.  ...  We put together something we call the Tower of Babble which is just a list of what the labels say and it's almost indecipherable … [O]ne of the things that I want to make sure that I emphasize is this  ... 
doi:10.4337/jhre.2011.02.03 fatcat:mvo2e4mtrjcwtf4npqs4e47z5m

Food risk management quality: Consumer evaluations of past and emerging food safety incidents

Ellen van Kleef, Øydis Ueland, Gregory Theodoridis, Gene Rowe, Uwe Pfenning, Julie Houghton, Heleen van Dijk, George Chryssochoidis, Lynn Frewer
2009 Health, Risk and Society  
legislation and regulations.  ...  In dealing with the consequences, the municipalities differed in how they decided whether or not to follow established routines and regulations.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13698570902784265 fatcat:bbv7bw6ljnealcjqybdhstyxyu

The Consequences of the global financial crisis: the rhetoric of reform and regulation

2013 ChoiceReviews  
This is an open access version of the publication distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence (, which  ...  and distribution of the work, in any medium, provided the original work is not altered or transformed in any way, and that the work is properly cited.  ...  The process of developing regulations in the United States is a highly political and complicated process, a second chance for interests that dislike the initial legislation to reshape it generally once  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.50-2771 fatcat:yul42fn67vhnviv3lcri26ip6a

Women in Science in Times of Changes: Biographies, Barriers, Self-Fulfillment [article]

Kristina Popova, Nurie Muratova
2022 Zenodo  
The aim of the volume is to present the place of women in education, science and exchange of knowledge in the complicated and politically contradictive world of the Black Sea Region in the 19th, 20th,  ...  The aim is to underline the role of women scholars in changing the traditional male domination in scientific worlds, discourses, and institutions.  ...  The activity of the "academic section" of the institute in Sofia was related to the exchange of students, teachers, specialists with higher and secondary education, and the selection of scholarships to  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5944201 fatcat:yrulemzogbgadehhgklr2yi3wy

The Effect of Port Gate Location and Gate Procedures on the Port-City Relation

Marina Zanne, Elen Twrdy, Bojan Beškovnik
2021 Sustainability  
Many ports around the world have aligned their development strategies with the concept of green growth; however, the green and efficient performance of ports does not only depend on the port management  ...  We found that significant external costs are incurred due to a non-optimized situation caused by the lack of coordination and cooperation on all levels, although the port of Koper is one of European core  ...  This means that the port of Koper still acts as a driver of socio-economic development in the municipality and attracts new residents to the region. Source: [79, 80] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13094884 doaj:928051657a1f4723965f7b25864b3024 fatcat:36kpd2givzgf7kyf2525vg7tha

Globalistics and Globalization Studies: Global Transformations and Global Future. Yearbook

Leonid Grinin
2018 Figshare  
Of course, some setbacks are always possible, because the process ofglobalization cannot develop smoothly.  ...  The present volume is the fifth in the series of yearbooks with the title Globalistics andGlobalization Studies. The subtitle of the present volume is Global Transformations and GlobalFuture.  ...  Acknowledgement This paper is largely the result of three years of writing and discussion with Dr. Dmitri Bondarenko.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5996339 fatcat:rln5qaufvfg67lczcj4zmswl7q

Transformaciones en educación médica: innovaciones en la evaluación de los aprendizajes y avances tecnológicos (parte 2)

Verónica Luna de la Luz, Patricia González-Flores
2020 Investigación en Educación Médica  
Implications for faculty development Implications for accreditation and regulation 4.  ...  , and to think carefully about the various challenges of integrating educational technologies into established pedagogical practice, including supporting the development of faculty.  ... 
doi:10.22201/facmed.20075057e.2020.34.20220 fatcat:loaptgxerna45obr22i4mo77d4

IRRODL Volume 13, Number 3

Various Authors
2012 International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning  
The development and more importantly the reuse of prevalidated instruments is important work that allows us to develop a coherent and consistent approach to research in distance education.  ...  We turn to a study from Turkey in which the "Development and Validation of the Online Student Connectedness Survey" is explored in order to measure distance students' perceptions of connectivity in an  ...  feedback to improve the quality of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.19173/irrodl.v13i3.1293 fatcat:gf6jybhu5rcmhdzueadrxzeyda

Performance of a multifunctional PV/T hybrid solar window

Henrik Davidsson, Bengt Perers, Björn Karlsson
2010 Solar Energy  
proposal "Promotion of the Passive House Concept to the North European Building Market".  ...  This publication and presentation was made possible through the support of OTB TU Delft.  ...  In addition, a number of tools will be developed to support the companies in their work.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.solener.2009.11.006 fatcat:chum2eidfrdkhfqnnbyfcpxgm4

Legal Conversations Between Italy and Brazil [article]

Bellantuono Giuseppe
Legal structuring should follow a design of legal institutions that must support the needs of the reality that it intends to regulate.  ...  This wide database is made public through an institutional website, in order to increase the transparency of the market.  ... 
doi:10.15168/11572_218345 fatcat:afpgtpy4ifexbbfo3b4bx6ikiy

Special Issue on the EU and Maritime Security

laws and regulations of each Member State into a place of safety under its control in which the persons rescued can have timely access to post rescue support. ' 32 The ECtHR held that 32 IMO, 'Principles  ...  Alternatively, the omission of the EU to enact sufficient legislation is directly attributable to the EU itself.  ...  The EU Commission's obligations, as foreseen in the Regulation, may not be circumvented because this EU body is the main safeguard with a supervisory mandate in relation to the applications of EU treaties  ... 
doi:10.5451/unibas-ep81926 fatcat:xjskm7f2jrbcrchq6j2e6ggtzq


An, Xxi
2013 unpublished
to support scientific evaluation in RM.  ...  On the other hand, this assessment stimulates municipal administrations to comply with the requirements of the budgetary law, to improve financial indicators of local budgets, to ensure publicity of municipal  ...  This scientific paper is supporting the application of ASEM Project "Creating a Conscience Society" which is being developed during 2008 -2018.  ... 
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