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Transmission and Functionality Test of MMT-Based Next-Generation Satellite Broadcasting System over "KIZUNA (WINDS)" Satellite

Yuki KAWAMURA, Masaaki KOJIMA, Yoichi SUZUKI, Kazuhiro OTSUKI, Naoyoshi NAKAMURA, Takeshi KIMURA, Shoji TANAKA
Those standards realize not only a transmission channel capacity of approximately 100 Mbps but also harmonization and hybrid channel usage of broadcasting and broadband for content delivery by adopting  ...  Aiming at 8K Super Hi-Vision (SHV) satellite broadcasting, new standards for next-generation satellite broadcasting systems have been standardized in Japan.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) for providing us the opportunity to perform our satellite transmission experiment using  ... 
doi:10.2322/tastj.14.pj_1 fatcat:73b2myn35vdexacgcmtkjqnphe

Method of DASH segments into a MMTP stream for switching contents under a hybrid broadcasting environment

2017 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
Thus, ATSC has enacted ATSC 3.0 standard, which is designed for a hybrid service through a conversion of both broadcasting and broadband channels.  ...  However, it seems difficult to combine broadcast and broadband for hybrid broadcasting, and it is difficult to synchronize media data between MMT and DASH.  ...  ATSC 3.0 delivery system The ATSC 3.0 system consists of technologies for both broadcast and broadband.  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2017.12.016 fatcat:yccorvkrebdurgdo5oeji2o5wy

Practical tests with MMT and ROUTE/DASH on the transport layer of ATSC 3.0

Allan Chaubet, George Henrique de Oliveira, Gustavo Valeira, Cristiano Akamine
The Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 (ATSC 3.0) adopted many technologies to attend the requirements for the next generation of television systems, including both MMT and ROUTE/DASH.  ...  The development of new technologies allowed television systems to evolve over time.  ...  MMT was developed due to new broadcast systems that needed IP connection to work with hybrid services, while DASH itself was designed for modern broadband applications.  ... 
doi:10.18580/setijbe.2020.5 fatcat:3schmsq2zfegrmklw7zte76sz4

INDUSTRY_Introducing IP Technology into Broadcasting [article]

ACM TVX2018, Shuichi AOKI
2018 Figshare  
1. 8K services have already been launched by IP-based systems.2.  ...  IP-based systems would easily deliver immersive media including VR/360◦.  ...  TVX-In-Industry The Challenge: Introducing IP into broadcasting l For harmonization with broadband, IP is introduced for delivery of audio and video in broadcasting 4 MMT HEVC AAC HTML 5  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.6529502.v1 fatcat:pv324kjiifhxho34ok4csfkowe

Understanding Timelines Within MPEG Standards

Lourdes Beloqui Yuste, Fernando Boronat, Mario Montagud, Hugh Melvin
2016 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
The first author would like to thank her employer, Ericsson Ireland, for providing an environment conductive to pursuing research outside working hours.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This work has been funded, partially, by the "Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional" (FEDER) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, under its R&D&i Support Program in project  ...  Next, a brief comparison between MMT, RTP and MP2T is provided. MP2T is the current technology for broadcasting systems but does not provide features for hybrid delivery.  ... 
doi:10.1109/comst.2015.2488483 fatcat:4toenzpt25bxfno77uyqwaw4qq

A Synchronization Scheme for Hierarchical Video Streams over Heterogeneous Networks

2015 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
Owing to the increase in consumption of multimedia content and the improvement of device capacity, user demand for high-quality content has increased.  ...  However, it is difficult to transport such large amounts of content over the existing broadcasting network with limited bandwidth.  ...  In this paper, we propose a synchronization scheme for video streams transported over broadcasting networks and networks based on HTTP, which is the third hybrid delivery service model suggested by MMT  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2015.08.022 fatcat:dknmy7zqfbcm7kdthkzvuudrna

An MMT-Based Hierarchical Transmission Module for 4K/120fps Temporally Scalable Video

Yasuhiro MOCHIDA, Takayuki NAKACHI, Takahiro YAMAGUCHI
2020 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
We have developed the first ever MMT transmitter/receiver module for 4K/120fps temporally scalable video.  ...  For instance, the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) standard, the latest broadcasting standard in Japan, defines a 120 fps broadcasting format.  ...  Aoki et al. developed an MMT-based broadcasting system and showed that multiple videos delivered over different paths can be presented synchronously [25] .  ... 
doi:10.1587/transinf.2020pcp0008 fatcat:uh67ps5zundzhd3qjcpl74tipa

On Content-centric Wireless Delivery Networks [article]

Hui Liu, Zhiyong Chen, Xiaohua Tian, Xinbing Wang, Meixia Tao
2014 arXiv   pre-print
a unicast system, maximizes the content delivery capability with a fixed amount of wireless resources.  ...  A network architecture that enables wireless network crowdsourcing for content delivery is then described, followed by an exemplary campus wireless network that encompasses the above concepts.  ...  Broadcast services delivered in 3G networks is introduced in [10] , in which the authors argue that the hybrid unicast-broadcast delivery is superior not only in terms of the system resource usage but  ... 
arXiv:1410.5257v1 fatcat:r5a3rsv4hrg5dnksmi3ycfcb5u

Design of MMT-based Broadcasting System for UHD Video Streaming over Heterogeneous Networks
이 기종 망에서의 UHD 비디오 전송을 위한 MMT 기반 방송 시스템 설계

YeJin Sohn, MinJu Cho, JongHo Paik
2015 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
In this paper, we propose a design methodology of a broadcasting system, which consists of two parts, for UHD services with two parts.  ...  By the reason, various technologies for the UHD contents have been developed in order to satisfy the user's needs.  ...  그림 2와 같이 MMT는 다양한 형태의 데이터 전송에 적 합하도록 멀티미디어 콘텐츠를 구성하기 위하여 에셋 Fig. 3 . 3 Fig. 3. The example of SVC Fig. 4 . 4 Fig. 4. The structure of the proposed broadcasting system FIg. 6 . 6 FIg. 6.  ... 
doi:10.5909/jbe.2015.20.1.16 fatcat:bsgqks6iknd5tpvgqzifes6td4

Next-Generation Broadcast Television: An Overview of Enabling Technology

Luke Fay, James Kutzner, Skip Pizzi, Jerry Whitaker, Yiyan Wu, Bill Zou
2012 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
The main objective of MMT is the efficient delivery of media in an adaptive fashion over various net works, with the main emphasis on IP-based networks, including terrestrial, satellite, and cable broadcast  ...  The standard will enable building interoperable solutions for delivery and con sumption of media in this context MMT also enables the use of cross-layer designs to improve the quality of service/experience  ... 
doi:10.5594/j18189 fatcat:6fi4negwf5f3pejzj5xm75dliu

ATSC 3.0 Next Generation Digital TV Standard—An Overview and Preview of the Issue

Rich Chernock, David Gomez-Barquero, Jerry Whitaker, Sung-Ik Park, Yiyan Wu
2016 IEEE transactions on broadcasting  
The eighteenth paper [18] "ROUTE/DASH IP Streaming Based System for Delivery of Broadcast, Broadband and Hybrid Services," by G. K.  ...  Interactivity will be an important feature of ATSC 3.0 and work is underway to develop a robust application runtime environment supporting HTML5 and based on hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) 2.0.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbc.2016.2515542 fatcat:tlkq72s72ja2ffbmunmvvzjlaa

HbbTV-Compliant Platform for Hybrid Media Delivery and Synchronization on Single- and Multi-Device Scenarios

Fernando Boronat, Dani Marfil, Mario Montagud, Javier Pastor
2018 IEEE transactions on broadcasting  
This paper presents an end-to-end platform for the preparation, delivery and synchronized consumption of related hybrid (broadcast/broadband) media contents on a single device and/or on multiple close-by  ...  The combination of broadcast and broadband (hybrid) technologies for delivering TV related media contents can bring fascinating opportunities.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT Authors would like to thank "Samsung Electronics Iberia, S.A" for providing the consumption devices (connected TVs, tablets and smartphones) for testing the prototypes and conducting the  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbc.2017.2781124 fatcat:clo343d7effz3mqrzitj3zxvji

A hybrid Multi Meshed Tree routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks

Scott Pudlewski, Nirmala Shenoy, Yamin Al-Mousa, Yin Pan, John Fischer
2008 2008 5th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems  
The proposed scheme uses a hybrid approach, where the proactive MMT is used for intra cluster routing while a reactive MMT (RMMT) introduced in this article is used for inter cluster routing.  ...  A proactive routing protocol called Multi-Mesh Tree (MMT) was developed for use in wireless ad hoc network to extend connectivity from an Internet gateway to around 20 mobile nodes in a city area.  ...  proactive MMT based routing scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mahss.2008.4660094 dblp:conf/mass/PudlewskiSAPF08 fatcat:k3t3deropffpfpoawphkpctpp4

[Paper] The Effect of MMT AL-FEC on QoE of Error-Concealed Video Streaming

Toshiro Nunome
2020 ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications  
(Application-Level Forward Error Correction) of MMT (MPEG Media Transport), which is an application-level protocol for video transmission.  ...  We show from the assessment results that the appropriate code rate for QoE enhancement depends on not only network conditions but also contents.  ...  Reference 10) develops an MMT receiver and experiments with hybrid content delivery. It enables synchronized media presentation and seamless switching of multiple video streams.  ... 
doi:10.3169/mta.8.186 fatcat:4mvhpipxofcmjfogw66mccd4ze

MMT-based Broadcasting Services Combined with MPEG-DASH
MPEG-DASH 융합형 MMT 기반 방송 서비스

MinKyu Park, Yong Han Kim
2015 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
We explain the scenarios of the proposed broadcasting services and demonstrate that various hybrid broadcasting services can be easily realized through the combined usage of MMT and MPEG-DASH.  ...  MMT is a next-generation multimedia transport standard that is IP-friendly and provides functionalities appropriate for hybrid broadcasting that uses broadcast physical channels and the Internet simultaneously  ...  The structure of the broadcast entity for Scenario 1 & 2 반으로 제작하였다. Ⅳ. MPEG-DASH 융합형 MMT 시험 콘텐츠 제작 MMT 시그널링 메시지 기능은 패키지의 전달과 소비에 필요한 정보를 전달하는 데 사용된다. 본 논문에서는 패키 지의 소비에 필요한 시그널링 메시지와 테이블만을 다룬다.  ... 
doi:10.5909/jbe.2015.20.2.283 fatcat:jg7f62qz4vhqzgsb2g3gqy7f4q
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